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Chad Johnson @ochocinco Liberty City

Famous for grammatical corrections, football, fashion, GHOSTS/FIFA. Solving world problems with love for all women. Employed by @CBSSports & @MTLAlouettes

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15 minutes on Destiny before my bed time, it's good but playing alone sucks...I love you though... RT @keepupwithle: We beefing @ochocinco ... Thought I remind you βœ‹Save a relationship or a marriage.... Get a cock lock...These are cool, I'd wear one as long as it matched my shoes... http://t.co/rl84fuFR1aI love you Chuck, the little people made me. RT @chuckcavallier: @ochocinco eh you keep all of us little people entertained... & you're realI will establish dominance in Saskatchewan winters w/ snow angels in the nude RT @ryanNseal: a Saskatchewan winter would defeat you.Not that any of you actually care being I do nothing beneficial for you but i do LOVE all you random fockers...Destiny is installing right now... RT @jamesins123: @ochocinco stop complaining and join my gameI'd like to take this time to voice my displeasure w/ the Montreal weather, I spent $200 at H&M on cold weather gear & it's only 50 degrees!Ecstatic‼️RT @SCHANICE26: This Winter will be worst than last years and I know @Ochocinco is excited for that!I know PK Subban, Malkin, Crosby & Ovechkin personally so it'd be them... RT @andyman14: @ochocinco who's your favourite NHL player Chad?Or a woman... RT @Barbie_Bates_: Can't Raise A Man......Installing Destiny to see what all the fuss is about, what are y'all doing?I get the HABS next time... RT @tmano94: Just beat @ochocinco in NHL 15! You're pretty good bro keep practicingPlaying @tmano94 in NHL15 & winning with the Capitals... http://t.co/t9s3nfjoALMiami twitter who is the owner of this "John Doe" inspired Donk, I want it November 28th for 24hrs... http://t.co/AjICCh1XxwI need a DONK November 28th just to listen to @rickyrozay #HoodBillionaire album...Dear Zoe's in Miami I need 1 of my Chevys back because @rickyrozay New Album #HoodBillionaire is drops on Black Friday (Nov. 28)If you really love me you'll camp outside on Thursday so we both can get the new iPhone 6...Suits r ready RT @jemelehill: Empty seat right next to us, if you want to join us one day RT @ochocinco: I love Michael Smith & Jemele Hill.πŸ™Œ RT @necolebitchie: @ochocinco RT @MissMayMayBaby: Dating a dude tht love videos games ain't easy. Cuz that's their gf too. 😩I keep my read receipts & location on because I love you babe...I don't care about your body count babe, I enjoy competing w/ your past...I love Michael Smith & Jemele Hill...I don't care about your edges babe only your hands & feet...If she doesn't let you see her hair/edges before it gets sewed down she doesn't really LOVE you...Act of Valor... (stay woke)How do you fight what isn't afraid of death...ISIS is trying to enter the USA through Mexico...Elvis Presley Blvd...I turned on the news & everything was negative, came back to twitter & people are arguing/slandering each other... 😩All it takes is 1 mistake
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonRT @BlkSportsOnline: BSO: Klay Thompson's Agent Says His Client is Better Than Kobe http://t.co/u0XJSXkfCL via @MarkAGunnelsI respect your preference & love you but I'm straighter than a #2 pencil sir. RT @Nateyy_Deville: i guess we go together Chad ! @ochocincoAwesome RT @kmichelle: β€œ@ochocinco: I love K Michelle...”