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I ask questions. I #disrupt credulity.

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@mims you mean valuation based on fundamentals? that is a novel idea.I scour Twitter for smart tweets on probability or those that use it correctly. I find a few@bo_p I see your previous tweet now with link. Same space is GG, GB,BG so 1/3@bo_p 1/3And she used relative probabilities correctly so her chances of finding a job are better https://t.co/oZqb2URYwDI am looking for selective evidence of proof that convenient samples actually work, any one can send me examples where it worked for you?Best time to negotiate? When you are hungry http://t.co/298pqjIMzI. By @garyrosenWSJNew research shows that when you're hungry, you want more of everything, not just food. Don't shop before lunch! http://t.co/BO5xL5Fq1Q @WSJ
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanThere is no such thing as a boss-free organization, only organizations run by their most passive aggressive employees http://t.co/Q4bGBaIBKj
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanH&M, with its $5, $10 pieces, makes more money (gross margin) than Gap, Nordstrom, Macy's etc http://t.co/SBzcci3ImU http://t.co/vFcWeVZLfP
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Amazon's cloud is ten times bigger than the next fourteen competitors combined http://t.co/UymfuAPCBy
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanDo you ignore Sunday calls from the boss, or resist the temptation to check work email late at night? Let us know. http://t.co/GIKpG4dq2X
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanAt Work: There’s a Downside to Collaboration - cognitive laziness http://t.co/snjZKAWmHx
eBay/PayPal runs one of the largest Hadoop environments. They have 120 PB of data in their Hadoop cluster #OpenStack
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Anytime a business uses its internal factors to segment customers you can tell they lost sight of why customers hire themThey are classifying products based on revenue mc and not segmenting customers based on #jtbd https://t.co/DhXL4Y1zJG@chetansharma can we have the listicle writers be replaced first?@mims and the question of the need for milk goes unanswered.@ccz1 when brands lose product market fit and depend only on externalities to succeed, we should expect them to failRich kids w/low test scores as likely to graduate from college as poor kids w/high scores http://t.co/Xa4lcYUd6p http://t.co/axTPwnveRi
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanChobani is case study- buzz marketing alone can help a #startup but operational excellence is key for next step http://t.co/35xzS5bw0V
Brilliant https://t.co/420mOpnqfHBecause probability of Pedro pulling a red sock is not that different from probability of decision outcomes https://t.co/bv8bohZS9oOnly in Stephensen novels do brains and not brains help us survive in post-apocalyptic world http://t.co/4GUEyJUuU5Pink tax - price discrimination done wrong http://t.co/eLSxQsf2bX and what I recommend https://t.co/je9zfpx8XNNot that different from your #management #leadership training sessions? https://t.co/eV6p1QtZErWhy would you pay $8 for a bowl of noodles when you can get the same for $3 next door?http://t.co/ERbBJOOJB3 #externalities #pricingRT @HarvardBiz: Apple believes #freemium will no generate enough revenue for music service http://t.co/iZNMX35y4y http://t.co/QyzzKXRp66RT @HarvardBiz Whole Foods’ play for Millennials is sending the wrong message on #segmentation http://t.co/UOXsWCryvC http://t.co/jJ6jxLzbnoCompared to high resolution images generated from humans and machines I wonder if volume of sensor data will ever measure up. #bigdataThe data collected by your fitness band is of monies to You but in aggregate is of big value to the makers http://t.co/55dWTZRWuo“Rent or groceries? Rent or medication? Rent or a bus fare?” http://t.co/dLimg2WkLe via @omIf your managers are spending more time talking to each other than to their people, then you have too much process. http://t.co/C2vZpYmg20
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@wimrampen spurious correlationsBiased Big Data nonsense.. Lots of data will always produce random correlations that fit your belief https://t.co/mzQH1xktGU
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasanwe will be happier and more successful if we appreciate that the answers often aren’t quick, or easy http://t.co/ccxZaR83Ff
Science is often flawed. It's time we embraced that. http://t.co/8HYqHPDg0F via @voxdotcom
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanThe problem with demographic segmentation: https://t.co/HbypgDAbec
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@rjweeks70 in 19th century before industrialized hot farms?
