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BWD @theonlyadult Probably not where I should be

I have zero patience for neanderthals and sometimes will RT their words of wisdom.

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@Karoli LOL.If Tom Cotton's decision to disseminate ISIS propaganda doesn't count as "disqualifying," what does? http://t.co/IvELxtQuZj #arsen
Retweeted by BWDHey, Texas! You don’t have to wait to vote for @WendyDavisTexas. Early Voting has started. Find your polling place: http://t.co/38rTd8XV4S.
Retweeted by BWD"We haven't taken your guns. Your guns have taken our children." http://t.co/noVVi7kMwk
Retweeted by BWDAcceptable forms of ID under Texas Voter ID law: State photo ID Concealed carry permit White skin Penis
Retweeted by BWDDespite hype, House still hasn’t sued Obama http://t.co/GWDyhH8gIc
Retweeted by BWDWow. RT @mckaycoppins: Looks like CNN updated its story. No longer says Jeb criticized Fox: http://t.co/cmo8ffvmQM http://t.co/5QJrQZQkjY
Retweeted by BWD@Arianna8927 Well, she's a good mom. :)@Arianna8927 Seriously? Oy. :(@Arianna8927 Which movie?Looks like the #OttawaShooting was a crazy lone wolf, but hey, let's treat it like it's 9/11 and invade Iraq. What do you say, US media?US Corp owned Media Hype RT @TheAnonMessage: BREAKING: Canada attack was not directly linked to #ISIS, classified as "lone wolf attack".
Retweeted by BWDThrow away your cables and watch this Ebola explanation from Dr. Anthony Fauci: http://t.co/BaByGDxRDmFrom Secret McConnell Audio, 12 Destructive Things a #GOP Senate Would Do http://t.co/vsy6PWchHi via @HuffPostPol http://t.co/uKNiesR2cO
Retweeted by BWDBad guy with a gun! #MarysvilleShooting http://t.co/LkXTx21bZ8
Retweeted by BWDI believe! RT @UnreveaISecrets Eating Pizza once a week can actually help reduce the risk of esophageal cancer. So go eat some Pizza!A promising Ebola vaccine sat on a shelf for 10-yrs because drug companies won't spend $ on meds for poor countries http://t.co/ipd8Rg17BO
Retweeted by BWDDamn he's good! Obama Announces Solar Jobs For 50,000 Veterans & Takes On Climate Change http://t.co/3Pfr3td8gB http://t.co/YpiIQTjuEd
Retweeted by BWD@BuffaloBlueBear @samj @Pitt4th Why are you still in my TL? Let me fix this for you, neanderthal.President Obama with Nina Pham today. Damn it, love this man. http://t.co/Nbmw8nhBvz
Retweeted by BWDOnly people committing voter frauds are Republicans // Not All ‘Young Kentucky Women’ for McConnell Are From Kentucky http://t.co/GQ9igGSKuiMcConnell's "Women for Mitch" ad appears to feature a Pennsylvanian woman pledging to commit voter fraud: http://t.co/53rwx7OGq6 #kysen
Retweeted by BWDWe Already Know the Winner of Next Month's Election: Obamacare http://t.co/QbHoyNcB8u via @tnrHourly wages vs productivity http://t.co/zXALXgphse
Retweeted by BWDHistorical price of crude oil source: http://t.co/dZZzPgT9oh CHART http://t.co/ckupm8Yai5
Retweeted by BWDHIV rates vs states rejecting Medicaid http://t.co/0zAr11q6cb
Retweeted by BWDInstagram of Sunny and Bo playing w White House staffer Brian Mosteller today. http://t.co/dFP3HlQTa6 http://t.co/3oZ3PucZCx
Retweeted by BWDSo you're saying that thing the NRA blocked a surgeon general nominee for talking about just happened again. In a school.
Retweeted by BWD1 billion votes cast since 2000. 31 cases of voter impersonation. 600k+ voters will be disenfranchised in Texas. http://t.co/QtHmOVWtJC
Retweeted by BWDNot one voter ID law before 2006, which is, coincidentally, right when voters figured out that the GOP was terrible and deserved to lose.
Retweeted by BWD"Can I get Ebola by changing the channel from CNN?" "Great question. Dr. Sanjay Gupta will have the answer for you after this commercial."
