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@HuwSamuel You too - the video's amazing!@amitmoryossef I'm not a mathematician -- no idea!
@coldclimate Possibly? But not for a while, certainly :)@ianvisits Still got one even though I made the reactor explode!@srimech It was wonderful!Loading the “My-Nuke Personal Nuclear Reactor” at @NovAutomation. Nothing can go wrong. http://t.co/yr4Exr8DCxI'm going to be disappointed if this doesn't turn into a drag race. http://t.co/yfQb84sdId@TRJeffries Mate. Scooter feat. Daz Sampson. Or better yet, Scooter vs Daz Sampson.@TRJeffries Fairly sure "punch the invisible cow" is a Scooter lyric.@MartinPeles http://t.co/ch2QmiUyNW has a huge list! (On a one-day trip, you've already got more then enough; Longplayer's a long way out.)
@danwootton @TheSunNewspaper @BothersBar Go with "IT'S TIME TO FACE THE MUSIC" as a headline. You can have that one for free.@Aosher That's... wow. Hope you're recovering okay! Pub, or games, or hanging out soon?@aiodro I think it is? Not sure!@AlishaDoutt Thanks — we had a fantastic time, and got further than we thought we would. And all the crew were lovely :)Facebook HQ: “Our new feature needs a pre-written, creepy apology for disturbing people.” “Launch it anyway!” http://t.co/NkNl4WiolJ
@edjeff Laurel and Hardy were angry about the US version, if I remember the story rightly.@tweetbot "Fixed issue with dictation and smart quotes." Brilliant!@whoisdanw This is less of a bang and more of a whimper@JaJaWa It warns of "life-changing injuries" if you fall onto the tracks.Important new signage on the far side of the tube platform. I nearly dropped my phone getting a picture of it. http://t.co/zon7VEy5Rg@TheHodge @coldclimate I suspect I may do an intensive course later this year - if you find a good one, let me know...!
@kevinprince Fabric covering scaffolding on the building behind.@Miles127001 @nillie_kj I did about six years ago: "Breaking the News", somewhere on my YouTube channel!@jivameuk That's never stopped suitably motivated protesters before!Three simultaneous live reports. Predictable time and place. How is there no-one photobombing them every night? http://t.co/EardVc88to@lbamp That's a brilliantly phrased question. Thank you, but don't worry: I remember the Australian polymer money from when I was there!@coldclimate Could manage early afternoon? DM me!@lbamp No - just a couple of paper ones in change. I had no idea!One Direction are Take That twenty years later, aren't they? Calling it now: in 2034, Sir Harry Styles will apologise for tax avoidance.Just had to replace Beyoncé with Noam Chomsky. Fortunately, I'm editing graphics on a new Language Files video, not booking Glastonbury.@NightDaemon There's a question for QI if ever there was one.@tef Huh. Road signs are angled at 95° from the road to avoid headlight reflections. Clever. Also, happy birthday.
@whoisdanw How to avoid big ships. (More seriously: the people on board? The duty roster? Far below decks? Piracy defences?)Whoops! That should be the 400,000,000-Year Link Between Scotland and Canada. My brain couldn't believe the number. https://t.co/WbNJlvmmXANew video! The 400,000-Year Link Between Scotland and Canada: https://t.co/Eq5JNb1MXi@Barevouse Ha, thanks :)
@bradypodoid Go visit the Bay Model in Sausalito if you have time — it's my favourite bit of geek tourism in SF! http://t.co/CT5RC04tpv@whoisdanw Bandage Hyung, the mysterious gamesmaster in the looping video.
@ComposerDavid Just round Inverness, nothing too remote (no car!) but it was all suitably calm. Plus, March: no midges, few tourists.@coldclimate @jonty In which case I'll have to miss you, but have fun!Back in London after three days in the Scottish Highlands. Have completely lost my city sense. Why so many people? Why are they all so loud?@MDisraeli Been travelling myself all day and I'm exhausted — wish them the best of luck though!@coldclimate @jonty I haven't done @NovAutomation yet, so could join you if you're going on Sunday!
@sirebel Oh, well done!@LizziMichael There we go.Hello from peak eclipse, Inverness. (I've been trying to work on a "cloud storage" joke all morning but no luck.) http://t.co/zAti8NJagrIf you want to film an alien invasion movie on the cheap, town currently full of people looking up at the sky.
Retweeted by Tom Scott
@amitmoryossef Thanks!@CatGK I've been trying to work on something about public-shaming and outrage mobs for a while. It's not quite coming together yet, though!@mrsmmartin I use Namecheap: great, but WHOIS privacy is extra (but worth it). http://t.co/hIVxfPh17q are techier, but include free privacy.@noneatnamesleft @DavidJBodycombe I don't think we have the budget, or time, for that!@SantasTavern No idea at all!@cr3 Was totally expecting that to be the parcel-mascot dance Vine again.
