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The Fed is being proactive! Must be weird for them. | http://t.co/uKd5oEx8sIAaron Rodgers claims this signal is indeed a reference to @SmokinJayCutler: http://t.co/GCu1dcbOVB via @thebiglead http://t.co/tlTYdH79XO
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Finally watched the Redskins episode of South Park. Those guys still have it.10,000 Americans worried about contracting Ebola will die this year in car accidents instead. Because, math. http://t.co/rIv9vG9lbj
Retweeted by LfHs @k_ved http://t.co/TSTBPbNumG @dfledderjohn @drewekitchen@k_ved @The_Analyst as (sane) leaders know, it's in their best interest to use non lethal forms of crowd control. Hence the speculation, no?@k_ved @donalderyan the bit about how equipment and money moves between producer and end user is fascinating@k_ved felt wrong to favorite this, but the logic is flawless
Andy Reid's nightmares. http://t.co/vnOKv6AZbR
Retweeted by LfHs UGG. #patriots
Retweeted by LfHs This partnership is so perfect, words cannot do it justice. GoPro and the NHL. (h/t @dfledderjohn)| http://t.co/KpAil974JD
FWIW, 5 people in the last three days asked me "is that the new iPhone?". My response was, no it's the old HTC. Thanks for playing, sheeple.Today is the one day I hate @CharmAndDecay. Cheers brotha. #jertsLive #jerts http://t.co/vinlWL7kKF http://t.co/N6khn66QUw
http://t.co/jedyExCOVS http://t.co/chvG5dnQQ2How the reintroduction of wolves in Yellowstone National Park changed rivers. Pretty fascinating. https://t.co/YAxTcxrYs2
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I expect $10M in my checking acct in the AM "@CNBC: BBRY CEO expects software rev to double: http://t.co/poOFZj12uf http://t.co/gCkBuH52jg"@k_ved ace. ty@k_ved watching where?#dealwithit http://t.co/7L0PAooMIlWhaaaat "@BloombergTV: BREAKING: William H. Gross joins Janus Capital"
Jesus Christ that hit. Helmet to helmet on a defenseless receiver should warrant a bouncing from the game.Guess who picked up Larry Donnell on waivers this week...this guy@donalderyan yessir, I was into work ass early this AM. Very good seeing you as well. Always a pleasure@volatilitysmile @k_ved you just took that to the next level@k_ved you insist on this, no? "@SarcasmLeague: When girls call their boyfriends “daddy” I just want to vomit all over their existence."@1logic all I know is that it makes life in excel much easier. The answer you're looking for from me is a 'known unknown'Does anyone have any recs wrt resources to start learning VBA. Tabula rasa over here...Officer, you're not a soldier. If you want to shoot people, join the military.WTFFF "@dashbot: This is insane RT @demianbulwa: Video of S. Carolina trooper shooting black motorist for no reason. http://t.co/CftII99Flb"There is a tiny babushka on my new team. Listening to her gripe is HILARIOUS.@k_ved @GolfDigest they're really stepping up their trolling
So @espn will publish that OTL story but suspend @BillSimmons for saying the same thing. They're really not biting the hand that feeds.FTW #America "@GolfDigest: Good luck, Europe. http://t.co/3VwEzqYYrV http://t.co/vVvf8aOjl5"*no Foxconn pun intendedOtterbox is gonna make a killing off of this shoddy Apple manufacturing.@k_ved i actually thought of writing pungent/delicious, I'll have you knowFew things are as pungent as a freshly opened bag of fritos in the office.a new ABC family comedy about obama's foreign policy: "iraq-ish".
Retweeted by LfHs Barista arrogance is the worst. "Yeah yeah I got it"....Well, you actually got it wrong, so cool it with the attitude.It costs Apple just $15.50 more to make the #iPhone6 Plus than the smaller phone, but it will cost you $100 more: http://t.co/pMzlHY7sse
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NFL Players Are More Law Abiding Than Average Men http://t.co/MNPihpeUga
Retweeted by LfHs @BigInTheShire that's what I did at my old spot. Need to take 6 one stop up for the new gig....think I might be sticking w 2/3/7 to 6@LawOnHighHeels none, actually. NYPD did the right thing and made sure the privileged people were not inconveniencedNew office feels like Siberia. Going to invest in a fratagonia vest this weekend cc @k_ved @KWALRULESTaking the 4/5 is so miserable I'm considering taking more than the minimum two trains to work just to avoid that cesspool on tracks.
