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One day out, our crews are looking good. Go Sydney! #ausboatrace http://t.co/0XfuGILi5j
.@Sydney_Uni Prof Rebecca Ivers named top female innovator in Aus in AFR Women in Leadership Awards #ithinkleadership http://t.co/X5OW3CV5g0
Retweeted by University of Sydney@Sydney_Uni If you had to describe leadership in just one word, what would it be? MANDELA #ithinkleadership
Retweeted by University of SydneyLeadership is about action with meaning #ithinkleadership
Retweeted by University of SydneyYour thoughts could get you a free lunch at our Food for Thought truck: http://t.co/sb6WDiqww1 #ithinkleadership http://t.co/VgxGmNB1t6@Sydney_Uni @unimelb Hate to sound superficial, but our uni's prettier than yours! :P #GoSydney http://t.co/pwJ4NdHqlH
Retweeted by University of SydneyIt's weigh in time for the Australian Boat Race. Best of luck to all crews! #sydneyunirepresent #academicathletes http://t.co/SetzjbAPKl
Retweeted by University of SydneySydney captains issue challenge to @unimelb: "Try not to keep us waiting too long at the finish line." #ausboatrace http://t.co/YQbDE0g60e@unimelb Well, if we're bringing up last year, those sunny conditions didn't seem to help you see where you were going... #austboatraceLuck? @Sydney_Uni: If you had to describe leadership in just one word, what would it be? #ithinkleadership http://t.co/MX2BZN5iVL
Retweeted by University of SydneyIf you had to describe leadership in just one word, what would it be? #ithinkleadership http://t.co/SrUIM715u8Oh @Sydney_Uni, planning on blaming bad weather when we win? A sunny day didn’t help you last year. #ausboatrace
Retweeted by University of SydneyAbout one hour until the weigh-in for the #ausboat race at the Quad. Overcast skies suggest the @unimelb team has arrived.
Curating Feminism Conference starts next week @sca_sydney with Berlin-based curator Michael Birchall. http://t.co/CMNI1kzbJX
Retweeted by University of SydneyBest of luck to our alum Agatha Gothe Snape, Jonny Niesche, Lil O'Neil + Leyla Stevens for the #NSWVAFE! http://t.co/Z3ZzcqwaET
Retweeted by University of SydneyA major survey of @Sydney_Uni @sca_sydney Prof Anne Ferran's work opens on 7 November @acphub http://t.co/EMxIiuRK2x http://t.co/SoqwhwAY3k
Retweeted by University of SydneyWhy wouldn't you want to hear @BillBailey@DoctorKarl @adambspencer chat parallel dimensions? http://t.co/ebt8EirTIS http://t.co/prnde1mIsn
Retweeted by University of Sydney@BrokenYellow Thanks for all the great work filming for the postgraduate student profiles @Sydney_Uni, guys! Great to work with you. :-)
Retweeted by University of SydneyAbsolutely blown away by my students' presentations @Sydney_Uni MECO6901 this evening. Edited videos and stunning PP presentations.
