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Rags Srinivasan @rags Boulder-Berkeley-Bay Area

I ask questions. I #disrupt credulity.

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How dense are these survey writers? Your #survey tool should do the math and not burden the respondents #mrx http://t.co/mKrlbVhgdK@AnalystArun awesome. I will DM my email, would be great to meet in person over hike or coffeeYou should never waste a precious #survey question on what you can find from meta data #mrx http://t.co/xESVysXyCg@AnalystArun did you move here from Singapore?Hong Kong protests against preselected candidates, is our campaign money driven 2-party system with Primaries any different?Personality Tests Multiply - example of measuring what's easier and available but not relevant #measure http://t.co/LyyR9p6LKS@pkedrosky @mims analogy doesn't fit. Even if true how likely is that the market is irrational?
What I said here https://t.co/ftSLZWcRj8 about end of #freemium is still true despite Instapaper moving to free. Instapaper is not withMarcoin the #freemium model for Cuddlr, basic edition is free. Premium edition gives you people who shower more regularly@RazorSharp_24 t is indeed a crime to waste so much on sarees@mims the best approach is not to follow in the first place. I don't see my cog t going up everTake all the utilitarian benefits attributed to Apple Watch, then ask can these be delivered without Apple Watch. #jtbd #prodmgmtAny service you sign up for wants you to tell the world that you joined them and they do that with a tweet you can't even edit@reetiks but not unprecedented
@JHenning where do these people get the idea that more complex the question the better the information content? #mrx #fail@Trendulkar @kevaldesai was he invited?Tis @gap survey question goes in #MRX hall of #survey puke! http://t.co/IyvyNpyl4m@alexpozin that's your lizard brain telling you to be awesome :)If I had said first whatever your idol/guru said would you've accepted it unquestioningly like you do for them?Dear #NetPromoter fans if you sent the question to 500 people and received 100 answers you should treat 400 as Passives by your own logic@chopswa same differenceof course when an Air Force commander opines on astrology, it must be true http://t.co/6B5RyNs8Zh@emeyerson my two adopted hometown teams.Both @mims http://t.co/bG6jrr59XG & @aBlogtoWatch http://t.co/oZVtdF0F0N fail to ask, "for utilitarian reasons, does it have to be a watch?"@AmberBenson and for the utilitarian reasons cited, the questions that was not asked is, "does it have to be a watch?"@rags @aBlogtoWatch @om Totally agree. The "job" most people hire their watch for is not to tell time, but to telegraph status.
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanWatch serves conspicuous consumption, Apple Watch is all utilitarian. That's missed in this by @aBlogtoWatch http://t.co/VHPQpjedxX via @om@mims as soon as Samsung does it and does market validation, there will be iDouble@aDottore that's what I do, ask questions and disrupt credulity
You're stuck in an elevator with someone who read a tweet about a study on women in boards: http://t.co/ZOUZK1PbJr@ValaAfshar @gavinmcgarry there're severe flaws in the study to draw any causation http://t.co/g44RA0PxAm“@BloombergNews: Americans spent $75 billion on mobile phones last year: http://t.co/dwQC5cojl9” that was just from waiting in line for one@TSindzinski #pivotI am thinking of a video streaming #startup to show Apple fans reading rumors and standing in line. Do you think Amazon will buy it for $3B?@emeyerson what's this India?
QUIZ: Which cognitive bias are you?Everyday events repositioned as linkbait: "Watch as thousands of rogue motorists flood the streets of New York, freak out populace."
