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Partner, True Ventures. Founder, Gigaom. Lover of possibilities. Believer in people. Indulges in imagineering.

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Summer RIP: "I have learned many new things this summer, some of them are probably going to have a long term impact" http://t.co/g45Y9jBoaxMedia outlets going wall-to-wall on Jennifer Lawrence pic leaks, not coz they care so much on privacy, but coz it is naked grab for PVs.
Retweeted by Om MalikMeet the slimiest thing on the internet of things: SK Telecom's connected eel farm - http://t.co/PWx1dkJWt1 via @NuzzelApple said to be working with MasterCard and Visa for mobile wallet - http://t.co/U9Nasv6Lnh via @Nuzzel5 Links: What to read today http://t.co/Kf9acdi7o5San Francisco Weekend! #california #litely #latergram http://t.co/rfO7BDKIC2
Just because I feel like the 1990s, here is my 90s dance music playlist via @Spotify It is dangerously up beat. http://t.co/gcr2JA75fjHappy birthday @rsarver I hope the new fatherhood doesn't take away from the fact that you are still a big baby.Americans want a smart home because they are anxious, forgetful and couch potatoes - http://t.co/fknYiUc6E5 via @NuzzelHow to stimulate the open web - http://t.co/HMouP9K0VP via @Nuzzel
Solid piece by @Matt buchanan on the shenanigans and changes at @nytimes tech section and how it all went wrong! http://t.co/O3RvNLlLT0Anand Shimpi hangs his notebook. Good luck & many thanks on great reads! As someone who retired I know how he feels http://t.co/u5sCp34YfrBecause I am missing Paris and my Parisian friends! #latergram #endofsummer http://t.co/SZTXo6Sf3I
What can Google do to really help the news & media? @om has a few ideas #longreads http://t.co/RN4iaFxKWL http://t.co/zQXkYE9mu2
Retweeted by Om MalikGet outta here okay #weekend #hyperlapse cc@goldengatebridge @ Golden Gate Bridge http://t.co/NRFMUzCPxtThe untold story of how a culture of shame perpetuates abuse. I know, I was a victim - http://t.co/NbnAjCGdxC via @Nuzzel@ryanlawler @drew For the record, I didn't break the embargo because you are "humble" drew! Congrats by the way, and much future happiness@bfeld it is called you on a bike for the most connected computer is in your head :) everything else is a silicon-based wannabeSome interesting comments on this Verge post summarizing our LG post: http://t.co/Hv1gHSZGHB
Retweeted by Om Malik@kfitchard @gigastacey @superglaze you can always go om, om is where the heart is.... I will stop now!@kfitchard @gigastacey @superglaze why don't you start one :) that would let me learn more about your musical (not cooking) chopsSerenity now! #tgif #weekend http://t.co/tDRZWpdYKz@jlguyon @raju @google it is about creating new tools for new flows. Bloomberg still is a lot of work as a terminal.@jlguyon @raju @google EventRegistry on Google infrastructure would actually work. Needs network oomph, needs better front end@jlguyon @raju @google Bloomberg terminals are nice, helpful & still in passive. More importantly they cost shit ton of money.@jason_kint I am sure they have somethings, but for others G can be the big supporter.@jason_kint thanks Jason. But more about new tools for a brand new world and a faster ecosystem.Birthday shoutout to @bchesky @DonDodge @jeffclavier three guys who are 100% additive to Silicon Valley ecosystem.How Google can really help news & media http://t.co/CIlr0eZuwx
14 years ago, DOJ said letting one broadband company run half the country was a bad idea - http://t.co/5vHnXkW8fJ via @NuzzelSo many of you are confirming that @instagram is having to put it politely, some technical problems.@MikeIsaac stop being an amateur. it is always san francisco version of some new york neighborhood. not the other way around@fromedome mine has inched up but i was more asking about, can you post or login to their website?@malthe so i am not alone.Instagram problems anyone?Apple announces special event for Sept. 9 - http://t.co/icqeryAsEc
Retweeted by Om Malik@robchandhok it is 2014 you are you not using @quip the new way to word :)Happy birthday @Shripriya and @NyayBhushan two of may favorite people. Also, big birthday shout out to @natalimorris & @sherylsandbergPhilip's $30 Hue Lux bulbs are bright, white and a bit of a UI muddle https://t.co/GvLDOCvDOB >>paging @om who wanted my opinion :)
Retweeted by Om Malik
"Just like arguing against lists or quizzes or gifs or any form of art is absurd." Except that's what you do. http://t.co/z41QKfUrj2
Retweeted by Om Malik"He stole an experience." So we've come full circle on content aggregation, then? http://t.co/DQZHPqHUBv
Retweeted by Om MalikCheck out @SquareCash payments over a 24 hour period in August. http://t.co/hAyWmsp89a
Retweeted by Om MalikWhen it comes to Intel, times are indeed changing. http://t.co/TzXYp3PfJPTWC statement: "At 430am ET this morning during our routine network maintenance, an issue with our Internet backbone created disruption..."
