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Michael Burgstahler @twotribes Stuttgart, Germany

Theoretical physicist gone designer since 1992. Founding member of @thevirtualbrain project, lover of everything @rikiki_bonjour does.

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Hell is pictures from other photographers covering the same event as you – but they're not exactly straightened. CAN NOT UNSEE.
@thethinkbox Every tweet you make, every click you take, we've been watching you… :-P
OH: “A cache is a memory leak you haven't found yet.”
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What an amazing trick! Using an SVG wrapper to add transparency to a JPG image! http://t.co/rXRQMNc5aF /via @codepo8IF WE APPLY MOORE’S LAW TO THE SIZE OF PHONE SCREENS HUMANITY WILL BE COMPLETELY ENCASED IN GORILLA GLASS BY 2018
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Some interesting details here: "Here’s How the Security Behind Apple Pay Will Really Work" http://t.co/bUTZ5qXvD8This is easily IOS8's killer feature: http://t.co/dwjFOnyxoS
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerHöflichkeit. Das nächste große Ding.
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler@grumpusnation Only the most phabletuous for me.Current status: Beef Jerky, jumbo bag #nom
The new U2 album has been deleted more than 65 million times since its release — shattering all previous records.
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Whaaaaaat. Microsoft is killing the Nokia and Windows Phone brands http://t.co/EMcniwi6Mm
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler@gerwitz @thijs Yes, that's indeed a good counter-argument, also made by @must21. Maybe a side-effect of the frantic reboots?@thijs I guess they mean making AJAX requests for content data and processing JSON objects in return.@grumpusnation An Apple Watch self-destructs automatically when @Scobleizer wears it w/ Google Glass – using HomeKit to turn on the shower.@sammywalrusiv When I glance at the Google Now app on my Apple Watch through my Google Glass, will each of them explode?Great analysis of Apple's shameful live stream fail: http://t.co/nuwkaNUtfF They royally fucked up architecture. Capacity not main issue.
@sk_txet Die legendäre "Inaugenscheinnahme" ist gerade online gegangen. Wegen InFerior Design und so :D http://t.co/PcG7xWmgVUGetting an iWatch? Make sure your interior design is on par with its style :P Welcome to the new Rikiki website: http://t.co/Y0o7nhzdc3The Apple Keynote is like Christmas, except you have to buy all of your presents. 🌚
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler@twotribes @rikiki_bonjour “And there it is… the Two Tribes store is down…”
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerApple event today? Boring… we're minutes away from launching our brand-new website for @rikiki_bonjour :PApple events are the Royal Baby of Tech.
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@thevirtualbrain Glad to hear. Some people are starving for more details about this ;)@grumpusnation Really. And your police forces are using moose dung catapults instead of tasers?@grumpusnation A bulletproof one, I guess.@GrumpusNation I have a feeling you've been yearning for this fine piece of art for years. http://t.co/XKTNekkcnz@counternotions Apple could become the iMF.Schrödinger's cat applied to web development: If I don't look at it in Internet Explorer then there's a chance it looks fine.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerWhen your firewall runs on Windows. http://t.co/pwG1EaSpAC
Someday, in a beautiful utopian future, my iPhone will remember the last keyboard language I used on a per-app and per-message basis
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerOH: “Do programmers have any specific superstitions?” “Yeah, but we call them best practices.”
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler"Have you ever kissed a girl?" http://t.co/Wtq3bfPxrw@edbott Interesting you'd say that. I routinely see more German reports on AAPL/MSFT/GOOG/FB events/conferences in print/TV than for IFA.@edbott I don't see these to be related. IFA isn't an event that garners public attention anymore. Very few articles in mainstream media.@edbott Germany has been plastered with them practically everywhere for about a week.
@kurafire Indeed, indeed: https://t.co/m4EFaHXsD1Fantastic, detailed analysis by @BenedictEvans: "Why Amazon Has No Profits (And Why It Works)" http://t.co/0txUC8Y6KU"Amazon is the world's biggest 'lifestyle business' - Bezos is running it for fun, not to deliver economic returns to shareholders…"When I grow up... I want to design conference room carpets. http://t.co/AviYHbnB7d
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerWith SVG preserveAspectRatio set to "default", Safari adds varying amounts of padding on top + bottom, messing w/ CSS background-position.I just resolved the most spurious and annoying bug in Safari when displaying very tall SVG sprites: Set "preserveAspectRatio" to "none" #duh
Windows Blue Screen of Death: "Okay, Steve. If you think you can do a better job, then go for it." http://t.co/nVoeYwKfoXGeneral a pretty good indication that someone doesn't understand a problem is when they say, "Look, it's really simple…"
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerGerman federal government has 2 really nice custom typefaces. Still fascinating to see how much care goes into this. http://t.co/nQbUm3w2fbAs the country w/ Europe's highest internet bandwidth, Romania still has some work cut out rewiring electricity :D http://t.co/Pg648jOAMDIt's the same question everywhere in the world… http://t.co/cfqSTJCXsY
The sky over Transylvania, at dawn after leaving Cluj. https://t.co/6sugSoaO5GSwitching planes @ Munich airport, en route fr Stuttgart to Cluj, Romania. This time w/ the "night eye" Sigma 30mm. https://t.co/Ok2NAcIoKhTime to share a few photos from my 2nd last weekend, I guess. My view of Stuttgart's airport w/ a Canon 70-200/2.8 https://t.co/XkDApcKvkA99% of the codebase of a Boeing 777 is written in #Ada. http://t.co/HLviaOrI2YHow telephone towers looked like around 1900. Actually quite nice :) http://t.co/PshZkx1ZBU@r00p Your new USB stick :) https://t.co/1ZIXWznbkjWie peinlich. Wußte nicht, wie man "picobello" für die Verwendung in einm deutschen Text buchstabiert.
