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philtor @philtor Beaverton, OR

Gardener, geek, frugalist, programmer, maker, learner.

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RC Submarine Receiver Project #FPGA #MCU #PCB @EETimes @EELiveShow #EElive http://t.co/NEKP1Ciiqh http://t.co/OsJ3KgYk5B
Retweeted by philtorI think I've developed a chemical dependency: pesto.
Retweeted by philtorAdventures in building a unikernel REST service by @talex5 (and he's writing OCaml code again!) http://t.co/z3tZfWTkDY
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Blog post: Will the Pacific Northwest be a Climate Refuge Under Global Warming?: As global warming takes hold ... http://t.co/196CQxinMN
Retweeted by philtorUS: Russia violated 1987 nuclear missile treaty: WASHINGTON (AP) — In an escalation of tensions, the Obama adm... http://t.co/aFtgVBHWaQ
Retweeted by philtorWishing you a happy anniversary of the start of WW1: http://t.co/iwHOQ5tXHC #WWI100
Retweeted by philtor"Horrors so appalling the imagination shrinks from the task" #WWI began 100 years ago today http://t.co/rBYMlcYlAy http://t.co/06HI9YGShf
Retweeted by philtorTIL there are albino redwood trees: http://t.co/6H0gWTWi8sGot this little RC quadcoptor for $22 on http://t.co/XVxsprFB7Y. Direct from China. Also 5 NFC tags for $1. http://t.co/ANwOBUOGwQYou guys there's absolutely no need to worry about Ebola unless it goes airbor---well crap. 😒 http://t.co/TFlRh4jd5A
Retweeted by philtorLeading Civil Rights Group Just Sold Out on Net Neutrality http://t.co/kr4PHyWBScMore new EULA clauses: "You acknowledge that life is cheap and ultimately devoid of all meaning."
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@tonykriz I didn't realize that that tract is like a cult favorite among gamers.@tonykriz he's quite serious.@tonykriz That's odd, but this is even weirder: a kickstarter to make a movie of a Chick tract: https://t.co/t99slO4rbu
I got a James K. Polk dollar in change. (There are James K. Polk dollars?) http://t.co/0RQ6PhmsIW
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UK sitcom 'IT Crowd' Stands With #Snowden https://t.co/wDsy0ND2Pd http://t.co/lcKjLcIVa5
Retweeted by philtorWhy, oh why, are there are only 3 episodes of Sherlock/year?@avsm BTW: what tools did you use to create your Mirage presentation?@avsm Do you think the multi-core stuff OCamlLabs is working on would be ready by then? If so, I think that would generate a lot of interest@avsm I think it would be a great idea. Perhaps @yminsky would like to help out with an OCaml tutorial at OSCON next year?@avsm How many in the deluge?
@whitequark ah, you were chatting with Randal IRC?@whitequark were you at #OSCON? would have liked to chat with you abt ppx.Can't believe @avsm tricked me into *wanting* to learn OCaml! My spare time was *already* negative, but I'm staring at "Real World OCaml".
Retweeted by philtorAwsome OCaml https://t.co/YIka33u9FaAlways seem to need a couple of days to recover from #OSCON.#Mirage Nymote talk given at #OSCON today by @avsm and @mort___ http://t.co/5zRaaQawjn #OCaml
Slides from my #oscon talk "Internet ALL The Things (a walking tour of #mqtt)" -> http://t.co/1NyCiW6fub - and now I'm done!
Retweeted by philtor@mattg at Beaverton Creek"Water is a human right, but who is a human being? Corporations, the US supreme court ruled in June." http://t.co/e9kFK6fMrg
Retweeted by philtor@andypiper Thanks for the mqtt #OSCON talk. Here's my OCaml mqtt client: https://t.co/FCJeKwrfX4
Ham radio action at #OSCONIf twitter had been around during great scientific discoveries http://t.co/dU01670j34
Retweeted by philtorAnnouncing Mirage OS v2 and a recap of the recent blogostorm of posts. What would you like to see more of next? http://t.co/8Hpt336lPr
Retweeted by philtorIn an effort to improve transparency, Portland shows visiting @oscon attendees more traditional weather for pdx #OSCON2014 #pdxtst
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@tlockney yeah that works.@pacoid @tlockney yeah, I had to upgrade my vagrant package to latest. Luckily WiFi worked well for me yesterday.@tlockney would be good to catch up. Meetup for lunch on Wednesday?@tlockney are you at OSCON?@tlockney you know Paco? Good presentation and I _did_ finally get the iPython going so best tutorial so far.@tlockney Also Arduino Yun yesterday presenter didn't plan for folks who have no ethernet jack on their laptop (which was quite a few of us)@tlockney Went to the Math one yesterday, presenter didn't think anyone would be on Linux (at OSCON?). Finally got that one to work, though.@tlockney ...they're well on their way in the tutorial and you're behind. cut my losses and went to golang one, but couldn't get wifi.@tlockney Tried the Reacive one (Play, Akka) but couldn't get the activate ui to start. by the time you try to fix something like that...Continuing my streak of tutorial bad- luck at OSCON. No WiFi.
Sixth-Grader's Science Fair Finding Shocks Ecologists, via @nprscience: http://t.co/QWL1ZNLY7m http://t.co/v7rMviHaZK
Retweeted by philtorOn my way to an early Sunday morning at #OSCONDutch banks officially confirm #RUS terrorists / looters taking money fr credit cards of #MH17 victims.