Retweeted by University of SydneyWell done @Sydney_Uni business school ranked 3rd in Oceania by Eduniversal Awards 2014
Retweeted by University of SydneyMy favourite place at work. The Quad @Sydney_Uni What inspires & motivates you? #inspiration #motivation #positivity http://t.co/7ril7fIiRS
Retweeted by University of SydneyCongrats to Liz Broderick, a true leader #100WOI @georgeinstitute @Sydney_Uni http://t.co/anKuPef7NJ
Retweeted by University of Sydney
Love the line-up for the Curating Feminism conference this weekend @Sydney_Uni check it out #art #feminists ! http://t.co/LIEBKEt1Zd
Retweeted by University of SydneyThe final edition of BULL for 2014 is on the stands now! @usubullmag
Retweeted by University of SydneyCoach Debbie Fox has re-tweaked SydneyUni Womens 8s boat. Will it be enough to win against @unimelb in #ausboatrace? http://t.co/1GbprDbEmsHi @ariadne_syd - yes the flags flew at half mast yesterday. http://t.co/ofU20Xlfh9Vale #GoughWhitlam - remarkable @ArtSS_Sydney @Sydney_Uni alum who did so much for Australia
Retweeted by University of Sydney“@Sydney_Uni: Gough Whitlam. 1916-2014. http://t.co/tWMcmWkiSF” my alma mater. I'd never have been able to go if not for #GoughWhitlam
Retweeted by University of SydneyHere is the 2012 Rita & John Cornforth Medal winner! Top PhD @sydney_uni @centenaryinst @stephjohnston @SydMedResearch http://t.co/3BMDn7K1
Retweeted by University of SydneySome inspiring women“@Sydney_Science: USyd womens #Wikibomb http://t.co/DuDDNygYxR Fri 30th Oct @Sydney_Uni @wm_au @WomenSciAUST @Sci_Women
Retweeted by University of Sydney@sandycheu Hi Sandy - yep, there's one located in the Wentworth Building,:http://t.co/V4b1QYTGXc :)
Interested in Nursing? Don't miss Sydney Nursing School's Postgraduate Info Evening on 23 October. Register now: http://t.co/3WrkMihlohGough Whitlam. 1916-2014. http://t.co/Z3OfUXFO5pVale University of Sydney alumnus and former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. http://t.co/5g2gCDpCwwABC TV are on campus today to film on the Front Lawns - as a result parking on University Ave may be restricted.Am giving public lecture @Sydney_Uni this Wed: preventing sudden death in young athletes http://t.co/fmF1MFUBAi @sophiescott2 @KateCreedon9
Retweeted by University of SydneyGreat to see our @Sydney_Uni @monsoon0 explaining 8 dimensional space & time travel on @QandA Sort of like a day at usyd
Retweeted by University of Sydney@monsoon0 is amazing I love her passion for maths & its everyday application @QandA @Sydney_Uni @inspiringaus
Retweeted by University of Sydney
@MVEG001 @QandA @astroduff @monsoon0 @ProfBrianCox Yet more evidence we need a STEM #QandA show every week. Fantastic!
Retweeted by University of Sydney"If you could hospitalise 70% of the infected ebola patients, the epidemic would be over swiftly" Nalina Joshi @qanda
Retweeted by University of SydneyMathematical modelling essential to addressing Ebola says @monsoon0 #QandAYou can't travel into the past, but it's been proven we can travel into the future, @ProfBrianCox tells @QandA: http://t.co/Gc0WXp0cD4
Retweeted by University of SydneyIt is never too late to learn and love maths says @monsoon0 #QandAIf you love music, rhythm and patterns you should love maths says monsoon0 #QandAMathematically time travel may be possible into the future says @monsoon0 #QandAA Mathematician and the coolest Physicist on the panel! Gotta love this! @QandA
Retweeted by University of SydneyI do not think we are alone in the universe. God is not the only framework says @monsoon0 #QandAHear hear & catch @profbrian cox on @qanda tonight on @ABCtv "Science the benchmark of an educated society" http://t.co/JSWmIr7yts via @smh
