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@JarolinVargas I’ll just point you here: http://t.co/gxX4VWxDNx@angryflatcap Oh blimey, I hadn’t noticed that!@NilsTillander That’d be really weird and confusing! Use us as inspiration for your own format, of course, but please don’t steal our name!@NilsTillander I’m not sure what you mean? “People talking about a thing” isn’t something we can own, but please don’t claim to be us!@mattround 👏Also, the Technical Difficulties crew are meeting up at the end of this month. There's a new series of Citation Needed coming!If you're in Brighton on 16th September, I'm live on stage with @helenarney, @seb_ly, and @mcneilpamphilon: http://t.co/2rgt2VPOir@abozhikov @cgpgrey a) resistance to change b) IIRC heater storage tanks mean hot water in old homes may not be potable, so mixing is bad
@iamsteadman @unnamedculprit Thanks!The end of three wonderful days at @emfcamp. Well done everyone who made it happen: it’s been a brilliant festival. http://t.co/gKvsHZr7eL@_xs @unnamedculprit Not sure right now — probably a web font. But make it for the world, not just for us!@T_superposition I’m down south all week, but thanks!@mathias It should be. Probably. But there are enough horror stories that I just decided to take the simpler route!@peterambos It's a terrible, terrible language -- but I know and trust it! The canonical reasons why are here: http://t.co/c8i45V0XVCNew video! Ultrasonically vaporized vodka, thanks to @matingslinkys at #emfcamp: http://t.co/veZC85yst9@shahar5748 There have been some incredibly creative attempts.@PomstaZLesa I was always a TNG/DS9 kid, so my answer to that is "take command"!@thebeardlessone I'd put a different number on each one, but then I'd have to wear them in order.@LetsDoRedstone Well done!As day 3 of #emfcamp starts, I’d like to clarify that I’ve not been wearing the same red t-shirt each day. I just have many red t-shirts.@emfnoc Can we get disconnected at D1 please? #norush
@gbeemst @unnamedculprit Oh! Didn’t see which one you replied to. I just tweeted it.@LonMcGregor It automatically finds fonts with the right characters — the only browser to do so!@schrodingerskit Not without looking through the research!@gbeemst @unnamedculprit It’s literally a half hour video about that?@tharsheblows @unnamedculprit Thanks very much!@nereserendipity @unnamedculprit Those questions, and more, answered in the video! (In short, no, and probably not.)Here's the talk @unnamedculprit and I did about @Emojli today! It includes the phrase "tech-bro douchebags". https://t.co/4Gv5zYx7bdOn stage with @unnamedculprit in five minutes, talking about Emojli and why you should never build an app: http://t.co/aE5RwcH8Gk@joeblakey Thanks very much!
@DaveBill_I_Am Glad it came in handy!@KendallOstrow @unnamedculprit Sure, we'll drop you an email in a few minutes!@rosieatlarge @unnamedculprit You are stronger than several of our users…!That’s right, @unnamedculprit and I just launched @Emojli from a tent at @emfcamp. http://t.co/Q4pk7Fu4MhWe are LIVE! “Emojli: the emoji-only messenger” is now live on the Apple App Store! 🆕🙋📲‼️ https://t.co/Gy44Q2GRT9 http://t.co/dJ6HLU63Bb
Retweeted by Tom ScottDid you reserve an Emojli username? Check your inbox – we’re sending all 70,000 of you an invite code over the next couple of hours!
Retweeted by Tom Scott@DemoTrtl It should be live streamed and uploaded afterwards!Heading off to @emfcamp today! There are still tickets available if "internet to the tent" sounds like your thing: https://t.co/7v3zOJbCNo
@secti0n9 @emfcamp Is that swimmable? I feel like that should be swimmable.@Guitaraholic No worries. Figured I'd better not send that publicly!@CuriouslyEmily @MarcTheOtter And it won't even complain about unexpected items. Positively filthy.@Akki14 "Every bitter", I think!@DavidJBodycombe Not a clue: I wanted to pay by cash, so I couldn't use them. Which I was told only at the end of the process.@DavidJBodycombe There isn't a bagging area! (Or, rather, there isn't a formal one that measures weight.)“Boss! People are used to self-service checkouts! They’re no longer always frustrated!” “No. Release… the new model.” http://t.co/m71oSJenn8If you woke up with large blurry text in @googlechrome today, either Fix 2 here'll sort it — http://t.co/3Dyg0Ded8O — or you're still drunk.This is probably going to be the most dangerous idea that @UsVsTh3m’s done in a while. http://t.co/SfIy0RnvpN
@whoisdanw YouTube has 150 of them, royalty-free for any purpose: http://t.co/0lepmBVW19For the record, I'd like to clarify that I was joking. The Welsh for "sext" is not "sexty ping".@rbairwell @youngvulgarian @AbiWilks Nope. It's "popty microdon". That, er, was the joke.@youngvulgarian @AbiWilks Fact: the Welsh for ‘sext’ is ‘sexty ping’.@tomstuart I know, that took me a while too…@tomscott i believe it's called Secret Cinema. ZING.
