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Remember the coffee pod DRM (http://t.co/dwUBazBvEW)? It got cracked http://t.co/wNiUXf1j2QA UK newspaper is playing typewriter "clatter" in the newsroom. The pace quickens as deadline approaches http://t.co/HIau6Qd9MXDiscourse 1.0 -- an open source mailing list + forum + chat room -- is out now http://t.co/kiWlJckeZu
A brief history of "programmable matter" and where it could go next http://t.co/yBn6V0EYXl#Video Deal/Week: Cloud Computing With AWS - $24.98 (Save 50%) Use code VDWK http://t.co/ckKFUSxz8u12 machine learning lessons from researchers and practitioners http://t.co/vDj9CvEx3bDiscourse 1.0, Programmable Matter, Versioned Databases, and 12 Machine Learning Lessons http://t.co/zdYptAoc0x via @gnat Four short links
There's a "lack of understanding of robotics among very smart people who aren't roboticists" http://t.co/1Uc8s3Xr9VExcellent tips from @katekiefer for writing content for sensitive situations (outages, help docs) http://t.co/T9piJTro0U via @lukewBigger city = more phone contacts, but the chances your contacts know each other doesn't change http://t.co/h4HRFdd3sUPublic Exploit Construction, Robot Myths, Empathy, and Social Scaling http://t.co/BZMWptTFky via @gnat Four short links
Greenscreen uses Chromecast to manage digital signs. Info: http://t.co/eu7ydUFUjj On GitHub: http://t.co/klmfpbpipsNeed a queueing system? Here's a list of 23 (and counting) with overview info and resources http://t.co/W97zZJUFRKSave 50% on *All* Ebooks & Video Training - Back to (Tech) School Sale http://t.co/XAJjMjOZmO 8000+ titles #backtoschool.@davewiner is working on a way to publish content to blogs and Facebook at the same time. More here: http://t.co/bZP3TYjnKgEscape from the net: fueled by a WWF competition, fish nets with LEDs & other innovations reduce fishing bycatch. http://t.co/ukxTEOCVCv
Retweeted by O'Reilly RadarDigital Signs, Reverse Engineering Censorship, USB Protection, and Queue Software http://t.co/qGvRsecot0 via @gnat Four short links
RT @OReillyMedia: Watch the 1st of 6 @slashdot videos w/ @timoreilly - http://t.co/J3YgbFfMHx"Google is currently asked to remove an infringing search result every 8 milliseconds" http://t.co/NPHHqq4QuG via @timoreillyRT @OReillyMedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: Data Algorithms - $29.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/TdptCUDM1UCrowd Problems, Robot Butler, Opportunistic Encryption, and A/B Framework http://t.co/EiFxa8h30L via @gnat Four short linksMT @bigdata: %>% is a cool #rstats operator: Building pipelines to facilitate data analysis http://t.co/c6O8pz30aS - by @hadleywickham
Open Data Glue, Smithsonian Crowdsourcing, MIT Family Creativity, and Hardware Owie http://t.co/Gkgr7nzPgb via @gnat Four short linksNew @Radar Podcast > @allspaw talks blameless postmortems and cultivating a just culture http://t.co/9zKJzERZLXBuilding pipelines to facilitate data analysis http://t.co/Sj8EUgb1te @hadleywickham on making it easier to use R for data analysis#Ebook Deal/Day: Software in 30 Days - $14.97 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/Bw0DPcL8fA
RT @mikeloukides: Cool! Multi-Datacenter Cassandra on 32 Raspberry Pi’s : http://t.co/YZwE51MMKFRT @mikeloukides: Brief overview of Functional Programming: what it is, why it's important, where to start http://t.co/5DeTvQIkqQRT @oreillymedia: #Video Deal/Week: Building Your First Application with Go - $19.99 (Save 50%) Use code VDWK http://t.co/A5gFByOLorPlant Properties, MQ Comparisons, 1915 Vis, and Mobile Web Weaknesses http://t.co/69PvNDFsNW via @gnat Four short linksNot just the government’s playbook http://t.co/h3vp9uJCA2 @mikeloukides on the 13 principles in the U.S. CIO's Digital Services Playbook