Retweeted by BWDWe live a culture where simply turning down a man's advances means putting your safety at risk. Don't tell me that's not misogyny.
Retweeted by BWDI heard this race was over. RT @asmith83: Wow, Mitch McConnell is loaning his campaign $1.8M. http://t.co/f8cYRtlFTJ
Retweeted by BWDDr. Anthony Fauci has a pretty good video on Ebola on White House YouTube: https://t.co/oOowvrLr7s
Retweeted by BWDAn LAPD officer is under investigation for allegedly beating & kicking a restrained suspect in the head, sources say: http://t.co/dqL4wU3ZXr
Retweeted by BWDThis man is all heart. Beautiful. https://t.co/QPWVi3VzGo@petesouza Sunny and Bo photo from today is just too awesome, Pete.Pres. Obama hugs nurse Nina Pham in the Oval today. She was declared virus-free after being treated for Ebola at NIH http://t.co/YRCVUCysAO
Retweeted by BWD10,000 American children killed or injured by guns each year. No government action required, say Republicans http://t.co/sYEHS06KkZ
Retweeted by BWDDems in the NRA pockets should be kicked out of the party.Sherrod Brown says every Republicans and some Democrats are "at beck and call of the NRA." http://t.co/wEgpzo4AeE
Retweeted by BWDCornel West says to Hannity... #TheEnd. That's the entire joke, folks. ::slaps her '96 incarnation::
Retweeted by BWD"Fauci's hug of Nina Pham is a victory for science, rationality and, most importantly, human decency." @nathangeffen http://t.co/VFowaLzx7M
Retweeted by BWD59,023 Americans killed since Sandy Hook....but let's continue to panic about #Ebola! #NRA #GunSense #NotOneMore #P2 http://t.co/4wtqbXV3xQ
Retweeted by BWDGovernment spending under Obama vs Reagan http://t.co/oy4ZmoAmEJ
Retweeted by BWDWe wish @kdrum a speedy recovery. http://t.co/0HhRcXVut1
Retweeted by BWD@PressSec this has nothing to do with "prayers", only science.@pfeiffer44 poor babies, they miss Bush' stupidity so much. It was such fun, the wars, the death, the economic devastation. Awesome!Journalists don't like Obama's chill temperament, but it's served him well http://t.co/23TqT7WqD8 via @voxdotcom
Retweeted by BWDYak. School shooting in Seattle and #MSNBC has @chrislhayes standing outside of NYC because of one Ebola patient.
Retweeted by BWDStudent who stood up to Republican congressman says he was shocked by homophobic remark http://t.co/HcB4AMR4AS
Retweeted by BWDCornell West - blackademics hero - went to fucking Hannity to bash Barack Obama.Two lead stories on @ABC news abt mass shootings. It's past time to stand up to the bad guy with a gun. @MomsDemand http://t.co/97Zi2Yi5ls
Retweeted by BWD@HaroldItz @TGhirardelli The creepiest thing of all is how they speak about guns like it's their kids. "Poor guns never hurt anyone!" :(@TheEconomist Barrack?Nurse Nina Pham, who recently beat #Ebola, met with President Obama today before heading home. http://t.co/14gr41Qdtc http://t.co/yZClBGqUEM
Retweeted by BWDWe Already Know the Winner of Next Month's Election: Obamacare http://t.co/x7rknsmXgB via @tnr
Retweeted by BWDCONTEXT: number of Americans killed by gun violence since first Ebola case was diagnosed in US, Sept. 30? 2,150. #gunsinAmerica
Retweeted by BWDU.S. publicly humiliates Israeli Defense Minister @bogie_yaalon as state visit ends http://t.co/biNBoqHupG http://t.co/GZV3FxIeA5
Retweeted by BWDNovember 5th media narrative: If Dems keep the senate: "they were right to run away from Obama". If they lost: "it's Obama's fault".@JimmyA_Shook1s @ritchiegrant ugly people.@BuffaloBlueBear @samj @Pitt4th no, the crazy loon who can get a gun like its milk did. Your point?Americans killed by Ebola today: 0 Americans killed by ISIS today: 0 Americans killed by guns today: 86 Source: http://t.co/QCOpdKkjPN
Retweeted by BWD@ritchiegrant @JimmyA_Shook1s The usual ignorant conservative reply.So basically boys in America think they're entitled to date girls, and if one of them doesn't want to, it's ok to kill her.@ThePlumLineGS More Liberals blaming Obama for spineless Dems chasing the racist vote, while depressing the base to death. Shocking.@JohnCassidy You're going to blame Obama for spineless Dems running away from him and depressing the base to death? Of course you are.@ThePlumLineGS @JohnCassidy The only "Obama problem" democrats has is them running away from his and trying to chase the racist vote.The people who say the government hasn't done enough to prevent one Ebola case will now insist we do nothing about 30,000 gun deaths.