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@bleything Nice! Sourdough?@oscon Just curious: why is OSCON starting on a Sunday this year?Using Travel Routers to Hide in Safety: http://t.co/dbOgjQzQPF
Retweeted by philtorAnyone else going to OSCON? Want to meetup for lunch?OSCON starts tomorrow. Seems kind of odd for a conference to start on a Sunday.
Asking for trouble. http://t.co/2Ch14tMvHT
Retweeted by philtor@arielwaldman @kevinrose @tferriss You're sure it's tea?Cable's trying to end #netneutrality & break the Internet for profit. 36 hours left to stop em http://t.co/cfmAf3blYS http://t.co/2pMJ0orEyc@izs @jasonpincin @garannm to add another dimension to discussion: folks who enjoy coding for free, but don't like coding for pay.
The plane, full of AIDS researchers on their way to a conference. The loss, unimaginable. http://t.co/5i9V57R1cu http://t.co/F9PArOvgoE
Retweeted by philtor@JohnBlyler Yeah, if you want to meetup for lunch or something that would be great (free lunches there).@JohnBlyler I'll be there. Mainly going to hit the Open Hardware/IoT type sessions. And also a couple of Machine Learning sessions.Planes now behave like magnets, suddenly repelled from Ukrainian airspace. (via @Plane_Talking) http://t.co/yUSKfPpemK
Retweeted by philtor@JohnBlyler I've been going to OSCON for years but haven't seen anything even vaguely EDAish there.Hamas hacks Israeli TV sat channel to broadcast pics of Gaza wounded http://t.co/BRXCLP9i6eThis post hits on some of the reasons why I say “not until the bubble bursts” when people suggest I move to the bay. http://t.co/49RemhE0QQ
Retweeted by philtorNature finds a way: Shift in the Microbial Ecology of a Hospital Hot Water System After Monochloramine Disinfection http://t.co/PY9IQCDaap
Retweeted by philtorBreaking: el-Wafa hospital has been totally destroyed. All patients and staff forced to evacuate as center burned. http://t.co/gezyGELfPv
Retweeted by philtorOne wonders if WWIII has been in progress for months now.Remember how the assassination of an Archduke started WWI? Now go read today's headlines.BREAKING: The world, apparently
Retweeted by philtorReports about Putin's similar route as #MH17. Was Russia's presidential plane the real target? http://t.co/Acti2LqOSc http://t.co/TsnARLugvX
Retweeted by philtorThe start of an MQTT client in OCaml. Hoping to try it out with Mirage soon. https://t.co/lUKBfYVvCD #OCaml #MQTT@defndaines alphaSerious question for NSA defenders: If the NSA staff are only sharing explicit pics of foreigners, is that less of a problem?
Retweeted by philtorSeeing reports of a Malaysian airliner possibly shot down over eastern #Ukraine.
Retweeted by philtorToday feels like the future: I bought my first 3d printer and purchased it with bitcoin sent through an anonymizing mixer sent via Tor.
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Sweet! Got my Caucasians T! http://t.co/F4Y5XHWOVZ
Retweeted by philtor1 zucchini day before yesterday, 2 zucchinis yesterday, 4 zucchinis today... I see where this is going.@built It almost sounds like you're about to break out in a chorus of "...the cold never bothered me anyway!"@al3x @b0rk Do you like programming? Then keep it up. Just know this: you'll be better at it in 10 years, but think you're worse.@built ... at least in the summer.That point when you realize you don't know the original song that Weird Al is parodying.
Weird Al is a national treasure. https://t.co/Zn9dFZkuUG
Retweeted by philtora modular Foreign Function Interface, or an answer to the "what if I don't want to write all my code in OCaml?!" FAQ; http://t.co/UZ39zjKyZM
Retweeted by philtorhttp://t.co/hHQHUHdkf6 Seamless integration of OCaml and Java: run OCaml code on a JVM, and manipulate Java entities from OCaml
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http://t.co/SM9Bk1MyDn - Rust for functional programmers.
Retweeted by philtorWonderful post from @graydon_moz on programming language history and a strong, well deserved endorsement of Julia: http://t.co/uJIuPEj12d
Retweeted by philtorMinsky - Steve Keen's Debtwatch http://t.co/ulg6q7byj2 via @ProfSteveKeen
Retweeted by philtorWORLD PREMIERE! New music video #Tacky up now!! #MandatoryFun http://t.co/Kf01JTPPCd
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Utterly horrifying. "What the US is seeing on its borders now is not an immigration crisis. It is a refugee crisis." http://t.co/XnEPqqpMtD
Retweeted by philtorAaron Swartz Can’t Fight the New Cybersecurity Bill, So We Must Do It http://t.co/KOktTHE8G6
Retweeted by philtorThe first full trailer for 'Doctor Who' series 8 is here http://t.co/IJiHAk4bTY
Retweeted by philtor@peat Neighbors were out on their roof a bit ago doing something to chimney with thunder in background.Lucky they didn't win a Darwin award."The energy needed to make a new hybrid Prius is enough to drive that same car 46,000 miles." http://t.co/dE7AMnSdCO
Retweeted by philtorThis kind of thundery, sprinkly 70 degree weather beats 90+ degree weather any day. Nice relief from the last few days.all of the sudden, .io domains seem a lot less cool http://t.co/eZiNfHquCr
Retweeted by philtorI like, and may not like, this post. http://t.co/vKroKB79QK
Retweeted by philtorGoing to be an interesting day weatherwise. Already several rumbles of thunder. #pdxst
Sunset at Ponzi vineyards. http://t.co/7XxQCtttHfAt Ponzi Winery. http://t.co/iM2wvvID6K
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