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Eva C Scanlan @ThatEvaOne NYC via Ireland.

Dubliner in New York. Theatre & Events Producer: @terranovaNYC, Darling & Company, #24HrDub @abbeytheatre. All controversial/hilarious views my own.

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Maspeth: where hope goes to die.
Someone just put the idea of applying for a greencard in my head. THIS DOES NOT HELP with the overwhelming sense of panic.
My favourite shows are the ones with no opening credits.Second @Seamless order of the day. I feel proud of myself.HIVEMIND: Someone decide for me: #Broadchurch or #CallTheMidwife. Compelling argument / first reply wins.
I'm ready to join the church of #KonMari.Safe travels, don't die, don't die, safe travels, don't die. (This is a weird tweet, yes, but one must share an #earworm to exorcise it.)So the good news is that this morning's deep tissue massage left me in such pain, I can no longer distinguish the original pulled muscle!
In other news, a pulled muscle / trapped nerve in my neck is both excruciatingly sore and numbing half my head at the same time. #Stroke?I was #TeamWhiteAndGold up until about five minutes ago, until I saw #BlueAndBlack. Now I DOUBLY don't care.“@59E59: RT Annie Golden of @OITNB to star in @terranovanyc UNDERLAND at @59E59http://t.co/z8FwOEaXn8 http://t.co/PjEaO2EpjT”Go Annie!
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@BeccaTheSM Treat Yo'Self http://t.co/j6bH2eIgdCThings I'll never understand / never stop tweeting my confusion about: why toothpaste ads are shot with a handheld camera. #Edgy #dogme95Puts 'dress' into Twitter search. Watches the internet lose its damn mind.@TophHooperton The internet has shit the bed over this dress and I am so out of the loop. Halp. Explain.@MissKeelyD I heard about the llamas, but what's this about a dress that's suddenly in every tweet on my timeline?@keatsara I'm just learning about #llamadrama now... If I was a little more productive, I'd have missed this altogether.
i hadn't even considered this http://t.co/l0exiil51a
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanOpening SOCIAL SECURITY by Christina Masciotti and @terranovanyc at the @BushwickStarr tonight! Come see! http://t.co/CuHhYhSKf8
@BuzzFeedAndrew Wikipedia is on it http://t.co/Xdaf8N7gaU
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@AODhubhshlaine Your Swiss finishing school called - you're retroactively expelled. Turn in your beret and sash at the door.Good morning everyone! http://t.co/0fIuquU3rv
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Aged 18, I'd luckily never come close to death or grief - this was my first experience of it and it tore me up. It still does. Poor Fergs.16 yrs ago today, I took my cat to the vet to be put to sleep. To this day, I can't listen to the song that was playing on the radio.@stagestricken It's about @pepperslaughter, really.Watching #ITTheatreawards via Twitter from a tech in Brooklyn. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!I'm in tech @BushwickStarr for the next 3 days for @terranovanyc and Christina Masciotti's SOCIAL SECURITY. It's fun and warm.Calling the shots: @stagestricken on a life in the day of a stage manager http://t.co/c9Tt7LPUit http://t.co/CE8QNmubmu
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanWHY is @IrishTimes continuing to give documented wingnut/fundamentalist Breda O'Brien front & centre coverage on their site? Clickbait?Gorgeous campaign images by Niall Sweeney: Full (free to use) suite of JPEGS & print ready >> https://t.co/chwLXK48Zn http://t.co/fdiDIiKdoA
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanMy special skill is picking the wrong end of the train every single time.
@dagmarvellous That seems a pretty traumatic milestone. Stay strong!@lostplum Hey, me too. Can we blame a full moon or something? 🙅Please RT: Free public resource of images (jpeg/pdf/gif) ready for printing/sharing supporting #MarRef YES https://t.co/7WEFkpgnIg
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanOh for the love of Satan... RT @spillaneda: Downward Dog Pose may be bringing you closer to the mouth of hell. http://t.co/MZudSDne4sRadiant beauty aside, our stage manager, Caoimhe Regan, rocks. It's in @IrishTimesCultr, it must be true. http://t.co/foYrh06ElK #24hrdub
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Working on an app that's like Tinder except your only choices are Cellino & Barnes.
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@lostplum I THINK I have ingredients in my kitchen for when I get home, but it is wise to make pancakes at 11pm?
Less than thrilled by the prospect of going out in the cold tomorrow morning. But excited to get fresh air for the first time since Friday!Election 2016 Reminder; Every GOP Google ad you click on cost that candidate $4-$8. So click away! Make Chris Christie pay!
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@ConorHanratty It can be a sister-blog to my upcoming ‘Not A Thing’ series.@MeganKosmoski Is there an ice-cream truck where you are? Because it’s MINUS A BILLION up here.
