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I ask questions. I #disrupt credulity.

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Support #SmallBusinessSaturday buy few copies and gift your #smallbiz friends http://t.co/KoWFJMsxnQ full price of course"But some people without brain do awful lot of talking don't they" #wizardOfOz #75th https://t.co/3rbVtwqH1v“@WSJ: The original Cowardly Lion costume from "The Wizard of Oz" sold for $3.1 million http://t.co/eZPyWi4BzP http://t.co/INf8UpwHuO
“@avinash: "Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts." -Richard Feynman http://t.co/XBmMPvQjOsThis @rags chart could also come in handy next time a prospective investor asks how you're going to 10x your deals. https://t.co/l4JopK6wP6
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanNext time you're wondering how to increase account value, take a look at these quadrants by @rags: https://t.co/l4JopK6wP6
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanIf you are for #NetNeutrality where do you stand on allowing electric vehicles to use HOV lanes?Ginkgo is another data point that plants are manipulating humans to their advantage http://t.co/8LBgzhk8ng"Uber is what Valley has been subconsciously striving to create all along" by @mims. Pay up and read, worth it, http://t.co/Wmeq21afII
Using twitter to watch #Ferguson unfold reveals opportunity to create a better experience. Refresh/skim/repeat is dizzying, uninformative.
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@mattwensing some sage CEO said this in a conversation me 2 years back https://t.co/qhiYK46l9r No#freemiumLike poet is to quant, i believe there needs to be a product artist to round out analytics driven product manager. #prodmgmt@grayj_ @mattwensing fantastic explanation in just a few tweets@grayj_ @mattwensing likely you always over provision SSD so you can handle cells that fail"The lesson I’ve drawn is that it’s important for us to build higher-value apps." - Differentiation and... http://t.co/IcOCDxiQOv
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@grayj_ @mattwensing I believe you are correct
@mattwensing http://t.co/33seG11L0v@mattwensing the article?Back to my right tail readers after the unicorn event http://t.co/Ysl6vKoSFFBeyond Analytics: Move to Evidence-based Decision Making with Data http://t.co/bxu2aOZX6B #analytics #mrx #marketing
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanI posit wearables have no lasting utilitarian reasons@rads indeed@rads it is changing pricing dynamically to match surge in demandHow long before surge pricing comes to @PostmatesPsychic offering deal on weekend - little bit of #demandgen can work magic howeverYou don't need to run Chi-square to see the statistical significance here #stat http://t.co/dpuxDdq7O7@srinatar :) I am always a laggard with the appsDon’t seek data if you already know the decision or the data won’t change your decision #mrx http://t.co/97u7plTPIDCoild Google Express have arrived at its current #pricing without the expensive survey they did? #mrx http://t.co/lA9QGA9wzL“@campione: One Trait Fueled Bill Gates' #Success http://t.co/OlkAuu30P9 v @esimoudis” untenable. Narrative biasLast 30 minute slot for #pricing #marketing #prodmgmt office hour http://t.co/T19VOHwBZr“@alexpozin: The Secret Life of Passwords http://t.co/seMpFxIltMNow is time to get an Instagram, Whatsapp, Pinterest account - you know where I fall in product adoption curve http://t.co/BauUgFgnk0
“you can’t tell the quality of the decision you are making by the outcome that will be produced” via @campione https://t.co/Pgemr3cQz6@alexpozin DM-ed you timeWhy are the Raspberry and Strawberry Yogurts Priced the Same?http://t.co/G6EF0fmhOeWhy horizontal product line extension doesn't get price premium? #prodmgmt #pricing http://t.co/3tPMss28S2Feeding the protein craze - why not include protein from eating a steak sprinkled with this cereal? http://t.co/70YUjiRQR9“@Gizmodo: This machine turns water and CO2 into petrol http://t.co/BaMFKwoSKS" irreversible reaction becomes reversible?Katniss Everdeen lessons are real for some http://t.co/3tCm4gx96XKudos to those who braved the rain to hike today. Not so #humblebrag http://t.co/VcSplXDrymHuman body is an incredibly efficient machine #quantifiedselfBring your product, #marketing and #pricing questions - Office hours next week http://t.co/T19VOHwBZr
