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I ask questions. I #disrupt credulity.

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@avinash that is a tall order Avinash. Any tiny bit of skepticism is cornered by @rshevlinNo one bothers to read the "Limitations" section of any study. Got to write that article fast and set a link bait title implying causality
Tinder will likely make more money from subscriptions than from advertising http://t.co/ih1qVrvyZ9 The simplest model remains ...“@WSJ: Sex in old age may lead to a sharper mind, study finds http://t.co/N1KqW4nEUg http://t.co/uSTMXB77By” confusing cause and effect?Although you wonder if there is confusing of cause and effect @wsj http://t.co/N1KqW4nEUgTinder discovers market-based pricing: If you're 29 or older, you pay 4x as much to use its service. http://t.co/CWA9QP82no
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanYou can't expect to take share by giving more of something customers don't value #prodmgmt http://t.co/UuXbLo63yL"How to make a TLA work for you" for $2000 - they are all the same http://t.co/hQmG76ZCUS"Your duty as motivational speaker is to leave people feeling uplifted" - err, it's about psychics, but same. http://t.co/hQmG76ZCUS"The future is a series of probabilities" - you wouldn't expect this from a psychic. #word #stat http://t.co/hQmG76ZCUS
@cortland @Kellblog why wrong when one has the option of not buyingIs any of the maven bloggers still talking up Yo?@Nudgeblog you are the behavioral economist, not me :)Willingness To Pay - Purple Pricing #pricing #prodmgmt https://t.co/p0dHK1G1LeShould a Frequent Flier Agree to Change Seats? I asked them to pay like - Becker-DeGroot-Marschack. #pricing http://t.co/kE7ZEaVml6Just give a reason, any reason. Make it look structured, "I need X because of Y" cc:@Nudgeblog #nudge #behavEcon http://t.co/kE7ZEaVml6Clearly local and sustainable snake oil is better than industrial and importers version http://t.co/6D4ISPJS3D
“@KirschenbaumJ: "What is success? It is knowing in your heart that you did your best." poet Billie Nardozzi. http://t.co/gRFJQuSAvm#DataScience and Indian food - a great taste combination! http://t.co/7CnAasj4b4
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@ShlomoArgamon however there is likely a different explanation of why spices were used in the first place@ShlomoArgamon that's some masala
@Pv @newsycbot isn't wonderful. Now the #abtesting should become pointlessI am hiring product management leaders with will and skill to build disruptive datacenter products
@mims @9to5mac it has sampling bias and intention is not same as follow thru. Only a conjoint can tell. #mrx
@mims or you should team with @dragansk who is a far better #MRX expert in teasing out our actual willingness to pay for features@mims of course http://t.co/GSVnHhhrUJ@mims you bring the audience together we can run conjoint analysis and find out marginal utility we assign for batteryIf self awareness is so important why so many lack it? Well, kind of self explanatory isn't it #management http://t.co/OAG3aBAoc9It's not the customer that will push phone makers to give longer lasting battery it's the marginal profit /@mims http://t.co/O6mnW1WljSOur One Wish? Longer Battery Lifeby @mims but are we willing to pay a premium for this utilitarian benefit? http://t.co/O6mnW1WljSThe longer the oil prices stay low the more we're going to make sticky decisions that lead to higher prices #econ101 http://t.co/HzvtmcH48SArbitrage happens at all levels from 🍕 to 🎰 #econ101 http://t.co/KwOZpSLgskHow Sunk Cost Fallacy Applies To Love : NPR #econ101 http://t.co/l96U5lDx80
After Apple rumor on its car project I realized I have been driving Blackberry all along,Do you have the will to be wrong?
