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lapsus linguae @treyka Brussels, Belgium

bit-flipper; stochastic admixture of signal and noise; kicking against the pricks;

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Reserved seats get in until 5 min before the workshop. Then it is first come, first in. Reserve your seat at http://t.co/LGD9VPh94L NOW
Retweeted by lapsus linguae Hint that your sysadmin has a colourful life outside of work... The Cat5-o-nine tails. http://t.co/NNIVuetttX
Retweeted by lapsus linguae Bought myself a banjo and a ukulele for the wee one. :-D@snow_jennifer Congrats! Whereabouts?@cherssen @biosshadow @leighalytle @MrToph Maybe we'll bump into each other randomly at Carfree. If not, see y'all in Gent.@biosshadow @leighalytle @MrToph @cherssen Y'all are most welcome!
REWL: read, eval, WTF, loop
Retweeted by lapsus linguae What a damned shame life experience cannot be bequeathed!ssh in a for loop...like a boss
Retweeted by lapsus linguae Laughter is often the best response. #contextfreeThat moment when you finish composing a mail to a colleague and realize before sending that you've just answered your own question.
“You drink your opponent's piece when you take it out." http://t.co/QpF6j1Wlis Wine chess is the best chess. Via @DanLikesPizza
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A little gift for the attendees at my #BruCON Linux Forensics Workshop. Hope to see you in Ghent! http://t.co/gptexdTHqb
Retweeted by lapsus linguae BruCON training registration closes tomorrow at 16h UTC. There are still spaces left but it's now or never! http://t.co/hYibj3gzJE
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OH: If you're not supposed to push it, why is it made of button?
Retweeted by lapsus linguae @treyka The [anti] library should contain as much of what you do not know as your financial means allows. http://t.co/omibraWoy2
Retweeted by lapsus linguae OH “one day, passwords will be nothing but emojii, and we'll have gone full circle back to heiroglyphs”
Retweeted by lapsus linguae This sore throat is the best new thing that's happened to me today. #stabstabstabI'm doing date arithmetic in bash. Why do I hate myself
Retweeted by lapsus linguae @k8em0 Wish that futuremail was really a thing!Tea with lemon and Fisherman's Friend kinda morning...
@nilsgeylen I suppose having previously dealt with Bohemian bureaucracy, the sort of half-assed Kafka treatment in Brussels doesn't faze me.worry-no sleep http://t.co/FjuZ3BCpK1
Retweeted by lapsus linguae Scotland can do whatever it likes. I just hope NATO is prepared to secure the whisky reserves - by any means necessary.
Retweeted by lapsus linguae Funny how many Flemish I know regard Brussels as a foreign (possibly dangerous) country. :-P@biosshadow I know. Do you have more time you can give me? Otherwise, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.“When my information changes, I alter my conclusions. What do you do, sir?” --John Maynard Keynes
@smarimc @teirdes The buck stops where?Trackball sensors are incredible magnets for schmutz.@undeadsecurity Ditto. Mine is way scarier than yours. o_O@undeadsecurity (Which is tricky to do with ebooks.)@undeadsecurity I think the first step in the programme involves posting a pictorial representation of one's backlog, such as you've done.@undeadsecurity Intellectual Optimists Anonymous?The rate at which I acquire books is exponentially greater than the rate at which I am capable of reading them. This seems pathological.
"Second bar to the right and sedate on 'til morning!"http://t.co/sPvTV4qBdc
Retweeted by lapsus linguae Reminder: when people say "we need flexible labour markets like the US" this is what they mean http://t.co/Xno8M6ki2a http://t.co/qHPLaUd27L
Retweeted by lapsus linguae (Why can't that happen on Mondays?)Woke up spontaneously at 06h15 feeling deliciously refreshed :-D
@novaren They paired nicely with your slap bracelets, I'm sure. ;-)@biosshadow Please do not bring bedbugs to Belgium! We have enough problems as it is..."There are no dull subjects, only dull minds." --Raymond Chandler
On a bit of a Philip K. Dick bender...It smells like a fish sauce factory on my balcony. Not sure whether to call the cops or ring my neighbor's bell, bowl in hand.wow, when Microsoft wrote Lync they must have tried really hard to make it worse call quality than Skype...