Retweeted by Om MalikSo Time Warner Cable is having a major outage. https://t.co/pHcEsdYr5gSwatch Switches Gears, Plans Smart Watch Says Wall Street Journal http://t.co/hPtJ3nXww6Fogs, light, action!!! #treeshadowsaremyfavorite #fog #fogust #california @ Mount Tamalpais State Park http://t.co/Gfza7SILmQ
@halt_stopp @voxdotcom it is fully suspect data given the propaganda and suspectnature of the source.What do @chrismichel @sara and @PHenriettaK have in common? Today they are celebrating anniversary of the day they came into our life. 🎉🍸🎂Dear @voxdotcom a few click show that this poll you quote about French/ISIS was conducted on behalf of Vladimir Putin's personal mouthpiece3 @trueventures founders -- @AmyErrett @chr1sa @puppetmasterd -- share stories on on how they hire http://t.co/Rs5FqkjXYj"We will drown in sensors before we ever build a true internet of things" great piece by @gigastacey http://t.co/Upqh9l1JyX"...stars are demigods who see themselves as egalitarian champions of the masses" where? Hollywood or Silicon Valley? http://t.co/hc0Th2tNgfsurprised this didn't get more attn: "Sony PlayStation Network back up after DDoS + plane bomb threat http://t.co/pjiIIdwmlN" by @superglaze
Retweeted by Om Malik@arctictony @jason_kint candidly a little annoyed by there brand choice and name.
@brianstorms not j crew :) henry's cottons! Og!Not a selfie! But that's me snapped by einwiller who was a great sport on this weekend's photo walk… http://t.co/FTNbg1HuoyPretty clear that @theinformation is on fire. Good work guys! https://t.co/b5hfdPg1gv@tomforemski Disagree. A+ on Books, A- on Commerce, Not so much on Music, Video, Tablets, Phones. A++ on Cloud, where they need to focus.@VanceMc14 It is easy to use "ecosystem" as an excuse but in the end it is monopoly-core that hides a lot of meh to moderate efforts.@VanceMc14 $GOOG Rev source: advertising on browsers, maps & videos. Some revenue on apps. Still quite ways off from making money elsewhere.Challenge for $AMZN isn't $GOOG Instead it is it's ability to fight many battles on many fronts $MSFT $GOOG haven't been successful in past.VMware jumps on the container bandwagon through deal with Docker, Google, and Pivotal -- everyone want to fight AWS http://t.co/t7aFXdAOCyLooks like @yahoo has decided it is open season on rivals like @Outbrain and launched a new offensive in ad-battle. http://t.co/idXN5TkExsNow that was an eventful weekend http://t.co/JJ3atvMZLSHappy birthday to three cool cats -- @BradStone @shl & @ricmac -- you have a great day boys!Pens, Photo walks and a earthquake -- Now that's what I call an eventful weekend. http://t.co/uiml1pCgW1 http://t.co/wP4qDLPxR6Why is America's Manufacturing Job Loss Greater than Other Industrialized Countries? http://t.co/KaHmNqnZX5 http://t.co/1o66nzjS5jWhere fog kisses the earth.... #california #latergram #treeshadowsaremyfavorite @ Mount Tamalpais… http://t.co/tpwoK3XH3h
