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Some of the brightest minds of @Sydney_Uni reveal how light transforms your life! #EnlightenUSYD #vividideas http://t.co/jSSEQk53Uw
Retweeted by University of SydneyThank you for helping to make the Quad look even more beautiful than usual @VividSydney ! #vividsydneyA big high-five to the @Sydney_Uni precinct, lighting up from 6pm-11pm. #vividsydney Pics: Marvin Mendoza http://t.co/royJdh3JPk
Retweeted by University of SydneyMusic play and games collide at Musify+Gamify at @SeymourSydney during @VividSydney. #vividoncampus http://t.co/jfFdJIoq1Y
The @Sydney_Uni Gambling Treatment Clinic sees young client numbers double http://t.co/MjTp73wqRk @UniSydneyHealth http://t.co/u7EKR6fPYj
Retweeted by University of SydneyOur sold-out @vivid_ideas event takes place tomorrow night! Tag your experience: #EnlightenUSYD @adambspencer http://t.co/jrGGExbai7
Retweeted by University of SydneyIf you haven't already, come see #vivid at #SydneyUni @ The Quadrangle, The University of Sydney https://t.co/HyysEGMbQa
Retweeted by University of SydneyAt http://t.co/FQgXoetZVj -- #Sydney#Sydneyuni#USYD#VividSydney#Show#lights#Lawschool http://t.co/VNkJlh5Htm
Retweeted by University of SydneyIt's easy to forget how breathtaking this place is when you study here everyday #VIVID2015 #usyd http://t.co/YdpTo47FzO
Retweeted by University of SydneyDon't miss the magic of #vividsydney at @Sydney_Uni, lighting up from 6pm-11pm until Sunday May 31. Images: DNSW http://t.co/7eZ40R0mPY
Retweeted by University of SydneyA few photo highlights from our @Sydney_Uni Media Hub interns of the colour and fun at last week's @SydWritersFest: http://t.co/QXOUkIlgGw
Retweeted by University of Sydney#reconciliationweek #vividsydney #sydneyuni @VividSydney @Sydney_Uni http://t.co/FFu6HBVvgD
Retweeted by University of Sydney#VividLIVE @Sydney_Uni #Vividfestival #sydney spectacular ! http://t.co/RRXicWpTMG
Retweeted by University of SydneyEnjoy the spectacle #VIVID2015 @SydneyVivid @Sydney_Uni http://t.co/oBNkWeBGEH
Retweeted by University of SydneyIt's a beautiful morning at @Sydney_Uni! http://t.co/alHRFc5KvU
Retweeted by University of SydneyHi@Jodie3735 our lights will be on until 31 may. For more info see http://t.co/7qNXRRm2Oo @VividSydney@Sydney_Uni Medical Dean Prof Bruce Robinson explains benefits of the new Blackmores Chair in Integrative Medicine https://t.co/qF7azXSPfY
Retweeted by University of SydneyIt's #NationalReconciliationWeek! Celebrate at our flag raising ceremony - Front Lawns 5.45pm http://t.co/qft0LanRCU http://t.co/wVlnLl0GcADon't forget to check out @CentralParkSyd projections, paint yard + markets after viewing our @VividSydney lights. http://t.co/Vz93rrLTH8Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages to be added to school syllabus. @GuardianAus @m_onicatan Ihttp://bit.ly/1SB1BHQIs it time to ban smacking? Prof Kim Oates talks to @RNLifeMatters http://t.co/sUTGczF2ke
Retweeted by University of SydneyAre you the next Bradfield? Lend Lease Bradfield Urbanisation Scholarship now open @Sydney_Uni http://t.co/dK94tj0Kac http://t.co/WFZcYn0HOK
Retweeted by University of SydneyJoin us on campus tonight for @VividSydney. Lights on 6pm. http://t.co/qoKj72m6RQ
Let’s stop the bullying of trainee doctors – for patients' sake, @kaydeeye & Karen Scott in https://t.co/CJQ5zVo7kM #4corners
Retweeted by University of Sydneyhttps://t.co/YQr7ZoMCSXNew research determines best way to kill a cane toad: http://t.co/7LUSvc9yl2 https://t.co/0z5vNLAooQ @SydneyBiology http://t.co/tsOrjB4FDf