Retweeted by lapsus linguae Also, if you have to say "it's just a joke," remember: the failure mode of clever is asshole.
Retweeted by lapsus linguae The Rosetta Spacecraft has passed the Turing Test, it's started to take pictures of itself. Vain capsule. http://t.co/lndSVpsEp2
Retweeted by lapsus linguae Just kill me now :-PStandards processes, ftw!
What nimrod thought that 24 hours would be sufficient?Death by a thousand conf calls...
@adventureloop's recipe, in case you'd like to give it a whirl: http://t.co/ZkEOrHglg3Just finished mixing up my first batch of @adventureloop's reverse-engineered Club Mate. (It's rather late for a proper taste-test, though.)
@0xabad1dea By that measure one would expect that McDonald's serves minced clown.Spicy food right before bed is like chemical warfare on one's subconscious.
"Must have 60 years experience" -- clueless recruiter for Lisp position
Retweeted by lapsus linguae John Tavener is the soundtrack of an Alpha Centauri-bound traceroute.OH: 'There's a great future in sycophancy. Think about it. Will you think about it?'Maturation is a steady peregrination through isolation, nay, an inexorable confrontation with oneself, climaxing in we all know what.OH: 'It's very difficult to decide... there's no one you can talk to...you have to go through it alone and sometimes you choose wrong.'
@biosshadow @undeadsecurity Fair question however I don't technically have to put the bacon in the oven for several weeks...@biosshadow My hashbrowns are the stuff of legends.@biosshadow Methinks an invite-only, pre-BruCON brunch is in orderA snotty, tear-stained shirt is a father's badge of honor.@biosshadow Grits in Belgium are like Levis and Walkmen in the post-Soviet collapse.@biosshadow /me stocks up on bacon@biosshadow Are those grits already earmarked? :-D
@GreggSvingen Based on recent weather patterns, may I suggest a small wind turbine? ;-)The cusp of closure is a hopeful yet tremulous place to be.Just got my CISSP renewal certificate in the post. *Much* better than the last one! cc @wimremes @gattaca http://t.co/VOWH1KeMkS
Apparently failing tape drive turned out not to have any media in it. Doh!
@uauage ACK that!@uauage Oh, you have $x young kids, right? That can definitely put a damper on one's perception...@uauage Life isn't *entirely* shite. The glass ain't empty or full, but merely over-provisioned for the task at hand.@uauage In such a case, I recommend polling the evidence.Just having a fucking halfway normal planning horizon is like diving into a lavender bubble bath.@uauage I care not in the least that this mood shall pass. It's enough to occasionally touch the home plate and remember it's still there.(Is this how the other $percentage lives?)Feeling happy. Kinda nice for a change!(Almost feels like I should move into a hotel to avoid spoiling it.)Stayed up late putting a shine on my lair and awoke shocked at how damned good the place looks. :-D
“Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite and furthermore always carry a small snake.” - WC Fields
Retweeted by lapsus linguae The US Gov't wanted you to forget the Haymarket Riot so badly, #LaborDay is now celebrated in September, not in May... And it worked.
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OH: 'You'd better Czechoslovakia before you wreckoslovakia!'@emfcamp was awesome but it's good to be home.'tis difficult to gauge how much of a fool one actually is in the midst of institutionalized, hyperbolic chaff-hurling...
@maradydd HumilityHow Americans see the world. http://t.co/z97xDViYBN
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En route to @emfcamp, $spawn0 sleeping on my lap.Judging people based on their taste in newsprint...
Little bit seems to like Martha Argerich's Partidas as much as I do. :-)@blackswanburst Dearly hoping that external factors permit my attendance. :-)@blackswanburst Is that your talk or someone else's?Some days sure do feel thirty hours long...I turn to Twitter in need of distraction, only to be confronted by the dreck of humanity. When did death threats become a popular pastime?!
@dildog Imagining an alternate universe in which Frau Blucher and General Jack D. Ripper pair up...@sixty4k @jtimberman Github is truly bat country.Dr Strangelove last night, The Great Dictator tonight...feels like there's a trifecta lurking there.<derogatory comment about lawyers />
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