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I ask questions. I #disrupt credulity.

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Why Trusting Your ‘Gut Feeling’ Is Often the Best Strategy I don't decide with my Gut"Sometimes people's demographics affect how much tip they get or don't get -- race and gender”
@ShlomoArgamon is it? i could not tell the take away.
Most hotel bills itemize room charge as "Room Revenue" - inside out thinking or deliberate behavioral Econ ploy?
@mims causation confusion - Better mental health is helping you keep off Twitter longerNew sharing economy - you give, I take. I am making up things angling for retweetsGive customers a rationalizing excuse to spend money with you. $500-a-Month Workout Habit serves more customer jobs to be done and hence becomes easier to justify the price tag"She used to pay $30/m for gym. Now pays $500/m and is much happier" #pricing #jtbd"I'm neither smart enough nor dumb enough to predict the future" #QOTD you wake up just 1 additional second early everyday for one year you would gain one workweek #deepity
@emeyerson so if we ever run into each other I will act as if I know you so well from your TweetsThe only form of pay what you want I support is offering customers multiple versions at different price points you can think, @StackOverflow will show you how to codePutting a Price on Human Egg Donations - let it be based in customer willingness to pay of #Unicorns just 6 tech firms accounted for more than half of NASDAQ value
Would a $1.50 coloring book not provide the same stress relief a $10 one provides? #segmentation #positioning #jtbdDifferent customer segment, different #jtbd, 400% price premium Adult coloring book positioned as stress reliefThe one thing all entrepreneurial people have in common -#SurvivorshipBias profit share dominance comes market share dominance - true or false?@wimrampen @HarvardBiz they didn't realize a/b testing means two different groups
Is the market valuing AWS revenue and growth more than the retail side?@jbprime ASK NOT WHAT IS CONDITIONAL PROBABILITY. ASK WHAT IS PROBABILITY WITHOUT CONDITIONAL
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanBad luck is only probability unwisely taken personally.
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasanseems like it
If assignment to Treatment or Control group is not random stat significance is not tenable
I read that Marketing is responsible for identifying customer needs. I've yet to be in a firm where that's true. It's all demand gen, brand.
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@fmanjoo not on Apple watch like that @fmanjoo has stopped saying 50-50. Well balanced and sometimes self-critical piece on Apple Watch is accounting for my 50 hotdogs? you set your curiosity free and verify the claims made in @TEDTalks ...
@rjweeks70 that's frequenting probability, Bayesian estimate of 0@rshevlin on a scale of 0-10 how likely are you to recommend using a question that asks on a scale of 0-10 how likely are you to recommend@TSindzinski you only need to beat their expectations by an inch@rjweeks70 you spoiling my chances of getting million RTsSee videos of me breaking my PC because my email was read out loud todayDon't say You2.0 - you should be like cloud, continuous improvement not like packaged software with occasional improvements.So how does destroying the phone fixes phone number disclosure? Seems like pattern of solving wrong problem@rjweeks70 its a tongue in cheek remark or a #deepityShould be called Net BS't this tautological? "Growth predicts long-term success" 22 - I try to repeat things that someone lot more famous and successful already said and see if I can become as famous and successful@alexpozin #deepity baiting for retweetsKeep working then! :) one can take away what you are made of
Only @mattwensing sees there are more variables that decide success says cat ownership may cause psychological issues. You wonder about cause-fusionOf course those who Apple Watch are far more fervent fans than the first iPhone buyers of course ... :)We just have to abandon the idea that it isOnce we get to scale we can simply turn on a switch and start making profitIf you're doing #custdev #hypothesis #testing for subscription only low price retail you're a bit too late. news day at @wsj #tech and #startup front? Pitching self help.'t play #pricing game of chicken with Amazon. That car has no steering wheel to swerve. #MVP - buy from other websites to fulfill your customer orders, even at a loss. #seriously
Precision vs Significance; Accuracy vs Precision; and Bias vs Variance in #BigData #DataScience models:
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanDaniel Kahneman: "What would I eliminate if I had a magic wand? Overconfidence."
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanIs inequality rising or falling? Both, according to a new report
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan"I bought iphone. I am an expert at judging designs" - All of us can we learn from Jennifers
“Some doctors don’t read medical journals,” — more and more the responsibility is on us to get better treatment cognitive bias here from @rshevlin Tackle Food Waste, Big Grocery Chain Adopt Price Discrimination (Done right!)
Man in soup stand after taking gazpacho - "this soup is cold " - what I call segment-version mismatchThought leader is someone with more twitter followers than you
Intel rethinks Moore’s Law, again:
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@PradSam as long as you don't call me as thought leader :)Testing > Just Doing > Theorizing > Thought Leading > Blogging > Retweeting"Running Ads with swimsuit models won't work for GOP" - no kidding‘El Chapo’ Escape - "there're no blind spots in the video only blind people watching video" the talking heads and experts in social media will never ever say, "we have no idea" on any topic
Why La-Z-Boy Will Face Uphill Task in its customer job to be done #pivot. #jtbd have been seeking the Pentaquark for 5 decades -- what a coincidence
@mims was it from Manjoo? :)Increasing labor hours as @JebBush said isn't a driver for economic output says Cobb-Douglas Y=AL^{\beta}K^\alpha.Humans Should Never Call Snakes Slimy- in fact humans are slimier TED Talks that will make you a better leader I pity your team.
The 20-90 rule: Apple has 20% of market share and 90% of profits in smartphone market or not RT likelihood is an abysmal 6%. Contrary to claims, links diminish it further. #analytics cc:@avinashBest statement I have read in a while, "the conclusions of my study cannot be generalized because the sampling was not random"What is the difference between a speculator who predicts Dow 100,000 and a #startup that shows a TAM of trillion dollars?How can you escape the "sales ahead of engineering" or "marketing is behind sales" trap? My thoughts on growth.
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanSimple, rigorous and correct @FortuneMagazine: Want engaged employees? It’s easy—pay them @FortuneMagazine: Why a billion-dollar lottery could soon become more common numerator effect‘Cloud’ Eats Into India’s Outsourcing Industry. Another #cloud #disruption. smart city doesn’t have to be as Or­wellian as it sounds. #bigdata #DataScience for prison escape Inflayion: price of new suit has fallen but the price of dry cleaning it has gone up Data Says on Increasing Retweetability of tweets by adding links on the outrage - Lego changing technology of bricks
Let us call all economy as sharing economy - the current nomenclature is nuts.@mims i was reading the same article and had the same thoughtNot only the % share increased the size of profit pie increased too- thanks to big screen and eliminating 32GB essence if anyone is making any profit from smartphone it is Apple, @WeightWatchers with $1.48B in revenue is valued at $225M. MyfitnessPal with no revenue was acquired for $475MWhen one person stands up in stadium she can see better. when everyone stands up?
Its no GBus
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