If anyone says you've to love what you do to create great things, point out Sistine Chapel as counter example@mims @robferdman had u not seen the WaPo link name I would have thought this is @BorowitzReport
I wager there will be at least 20 tweets on #Oscars2015 nite that there should be an Oscars for #startup.@rshevlin try checking out at @target without delays of their cross-selling Red card."When it doesn't understand the answer to its question it abruptly changes the subject" - no not about valley folks http://t.co/tWumdD6ZtkIrony or chutzpah - this quote came in clear todo app http://t.co/uaoZkv3Nan@grayj_ we do need to look at the queue with new info from traction to see if they are still relevant.Number one unique value add of product management is prioritization (based oncustomers, market, business goals and trends ) #prodmgmt
If you're not asking for lurking variables you are asking for itSure you are data driven. Do you let in data that could falsify your thesis?Yoga, parking, driving, exercising, tweeting - we seem to be fundamentally mean people and bullies http://t.co/qkMla23vTCI don't run a $700B market cap biz but I tell them how to run their business. I am all powerful tech columnist.Nothing drives us to data more than being slighted by someone higher up in the food chain, however high up we are http://t.co/TGjDrUTu9i@mochi_wsj @WSJ where is the IPhone 6 around it to justify the price premium?@mims wait, didn't you wrote Monday we are all alikeDon't take pride in saying,"I call it as I see it". We call it as our cognitive biases make us see it.@mims so by frequentist method, probability of making it to this list is better than that of winning $520M PowerBall“Hey, we should try to joke and laugh more at our next meeting!" - cause-fusion http://t.co/kj0eqa7Sw7@mims is it more likely laughter is the effect of a healthy productive team than the cause? Too many luring variables here
Learn to be a leader and exude power with this simple trick http://t.co/xlXZ1zUDtE #BeAwesome@CharlesPassy @WSJ is that because of the general behavior of posting only the selected best moments of their lives?Someone wrote a book based on anecdotes calls into question another such book. Regardless his points are very valid. http://t.co/qt8HOa2RpcHiring for skills is easier than hiring for mindset and leadership
@mims @grayj_ i would agree until data shows otherwise“Humans, it turns out, are remarkably predictable” by @mims #measure #stat #analytics http://t.co/wbZjqQnogCWimps make 25% of universe and are its prime architects http://t.co/DDJl7hqIaZWhy nobody buys movie tickets online http://t.co/mQfZ3WjXai same reason why they are all priced the same - interchangeable
You see you need strategy to win - Man switches from choosing random numbers to daughter’s b’day and wins lottery http://t.co/n03SVwmUhHPrice discrimination at the altars of Buddhist temples https://t.co/QwRiKxpTtm via @tepingchen @WSJ #pricing@hnshah well said. like A-B testing pricing page for a product that no one wants@om @qz @alicetruong Yes. This time the premise is wrong as well, the acquirers are not interested in becoming tech companies@campione I wonder if the powerful ones are labeled as Best and credited with any attributes
@MissHatcher calling into attention lurking variables in claims since 2007It's the middle that gets squeezed. To disrupt make the incumbent the middle. Come high or come low
“Our minds are not well equipped to sort good sources from bad ones” http://t.co/zXg68BRrBR“@rshevlin Net Purchase Score:How many times you buy minus number of returns. Highly correlated with revenue.” #measure #Loyalty #BeAwesomeCritics like @rshevlin are calling this the one loyalty metric to track http://t.co/jfS9KnfFCo your mind will be blown. #BeAwesome@rshevlin whoa! That is the single metric to measure for sureAt some point we should look at likelihoods and not simply say, "that is just an opinion, it doesn't mean it is the only one that counts"
@rshevlin I have another - Net Promiscuity Score - measures how many times customers switch brands while they have a preferred oneYou don't take risk to be seen as risk taker. What business goal does it help? What is the opportunity cost? #prodmgmt #DecisionSciencesif it is not relevant to your customer what you see as your differentiator is really not #prodmgmt@rshevlin I am way ahead of this racket http://t.co/jfS9KnfFCo have my own bs metric
Point out the lurking variable in this claim https://t.co/yWQX49hxVW@mims you have any?@mims as in making things up :)Fast company editor unable to explain to on CNBC how they arrive at the ranking of most innovative companies - let alone why it mattersThose who publish list like "10 Most Innovative Companies", who and why are they publishing it for?
@Kellblog clearly the product is the people@camphalfblood The Lightning Thief? http://t.co/UpmtOU6QB5@mtrifiro the moment we choose to be on Twitter we cease to be rationalOr is it more likely that companies that close more deals need e-signatures? @EchoSign https://t.co/tqZaPctgGxThe minimum viable versioning https://t.co/Ci2QsonkJw #pricing #prodmgmt #productmarketing #startup
Powerful people are on Twitter and they have a bio.That doesn't mean I can become powerful with a bio like theirs.Some Instagram the food before eating some tweet about the silliness of the activity@rshevlin what? You want to take out the entire market?Since @rshevlin asked for it - what gurus can learn from Brian Williams? Don't make up things that are verifiable.@rshevlin I wager there will be 10 tomorrowAt $450M jackpot, and p(Jackpot)=1/176,000,000, and $2 ticker seems like one should play #Powerball@rshevlin move to valley and disruptSeriously you must be joking - https://t.co/ps2eaMwC8SThere are indeed two markets. @WSJ said it http://t.co/2RZ48oJrIg and now @nytimes. @mims I stand corrected http://t.co/3kf0cA28LbFor MVP you can fake with a product; for Minimum Viable Versioning you can do the same. #prodmgmt #pricing https://t.co/Ci2QsonkJwWhy Do Many Reasonable People Doubt Science? http://t.co/B3SAdHVl3l via @avinash. Because science is falsifiable, who would want that?Amazon now offers $1 credit to Prime members if they opt for no-rush shipping. Testing Minimum Viable Versioning https://t.co/Ci2QsonkJw
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