Retweeted by BWDfor those following at home, when Dem Grimes dodged editorial board meeting Q = "disqualifying"; when GOP Ernst refused to show up =crickets
Retweeted by BWDNow Dems are poised 2 blame PBO 4 any losses when they've chosen 2 repeat the same losing strategy of ignoring the base? Bitch Please!
Retweeted by BWDAs opposed to just #praying for Marysville, take action and demand stricter #gun legislation. #gunsense
Retweeted by BWD"Strange Fruit" is *not* a "universal" protest song. It is overtly and defiantly anti-lynching. Annie Lennox, I don't even.
Retweeted by BWD@jkfecke It's mindblowing.Whitewashing "Strange Fruit" is so offensive, so beyond acceptable, so egregiously wrong, that I can't possibly put it into words.
Retweeted by BWDYea, let's #PrayForPilchuck like we #pray every day for gun victims in the neanderthal states of America. Because that will do the trick.I dare any Dem candidate to blame Obama for their loss, after they run away from him and depressed the base to death. @TheDemocratsCowardly Dems let media create internal strife 4 entertainment & now blame Dem losses on PBO instead of their attempt 2 abandon the base!
Retweeted by BWDSweet dreams are made of memories from the days Annie Lennox wasn't a female Richard Dawkins.@TheObamaDiary LOL. You won.@TheObamaDiary I'm going to the gym now.@LennyJLem @HouseHead78 Oh, get the fuck out of my mentions and go back to the cave.Fuck any neanderthal who criticize Craig Spencer, an American hero. #EbolaInNYCCraig Spencer near certainly has done more to stop the spread of Ebola than you. Lay off the bowling trip. http://t.co/J7DK0B3mbP
Retweeted by BWDSuch a good piece by @SarahKliff on the insane criticisms of Dr. Spencer: http://t.co/dYShdrI9MD
Retweeted by BWDTexas nurse successfully treated for Ebola in Bethesda meets with President Obama. http://t.co/2Kdl9ch7aE http://t.co/m3bYlloUyX
Retweeted by BWD@TheObamaDiary You're disgisting@TheObamaDiary Where is the bible? And the gun???@CarrieBellatrix @60th_Street Absolutely.Oghazi is Ebama's Katrola.
Retweeted by BWDI'll miss #Parenthood. Such a beautiful, underrated show.Obama hugs Nina Pham, nurse who is now Ebola-free http://t.co/LtJ2czH7Gp http://t.co/yaqij3xpl6
Retweeted by BWDWatch Mitch McConnell Dodge a Simple Question About His Senate Agenda http://t.co/PrTdvJMJxZ via @tnr
Retweeted by BWDA Hug from the President http://t.co/HVmBvn9psC via @theobamadiary87th school shooting since Sandy Hook happened today, but media: "Ebola!1!1" http://t.co/1lpT619VpE http://t.co/AgCupSZ5fo
Retweeted by BWD@pourmecoffee And this too is happening, but nowhere to be seen on cable news: http://t.co/nTjLzIQ0gLOMG! #AlphaHouse season 2 is available now. Weekend, made.There have been 87 school shootings since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. The 87th just happened. http://t.co/pBaJWstm4Y
Retweeted by BWDAnd if you really have to, then follow @TheObamaDiary though if you're an asshole, I would recommend you'd stay away from Chips.And also >> @LiberalPhenom @ladyc10 @Lib_Librarian @metaquest @MattMurph24 @NoShock @Only4RM @Our4thEstate @Kat4Obama @pari_passu
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