Retweeted by University of SydneyRediscovering the #britannicaencyclopaedia with @esandrussi as part of the @sydney_uni #postgrad profile series.... http://t.co/TBvZpbNVg6
Retweeted by University of SydneyInterested in Nursing? Don't miss Sydney Nursing School's Postgraduate Info Evening on 23 October. Register now: http://t.co/3WrkMihlohThere's hope we can prevent tragic sudden cardiac deaths. Find out more at Wednesday's 21st Century Medicine lecture. http://t.co/kQWTyuq1QTMathematics is an absolutely critical part of our future & we can maximise its impact for good | @monsoon0 #QandA http://t.co/r1Y0Ou0bOp
Retweeted by University of SydneyCheck out my jersey from the Aboriginal team.. #love #australia #soulfest #downunder http://t.co/ZQZpl4Ocx4
Retweeted by University of SydneyWhat's the plan for The Bays Precinct? Hear a panel discussion tonight at Sydney Uni, 6.30-8pm. Register here http://t.co/QY3AdFeYQG
Retweeted by University of SydneyTonight! Our own @monsoon0 is on @QandA w/ @ProfBrianCox & @3ree6ixty talking passions! http://t.co/9MZx4Z1js1 http://t.co/7HFOMCXmv7
Retweeted by University of Sydney
Calling all @Sydney_Uni KIDS! @redcrossbloodau is coming next week! See if you can beat @UNSW! Check the event http://t.co/UtmpyVFBU6
Retweeted by University of Sydney.@Sydney_Uni has suspended Professor Spurr's employment following serious allegations in relation to offensive emails http://t.co/1AOWTQOqxC
Retweeted by University of SydneyStatement released yesterday on allegations of offensive emails is available here: http://t.co/Xj1HlNuuhw
Retweeted by University of Sydney
@Sydney_Uni #engineering #students design new machine converting rice husk to briquettes in @EWB_Australia challenge http://t.co/3rT5U3cc5D
Retweeted by University of SydneyIs Australian sport sending an unhealthy message through its sponsors? http://t.co/2PKZZOr1hdStill the best looking workplace in Sydney. The #Quad makes me smile every time I walk through it. @Sydney_Uni http://t.co/L3wYthH9rE
Retweeted by University of SydneyTonight's Dr Charles Perkins Oration topic: 'Turning community action into national policy' by June Oscar AO. More: http://t.co/IFfPTSAKnI
Hey #USyd - Get Up Stand Up tonight 7pm @Manningbar feat. FRANK WOODLEY, @genfricker, @daynerathbone, @ShubhaSiva and meee. It'll be GREAT!
Retweeted by University of Sydney@JasonStr8Up Hi Jason, if you're walking from the station, follow Lawson st then turn left onto Abercrombie and right onto Shepherd st :)Morning. Looking forward to @Festurbanism on planning & making our cities @Sydney_Uni #'megaprojects http://t.co/5XXa7yEPoo
Retweeted by University of SydneySydney Uni student tells @smh how Ebola has impacted on her family and asks Australia to help fight the outbreak. http://t.co/oBZ4HtbkTILoved Sondheim on Sondheim at @SeymourSydney tonight. Special mention to MD @HaydenTimothy. Loved the set too! Nice work @squabbalogic.
Retweeted by University of Sydney
Two awesome talks on at @Sydney_Uni tonight. Drugs vs Globalisation? Decisions decisions! http://t.co/BGfCqmsx8M
Retweeted by University of SydneyAre you an HBO addict? A Netflix nut? Join us to discuss what your favourite TV shows reveal about the US http://t.co/iXrgYCp7vr
Retweeted by University of SydneyGET UP! STAND UP! KEEP CUP! FEAT. FRANK WOODLEY on tomorrow! Get tix now: http://t.co/OEYk9K6kPk #StandUpComedy http://t.co/y5krajIxMA
Retweeted by University of Sydney1/3 soldiers returning from active duty in Iraq+­Afghanistan will develop a form of post-traumatic stress disorder. http://t.co/FsyeYaZj8eRemember, tomorrow is #Ride2Uni Day; if you're travelling to campus, try some pedal power. It's healthy for you and the environment!We're excited, launching the festival tomorrow evening at 6:30pm in the Tin Shed's Gallery 148 City Rd. Register http://t.co/JI3XW2JnRe