Retweeted by University of SydneyInterested in studying with us in 2015? It's not too late to apply for our undergraduate Semester 2 intake! http://t.co/yQyFwTTAM0In other news: all of the friends 📚📖 #keenbean http://t.co/C9jbHVfdyL
Retweeted by University of Sydney
TONIGHT: @SEI_Sydney & @OxfamAustralia experts speak on #NepalEarthquake background & impacts: http://t.co/ynxbDAEmaj http://t.co/qDDlPvOCSh
Retweeted by University of SydneyIt's official, I am a master! #Usyd #Publishing #Masters #Testamur #Middlename http://t.co/kFE5j109Kj
Retweeted by University of Sydney@LucySquiggle congrats!#vividsydney brings light to @Sydney_Uni Quad this week http://t.co/b48R0SU2NC @VividSydney Daily at 6pm, 8pm+10pm http://t.co/qcAQDIGJTJ
Retweeted by University of Sydney@Sidneiensis @VividSydney Awesome! Looking forward to seeing your Insta shots of the Uni all lit up!@Sydney_Uni @VividSydney My sister's a Design Computing student, and I'm "starring" in her videos! I'm looking forward to being on the Quad!
Retweeted by University of SydneyErnie Dingo talks to @SBSNews ahead of an @Sydney_Uni public forum on preserving endangered languages. #tonightsnews http://t.co/3JG85uDaqU
Retweeted by University of SydneyVivid brings the light to the @Sydney_Uni Quad, launching tonight: @smh http://t.co/Lx4nDgIuvX #curiosityseason http://t.co/b6iD6yaRjF
Retweeted by University of SydneyVivid comes to @Sydney_Uni tonight. @joelmeares writes in @smh http://t.co/Di361TFAqA #VIVID2015
Retweeted by University of Sydney@SydWritersFest is done, but you can catch the highlights at @Sydney_Uni's Sydney Life Blog! http://t.co/QiTwo0XfX9 http://t.co/TjePbACyER
Retweeted by University of Sydney6pm tonight a very worthwhile event at @Sydney_Uni learning about and raising money following the #NepalEarthquake http://t.co/E1c2bSftbi
Retweeted by University of SydneyHear Rom's story & discover your future anything. Apply for the MBA for Sem 2. Apps close Fri http://t.co/rrKfLww4l1 https://t.co/HK8vfGtpRY
Retweeted by University of SydneyLook forward to seeing design computing student work light up campus tonight for @VividSydney #curiosityseason http://t.co/O5WIsG8SNa
@Sydney_Uni @Sydney_Science Assoc Prof Michael Biercuk to share his expertise at #SWF2015 4:30pm http://t.co/7PZLdyesmF #curiosityseason
Retweeted by University of SydneyThank you Daniel Mendelsohn (@DMendelsohn1960) for speaking with @Sydney_Uni student Nic Liney at @SydWritersFest! http://t.co/IZgL9FyY2J
Retweeted by University of Sydney
Look who we found! Prof Stephen Garton post talk. Great day at the #SydneyWritersFestival #curiositycoffee http://t.co/Kase2R7zum
Retweeted by University of Sydney@Sydney_Uni student Alex Tighe enjoys a moment of quiet reflection with Shaun Micallef at @SydWritersFest @tighebrary http://t.co/bzGjV3L9rL
Retweeted by University of Sydney"A true #hipster never admits they're a hipster" - Dr Fiona Allon at her Curiosity lecture @SydWritersFest http://t.co/NpM5PriEPN
Retweeted by University of SydneyFREE COFFEE at the @Sydney_Uni coffee cart outside the @SydWritersFest Curiosity Stage. #curiositycoffee #SWF2015 http://t.co/IhYVwOKpe4
Retweeted by University of Sydney@Sydney_Uni Honorary Associate @KeenanCath will talk with John Marsden on his new book - South Of Darkness at 10am #curiosityseason #SWF2015
Retweeted by University of Sydney
Don't miss @sydneycon Brass Ensemble concert in the Great Hall at 6pm on 26 May http://t.co/jtlXbKsLvA s http://t.co/9sKv4GyV9ASex Mathematician Clio Cresswell: Women’s Hormone Equations vs. Men’s Hormone Equation http://t.co/JlyEhfrcyM
