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Rep Cuellar..Are these illegals better than your father who you said went thru the process legally? He deserved citizenship. Illegals don't@cspanwj The only way to stop Obama is thru DHS. We got along w/out it before we DON''T need it now. So, shut them and Obama down now!!!!!!@cspanwj I hope Boehner gets a backbone stops the senate in their tracks.. McConnell must have been re-elected by democrats.
#Crossfire Hey Louie...... Fix Chicago then worry about the illegal children.... You guys can't even get that city right!!
#cspan Why don't you also add the fact that out of pocket has doubled and tripled and the majority of people can never reach it in a year#cspan Why don't you also add the fact that out of pocket has doubled and tripled where most people can never reach it in a year...#cspanchat Why don't you also add the fact that out of pocket has doubled and tripled where most people can never reach it in a year....
#MyBILL: No #election can ever be complete until the entire #MilitaryVoteIsAreCounted. And approved by #Congress.
Retweeted by DiannSomeone in the #WhiteHouse is at this moment working on a #CrisisChart and plotting it right up to the #2014elections.
Retweeted by DiannThe media keeps asking, was it worth it? My answer is that it is always worth it to do the right thing: http://t.co/VIOhWj4zOA
Retweeted by Diann#cspanchat Why is Obamacare not good enough for the senate and the house or even Obama and his people?? Double standards!!!#cspanchat Why is Obamacare not good enough for the senate and the house or even Obama and his people?? Double standards!!!!
#cspanchat Thanks McConnell and Boehner for selling our souls to the devil. The Dems love you.#turncoats Hope you got paid well......#cspanchat If Boehner was going to cave, he never should have led the people on with false hope.... Despicable!!!!!! @SenTedCruz
#cspanchat If the government is opened first.... Negotiations will never take place and they know it !! Keep it shut down and talk first!!#cspanchat If the government is opened first.... Negotiations will never take place and they know it !! Keep it shut down and talk first!!#cspanchat If the government is opened first.... Negotiations will never take place and they know that!! Keep it shut down and talk first!!
Big businesses & Congress got exemptions from Obamacare while big labor lobbies for theirs. RT if you want an exemption too! #MakeDCListen
Retweeted by Diann#cspanchat If the government is opened first.... Negotiations will never take place and they know that!! Keep it shut down and talk first!!#cspanchat If the government is opened first and negotiations after the fact, there will be nothing to negotiate.
@SenHarryReid @SenatorDurbin @SenSchumer So glad for @SenTedCruz & @SenMikeLee .. Finally we have people to fight for our rights! Thank GOD@SenatorDurbin You might have the illegals and people on welfare fooled in Chicago but the rest of the state doesn't buy your BS......
The Wave: the experiment that turned a school into a police state via @Telegraph http://t.co/WpDHUZUswY
@SenTedCruz @replouiegohmert Obo would not delay ACA for everyone b/c he has to get ppl enrolled. ASAP so it can't be stopped!!#cspanchat The next thing Obama will do is make it mandatory for Dr's to take Medicaid and Medicare!!#cspanchat How can Obama change ACA on his own w/exemptions and delays that were NOT approved by the house??
@SenTedCruz Please don't back down EVER!! Illinois hasn't got a prayer, so we need ppl like you to help us too!! Thank you! @SpeakerBoehner#cspanchat I'm not against poor people getting insurance..... I against the government mandating people get it whether they want it or not!!@SpeakerBoehner You have the support so don't let us down. DO NOT CAVE TO THE SENATE!!! @SenateFloor@SenBillNelson Practice what you R preaching.on #cspan2 We R NOT small b/c we We DON"T want ACA & want to be treated like you @SenTedCruz#cspanchat Since when has the dems ever cared about hunting & fishing.. They are desperate.. Hypocrites!! Save the fish & ban guns?? BARF!Government Shutdown Continues; Congress Meets Over Weekend | C-SPAN http://t.co/b5ePtzujnD via @sharethis
Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies - Mother Teresa (please retweet)
Retweeted by Diann@SenSchumer What's the matter Chucky....is @SenTedCruz and the Tea Party showin you guys up? Keep slamming him..You're proving him right!!@SenTedCruz @SenatorReid @DickDurbin So how many people are being paid to actually enroll in obocare?? Do they get 1 year free insurance??Soooooo why hasn't the piece of crap not been impeached yet!!!!@bob_grandpa @WashingtonDCTea @MrsW101495 @DarrellIssa @USMC_Nightmare Don't forget the great IRS that is now in the healthcare business..@KellyAyotte Gutless.... If you want to give up, have at it but don't degrade the rest of your party for fighting for us..@SenTedCruz#cspanchat Why doesn't Obama shut down the IRS and quit demoralizing our seniors and vets.... So devious and despicable!!!!#cspanchat What the Democrats are doing right now is dispicable... Obo is deliberately hurting the American people to get his way!!
