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BWD @theonlyadult Probably not where I should be

I have zero patience for neanderthals and sometimes will RT their words of wisdom.

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Oh no, 58% of uninsured Californians now covered under that train wreck #Obamacare! Larger % than predicted. #EatShitGOP #VoteBlue2014
Retweeted by BWDThese kids are tough to beat. RT @haaretzcom LIVE UPDATES: Israeli military calls up 16,000 more reserve soldiers http://t.co/xLVm4fqBjb@AlonPinkas @theonlyadult Bush and Rice deserve significant blame too. Had Hamas not been legitimized in 2006, we'd probably not be here
Retweeted by BWD@chrislhayes Bush put the Hamas in charge. This is just another mess created by the worst president in history.@RealWorldReason @60th_Street Ohhhh, you hurt my feelings so much, I may never stop laughing.House vote to pursue doomed lawsuit against Obama is an amazing gift to Democrats in an election year. #ImpeachmentLite
Retweeted by BWD@snarkylicious Go with it, mate. Have fun. :)@HuntsmanAbby Your country didn’t do it. It’s your party you should be embarrassed by.
Retweeted by BWD@snarkylicious Yea, I get it. Still, I tried to watch 5 minutes. It's just too awful even for what it meant to do.@andie_walsh Oh man, why to you think I had to get this fake account? I hate them all, no wonder all of them blocked me.My entire TL talks about some awful shark movie. End this world now.@andie_walsh Time to come clean, I guess.Good Lord, just watched the footage of the Gaza market missile strike. Both sides commit atrocities but this one is especially sickening
Retweeted by BWD@andie_walsh Jay Carney, of course.@andie_walsh Hey, someone on twitter once told me that I was Reggie Love. True story.@andie_walsh To her credit, I always thought you were Michelle Obama.@andie_walsh YOU'RE NOT????????????????????????????????@MathewsJeanne @DerekIsAway you're not going to answer. Of course not. What a waste of time. Click.First they let Bundy off the hook, now they're giving away coal for export. Is BLM Obama's worst agency? http://t.co/XHWCcKl6sW
Retweeted by BWD@DerekIsAway @theonlyadult Same here. Reagan was the last President I trusted to do what was best for this country. The rest; not so much
Retweeted by BWDThe American President (As Long As He's White) #GOPFILMS
Retweeted by BWD@MathewsJeanne @DerekIsAway And?Sigh #Suits just had to wrap everything so neatly. What a waste.@DaleHubert1 @HuntsmanAbby Oh, I read her tweet few times and still can't find the word "Republicans" there. She's adorable.@RLM_3 @allanbrauer She's better, actually. But part of it is because she wears her heart on her sleeves, and he really tries not to.Who knew we could expand coverage while saving trillions on health care? Oh. Every industrialized country. http://t.co/WCI4NUIFGS
Retweeted by BWD@obamadailywire They still have the entire damn congress. Full bipartisanship of support.@obamadailywire Where? He has 90% support in Israel and most Americans still support his crap.@DerekIsAway @MathewsJeanne Ohhh, conservatives trying to teach Liberals about "compassion" are the best.@AC360 @Limeylizzie @David_Gergen Because they've been abusing this admin for 6 years and no one punished them.@DerekIsAway @MathewsJeanne LOL, that's a beautiful spin. Classic.@obamadailywire what polls?@DerekIsAway @MathewsJeanne Oh, I'm the "angry" one. And of course you think he's lousy. You thought that back in January 2009.@DerekIsAway @TheObamaDiary @MathewsJeanne I don't have the same hope for you, so I guess we're done here.@TheObamaDiary @DerekIsAway @MathewsJeanne Hey, I got one. He also hates the president even though Obama is half white!@DerekIsAway @MathewsJeanne Oh I'm sure you questioned Bush when he lied the country to a war that killed 4.5k Americans. No doubt you did.@TheObamaDiary @DerekIsAway @MathewsJeanne Oh, you don't know the half of it. It takes a smart conservative to uncover the truth about me.@DerekIsAway @MathewsJeanne So, nothing original? And I had such high hopes..@theonlyadult It is sad. I hope one day Liberals can judge a person based on their character and not race :-/ @MathewsJeanne
Retweeted by BWD@MathewsJeanne And you have an example or proof that he broke the law, right? (LOL at your "he's half white" mantra, hilarious).@DerekIsAway @MathewsJeanne :(.@MathewsJeanne Ignore @theonlyadult. He hates that Obama turned out to be a lousy president so he's using racism as a tool to distract.
Retweeted by BWD@costareports @MattMurph24 Tell them to add another Obamacare repeal. Hey, why not?Rabbi Henry Siegman, Leading Voice of U.S. Jewry, on #Gaza: "A Slaughter of Innocents" http://t.co/xWP3wCIVS7 #Israel http://t.co/N3Hl4lWzCk
Retweeted by BWD"I mourn genocide in Gaza because I am the granddaughter of a family half wiped out in a holocaust ..." - Naomi Wolf. http://t.co/zOaRP99tQM
Retweeted by BWD"And today I live in the White House". Yea, you are.My impeachment story features Rep. Ted Yoho — who called for impeaching Obama THREE YEARS AGO — now dodging the Q http://t.co/bmw6sa9WIy
Retweeted by BWDMichelle is simply extraordinary.5 Republicans voted against suing the President b/c they want to go farther....but it's all a Democrat fundraising scam right?