Data analysis without forming a theory is data dredging@sequoia @Kellblog @ThanxInc this is simply wrong way to look at loyalty http://t.co/mrezvE261P@mattwensing that phrase doesn't make sense period.@srinatar now you made me stop and think"With book sales down, Barnes & Noble fills stores with craft beer kits and toys. http://t.co/Mp8x7EYGyc #jtbd #pivot http://t.co/HNb5voiXtxI hope I don't see any "what can Mocking Jay teach us about business" article tomorrowSaw this workout days at Y. What is the sampling bias here if you were to use it for analysis? #stat http://t.co/XL6W4EJOAF@mims @WSJ that's saying something, it takes courage to resist the urge to say something on everythingI will be holding office hours Nov 26 and 28. Bring your product and #pricing questions. Details soon.@mims you really want to read who bother to leave comments? :)Labeling those who reason as "skeptics" and "detractors" seems a way to shut them off http://t.co/gZ2i2mlRyb@mims @RachelFeintzeig sure as long as free money and super high valuations continue. Old way: valuations based on fundamentals. new way: ?@HarvardBiz @johnpeltier by effectively integrating and hence scaling something that is inherently fragmented?@chriswaldron you think this was deliberate leak to change the conversation?@bobehayes @ShlomoArgamon @OReillyMedia or is the lurking variable at work? #stat@mims wonder how productivity is possible when device Notification Center is constantly lit@JedRecord @Vendavo funny, I live a block from Vandavo, it must be the water@rads I wonder about value creation here, what if the other side sees they add more value and charge for itStarbucks will release its steel card again, what I wrote 2 years ago still applies. #pricing http://t.co/j2wHmq0VpkI can't believe these people lining up now for #BlackFriday, I can see the madness from my Apple Watch lineMocking Jay books are an assault on readers' intellect. Despite that movie is going to do well at box office
@chetansharma how is recall a brainy feat? sure brain was involved, but"A Master of Memory in India Credits Meditation for His Brainy Feats http://t.co/qYGB4rgo0J" via @chetansharma. Your mileage will vary!@rads no, I didn't see the same way before :)@rads with not listening to Serial, this is another data point we're not twins@rads you were right. And the fleeting crowd indeed goes away after initial spikeThe problem I see when someone popular links to my post is the audience I get is not my target marketWhat does Apple gain by not offering a 32GB iPhone 6? Roughly $4 billion / by @rags / http://t.co/bnhg4VKbzk http://t.co/iajjzqAr9i
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@chriswaldron it takes one to ... :)Price discrimination is a beautiful thing, getting people to self-select to price point they want. Don't fight it. #pricing@rads I will during my hikes thanks for the pointer@rads thanks to google I know what Serial is :)@rads sorry? I am almost a Luddite, don't know what Ikr is :)@rads nice Twitter handle, glad I got Mine :)JetBlue to Add Bag Fees, Cut Legroom - sooner or later they all unbundle #pricing http://t.co/XDwuq60Yxq
Rest of the web discovers my simple price discrimination explanation of Apple's 16/64/128 models thanks to @stevesi@thetechblock Thank you.The thing about price discrimination is the fact that you don't buy premium version doesn't mean there aren't others who would"11 things you can learn from watching 7 successful people" - story at 9"Cory Doctrow's book was like one long TED talk", says @wsj. Enough saidAnother year and people will pay $450 for $400 Starbucks Steel Card. No different from you and I paying $750 for iPhone. #pricing
Pick a Beyoncé fan, what is the likelihood that is a 49ers fan? #stat http://t.co/MzgGIWAVtYIf you're going to lose $10M month the least you can do is to hire a decent agency @Kellblog http://t.co/VzkwF6LPlq@mims @gruber this is a nice racket :), take an extreme position, let others point out subtleties
Please consider the intelligence of recipients of your email before adding a signature , 'Please consider the environment before printing"Take an extreme position about a tech. Let your buddies and adversaries call out subtleties you missed. Rinse and repeat."@mims: I think the Web was a historical accident" - controlled walled gardens seem the steady state http://t.co/a0R73Sv5cV
@wimrampen @bhc3 on that note, what do you think of Chevy's in-car wifi?If you're for #NetNeutrality, where do you stand on tax breaks for big data centers cc:@om http://t.co/Y0LfWDamfG
If one price is good ... Non linear #pricing http://t.co/7n0FTUiSvb@doncampbell same here Don
A man at expo hall booth hands me a schwag bag and says, " take to your wife" how rude
Feeling Younger May Help Memory as We Age - don't grow up http://t.co/RLv5HfNL6I
The First Reviews Of 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 http://t.co/c8Z6lHwX2M I read the books, it took a while for the brain to healThe Neuroscience Of "Harry Potter" http://t.co/hSY20cLXMj one witch craft to explain another. We knew one was fiction.
Alarming article. Pregnant, and No Civil Rights http://t.co/MZtqIsKBpf
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanIf one price is good, two are better #pricing http://t.co/blHVHHI4aj
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