RT @OReillyMedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: Jump Start Sinatra - $9.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/O3tPJJFwhLThe Drupal API turns a CMS into a true enterprise application http://t.co/kz8L45Tr6E @csevb10 > could revolutionize health care technologyRT @rsm: In which tractors become land drones … http://t.co/14uOkMGotGAdjustable Ethics, Face Projection, Mod Minecraft, and Robot Grasp http://t.co/3tT9KBdJvt via @gnat Four short links
MT @ginablaber: Must read: @Joi on visiting Shenzhen w/ hardware guru bunnie Huang http://t.co/UJH8cn9Mwa #OReillySolidMT @sandersk: @craigmod on the effect of the printed page & why I often feel something is missing when I read ebooks http://t.co/e6Lpw73aDIRT @timoreilly: Great @techreview piece about fundamentals of brain science http://t.co/zzHr4wkCtV#Ebook Deal/Day: The Art of Software Testing - $70.97 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/vNOfGQMyRyRT @mikeloukides: Distributed systems theory (without reading a big bunch of papers): http://t.co/8QUNnxp68iSpace Trading, Robot Capitalism, Packet Injection, and CAP Theorem http://t.co/dlW24zgrtf via @gnat Four short links
RT @globalmoxie: HP study finds 250 security vulnerabilities in 10 most popular Internet of Things gadgets: http://t.co/hCdwYc7dZEInternet of Bling: Samsung Buys SmartThings for $200 Million http://t.co/YLAydwHZYb / via @sarawingeRT @OReillyMedia: How coding in schools can close tech's gender gap http://t.co/3icDswLOQG via @dailydot http://t.co/JndeuLn4LZRT @mikeloukides: What is infrastructure, anyway? The computing industry after physical hardware: http://t.co/wTHvOuLgfaMT @timbray: Dan Geer's Black Hat talk should be required reading for anyone who, well let's just say everyone: http://t.co/HDcVtBjM22MT @globalmoxie: Nest hacked in 15 sec, displays HAL quotes. "How will you know thermostat is infected? You won't" http://t.co/ESUoOi4VVtTen years of OpenStreetMap http://t.co/5TPEtRoTcg @twbell: @openstreetmap's achievements are amazing, unusual, and promising in equal parts"This swarm of 1,000 robots can assemble into complex shapes w/out the need for a central brain or human controller" http://t.co/x6N7HwJ4iXDeal/Day: Save 50% - Build and Program Robots with LEGO Mindstorms EV3 + other LEGO bestsellers http://t.co/pyxKdEiwtjIllustrated Delivery, Self-Assembling Swarm, Language Analysis, and Design for Failure http://t.co/FScbU0vSkz via @gnat Four short links"There are many forms of centralization I’d worry about before traffic shaping." > @praxagora on net neutrality: http://t.co/ISdRdJvCSg
Smarter buildings through data tracking http://t.co/x122z9lz9N @praxagora "Energy monitoring is undergoing a rapid transition"RT @mikeloukides: A reading list for distributed systems. Since everything is distributed: http://t.co/zWe4K3nP9Y#Ebook Deal/Day: RESTful Web APIs - $14.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/9oAGn2URgrCeramic 3D Printing, Robo Proofs, Microservice Fail, and Amazing Graphics Tweaks http://t.co/85NbQ3X6Ey via @gnat Four short links
Thinking Machines, Chemical Sensor, Share Containerised Apps, and Visualising the Net Neutrality Comments http://t.co/DAP5uH92wB via @gnat#Ebook Deal/Day: Learning Agile - $17.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/FF1Dc5ggmDHow to identify a scalable IoT network topology http://t.co/xy5u4tGyII Mark Pacelle on range, power consumption, scalability, and bandwidth.
