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Partner, True Ventures. Founder, Gigaom. I love possibilities, I believe in people & imagineering. &

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TechCrunch follows up on a Business Insider report and does more digging on Hampton Creek been away too long to have any favorites. Glad you enjoyed the book
@jawise good one - I need to think about thisAwesome interview btwn @om & Brunello Cuccinelli. Such contrast but both amazing at their craft
Retweeted by Om Malik@jawise same hereDropbox: the first dead decacorn
I keep seeing v. talented people launch venture-backed social apps that fail to get escape velocity. The odds of success are worse than ever
Retweeted by Om MalikThe state of media, new and old, says there isn't much difference - @Lefsetz Letter
When HBR is talking about design thinking, you know it is all gray, blue & straight lines! it is always easy to bet against US, just not easy to win that bet in the long term. And that's despite our politiciansMy Memories of @microsoft's Windows 95, Twenty Years Later. via @omThe next television platform by @markhall is a must read for anyone who wants to get "new TV"
put this on your must read list... Angeles Basin jiggles like 'big bowl of jelly' in cutting-edge computer simulations. @SCEC
Retweeted by Om MalikThousands of people have come out recently to share their different experiences working at Amazon. Here's mine:
Retweeted by Om MalikFormer Investment Banking Analyst and Two Friends Charged in Insider Trading Scheme wondered who @twitter's @verified users are? I did some research (They'll thank me with a blue tick, right? ;)
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@abrams candidly I am sick and tired of reading shit articles which don't do the basics right. It is disrespectful of readers.@harper everyone has a book like that. Don't pick sides :)@abrams explain to me what newsfeed management and development means in English and not some bullshit corporate speak!@abrams I see you belong to "headline" school of readers. I didn't get what they do. I edited for a living & I would have killed this pieceIt would have been good if the writer/editor could tell us what the company did. Simple explainer is all I ask. than $5 trillion has been wiped off the value of global stock markets since Beijing devalued the yuan a fortnight ago #GreatFallOfChina
Retweeted by Om Malik@hblodget by the way enjoying your commentary and tweets!@hblodget never thought I would hear you say that but hey the older we get, the grumpier we get about certain thing 😜It seems like market declines are Prozac for @hblodget 2.0FYI The ability to stay private longer (by raising $) is wholly dependent on the public markets for technology thriving.
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The Complete List of Unicorn Companies. 131 unicorns is a herd. Many will become Zoombie Unicorns!
Retweeted by Om MalikInterview with @YSL designer Hedi Slimane & what you can learn from him @hedislimanetwit can't really be a designer leather handbag company calling themselves Brahmin. #branding #fail
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@brettberson it is all right. Not quite sold on it just yetWhat are you looking at? Never seen an alien before? #fullcircle #finland #helsinki #LeicaQ @…, $100B in market cap was erased on Friday (Aug 21, 2015) by Apple $AAPL, Google $GOOGL, Microsoft $MSFT, Facebook $FB and Amazon $AMZN.@spotify privacy fracas is a reminder we need to replace terms of service with terms of trust
Well done to reframe on the right issue. by a British paper with little or no irony. The world is paying for the sins & hubris of the British Empire
Please call @FedEx & urge them to join @UPS in NOT shipping #shark fins >> 1-800 255-2421, press 4
Retweeted by Om Malik@iankennedy explains Nokia vs iPhone?I wonder if @Finnair has an explanation for many many bags I see that are way over 2 lbs over weight limit. much focus is on what new features the next iPhone will have. Instead why not ask, what Apple can remove from it? yeah... @Finnair is a really expensive budget airline.