Retweeted by BWDThanks for this @lawrence Bless you @FLOTUSThis Just In: GOP House votes to sue every American who voted for Obama.
Retweeted by BWDTerrifying image of #Israel-i airstrike today on #Gaza's Tuffah neighborhood on front page of @Independent (Pic: EPA) http://t.co/GdTv9hCljP
Retweeted by BWDMore jobs created in First Half 2014 than George W. Bush created in 8 years. Republicans to sue Obama http://t.co/nuR40wDTUZ
Retweeted by BWD#GOP DAY OF SHAME: Instead of working for us, @SpeakerBoehner & @McConnellPress find 2 new ways to screw US taxpayers http://t.co/ExfObQi4TU
Retweeted by BWD@allanbrauer Happy Birthday, Allan, you good, good man.We have moved beyond realm of humanitarian action alone. Are now in the realm of accountability and the need for action to end the carnage.
Retweeted by BWDNearly seven in 10 Americans see children crossing the border as refugees, not illegal immigrants http://t.co/sqvZFlLIaA
Retweeted by BWD@AntonSirius Absolutely true.The “Don’t Tread on Me” flag with the rattlesnake is PRE Confederacy. Hence, the teabaggers are both historically and literally illiterate.
Retweeted by BWDThe funny thing about "patriots" is, they love their country, but seem to hate almost everyone in it, and want to secede from it.
Retweeted by BWDFollow @HouseMajPAC now.Instead of acting to help millions of Americans, House Republicans are suing the President today. #DoYourJobHouseGOP http://t.co/vvxzFj43yo
Retweeted by BWD@divineem @BONESonFOX @David_Boreanaz @TedNugent I didn't even get to this point in his racist TL. Imbecile.I'm glade to see PBO enjoying dysfunctional GOP in both houses @maddow but I'll be damned if I got to hear from "it's not my job" Chuck Todd
Retweeted by BWDIt's fascinating how every D-League actor in Hollywood is a conservative.First president ever sued and first AG ever censured are both black. Total coincidence. Now, off to groom my unicorn.
Retweeted by BWDNia whatshername really can't hide her Obama hate.@wewhodream Always suspected his authenticity, but when he went to war against PBO over the negotiations with Iran, that was itI looked for a reason to stop watching the shark-jumped @BONESonFOX and now I have a good one. Thanks @David_Boreanaz. Bye, Felicia.Instead of LAMESTREAM Sharknado environMENTAList propaganda, I'm watching the Sarah Palin channel with my pants down like a true PATRIOT
Retweeted by BWDhey @BarackObama why don't you grow a pair and learn to take foreign policy advice from 'Bones' star @David_Boreanaz
Retweeted by BWD@David_Boreanaz maybe you can take your FBI badge and go fight against Putin. Take Bones with you. And, it's "President Obama", asshole.Kudos to @Maddow for not cowering to Sen Paul or to the Koch bros. Truth is truth. #TRMS #p2
Retweeted by BWD@SunnyChi Of course, she's far far from being a good candidate, but I can't see any Dem beating her.BTW, Barack, more or less, crowned Hillary today. "In two years I'll be out of office and then they can be mad at the next president".Can't believe one word coming our of Cory Booker's mouth. Such a fraud.@cashleys13 @theonlyadult @ABC So@wake up Gaza and fight Hamas! You will only continue to get your ass kicked with them running things.
Retweeted by BWDLOL, Rand Paul. What a moron.@DougSloan @maddow @chucktodd She brought Todd, and the *clicks* were heard around the world, :)@haaretzcom Israel doesn't defend itself, it's exterminating Palestinian kids.@SecretService Not sure if this is the way to report this. Just another right winger who wants the President shot. http://t.co/hyICHBHaE7
Retweeted by BWDThis makes so much sense. RT @GuyLindaguy 100+rockets fired on Jews daily-Hamas intent from leaders son-now-Christian-Jesus is Lord@ABC Evacuate where? Their summer homes in France?It's time for the House GOP to join President Obama & help expand opportunity for more Americans. #DoYourJobHouseGOP http://t.co/fN4SlT0KZg
Retweeted by BWD@Lompemann @CNN @arishavit is everything that wrong with the Israeli media.@obamadailywire Not gonna happen until he'll publish his book, sometime in 2018.LOL, @maddow never imagined losing so many viewers in a second. Chuck Todd is poison.@sugaree71 @maddow Oh, of course, good to see him laughing at these ugly racists.CHUCK TODD!????????? CLICKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! @MaddowObama enjoys this too much. @maddowSo sick watching our Secretary of State have to grovel so hard to tell Israel how much he loves them while Israeli cabinet shits on him
Retweeted by BWD@ocz555 Naaa, its always a good time. This is a huge issue.@medeabenjamin @PostRacialMyAss Not sure there's any crime that get me stand with you. Next.@samsteinhp @christinawilkie US taxpayers are on the hook for all of Israel's wars.So House R's vote in near lockstep to sue POTUS for exercising lawful powers of the presidency. Sad sop to the right. #ImpeachmentLite
Retweeted by BWD@ocz555 I feel like a jerk now. Sorry for the first tweet. These are tough times. May you'll never know sorrow again.@rolling_2 I guess you have to be in order to do his job. I don't know how he can take it.@ocz555 YOUR lose, obviously. This is horrible.@ocz555 I'm so sorry for lose.@rolling_2 What a waste :)
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