Retweeted by Tom ScottIdea: you know those "Winter Wonderland" scams? This Christmas, set up a deliberately awful "ironic" one in Shoreditch. You'll rake it in.
@MDisraeli Already bought a tent now. Damn you drivers :)@ChemicalOli Thanks, but I’ll pass!@MDisraeli Where did you book in the end? I hate camping, but transport to anywhere reasonable seemed impossible.@MrPeterRossiter @unnamedculprit I'll try not to milk the role too much.@mrgordonburns Wouldn't change a thing: I can't thank you enough! And yes, @VTRManchester did a top-class job too.@terpatron9000 Ooh, that's clever. I love how BSL has a grammar that (IIRC) involves "setting scenes" instead of using pronouns.@tomjackson1988 I'm trying to put that well behind me! But sure, drop me an email - tom@tomscott.com.@mrgordonburns Just got today's recording through from @VTRManchester to edit into the final video: thank you so much, it's wonderful!@RACarter @mikebutcher He's @colin_furze, but remember he's not always at his computer: the web is very much not his top priority.@OverByDan I think that was probably the right thing for them to do...!@deplorableword If only people scanned QR codes!Evil plan: Step 1: Set up a fake bank support Twitter account Step 2: Search for frustrated customers, offer "help" by DM Step 3: Profit@youngvulgarian I pronounced "denouement" as de-NOO-munt the other day. Similar feelings.
@ChemicalOli I try to avoid acquiring physical things whenever I can — so I’m not the right person for it! Thanks, though.@unnamedculprit It’s like @garybrannan’s playing GoldenEye with Big Head Mode on.
@Reynolds Done, thanks!@Reynolds Huh! That’s fascinating: can I add that (with attribution, of course) as an annotation to the video?@michielh Thanks!@Alex_dlc http://t.co/JpABeAymoP is the British equivalent: there's a link in the description and in the video!New video! The ice bucket challenge will lower your heart rate: http://t.co/R165yVHpGc@mrsmmartin @BothersBar I’ve got it saved for the next long journey I’m on — thanks for the heads up!
I remember when I used to look forward to Steven Moffat’s episodes of Doctor Who.“And now on BBC1, Doctor Who, which contains strong language and violence from the outset.”@kieranfb Done. Video tomorrow. May have made it into a Thing You Might Not Know.@blaine @NatashaCarolan They are incredibly photogenic kittens…!@coldclimate They’re not mine, thankfully!
@mothdust @cr3 That was photo 48 of… well, a lot :)@Thayer I’m not sure I see the resemblance… :)@jivameuk No, I wouldn’t want the responsibility. They are charming, though!I just had to instruct these little fellows that USB cables are not for chewing on. I don’t think they understood me. http://t.co/iWuIKIaBMG@BubbleBoysLtd Talk to @lbfleague, not to me -- they should notice this and get in touch!@Dave_Hone Thanks very much!
@punksmurf @jasonbrown6 Thanks, folks. That's interesting!Wow, that explains the sign: via @jasonbrown6, a Tube surfer http://t.co/tHviB9nnCm and via @punksmurf, "Trainrider": http://t.co/6BqT4gDb9XSpotted this warning on a departing Overground train. There’s probably a story behind why it’s there… http://t.co/fNRnZr7oNQ@theonesean Email to you is bouncing. In summary: http://t.co/lVWBlGLWh3, and thanks for your interest but it's not for me. Cheers!@jb31842 @colin_furze There’s no way off-the-shelf hardware beats a custom-hydroformed metal suit!Oh! And the @UsVsTh3m Generator Generator is up! The first one's a blinder: The Richard Dawkins Apology Generator: http://t.co/fBMnaRqlVqOh my stars, @colin_furze has gone and made himself a suit of armour and stood INSIDE a fireworks display: http://t.co/adN9euajtY
@EwaSR Yes please.@colin_furze Oh my.Spent today filming with @unnamedculprit and @MoragHickman. Can’t talk about it yet, but to sum up: THAT WAS AMAZING. http://t.co/IvXUMlIOwX
@jbuller Ooh, that's interesting! I haven't done a London one for a bit - that might well be something I can do. Thanks!@tef Assassin's Creed: Health and Safety Edition.@WildRumpus Oh, damn, you're clashing with BarCamp London X!@mrhudson2212 I think there might be copyright issues with that! :)
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