Transform Data into Action with Machine Learning + Save 50% on #machinelearning ebooks and videos http://t.co/omDykzM8he“liquid biopsy” -- new DNA tests on blood can catch cancer early http://t.co/iPxJtjqu6g “We think we’ve solved early detection”RT @sarawinge: Can't wait to see what @zefrank cooks up for BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. http://t.co/HB5BtCCTByMT @timoreilly: Reflections on education from Tricia Kelleher @StephenPerse, inspired by her visit to #scifoo http://t.co/PUV3JpeB4X#Ebook Deal/Day: Linux System Programming - $25.49 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/18Xr6OI97pRT @mikeloukides: OpenBCI: Brain-Computer interfaces made easy. http://t.co/FP3StYVhNDDigital Services Playbook, Brain Computer Interface, In-Game Economics, & Motorcycle Reality http://t.co/9Awp9BPMuz > @gnat Four short links
RT @edyong209: Great piece on DIY mind-controlled gadgets, inc. a tiny robotic "battle spider". By @newsbeagle http://t.co/VXqgSUelOr#Ebook Deal/Day: Mastering Object-oriented Python - $13.49 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/0yAOg4rIqaStartup Anthropology, Ends to Means, Permission to Test, and Distributed Systems Research http://t.co/sxvTNpKUV9 via @gnat Four short links
RT @oreillymedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: Agile Software Architecture - $59.98 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/EtzY360viMRT @arstechnica: Robot origami: Watch a flat sheet fold itself into a bot, go for a walk http://t.co/HMbt5CcMuw by @j_timmerIBM's TrueNorth processor "has a million programmable neurons that can establish 256 million connections" http://t.co/WgvQ98aTxPRT @MaryTreseler: Nest Smart Thermostat Can Be Hacked to Spy on Owners http://t.co/gxxWYoBon2RT @oreillymedia: Build Stunning 3D Graphics for the Web + Save 50% on #WebGL ebooks and videos http://t.co/2QLpEzmyYpSynchronization, Security Pi, YouTube Stardom, and Javascript Logging http://t.co/es4UgN53Os via @gnat Four short links
Scaling up data frames http://t.co/dcTdXyeaTG @bigdata on alternative data structures for business analysis and advanced analyticsRT @OReillyMedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide - $16.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/Lafug6VibQWOOL author Hugh Howey is a tech optimist: The O’Reilly Radar podcast http://t.co/ciXSbDhe1O @hughhowey & @ramez on sci fi & future of techRT @globalmoxie: Bearable wearables: "we need to find a way to make the body part of the equation." http://t.co/M5t5weZzrzRT @OReillyMedia: Want to ask @timoreilly a question? Head over to @slashdot and post yours in the comments here: http://t.co/3IenJLF8lD
Protect Your Systems from Malicious Software + SAVE 50% on #digitalforensics ebooks and videos http://t.co/04BZFDrYScRT @OReillyMedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: JIRA 6.x Administration Cookbook - $14.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/Fg3YrF9L8h4 Steps to a culture of performance http://t.co/6wdjgdvLpZ @mdaoudi > "takes time and effort, but the pay-off is worth it"MT @gracerodriguez: I'd rather save the bees. "@radar @MaryTreseler: Tiny robots to pollinate crops instead of bees http://t.co/CxNQKwrosA"RT @mikeloukides: Big step forward for open hardware: lowRISC, open source RISC CPU, w/ low-cost dev board planned. http://t.co/ZiZv8L2HqbMesa Database, Thumbstoppers, Impressive Research, and Microsoft Development http://t.co/DnhOck98Ql via @gnat Four short links
Is There Any Way to Avoid Standards Wars in the Emerging Internet of Things? http://t.co/zJ4rKyoarL via @alexismadrigalRT @oreillymedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: MapReduce Design Patterns - $19.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/hN4SZGJGUAThe Future Of Smart Things Is Dumb http://t.co/FHGjuq7vvK "take the computers out of computing and integrate these experiences"RT @craigmod: Mr. @kevin2kelly takes Message readers into the beautiful and quirky private universe of Bits: http://t.co/iIimy1aomPRT @mikeloukides: Simon Wardley on Mapping and Strategy. From OSCON14 http://t.co/GvuEPwYZ3qDiscussion Graph Tool, Superlinear Productivity, Go Concurrency, and R Map/Reduce Tools http://t.co/PIn2wBmsUw via @gnat Four short links
Get an excellent deal on Safari—now an @oreillymedia company! 50% off annual @safari membership (til 2pm EDT 8/5/14): http://t.co/eGls0K9OZcRT @timoreilly: The fulfillment of a 14-year journey: @OReillyMedia acquires 100% of @safaribooks http://t.co/TIwUHEevSXMT @nickbilton: MIT made an algorithm that can overhear nearby speech by filming vibrations of a potato-chip bag: http://t.co/8I3Pn5uIXkRT @MaryTreseler: Tiny flying robots are being built to pollinate crops instead of real bees http://t.co/CxNQKwrosA#Ebook Deal/Day: Economics-Driven Software Architecture - $59.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/2hCSpqNckrRT @mikeloukides: Cool: Raspberry Pi in the Garden: http://t.co/m2m61SmHanNerds w/out Borders' smart idea: ping-pong balls w/sensors monitor sea turtle nests, signal when hatchlings emerge. http://t.co/V2rqVJgxWjWeb Spreadsheet, Correlated Novelty, A/B Ethics, and Replicated Data Structures http://t.co/oo8JhyU2q0 via @gnat Four short links
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