@errdata It's on the fansubber's site: search for it, and you can find links to the whole series there.@ThomasRdeLeon "Slightcore". (Also, nightcore as a thing in itself is just bizarre.)@danielpeake You'd need a BBC4 audience and an ITV1 budget. Same as Million Dollar Mind Game. I wish it'd happen, though.(I'm recommending The Genius now because I finally finished all three seasons and now no-one can spoil it for me. Seriously, it's great.)@KompDev @unnamedculprit I don't think we could ever beat the original! We got very lucky with... well, everything, that day.The Genius: a very clever, very fun Korean puzzle-gameshow, expertly fansubbed by @Bumdidlyump. It's brilliant: https://t.co/wr6VbaFUbM@rnalexander @edent I don't really know about first-time setup these days, but I'm happy to meet up at some point and answer questions :)@unnamedculprit @cr3 We never did the gag where I rearranged the letters to spell "GAMY TART".Budget Day can only remind me of one thing: The time when @tomscott and I competed to bonehead the TV coverage! https://t.co/2MxXjePeWn
Retweeted by Tom ScottI wonder if folks will remember "slightly sped up to avoid YouTube's copyright flagging" with the same nostalgia as "taped off the radio"?
@phototropy Aww, congratulations you two :)@gbrannanarchive I'm fairly certain that's a chat-up line from Victorian times.@atmarsden95 "Möt Mig I Gamla Stan" by Magnus Carlsson. :)@Sparkalisha Ha, thanks. Not quite as spectacular, though!@harriyott Yes! And I love that she found a way to translate 'donk', too.Seriously, if you need cheering up, watch that last video. It's absolutely joyful. I wish I had the skills to do any of that.Ever wondered how to translate a Eurovision key change into sign language? Tommy Krångh is on it. This is wonderful: https://t.co/fwA8oLSgRq
New video! How to make something one atom thick (thanks to all the Bristol team, and @mrsmmartin for editing!): https://t.co/y3fVfVeuBf@kevinprince @russss @iamdanw Yes but the Gall-Peters projection is also lousy because it distorts everything! At least use Robinson.@russss @iamdanw Yes! Exactly! I'm not going to use it to navigate, so there's no reason for it to be Mercator! Sorry. I'll control myself.@iamdanw Mercator :(
@iamdanw And that's the other half of the gag I was looking for. Well workshopped.@iamdanw I currently have "Ed-ward Snow-den" going round my head to the tune of "Bob the Builder". Not sure why I thought I'd share that.@TRJeffries FYI, if you were within earshot, I'd be shouting "HELLO HI" at your hungover head very loudly right now.@fridgehead @jonty Cascading Dubstep Sheets.
@TRJeffries No.@nathanrae It's well documented already!@ToastMaster I think it's a UAL thing? It's called "Granary Squirt", which sounds like the worst loaf ever. http://t.co/jMJgrtdBMjPlaying Snake. On hundreds of fountains in Granary Square. Well done London. http://t.co/ZRFtd1aicAA lot of people taking a lot of sunset photos. #skygarden http://t.co/Le1jRCMT1G@jonty audio { bassline-style: donk; bassline-weight: bangin' }@garethadams @iamdanw @cr3 I *think* it’s so certain doors don’t open at short platforms. Can’t help feeling GPS is a poor solution though.“Our train uses GPS. The doors only open at stations!” “We have stations in tunnels…” “It’ll be fine!” http://t.co/T8W8PnkCen (via @iamdanw)
@kaokun Wonderful :)@iateyourmic @KillScreenArt @skenmy Ouch - I'm not sure if that's better or worse! Explains the apostrophe at least...@tef Fantastic! I will play you this evening. And probably lose.@tef So I got that pop-culture reference entirely wrong and have deleted the tweet in shame.@babelchips That’s lovely! And a good explanation of pixels for an audience that will never have heard that term.@SL33TBL1ND That’s how I saw it. I guess there’s a “playful” interpretation too. I hope there is, because then at least it’s not deliberate.They aimed for “cute and endearing”, missed, and hit “creepy and ominous.” #eww http://t.co/fOX6Ak4gq5@diiq Ha — thanks, I think?
@RedBlueQuinn Hi Quinn! Thanks - lovely to meet you too! Good luck with your music :)@TRJeffries Tim. I only listened to "Hello Hi" once. It's been days. I still have occasionally have it in my head. How is that possible?@CharlesYarnold That was a fun afternoon of recording :)@jayforeman The picture quality is terrible, but I suspect this may well interest you: https://t.co/A3xraQ0WnX
@trjeffries RUINED: https://t.co/AaigQ6DHpR (could not stop laughing at the cuckoo)@iamdanw That's actually a really good idea. Nominate @edjeff for first interviewee. Or @fake_edjeff.
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