@CrossfireCNN @Newt_Gingrich The SCOTUS may have said it was law as it was written BUT that was B4 the Obama exceptions were put in place!!
I find it fascinating how well this country runs when the gov is shut down.... Must be way to BIG @RexChristi @SenTedCruz @NancyPelosi@RexChristi Now we are not only terrorizing the gov we are waging jihad on Americans..I love @SenTedCruz@SpeakerBoehner & Obo are trying to figure out when their last golf weekend will be before winter......Is anyone taking bets if @SpeakerBoehner caves to Obo??? My bet is yes. @RexChristi @SenTedCruz @SenMikeLee#cspanchat The older timers that have been there forever are ticked because we are finally getting new kids on the block @SenTedCruz
There were 12 government shutdowns while Democrat Tip O'neill was Speaker. Why is media so one sided in its ignorance of history?
Retweeted by Diann@newtgingrich @Cinde22 Because they want to opt out of Obocare too!! It's not ignorance of the media it's left out on purpose!!!!!!!!!!!!!@PeteSessions Keep up the good work.. Ppl R losing full time jobs to part time so co. don't have to pay for insurance. R dems that stupid??@SenateDems...You guys wanted the shutdown so you could play the blame game. What is this diversion covering up this time??? Go @SenTedCruz
@senHarryReid Hey Harry!!!! The Tea Party are people too don't forget!!!!! And like you, they were also elected to represent our voices!!#cspanchat Well Lou.....Don't speak for me....I DON'T WANT OBAMACARE!!!! The Tea Party is working for the people. We are constituents too!Hey #teaparty you got the dems running scared!!! You must be doing something right!! Keep up the good work!! @SenTedCruz @SenMikeLee#cspanchat the republicans R protecting us from Obocare. We are demanding it from them so we do have a voice too!! @SenTedCruz @SenMikeLee#cspanchat I resent the dems saying the repubs aer not working for the people.. I beg to differ.. They are working for me!!! @SenTedCruz
@RepTedDeutch Not true.........I'm an American person and you want b/g checks so you have a data file for the UN....We don't need it..
We should shut down the government....Defund them all and elect new people!!!!Pete Sessions finally said it right!!!!!! Why screw up my company insurance to help people who don't have any????C-SPAN | Congress, Politics, Books, U.S. History http://t.co/QkC7m8fvLP via @sharethis@RexChristi Come on sweety...You know it all depends on what you are choosing and it's in their favor!!!!!!!!! #MakeDCListenWhy R so many on the left proud 2B pro-choice, yet want to force #ObamaCare on the rest of us; Pro-choice? Hardly! #dontfundit #MakeDCListen
Retweeted by DiannHouseGOP to Plan Next Step 4 vote 9/29/13 http://t.co/bT9BWpLKRL #HoldtheLine #dontfudnit 202-224-3121 http://t.co/xoYsoEgRDM #MakeDCListen
Retweeted by DiannHouse repubs.....We put you in office to work on our behalf NOT to take bribes from the dems to kiss ass!!!!!!Vote isnt the end-Isnt even beginning of the end-It’s the end of the beginning- American people will always have the final word @SenMikeLee
Retweeted by DiannMcCain hires Syria rebel advocate Elizabeth O’Bagy http://t.co/kKqaXSfBYt Jihad Jane McHammad jumps the shark - AGAIN! #tcot #Syria #tgdn
Retweeted by Diann
Soooo the Dems are using the Obocare farce so people don't see what Kerry is doing with our firearms hu?? Say DIVERSION!!!!!!!!!!@RexChristi Corker was a real ass and Durbin was despicable!!!!!! Pretty Sad they Cruz and Lee are the only ones with guts....Right my son??@SenTedCruz I live in IL and you are the only person I've ever seen that can make @SenatorDurbin squirm!!!!!! Don't ever give in to him..Want to know what you can do to #MakeDCListen & #DefundObamacare? Listen & RT! https://t.co/9C0NYicuMA