Retweeted by Om MalikDamn @Finnair you know how to screw with a traveler's mind. Causing unnecessary drama over mere 2 lbs on carry on luggage.This! reminder for @Twitter why it needs to have a longterm view of their platform & developers chart that shows growth in US Cable Broadband & slow decline in PayTV @fredwilson@eric_analytics don't worry -- more tariffs are coming.Skeptical of Pew survey of mobile apps 'cause sample size too small for a large market Broadband is winning & PayTV is not + the sate of the US Broadband
Darwinism At Your Doorstep: Why You Only Care About Amazon Now #thoughful @TechCrunch@Jason I want you to articulate a response to what @mayoredlee should do. For now he does nothing except for keep buddies happy@Jason As a long time resident, i have paid taxes longer than you have as a new comer. Don't get sanctimonious unless you wanna do something@Jason Love your trash talk about the city, but when was the last time you even picked up a piece of trash from the street. Seriously?@Jason sometimes you should ask these questions to yourself - can I be the change that I want to see@Jason by the way why aren't you going after the corrupt mayor we have in SF. Start by getting rid of @mayoredlee or is he too close 4uWhat have you done personally to make Df better? I don't think tweets absolve one of civic responsibility. no it doesn't - it just is a lot of shouting and posturing for attention. Respectfully disagree with you & @brezina@Jason @SupeJaneKim my idea of dialogue is not 140 character grandstanding, which is what you believe in. If you are serious, get involved@brezina @Jason if you want change, engage in dialogue, find time to meet @SupeJaneKim & talk about issues instead of doing tweets.Forgot @Snapchat & @Spotify also not public :) dude you are a faux hipster and it is time to come out as a "suit" now that you work for PayPal 😆Well looks like @harper can finally get a shave. You are no longer required to have facial hair black girl takeover of fashion's September issues is beyond anything I've seen as a journalist.
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This is what passes as wisdom these days am sure Jason has one of his many million ideas on how to fix this. Like everything obviously @WIRED see the bolded part on (via HN)
Retweeted by Om Malik@BenedictEvans @rstephens @NathanCHubbard @drew also if shit works you don't need an update. Have not had a problem in a year@telcodud @WIRED I must be missing something because I don't see it on their website@BenedictEvans @rstephens @drew this is based off some chrome cast tech/ efforts. So not quite Nest :)While rejoicing about Google Wi-Fi Router @WIRED totally forgot to ask about data privacy policy for this device by the way, the Amazon PR assault has made the story about "NYTIMES" and now about Amazon's issues.@tedr did u read @BradStone book. between that & this story, there is enough to be wondering what is going on?@ryanchris @tedr Ryan doesn't your objection qualify as subjective and as biased/narrative driven much like the acquisition at @nytimes@ryanchris @tedr FWIW the modern news media (and not BLOGS) exists to provide the function of talk radio & cable talk shows of the 1990s@tedr because of this story or in general. thought it was well reported. scorched earth reaction from Amazon to negate it is interesting.@mattbuchanan lol. I am happy with 100 for the record.Lol. Yes. We are in the world of rigorous aggregation. most remarkable aspect of this Amazon story is reinforced relevance & impact of a @nytimes story! interesting and strong piece about the critique of @Amazon and its work culture. Put this on your must read list!"17 largest US cable/telcos added 360,000 net broadband subs in 2Q 2015 to total 88.9mn subs: cable 53.5mn & telcos 35.4 mm subs" LeichtmanAndroid One is launched in Africa! Smart move Google! Can it catch up with other clone Androids? years ago today, Condé Nast launched Epicurious, the first website company ever put on what was called the Information Superhighway.
During July 2015, US VCs invested $7.9 billion in 375 deals. The median deal size was $5.7 million. 15 US VC firms made 5+ investments!@LOLigarch are 7 notable things about the world of tech, I found during my morning readings. visit sitting quietly by the side and letting injustice happen is bigger sin than the original sin itself.“We are all replaceable” Jonah Peretti. For a minute I thought he was talking about the impermanence of @buzzfeed on Comcast's Watchable translates into difficult road ahead for Vessel. Is it time for another pivot? gets in on the -commerce boom by buying QVC-of-the-web @Zulily for $2.4 billion. $ZU was struggling with growth @JasonHirschhorn I know what your are going through. Stay strong & my love & prayers with you brother.“I watched 14 police officers take down a one-legged homeless Black man outside Twitter HQ” by @chaedria, short, wake-up shake."US PayTV providers lost 470,000 Subscribers in 2Q 2015. Top 9 cableco lost 260K. SatelliteTV lost 214K. " Leichtman Research! #cordcuttingshakes. damn. morning earthquake.
hmm…kinda sounds like @BarackObama might be moving to SF after he finishes up work in DC
Retweeted by Om MalikYou read this & you can tell @nytimes dropped the ball in 2006. I wonder what @Sulliview can find out from editors?
Tech news is mostly $ and DRAMA these days. There were a brief few years when it was also about technology and products. I want that again.
Retweeted by Om Malik@ValaAfshar 2nd gen isn't immigrant - take it from one, who is one@nxthompson wrong Link.
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