Something Good Can Work by @TDCinemaClub is my go-to Get It Done song. And it's on repeat.Just saw a photo of Jonny Sexton's eye. HOLY MOTHERING JAYSUS. #IRLvFRAHappy Anna Howard Shaw Day! http://t.co/WeLV7PBCbJ
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanIt's done???? It's DONE. CHRIST. #IRLvFRA@RoryOMurchu I'm dying.CMON, Ireland. Finish this jaysusing match. #IRLvFRA@RoryOMurchu 48 seconds. Keep your knickers on.@RoryOMurchu Though I don’t know why I’m remotely surprised. France always play like shit, get our hopes up, and nail it in the final ten.@RoryOMurchu Those French sure know how to RUIN Valentine’s Day and romance.@RoryOMurchu My twitter feed is telling me Barnes isn’t doing the best job.The @RTERadio1 feed keeps cutting out at the exciting moments. :( #IRLvFRA
I'm thinking of making something really bloody huge happen. HUGE. Think big. Because why the hell not? When in doubt...#hustle.The Happy Ring House. #IrishSexPositions@AODhubhshlaine Actual lol.The This Is The Start Of It Now. #IrishSexPositionsThe Dog and Pony Show. #IrishSexPositionsThe Pennys-Five-Euro Special. #IrishSexPositionsThe Cute Hoor. #IrishSexPositionsA Big Turn-out. #IrishSexPositions#IrishSexPositions The One-Finger Wave. (Can be upgraded to two fingers if not a total stranger.)#IrishSexPositions The Snack Box, The Grand Stretch, and The Wooden Spoon are all pretty standard.
A truckload of photos from #24hrdub over on our Book of Face https://t.co/fQc9CQyV7s Huge thanks to http://t.co/e2PjjNX9ei RELIVE! ENJOY!
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@AODhubhshlaine Yknow, that’s the ONE thing it’s missing.Holy moly - the salad I just got at GreenStreets Salads in Bushwick is amazing.Just waiting for all the men to arrive before the abortion legislation is voted down http://t.co/0Nsoa5IZXR
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Last night Kanye totally inspire me to support and fight for true artistry. So today I bought Beck's album Morning Phase. Thank ya Yeezus;)
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanLoad-in week! You know what that means! Ice-pack on the janky toe.@avb @AKuchlewska They know their audience.
@TophHooperton #Youths!@TophHooperton I did. Now what?'i feel like nobody likes me' therapist: *under his breath* maybe it's because you're a giant whiny baby 'what?' therapist: i said go on
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@DonnettaLavinia Huh! I had no idea she danced. Was that her on SNL a couple of weeks back too?In NO universe is that Stay With Me song actually better than Take Me To Church. Jesus. Exasperated sigh.@DonnettaLavinia Was that actually Kristen Wiig??!Oh, Shia.Ok, that was a KIND of hilarious move by Kanye West. #GRAMMYsI still think there's a chance that Lady Gaga is somehow Weekend At Berniesing Tony Bennett. #GRAMMYs
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanLady Gaga is fake-tanned to the approximately the same color of dude’s upright bass. #GRAMMYsYeah, good job standing up to rape and domestic violence, Grammys, R. Kelly and Chris Brown noms really showed where it’s at.
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@kateoriot If THAT was his quietest moment in the show, I pity that guy. #LIVE@kateoriot Totally. He's all: COME on, you guys! NOT the time! (As if he didn't write the show-order / script himself?!)For the playeres, thei shal playen, And the hateres eke shal haten; Yet as for me, Ich trowe that Ich shall shaken, Shaken yt me-from.
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@kateoriot #HISS http://t.co/xUaH4qup2y@kateoriot YES. I want to take a pic of him to the salon and say ‘Do this. Gimme the @Hozier special.'@kateoriot He’s only 23 or something. Such inappropriate thoughts.This song. Mmmmf. #GRAMMYs [Missed opportunity for a #manbun though. Just saying.]@DonnettaLavinia Aha. Yeah. It’s all a little same-y. I only care about @Hozier winning his category. Phenomenal song.Also, is @gwenstefani injecting virgin souls into her eyeballs or something. She hasn’t aged in 20 years. #GRAMMYs@DonnettaLavinia I’ve never understood the Grammys.Aren’t all the categories KIND of the same? Best Song/Best Pop Song/Best Pop Performance?@DonnettaLavinia Dee-hive, E-hive… this works with pretty much anything.This ELO set is EVERYTHING. Hey you with the pretty face! #GRAMMYs@ProResting There's no subtle way to do that.@ConorHanratty Ain’t that the WORST? It’s like an annoying child.@LisaGarvo Total LASH-bag!
@LisaGarvo @AODhubhshlaine It'll be the lynchpin of your HBO comedy special. 'Y'know what's weird about obscure European languages...'@enormous @McMahonPhilly Sure we knew that already.@AODhubhshlaine @LisaGarvo But then the laughter came back. #Corpsing http://t.co/Hy1PnFv9GE@LisaGarvo @AODhubhshlaine You obviously hadn't come up with your Gallicmite / Gallictite line yet, Garvs.
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