Yes: "Behind Every Bullied Woman Is a Man Yelling About Free Speech" http://t.co/NEv4onz8wd@ar0mcintosh @thevirtualbrain Good to see Petra getting bolder w/ catchy subheads :DThe difference between the swiss and american press. quite striking. http://t.co/FJCb82IH5o
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@codepo8 You need to save it to disk first and then drag it into Keynote from the Finder. No idea why.
This could be the tapedeck you leave your great-grandson! http://t.co/iRkpKLGBun
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerCounter-intuitive economics that work: "Why Don't Restaurants Charge for Reservations?" http://t.co/VNnx5XL1w7
"I’m afraid, Dave. I can feel that Facebook is dying." "I can feel my users going." http://t.co/ypxfUIUsVs
@Lessien @jasonhiner iMac launch in 1998 was at Flint.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerJanuary 24, 1984: Apple introduces the Mac at the Flint Center. <fast forward 30 years> September 9, 2014: Apple books Flint Center again.Relative seating capacity of Apple Event venues:  Campus Town Hall: 301 Yerba Buena Center: 757 Flint Center: 2,405
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler"If software can be injected into an industry’s product it will bend to the will of the software writers" – Apparel: http://t.co/MWGA66Wcr5"Apparel… amounts to about $1.2 trillion/yr. Most of the value in apparel, perhaps 80%, is spent on solving psychological needs."The Internet is not making humanity worse. It's exposing how very ugly it has been all along.
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The hard work in programming is never in the act of writing the actual code.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerCLJ -> STR http://t.co/7QvlrG80sX
5 hours into my 1st Romanian wedding. #halftimemojito http://t.co/UtlmX7tnyn
STR -> CLJ http://t.co/juW5fv8S7F@edbott Only because I gave you +K in #PaidByAppleFanboythis is true art http://t.co/sZC3T3Xfg6
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerMe & my 3 little friends, ready for the weekend. /cc r00p @mudhaus http://t.co/ZhLfVf57BfFacebook Puts Everyone On Notice About The Death Of Organic Reach "organic reach to approach 0 by the end of 2014." http://t.co/iFb90Zd3i4
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerSchöner Beitrag im neusprech-Blog über die schräge Grammatik und perfide Wortwahl der Politik. http://t.co/6aej3Sl9Nb
@malarkey Thanks for "touching base" with us.I love the caption under the image in @rdevro's article about being arrested in #Ferguson: http://t.co/ZMwcAD0tHd
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler@r00p It's said to cost $40k :P http://t.co/mMDTHTLZl2How much does it cost to make an app? http://t.co/KRilqaWTj8
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler@glennf Glenn. Check your totem. You have to make sure this isn't a dream.Police officer who pointed gun and cursed at protesters in Ferguson suspended indefinitely, officials say http://t.co/Yq8sWLYtYE
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler@glennf While I see your point, it's still a pretty dirty card to play.
@danieleran I wonder if the $GOOG stock ever was a victim of the familiar pump'n'dump scheme we've seen for $AAPL – and probably right now.Current status: http://t.co/sxyROTULd5How Apple took over the only segment of the PC market that still matters http://t.co/t9GQX2BSwM
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerMichelin star meets its fiercest adversary: 4-year-old reviewer tastes the menu in the French Laundry: http://t.co/mnRoxqpbWz /via @jinaWhat a distinct, daring, dare I say, stinkingly awesome identity design. I totally dig it :) "We are the shit." http://t.co/jAVdwebqOhBraucht man eigentlich eine Lizenz, um das Adjektiv "sinnstiftend" verwenden zu dürfen? Ich glaube schon. Finde meine nicht mehr. Mist.@r00p Close, but once you see it, it's gone. #unschärfeprinzip@r00p it's the most finely lathed German I could muster. Wut thou tuking ebut?@r00p You'll be inspired to no end once you'll see the danglingness of the German version.@r00p You have no idea how much I'm enjoying my second grammarnazian book from a Guardian journo. You haven't finished your 1st, have you?@r00p I've entered the you-know-it-when-you-see-it phase 4 Rikiki. German mince-meating is coming along nicely & will probably enjoy you :)@r00p Meets my expectations. Some day, my failure to be subtle enough will kill me :PMetric vs Imperial http://t.co/hiVyGTeMvy
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler@r00p "Atmospheres" or "ambiences"? – when talking about interior design. There must be a difference of sorts.@jdalrymple If you were a chemist, you'd be living proof that methyl alcohol is just the left-handed, subtly polarized variant of caffeine.@anildash Considering the large number of unfortunate politicians involved here, matters of national security could be a hindrance :)Conversing w/ fellow copywriters exposes you to all kinds of orthographical atrocity. No love lost among the bearers of the true word :)
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