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I ask questions. I #disrupt credulity.

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@emeyerson true besides are there any other kind of startups than tech startups@emeyerson I saw a xfinity Ad showing kids doing tech startup and going public - now it is time to sell?If @AsianBox is listening, at the original Noodles and Company place now :)
People in first class with Blackberry, first gen kindle and first gen iPod"The wonderful thing about science is our faith is shakeable" @LKrauss1 - if faith in management science isn't shakeable it isn't science
@emeyerson is there really a difference between a tech blogger starting a venture firm and a basketball player starting one?Lucy shoots to the top of Box Office - clearly we are not using more than 10% of our brain@rshevlin the content however is far better than present day Remarkable books, worth the price in gold indeedIt is highly likely @mims definition of future of advertising is going to be false http://t.co/eu8mc8Gu55 because of the specificsThe key to selling an $800 sneaker http://t.co/yCgR3vBRQd is customer #jtbd. #pricingFrom $0 to $3000 - Multi-version #pricing, because different #jtbd http://t.co/PprUscxsgF
@teds027 :) just to show off ?Don't dilute your experience by instagraming itAll your hikes are for nought if you aren't wearing your fitbit@Kellblog @united like they charge change fee we should be able to do the same to them
Why do children’s museums charge lower price for children? And why is it relevant to your software #pricing #in http://t.co/krkZczZqnk
“@BastetKwan: Best quote on the fallacy of confusing correlation with causation http://t.co/PfKIGhIhza"I hypothesize" is far better than "I know"@ShlomoArgamon sometime back you tweeted a great article on error bars could you resend?
Facebook's new Save means they will soon be acquiring Evernote for $20B@hnshah wrong usage of secondary axis - if both are rent and same units why the use of secondary axis for Class B@mims they're doing it all wrong, they should be giving away the profit to customers as @fmanjoo adviced during his short stay at @WSJ"@WSJ: Drop any assumption that you already know what the other person will say." Tips for being a better listener: http://t.co/MS5MUODCaI
@rddysum @WSJ but the study point to lurking variables - likely a illness that led to mortality led to more sleep@rshevlin @wimrampen yes there was but it requires registration@rshevlin @wimrampen who's the joke on http://t.co/7ZxHhuFfLP #NPSDon't get 8 hours sleep https://t.co/PDvdJwysPW use the extra hour to read on causation errors and lurking variablesIn @wsj review @geoffreyfowler burns Amazon Fire http://t.co/2b40usQjuF "what problem does it solve anyway"Knowing your revenue-profit mix - For McD's breakfast accounts for 25% of revenue but 40% of profit http://t.co/h3gEaBvxhWWorried iPad sales slowing? Look at it thus way, there was only limited profit in the market, Apple soaked up all
“@WSJ: Meat prices are rising more than fresh fruits and vegetables: http://t.co/RgSq6jVi9M" don't become vegetarian, my prices will go up@EvidenceSoup @ShlomoArgamon skepticism is in short supply“@EvidenceSoup: How 'evidence-based skepticism' should drive all discussion in strategy via @ShlomoArgamon http://t.co/0WtwA0fGAT“@Nudgeblog: Behavioral science does not create a new type of marketing. Marketers who know behavioral science are better marketers” #word@rshevlin yeah, but do you have the marketing budget of the big consulting firm?Well the sleep experts who say >7h sleep "causes" mortality must look for the lurking variable, like a illness http://t.co/Wfaxy6iUJQIf you needed any further proof that wearable fitness is more about wearable and conspicuousness http://t.co/aHUCFa7etF@alexpozin better yet, i am standing in line at Palo Alto Apple store starting today7 everyday #pricing puzzles and answers http://t.co/CmCCl3lJyw
@mims willing to make it better than a 50/50 prediction unlike nytimes columnists?Darn it, my cogresswoman's robo caller doesn't even give me option to opt-out"it is clear that I don't have the mental wherewithal to understand these arguments, much less to comment constructively" in Times comments@chetansharma is that from planet money story on Brentwood ?@MarcioOnTW ha, cars of courseWhen Uber switches to driverless cats will it carry them on its books or adopt a multi-level marketing?Sales secrets you can put to work now http://t.co/7d4vB2CUO6
@om @waxpancake that's too much work, certain nytimes columnist simply makes 50/50 prediction and afterwards says he was never wrongRemember, unless you get tech blogs to use, "disrupting the entire", you don't get $10B+ valuation@custdev @StrangeLoops let us make a habit of reading one less article like this a dayOne person's must read business books is another's must avoid, especially The Loyalty Effect http://t.co/ptCx4UbVz5 http://t.co/BSvevEdaqDKeeping Up With Kim Kardashian's Wildly Popular New App http://t.co/9FppUZ0pAi exactly how long and fat is our left tail?