@rjweeks70 https://t.co/F5gCH7YL3LIn 1831, in Liverpool-Manchester railway, it cost an Irish farmer 7.5p to transport a pig but only half of it for a sheep, because?#pricing#marketing #deepity https://t.co/NHF9DT5lwrAnd imitating best practice of successful firms will cost you https://t.co/dlZftEsUfG@rshevlin no you will be back, you know it and they know itIf Higher Minimum Wage makes your business case impossible then your segmentation and strategy are wrong http://t.co/18biVTtL5310 Rules Successful Startups Should Follow http://t.co/yzHD8qj7sI techcrunch is guaranteeing success if your #startup follows these rules
You are more likely to do get folks to fill out surveys for you if you raffle off Apple Watch. #mrxHow many wardrobe subscription Services do we need? What is the differentiation?What's the secret ingredient of $5000 wedding cake? Brides and Grooms with willingness to pay. #pricing http://t.co/eDeRkcqKfS@RaquelHirsch this changes everything
@mims but don't underestimate Apple's near monopsony buying power to drive down supplier cost. that said estimating a range is betterTop 5 qualities to look for in hiring a Product Manager: http://t.co/yecwbWpopt #prodmgmtFor Whole Foods new brand for cost sensitive segment, the brand promise of Whole Paycheck will still applyWhy should I not publish my blog? I've often seen reminiscences of those I've never even heard of http://t.co/uy57ZbinIH"Most of us, no matter how well we may think of ourselves, are unimportant to the rest of the world". http://t.co/uy57ZbinIH“The cau­tion­ary tale is, manag­ing two ban­ners for two sets of consumers within one or­ga-ni­za­tion is hard" http://t.co/hhGrCmOr5FMuch of the capital raised is going into financial rather than economic risk taking http://t.co/g2qh6Y0kBC
@BrendanNyhan @ShlomoArgamon jumps from science is iterative to saying FB should be allowed without concern for how they do itexactly https://t.co/DM57PmHNHBWhen Myers-Briggs disciples say,"3-4 of the descriptions for me", I want to say to them- everything will fit you because they're all generic@geoffreydgraham I would stick with @wimrampen said, it is economy only if money changes hands. Sharing if no exchange of moneyMetrics that got you here aren't the ones that'll take you the next. #measure what is relevant to you and your next goalHow is any of these sharing if the "sharer" is getting paid? https://t.co/2StALtRp6f@wimrampen like measuring tweet impressions and page views :)The new version of stating "irrational exuberance " https://t.co/qcULHpIbE2
Here is a guy who questions claims, the right away @wimrampen https://t.co/Fq7SboRSKP@_grammar_ I am not popular, not many read my tweets. So the damage is minimal.If you're in #prodmgmt or #marketing don't complain about paywall and read this article http://t.co/ZqvzdaJriO"We didn't set out to price so high, but customers have been willing to pay". Just give them the excuse to pay more http://t.co/ZqvzdaJriO"Even the most expensive exercise gear sells at a fraction of the price of designer garment" Relative #pricing http://t.co/ZqvzdaJriO"In luxury circles $100 is considered low price" #referncePrice #pricing http://t.co/ZqvzdaJriOKellogg Profit, Revenue Down - because it lost focus on customer #jtbd not because of lack of zero based budgeting http://t.co/2jt2xJCcatZulily says many who bought items on sale didn't return - gasp, so they're aren't falling in love with #ux alone? http://t.co/PKnsLqD85x"Youth is like a tube of toothpaste. You need to squeeze it until it's gone." #BeInspired http://t.co/DTg0b00P2c"An alarm clock isn't what wakes you up, it's your dream that wakes you up" #deepity #selfHelpMaterial http://t.co/DTg0b00P2c@SuB8u @mims this changes everything of course
Yes https://t.co/9TdkemZy3QIf you can't afford to eat bread, why don't you wear golden one? New #MarieAntionette http://t.co/VNck03OColYou know when your team will stop making decisions? When outcome is bad, decision process was good and you measure them only on outcome
@mims thank goodness, "take advice from columnist", isn't one of themThe problem with free survey tools is too many bad surveys. #MRX here is an opportunity for a new for fee only service that signals qualityWhen all you have is a (App) hammer, everything looks like (dumb) nail http://t.co/LqIbkh8ZrWThe Bubble of Smart Things - we're barely scratching the surface, with smart nail mind you - by @mims http://t.co/LqIbkh8ZrW
Sorry, Etsy. That Handmade Scarf Won’t Save the World. http://t.co/WV5Vhjr8QZIf it is a probability then it is not a miracle https://t.co/knsrPQwijIAsked Siri why is it cloudy got reply - it is not cloudy. http://t.co/mMz9NxG1BD@om for stories they could be hiding, yes@rjweeks70 likely you are not the target segment
@rjweeks70 may be you are not seeing opportunity cost of reading free but bad articles ( including mine)Hopefully not used , and of course it is the reason for his success https://t.co/P3zosO0g4a@mtrifiro https://t.co/UXMqedpJ7V "Success in selling digital goods does not require a whole new way of thinking about business"@mtrifiro being copied really means substitutability and commoditized. Differentiation depends on what segments value@rjweeks70 You want to find what information people value and willing to pay for https://t.co/UXMqedpJ7V@rjweeks70 berkeley means business @BerkeleyHaasFloyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao weigh in tickets selling for $600 — and you still complain about paywall http://t.co/st088VDAAAImagine all the data that is generated and collected while millions of those movies are played. #LongLiveData https://t.co/MktkawLnIcSmart kids these days aren't wasting time calling out the emperor has no clothes. They are selling the same to the subjects. #SiliconValleyConfusing. Evidently clear to many others https://t.co/dU43knbj3fIf you are a #Bayesian it is lower https://t.co/ZhcgMkmelMThe right lesson from Buffett- pursuit of unchanging goals through ever changing means http://t.co/b5Yutnz2e8
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