Retweeted by University of SydneyDoes a 'light that never goes out' exist? @chrisrodley @Cosmic_Horizons fact check pop @BuzzFeed @Sydney_Science http://t.co/1vuDomqqkqDay 2 at the Media Hub! ☔️ @SydWritersFest @ArtSS_Sydney #SWF2015 #curiosityseason http://t.co/e95VvzSHwp
Retweeted by University of SydneyBack to back wins in the #NEAFL for #sydneyuni https://t.co/k6vasHbbKC
Retweeted by University of Sydneythank you @60Mins for inviting @Sydney_Uni meco students over today! :) twas fun and insightful! @rosscoulthart @malonetj
Retweeted by University of SydneyOur design computing students' works will be shown for #VividSydney at @Sydney_Uni Mon 6pm http://t.co/8nVPSIVlbD http://t.co/xViut6rTEY
Retweeted by University of Sydney@VividSydney volunteer induction over, head down to @Sydney_Uni this weekend because it's going to be awesome #vividsydney #usyd
Retweeted by University of SydneyGorgeous sights at Walsh bay yesterday to begin @SydWritersFest #curiosityseason @Sydney_Uni https://t.co/mpfpv6erqB http://t.co/2KFHSXGSWj
Retweeted by University of SydneyProf Fletcher: Extreme climatic instability, mega monsoons & drought contributed to the fall of Angkor @SydWritersFest #curiosityseason
Retweeted by University of SydneyProf Fletcher: In the 21st Century, it's worth considering the material memory that resides in our past @SydWritersFest #curiosityseason
Retweeted by University of SydneyJames Brown from @Sydney_Uni Alliance 21 Project to chat with David Kilcullen: Know Your Enemy, 3pm today #SWF2015 #curiosityseason
Retweeted by University of Sydney@Sydney_Uni Dr Fiona Allon on hipsters at @SydWritersFest tmw 12pm. See you there @nickboshier @FullySickRapper? http://t.co/9kEqxEezEk
Retweeted by University of Sydney
@JulianBurnside @Sydney_Uni Agreed. Politicians keep using the term "illegal" 4 political gain. #TEDxSydney #curiositycoffee
Retweeted by University of SydneyGreat study break for @Sydney_Uni students today! Watching @tedxsydney on campus. @Sydney_Ideas @WomensColl http://t.co/1USVdDafWU
Retweeted by University of Sydney"Change your thinking", @girlsachamp tells us how her training has taught her how to live outside the ring. #TEDxSydney #curiositycoffee
Retweeted by University of SydneyFantastic! When will we be able to do away with the honorifics Ms/Miss/Mrs/Mr #curiositycoffee #TEDxSydney https://t.co/T6nyiu7Dzd
Retweeted by University of SydneyI think it's the failure of the language to stick to logical rules & the many exceptions allowed #curiositycoffee https://t.co/xMbfdviFRF
Retweeted by University of SydneyThat's a wrap! Your #curiositycoffee questions and answers have left us buzzing! Thanks for a great day #TEDxSydney https://t.co/JeDdj2b8dWAmazing USYD students and staff! Start applying for the #TEDxSydney Fellowships now! https://t.co/VKQRxGFMstGreat advice @Margaret__Zhang ! @Debby_Ng #curiositycoffee question = answered!@Sydney_Uni @Debby_Ng 100% - you're in control of your personal brand: make sure you have the skills, confidence & portfolio to back it up
Retweeted by University of SydneyHere’s a little summary on gender. #TEDxSydney #curiositycoffee http://t.co/IbiVMmOI4q
Retweeted by University of SydneyWhat is the #1 flaw of the English language..? #curiositycoffee @MacqDictionary
Retweeted by University of SydneyIf you want to continue the conversation, join @AmnestyNSW's forum tonight on LGBTI human rights. http://t.co/bBhoXYje02 #curiositycoffee
