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We’re easily distracted by trivia and the daily political circus acts at City Hall or on Parliament Hill. It’s..."Our healthy future depends on protecting those fundamental needs, which amazingly enough, are cleansed,... to hospital in the early AM. Be well my friends. Be right back! <3In 1970, Jane Fonda was arrested while marching with indigenous people during the occupation of Fort Lawton in...
2015"The tragedy and farce that is Toronto's political capitulation to the cult of the car continues unabated." Fossil Fuels and Switching to 100% Renewables No Problem, Says Stanford Study January 2015 briefing note, prepared forNatural Resources Minister Greg Rickford, discusses findings from a...
#RejectFear - Stop Harper's "secret police" bill & stand up for accountability #cdnpoli #StopC51 via @leadnowca
Tell Ontario to be a leader in climate action and building a cleaneconomy #climatechange #onpoli #ONclimate
"More than 100 Canadian law professors have warned the prime minister, Stephen Harper, that a sweeping new anti-ter…"
I just stood up for the #GreatBearSea. Will you?
Reject Harper's fear campaign. Block the "secret police" bill & stand up for accountability #cdnpoli via @leadnowca"The more we put pressure on mining companies & the province the better for everyone.” #MountPolley #bcpoli #inm
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Thanks, Newfoundland and Labrador, for standing your ground against Harper's trade agenda!
@PaulaGoering hoping you could direct me to some information on 'in-home/on site' therapy model for supportive housing communities
The Blue Dot Tour is about recognizing our right to live in a healthy environment. Join us via @DavidSuzukiFDN like
Don't like pipelines? I hope @Kinder_Morgan doesn't sue you. Because it might. #KMFace via @SumOfUs
@Sophannieta @judyrebick ditto
PRESS RELEASE: Meeting with John Tory does not result in more answers on jet issue: NoJetsTO -
John Tory will have to talk transit before he can build it #topstories
Retweeted by Peacock PovertyThe evolution of Halloween: How the holiday became a ridiculous event in America via @EliteDaily
Retweeted by Peacock PovertyHow The NYT's new environment editor will approach climate change coverage
Retweeted by Peacock PovertyThe way to motivate your team is to hire smart people & set them loose to do what you hired them to do:
Retweeted by Peacock PovertyJohn Tory faces negotiations and votes before he can build transit. @TessKalinowski's story on the road ahead:
Retweeted by Peacock Poverty#ChewOnThis RT @foodbankscanada 1 in 9 Canadians—almost 3.9 million people—don’t know where their next meal is coming from #HungerCount
Retweeted by Peacock PovertyRemember that time 3-5 people accused @ddale8 of being a pedophile? He issued a statement and then a lawsuit. Crazy. #topoli #JianGhomeshi
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Prime minister&#39;s gone fishing for votes, in very particular voter ponds - Yahoo News Canada via @yahoocanadanews
TTCriders unveils Mayoral report card and candidate questionnaire
I told the NEB to include #climate in its #EnergyEast review. Will you join me for a #PeoplesIntervention? really, how do you get Ebola? Coming days are critical via @todayshowhealth
PM Harper, time to face up to the truth. We dare you to go to New York for the climate summit:
Norwegian Nobel Committee: Deny the Nomination of PM Stephen Harper for 2014 Nobel Peace Prize via @CdnChange
Ledger Art ~ 'Indian Girl Lost In A Man Camp' ~ John Isaiah Pepion (Blackfeet)
Retweeted by Peacock PovertyMayme Natachee Scott ~ mother of N. Scott Momaday. #nativelit
Retweeted by Peacock PovertyNez Perce woman on horse. Montana 1900 Photo: Edward Latham
Retweeted by Peacock PovertyWahpeton Dakota dance on Main Street, Prince Albert, Sask 1908 Photo: T.h.J. Charmbury
Retweeted by Peacock Poverty'Texting' ~ Ledger Art ~ Dwayne Wilcox (Oglala)
Retweeted by Peacock Poverty'Torchy' Anderson, Vancouver Province, editor & Chief High Eagle, Blackfoot. Alberta, 1924.
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I find that the nature of the irreparable harm that the applicants will suffer under the (updated regulations)... Fraser : People, please take a moment to learn what your government is planning to do to your voting rights."How can we participate in a process driven by a government that has labelled us 'socially dysfunctional'?" says... marijuana users can continue to grow their own pot: court"They are welcome to come here." President Jose Mujica of #Uruguay has said his country... Biologist explains how marijuana drives tumor cells to ‘suicide’ | The Raw Story Ford's Suppressed Hemp Car - What We All Should Be Driving Garafolo on Stephen Harper - Wake up Canada! rights investigator accuses Israel of 'ethnic cleansing' | Reuters Canada, many First Nations people are fighting for the right to water. This is unacceptable. O'Connor takes care of people made sick by the tar sands, and he will tell you the truth. Atherton Was the Nazi party socialist? “The German Nazi (National Socialist) Party was politically fascist,..."By suggesting that laziness is more concentrated among the poor, inner city or not, we shift our moral... wow Post - Laxer As I generally do...sharing again for those who missed it when I posted it late last night. On the... Laxer Good for OCAP! Liberal politicians like to talk about "social justice" and a "just society",... Laxer Good for OCAP! Liberal politicians like to talk about "social justice" and a "just society",...
2014 This Day: Every March 21 is observed as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. In... Seeger ~ Schools Are STILL Racist, Government Report Finds this map to see if you live near Enbridge's controversial Line 9 oil pipeline“It’s legalized extortion and I said that last year – state sanctioned extortion of their policy, either you sign... to prosecute first female genital mutilation cases Atherton “But the truth is that unfettered corporations are just about the worst thing for creating decent...
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