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@tomvanderbilt "yesterday does not look like this anymore"Three types of dashboards: CDPs (Customized Data Pukes), Tactical & Strategic: How to really win: http://t.co/RlKh5LumyW
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanIf one guru is right, then all gurus are right. Hence all gurus are wrong. #wisdom"Life is too precious and wonderful to be staid" heard on #npr from a politico"Curse if Knowledge - a difficulty in imagining what it is like for someone else not to know something that you know" http://t.co/olHl6e7NGvTake this @npr article on Astrologers and India, replace with Marketing Gurus and business folks - same thing http://t.co/AL6ou8Vc5T
Solution to NYTimes Bayesian Puzzle http://t.co/PMyx8Wdkti #statHuffinton Post doesn't look like this anymore@mims i wouldn't attribute to malice ...Lovely picture of #Mangalyaan scientists celebrating after success in Mission Control Room, Bangalore #MarsMission http://t.co/eMiHMSQ3IB
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanQUIZ: Which Airport Business Book Are You?One wonders if #BendGate is really deliberate mind bending by Apple PR to keep the news cycle going"Derek Jeter made himself a smaller than life superstars. That is, he stayed real" cc:@om http://t.co/XDAf0kZDDI"An ignorance that, ironically is cloaked in education, wealth and privilege" http://t.co/3KCidOqbeY
“@brightfive: Seven Deadly Powerpoint Sins: we've seen a few of these in our time... http://t.co/wx24jI4ZrN” #inQUIZ: Which Huffington Post Quiz Are You? http://t.co/l6ZO1AcAQrJudge delivers cruel and unusual punishment in D'Souza case - asking people to sit in his class http://t.co/TulaBu5WktHow is it asking Dinesh D'Souza to teach a punishment? Judge should have sentenced him to listen without speaking a word."I'm not sure Mr. D'Souza that you get it" - Judge's quip sums it up http://t.co/7NVt7dFPAUJudges heed to advice of 18th century Presbyterian minister in sentencing #Bayes http://t.co/LTWUuqG1YNNow we see the deleted portion of @HomeDepot slogan,"Losing your credit card info? You can do it, we can help"@WSJpersfinance see @HomeDepot_Care I got the link from this article but not in mail you sentI wrote my first ever App Store review today giving @wsj app one star
@zachdillon you should, rest of us win when you buy :) parks and stuff you know?Seriously @homedepot you send credit breach mail from an account that cannot accept replies and hotline is closed?@zachdillon some small ideas turned out to be so doesn't mean that@zachdillon so?@chetansharma what do you take them for, profit maximizing tycoons?I am launching #LeanNPS - instead of 11 level scale you use just 3. Offering certifications now!How product versioning gave Apple an extra Billion in profits this month Profits: http://t.co/rJLoxJr8e5 via @rags #pricing #marketing
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanA study that states a low-high range and level of certainty is worth our time and trust #stat http://t.co/SolzVa4c9VEveryone who wants to handover cash, we are working hard to help you- SVP, Apple Supply Chain http://t.co/HSbYLg7eIePredictably, AEI scholar writing @wsj Op-Ed questions Bayesian model predicting future population. He is wrong! http://t.co/r46OzdF5Am"There's a big difference between the 'ah-ha' lightbulb, as understanding begins to glimmer, and real mastery" http://t.co/xjjqH5KKdX@mims yeah but do they have ridiculously awesome #ux? Disrupt!!Bigger than Bigger Profits http://t.co/axp9Blpeaq@mims Japan has this as real business -Cuddle Cafe. What might actually work is letting people play/cuddle with petsHere is an iPad rumor - it'll come only in 16GB, 64GB, and 128GBFor all this craze in quiz talking there is complete lack of curiosity among us http://t.co/fcjRWdBOb1RT @svaneksmith: Why do jewelry stores hide price tags?@ClayPotBrooklyn. @planetmoney http://t.co/Ndwi4j3VLD info asymmetry is short lived
Great PR and great pricing don't happen by accident@TSindzinski exactly. I decided, if I know my base rate, let me make up for the rest with time set aside for exerciseFrame this! "@avinash: Social success ≠ Actual business success. A small case study: http://t.co/09iDSD2qIw" #realitycheckI measured over a period. My average daily steps is 3268. So I tossed the pedometer and added exercise https://t.co/QnapxYuiFP@avinash you don't say! darn it, i was asked by my guru to measure return on engagement instead of ROIDon't know about that magical profit switch Amazon could simply flip, Apple for sure has one. It's called Effective #Pricing!"Market share is the result not strategy" HT to @avinash@MattRichman @mims and $780-$940M in profit from sticking to 16GB and introducing iPhone6+While certain bloggers were asking for cheaper iPhone and more free stuff of it wants to survive Apple just made $8B https://t.co/fLDSdWu8yd@mims "low smartphone prices leaves it vulnerable to Google" http://t.co/5mYOHW6b5I@mims you rubbing it in for manjoo?@om seeing Wells Fargo survey numbers ASP is $820 http://t.co/DQKGjvaEz6@om and additional $1B over past opening weekend just from product versioning done right@rshevlin and that's perfectly ok for AppleWhile you were complaining this weekend about 16GB, Apple made $940M just from that quirk http://t.co/LARBnZOXXwIt's a shame @LinkedIn makes it hard to cancel premium and keeps charging even after you think you did“@WSJ I just spent 2 days and $700 and all I got was this small white box http://t.co/KliLX4mMxr http://t.co/l5ZW4Rl3FLWe don't promise more airtime if you perform for free but you must fear drop in airtime if you don't http://t.co/aYVKHSIpxIIridium positions its product for new segment and new job to be done #jtbd http://t.co/4QAvUDFrZjThey say Amazon can simply flip the switch to turn on profit spigot. See Apple do that for real and at scale #pricing http://t.co/1IIpRzmr78This 16GB, no 32Gb, 64GB is a #pricing design pattern. Expect the same with iPad and similar for Macs http://t.co/bHGpe8QBEWSin #1: word vomit on slides and asking audience to read it https://t.co/BUUErc4oGA #powerpoint
#3: Adding a random picture haphazardly in the name of visual presentation. 7 Deadly #powerpoint sins http://t.co/F4CzPe2doA
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