> Awww shucks. Luv u 2 sirTheir rippage means nothing when it's countered w/ LOVE from me... RT @Tzepol24: HAHAH @NESN ripped on @ochocincoGet your vision checked cause it's LOVE... #11thcommandment RT @Barbie_Bates_: This ain't love it's clear to see... πŸ’”My nephew @JerrodJohnson1 is single & looking for love, despite being a virgin he hopes you can wait till he's ready. http://t.co/eI30OPFW46Would it be inappropriate to post a picture w/ myself & El Chapo knowing I have no affiliation, it's just a picture?Too early to tweet like this... RT @Barbie_Bates_: Hungry for @ochocinco 😩😩Awesome guys... RT @EASPORTS: We love you too, Chad! RT @ochocinco: I love everybody at EA Sports...You resemble Balotelli's girlfriend RT @Millsoreal: @ochocinco when do I move in? No time to waste lol. Morning hotshot!If I'm following you we go together, if you respond to my tweet we go together, if you don't follow me but check my page we go together...We go together since you responded RT @DrayaFace: RT @ochocinco: I love Draya too <--- oh a love rant ? This is cool. And nice. And strange.I hate squash, okras & zucchini... RT @NOTORIOUSKaci: @ochocinco what DON'T u love? 😩😭😭I love Siri...I love Starbucks being we exchange tweets all the time & they replaced my Gold Card expeditions when it was stolen...Thanks RT @Starbucks: @ochocinco We suggest an insulated tumbler to keep your drink hot in those cold Pacific waters: http://t.co/GV5UwZaml3I love Draya too...I love Rihanna & her feet... & style. Oh & sex appeal.... And the fact that she gives 0 f%^^s...Everyone please initiate @DarrenHeitner w/ a few thousand "I Love You's"Love Rant.... I love you Darren... RT @DarrenHeitner: What exactly is occurring on @ochocinco's timeline?You missed the Pucci tweet earlier huh? RT @TameronTammyTia: You love Evelyn? β€œ@ochocinco: I love Erykah Badu...”I'm at Starbucks thinking of things & people I love...I love Erykah Badu...No ma'am, I've never ridden a snowmobile... RT @chrissyteigen: @ochocinco but do you have a snowmobileLmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ RT @JamesRennick: β€œ@ochocinco: I love Chara & Lucic...” http://t.co/goUH8nTaL9Okay I'll get off twitter, I'm sorry Mr. Duval. Love you man... pause... unpause... cool RT @lilduval: @ochocinco aight nigga we get it.I love Skip Bayless & Stephen A. Smith...I love Pucci... merI love Porsha Williams...I love K Michelle...I would love to go on a date w/ Sarah Palin, kayaking with Orcas in the wild with a cup of Starbucks...I love Obama & Bill Clinton...I love kids, I love my kids, hell I want more kids, everybody get pregnant & give me custody please...I love Bill Maher...I really love my P.O. for giving me permission to come to Canada...I love Necole Bitchie...I love Sandra Rose...Love them all you can't go wrong...Every time I try loving ONE person I fuck it up...I love Chara & Lucic...I love the HABS & PK Subban...I love all the ZOES in Miami... (Give me my Donks back though)I love everybody at EA Sports...I love Rick Ross & Trick Daddy...I love Jay Z & Diddy...I love the women who only date men of extreme wealth & wouldn't give me the time of day, without you my lotion would be useless...If you ask a million people what LOVE is you'd get a million different answers...I love any & everybody that's a ginger...I love Kathy Griffin...I love Drew Rosenhaus...I love Cris Carter...I love Crystal Bates... 11th commandmentI love all those who curved my simple date request & tier 1 spoiling treatment to only end up single w/ nothing to show for except memories.I love Tom Higgins & Jim Popp...I love Mike Brown & Troy Blackburn...I love Jena Frumes...I love everybody that unfollowed me & thinks I didn't notice...I love Sarah Webber...I love Poppy Harlow...I love all feminist...Is it too early for a Love Rant where I mention random thoughts & people I'm infatuated w/ but would never @I love you people again this morning...7 is the number of completion...
Gorgeous RT @itskimwebster: @ochocinco I wish Gruden would stop calling him a kid when he's doing grown man shitSproles is nasty on screens & draws...One of the perks of being w/ someone is being able to steal his clothes to be honest
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonπŸ“ RT @Barbie_Bates_: Nas πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜©πŸ™ŒDeadly combo in the back field in Philly...
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