Retweeted by University of Sydney@stewartalexj @Sydney_Uni Disorganised is prone to disorder whereas unorganised is not organised/ without organic structure #curiositycoffee
Retweeted by University of Sydney"Less is often more," #60Mins reporter @RossCoulthart on the art of interviewing. | #60Mins live forum with @Sydney_Uni journalism students
Retweeted by University of SydneyWhatever you do. Always. Always stand up for justice! @JulianBurnside #tedxsydneyI'm passionate about justice. But was worried my resolve had given way. Til I got a call that changed my life @JulianBurnside #tedxsydneyJustice is closely aligned to fairness. We value it, but how much do we understand it? @JulianBurnside #tedxsydneyLGBTIQ Indigenous Peoples are working to stop mental ill-health in community. See here: http://t.co/m9sSJ3CMax #TEDxSydney #curiositycoffee
Retweeted by University of Sydney#creativity can be a powerful tool for self fulfilment. It's not about shining brightest , but shining bright together! #tedxsydney@senthorun hear hear!We should be claiming our identities without fear. We must create safe spaces where people do not feel judged. #TEDxSydney #curiositycoffee
Retweeted by University of SydneyWe have a distinct responsibility to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth to reach their full potential. #tedxsydney Star LadyFYI. #TEDxSydney #curiositycoffee http://t.co/G7fuSkcltY
Retweeted by University of SydneyAs Starlady talks about sistagirls, read Kai Clancy talk about his life as a brothaboy. http://t.co/pLDAEON3U7 #TEDxSydney #curiositycoffee
Retweeted by University of SydneyIt wasn't just about hair - it was about creating safe envionments where people could develop their own identities. #tedxsydney Star LadyEveryone should be free to live and love without fear of violence. #TEDxSydney #curiositycoffee
Retweeted by University of SydneyStarlady begins her talk by acknowledging the stigma, discrimination, and harassment that erodes queer lives. #TEDxSydney #curiositycoffee
Retweeted by University of SydneySistagirls are aboriginal transgender women who have their own unique cultural identity. Star Lady at #tedxsydneysydney alum @julesmorrow introduces the very sparkly Star Lady to #tedxsydney#curiositycoffee questions about gay & transgender children? LGBTIQ advocate & academic @senthorun is on hand to answer! #tedxsydney#LGBTIQ advocate + academic @senthorun guests tweets #curiositycoffee as Star Lady sparkles on stage at #tedxsydney http://t.co/Y21w7Msnq2LIVE on #Periscope: we interview Ollie from @TheHouseOfRiot on periscope... #curiositycoffee #TEDxSydney #TEDxYouthttps://t.co/ybFc5hSgrJDescribe working for the Red Cross in five words #curiositycoffee @sydney_unI @HADurhamICRC
Retweeted by University of SydneyWe're about to interview Ollie from @TheHouseOfRiot on periscope... #curiositycoffee #TEDxSydney #TEDxYouthTen minutes until Starlady’s #TEDxSydney talk. Tune in folks: http://t.co/R6a6urFujd. #curiositycoffee http://t.co/BsNIryTe9a
Retweeted by University of Sydney@MissJennaB28 #curiositycoffee I love hard-copy newspapers.I even buy them. Hopefully one-day we will have hard-copy digital newspapers.
Retweeted by University of Sydney@LeeMcKerracher @HADurhamICRC here: we need both! Only complementary actions will solve the problems - everyone must do their bit!@oliverdamian @HADurhamICRC here: we need to develop a better understanding on why people flee- compassion and durable solutions critical.@MissJennaB28 @HADurhamICRC here: challenging, fulfilling, scary, exhausting, worthwhile
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