Retweeted by University of SydneyAlumnus Nasim Annabi and Prof Tony Weiss' surgical glue- finalista for 2014 Bright Future Research Award http://t.co/7gzz3hhjVkAustralia’s only uni-based stand-up competition,Get Up! Stand Up! Keep Cup! hits USU's Verge Festival tomorrow night. http://t.co/BUbXM4tl1COur Instagram account is one year old today! Will you be our 3000th follower? http://t.co/2UYh3WHMEp #instagam #sydney #usydSevere weather warning for winds and heavy rain across Sydney today; please be sure to take care on campus.A Sherpa, a sous Sherpa and a yak: why the G20 is relevant to you! New blog by #SydneyMBA student Christopher Wright http://t.co/13D1gYcJfr
Retweeted by University of SydneyDo pain relievers target specific parts of the body? Can you mix alcohol with meds? Find out tonight http://t.co/FbJVxipCPd @Sydney_IdeasVote for alumnus Nasim Annabi and Prof Tony Weiss' surgical glue- finalist for 2014 Bright Future Research Award http://t.co/7gzz3hhjVkDeputy Vice Chancellor (Registrar) Professor Tyrone Carlin on life after the HSC! http://t.co/dmPc9kD7LGGood luck to all the future @Sydney_Uni #sydneymedia scholars sitting their first HSC exam today
Retweeted by University of SydneySo this just happened... Great fun filming the @Sydney_Uni #postgrad series with @BrokenYellow http://t.co/eA2hQnM3B6
Retweeted by University of Sydney@RavenAnge we can't wait to watch @Margaret__Zhang on the show! We hear our campus makes a cameo too! :). @Sydney_Uni students Songtourage doing a great job at a parents morning in Shanghai. @Duncanivison http://t.co/eAGX2vbdMT
Retweeted by University of Sydney
Should we be worried about Ebola becoming airborne? http://t.co/lQ8IwPsEt0They came. They pitched. Over 150 packed into @Sydney_Uni Refectory for our Winter Demo Day http://t.co/1BKpPPH60t http://t.co/zLwpOufZ4P
Retweeted by University of SydneyHow to survive the zombie apocalypse in six easy steps http://t.co/4JLDhsM2fT via @mrpetermunro http://t.co/vn6bmKnivC
Retweeted by University of SydneyLet the HSC begin! Good luck to all Year 12 students sitting exams.
Best of luck to Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr Catherine Hamlin, who graduated from the University of Sydney in 1946.With the final weeks of exam prep fast-approaching, our student ambassadors share their top tips for HSC success! http://t.co/yYyCqiofgNLittle Women by Mark Adamo opens tomorrow, with four performances only at The Con! Grab your tix here: http://t.co/KaMAklDNBdS&P/ASX 100 companies aren't leading in gender equality @afrboss @sydney_business 1st cut analysis of @WGEAgency data http://t.co/BSvgKPxvao
Retweeted by University of SydneyWomen's representation in the Oz business organisational 'pyramid' better represetned as a 'needle'. http://t.co/vYWkAcyilh @sydney_business
Retweeted by University of Sydney@afrboss #emergingleaders scholarship recipient @thisisomarkhan on Australia’s readiness for the Asian Century http://t.co/Fw38AgEStm
Retweeted by University of SydneyHanging with @alligrech for the @sydney_uni #postgrad profile series talking #dietetics and food food #food! http://t.co/4ZKZudF4OO
Retweeted by University of SydneyWe will be filming the brand new Courtyard Restaurant & Bar from 12pm today. Come down for your chance to be immortalised on camera!
Retweeted by University of SydneyWe look forward to the @FestUrbanism launching next week @Sydney_Uni http://t.co/eTzuoj2d7r http://t.co/likipd4ikH
Retweeted by University of SydneyCongratulations to the Redfern All Blacks Women's team winners on NSW Knock Out. Another great Redfern team wins!
Retweeted by University of SydneyOld and new #Usyd #centralpark #sydney by nmuljadi http://t.co/3F1rCkoCqq http://t.co/abcCHaD5e1
Retweeted by University of Sydney
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