Retweeted by DiannFeds: implementation of Obamacare could spawn a cadre of scam artists. I guess they mean in addition to the officials implementing it. #tcot
Retweeted by DiannTell Congress: Don't Fund Obamacare! #dontfundit http://t.co/FSG91svvuu
Retweeted by Diann@SenTedCruz @SenMikeLee Keep on @SenatorDurbin and the rest of the traitors....You got 'em by the ----'s..Keep the pressure on the pukes!!@SenatorDurbin You are a disgrace to Illinois along with your pres obo... Go ruin some other state..better yet ruin a different countryListen #TexandRex Cruz Conservative Comeback: #defundit Pt IV on 9/26/2013 10:00 PMEDT #BlogTalkRadio http://t.co/69volRcMnQ #MakeDCListen
Retweeted by Diann@SenatorDurbin He is a piss poor excuse for a human and a devious ass!! Such a liar.. Close them down @SenTedCruz and @SenMikeLee
@SenatorDurbin You are pathetic and a disgrace to Illinois GET OUT!! @SenTedCruz @SenMikeLee @MakeDCListen #DefundObamacare@SenMikeLee @SenTedCruz You both are superb We Americans are very fortunate to have you both that representatives
Retweeted by DiannRepeal the 17th Amendment, #EndtheFed #AbolishtheIRS @SenMikeLee #MakeDCListen #KeepCruzing #StandWithCruz Duck Dynasty Happy, Happy, Happy
Retweeted by DiannListen to Rex & Trog:Ted Not Turncoats #Dontfundit on #BlogTalkRadio http://t.co/mVAqXwvuL8 #MakeDCListen #KeepCruzing #StandWithCruz #tcot
Retweeted by Diann@RexChristi @SenMikeLee He is awesome tonight and w/@SenTedCruz they are brilliant !!!!!!! Watching it on @cspanSo far Cruz is the only senator I know of who's ever backed Durbin in a corner!! Great moment for Illinois!! God Bless @SenTedCruzTell Congress: Don't Fund Obamacare! http://t.co/U1Yhinv28d #dontfundit Make it 2MIL B4 @SenTedCruz finishes talking #MakeDCListen #TeaParty
Retweeted by Diann@chuckwoolery God Bless you Chuck Woolery..You are a voice we need in America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@SenTedCruz Why are you not in Illinois........We have no hope in this state with Chicago & Durbin.........You are America!!! #MakeDCListen
Retweet to thank @SenMikeLee for standing with @SenTedCruz 11 hours later. #MakeDCListen #KeepCruzing #DefundObamacare #StandWithCruz
Retweeted by Diann
@cspanwj If the people want to get rid of corruption, maybe they should get involved in politics to change it. Make your voice be heard!!!
@cspanwj @clgoddard How do you enforce a law to require private gun sales background checks??@cspanwj How do you enforce a law to require private sellers to do background checks???
On set at @cnn. #SOTU coverage will start at 8:30pm. Are you watching president's address tonight? http://t.co/l3fYDMGb
Retweeted by Diann
Thoughts & Prayers w/ @BretBaier & family--Bret's son is recovering from a heart procedure today. Follow Bret @BretBaier for updates!
Retweeted by Diann@sherrysamples @BarackObama Why bother ?ing them!!! Boehner will put a stop to it anyway.... Like he did F&F!!!!@JohnGaltTx Up his!!!! He proved his loyalty and it wasn't for the people!!@senatordurbin There R more ppl in IL than just Chicagoans. Can't we ALL honor our veterans this wkend?? 2 good 4 the rest od the state???
Test of Fire: Election 2012 (Official HD Version - Catholic): http://t.co/Pu7qm3UP via @youtube
I'm in a group video chat with 14 others - Click to watch or join: http://t.co/nVcF34OV
@destini92664 @AnarchyLives @american1st @schoolerla @RockTheGoodAg @FreedomsCall @TeriChristoph @SeeTac7 @ffhelper Your Welcome My Pleasure
Posted a New Radio spot on #CVN .. Coffee & Markets >> Check it out! http://t.co/p7TI2hEE #tcot #tlot #icon #ocra #teaparty #cvn
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Our governemnt doesnt mind big deficits, big debt, big spenders, but god forbid we have a BIG SODA. Time for us to get rid of the BIG JERKS!
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