Richard Attenborough, RIP. Great Career. Great Films. More importantly, Great Life. http://t.co/fcT0hpfsRwWell done!!!! "Quartz has a new look-and for the first time, a homepage - http://t.co/4sgkOxHj7Y via @Nuzzel"Ready, jump, fly #igers #treeshadowsaremyfavorite #latergram cc @art_chang @ Mount Tamalpais summit http://t.co/QuOBSkZNr4Happy birthday to one and only, the most wonderful Mr. @chrismichel aka a man who can make anyone look good.Which twitter celebrities were the first to tweet the SF earthquake? @MCHammer @om. But fastest fingers to @futureboy http://t.co/NQTNKfHIfe
Retweeted by Om MalikReal time coverage of this morning's California #earthquake at http://t.co/xe8p7mF16M @allaboutnapa #napaquake...
Retweeted by Om MalikIf you've downloaded the free #RedCross #earthquake app, you know there have been 5 aftershocks since the big one. http://t.co/uH8714CpQD
Retweeted by Om MalikAt Least 87 Injuries Reported Following 6.0 Magnitude #Earthquake Near Napa: http://t.co/WgzN5ij5S0 #napaquake
Retweeted by Om MalikHere are some pictures of the #Earthquake damage in California. #PrayersForCalifornia http://t.co/78LZMj0IgZ
Retweeted by Om MalikWell now that we are all up, thanks to the #napa #quake might as well share a photo 😀… http://t.co/bKOtaQ39KaGentle reminder to Silicon Valley about who's the boss! #quake #sf #napa@slh @msquinn show off ;)At 7 miles deep - the quake was quite shallow. But at 60 miles away - no real chance of damage for a 6.0 Quake in SF. Napa different story?
Retweeted by Om Malik@danielgraf good idea :)A 6.1 magnitude earthquake occurred 3.73mi WSW of American Canyon, California. Details: http://t.co/UXu1IcACpg Map: http://t.co/VooZ3WENdV
Retweeted by Om Malik6.1 #quake #sfbayarea http://t.co/eOD9oLrui0@danielgraf howdy neighborDamn, woke me up. Was super long. #quake #sfShakes #quake
Fog and light - the eternal California #treeshadowsaremyfavorite @ Mount Tamalpais State Park http://t.co/yPd5OGjjyjMedia job interview in Two Charts - http://t.co/vrIdgXsfeP via @NuzzelCole Rise’s Tuscan Edit http://t.co/ilZrxGsX0C
Friday night at sushi bar - it's damn good! Recommend this place pretty highly. Cc @chefmichaelminahttp://t.co/xmq0HF0bzb@stevesi indeed it is fascinating, though I wish I had a closer, first person look at it, much to the disappointment of my parents obviously@alex @drew you mean if i name names, then it is not a subtweet. I can do that.@drew what is a subtweet i need an #explainer cc @FiveThirtyEight @voxmediaincPeople who have no life experience are life coaches. People who have never felt the ups and downs of startups are startup coaches. Amazing!Dear @NeimanLabs do you remember "Last Great Thing" you wrote about it. http://t.co/l3Oy9M4Jjn Just like This & that thing called link blogWith Enlitic, a veteran data scientist plans to fight disease using deep learning — welcome back to startups Jeremy! http://t.co/rOIc6QXQHU@samschwartz wait you going back to school? congrats.Back in the day we had "link blog" now we have This. (or that.) http://t.co/iCatDF13kZ
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