@alexpozin better take on tipping http://t.co/46sahc2zcN@RaquelHirsch no, i still have time to cook :)I usually don't believe studies, except if the finding is something I already believe"respondents lauded open defecation as wholesome, healthy and social" http://t.co/qFiUSUK2lAI,Pencil #pricing #branding http://t.co/m7JvasfevP"People who are checking things off the list all the time might look like they’re getting stuff done” http://t.co/WAxdQjOycsYou know why Soylent will fail? No API strategy http://t.co/r5BGcb3L8ICEOs of #startups receiving $1B+ funding could definitely use advice but bloggers seem to want to advice only @tim_cook or @satyanadellaThe singular me @AmericanRagI fear Apple will release their iPhone6 and will forget to market it leaving me the only one to not know about itVenn Diagram #wisdom http://t.co/t41JdMVCoWZico cartons showing up in Y. Marketing has done its jobWhat can we learn about business from Sophie? #wisdom http://t.co/U3KDnONYmeLike coroners who don't need to know biology we've Gurus who don't need to understand business #in http://t.co/388446zbqbRefreshing to read articles that don't ask you to "share" pre-selected "insights"
Yo is disrupting the entire messaging industry. Valuation of $17B is really cheap if you look at all new use cases and markets@avinash ha :)@avinash I cannot believe analytics god is committing severe sampling error here :)I'll be tweeting exact opposite of my positions to get my name mentioned multiple times by highly popular people cc:@mims@mims @rsarver it is a general purpose messaging platform, just my using different durations between Yos you xan send rich messages@mims Yo don't get it"we do not need a simpler culture but one that embraces complexity" http://t.co/ZWLzJeCuvGOnly Groupon book with all 5 star rating and only one of it is from my network http://t.co/CWItF0wYE8If you're going to throw some pictures in a slide in the name of visual presentation would you at least make sure they're of same size?What inbound marketing does to our brain http://t.co/t6gOkhOYT5Clearly celebrities had an unmet need to connect with their fans and have a meaningful two way conversation until Mentions arrivedNow that I have built a loyal subscriber base I am going to monetize you. Please stick around for Buy buttons showing up in my tweets
America's future defined: The adult diaper business is better than the baby diaper business. http://t.co/xM7D5uSAXd http://t.co/mJGrtERLzy
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan5 Characteristics Successful Entrepreneurs Have in Common http://t.co/ymhCNUuzEC "5 characteristics Inc writers have in common"Even Yo has an API strategy http://t.co/ET1OVoKFF3 this is serious article, wowFacebook testing Buy button, twitter doing same with CardSpring - next up Yo to do same@srinatar you just upped my ask from @MorningStrFarms by 20%I consume about 15 @MorningStrFarms veggie burgers a week. i'll be happy to get them for free to use my incredible social media influence@MikeIsaac @mims technically you're not a reporter right? Columnist?@RaquelHirsch I've said a lot of these things long back, just not famous :)Making a case against tipping via @mims http://t.co/46sahc2zcN why should we tip a Uber driver when we're tapping out consumer surplus@mattwensing as popular business guru I am going to say, "that is subsumed by 'how you get it'"@mims but enough about bloggers"Anybody's ability to pick the winner in those situations is probably lower than he thinks it is" http://t.co/eVjUDg4BHd #valuationYou can disrupt and innovate all you want, business model is still- what is the net new value created, what's your share, and how you get it@timbo2002 where is the proof?Why Chloe&Isabel is worth $100B valuation - "we're disrupting the entire retail industry, and that's what VC's like" http://t.co/30yIK0pbkk
Who makes the hypothesis in hypothesis testing cc:@RaquelHirsch http://t.co/EXG1Vk0uhDRunning A/B tests with no iunderlying hypothesis is like charging blindfolded through the woods hoping to hit a tree http://t.co/jggCkXLLbl
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@sardire @Kellblog I thought," an A student is A in everything"@om @Oyster subscription cost is likely not gating factor but the opportunity cost of time spent reading irrelevant books@emeyerson then more like you are spending on it than investing@mims great business strategy- like star bellies snitchesThis is how you #disrupt - customers, #jtbd, product, packaging http://t.co/czaZLfXcLm by @SarahNassauer
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