Still reppin the big D. "@edsbs: https://t.co/3X9P5N3lPr"This is the best thing on the Internet today. "@Deadspin: VIDEO: Mighty mite football players thwarted by banner http://t.co/cuxGNzuqTp"Preparing to knock a few hippies out on my way back home from wall st this evening.
I've got to start using that. "@SBNationGIF: The Chiefs won a game and still embarrass themselves. https://t.co/vajzJsUheu"Afrikaans, often reviled at home, has developed a fan base abroad: http://t.co/41mYJ1Rhiz http://t.co/gRVPbDqqwR
Retweeted by LfHs Cold blooded. "@ScottSalmon48: Here's the GIF, from @SBNation. Marky Mark is ice cold. http://t.co/Rcjnk744AC"I approve of the effort that went into this pelvic thrustin' injury: http://t.co/j9bByBnpIc
Retweeted by LfHs See? Botched snap on the field goal attempt. The Giants are turning into the Jets.That goalline fumble was perfect. With that, I present the idea that the Giants are this season's #Jets.Tumble down the rabbit hole with me http://t.co/L5HwiiDAcu
Retweeted by LfHs @SBarlow_ROB that's my free advice to ESPNESPN considering the 10s buffer between what is said in the studio and when it hits TV screens after Ray Lewis talks about cover ups...Ray Lewis is on ESPN talking about covering up crimes http://t.co/XCnoLRrq1Y https://t.co/V5IttcyJOk
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Ref forgets to flip mic on. “Goddammit” http://t.co/kQOrMzLXgR https://t.co/mCcgj8IfiV
Retweeted by LfHs Timing is everything. http://t.co/oMY4eAqKD2What the color of your child's iPhone says about their views on racial tolerance and inclusivity
Retweeted by LfHs @SBarlow_ROB wow...Ray Rice was just a pretty good player. Imagine the role the #Ravens and #NFL took in the Ray Lewis murder case.
Retweeted by LfHs Surprise Long Island Iced Tea with my haircut. Not getting any more work done today, I guess.Amazing. "@Vine_Football: Liverpool fans to Daniel Sturridge. http://t.co/ZK15V9n6PO"
@donalderyan whenever you get drinks with everyone, I am joining@donalderyan you're in town next week, yes?Just spotted #thatjcrewginghamshirt. It is so real.Despite MTA's veto effort, a new anti-Islamic ad campaign is coming to a bus/subway near you http://t.co/omx43THF32 http://t.co/OdcaZbpbNi
Retweeted by LfHs @k_ved @Ryan_STT @KWALRULES that means To Be DestroyedInstagram of the day: Madison Square Park http://t.co/fKqBD56ZIt by @migeophoto http://t.co/Eaj58BlpL5
Retweeted by LfHs #sheeple "@_SidVerma: It's moments like this you realize just how precious life can be https://t.co/sgSVIJQKjI"NFL loses corporate partner for breast cancer awareness week: http://t.co/G0eVJxPOJn
Retweeted by LfHs It really bothers me when people say the computer is "thinking".CSAM prices market's fifth $1B-plus CLO of the year - Atrium XI - via Credit Suisse.
Retweeted by LfHs @k_ved @Cthursby @ShanersMD free money@k_ved @Cthursby @ShanersMD there are squatters rights, no? Squat for a certain amount of time and you assume ownership? We should do thatNFL fans prove they're exactly as stupid as the NFL thinks they are http://t.co/lvht4ul73O
Retweeted by LfHs @KWALRULES you won't order another one@anugandapug your mom sounds like she knows how to party@ShanersMD even I really enjoyed that oneWe'll never see another player quite like Devin Hester: http://t.co/ECzx1SbbgU
Retweeted by LfHs Lemmings waiting in line for the new iPhone. It's called the Internet bro, pre-order that thing from home. http://t.co/9M8SqYdoZW.@ShanersMD some inspiration | https://t.co/viyQKSBbSILast day at work, so you best believe I'm giving them the no sock treatment.
!!!!!! "@BroBible: It Looks Like Zoolander 2 Is Happening, With Will Ferrell Returning As Mugatu http://t.co/nLBJmhGvm6 via @BroBible"If you're getting a fake tan, just ask for the Mike Smith.This man speaks the #truth "@Deadspin: Steve Smith has some thoughts about domestic violence and elevators: http://t.co/TQwt28L4mD"You can't spell "Farm Bill" without "wow, that's an incredible waste of money" http://t.co/YK2IsMf1GM
Retweeted by LfHs #tinyhands "@verge: I don't need a bigger iPhone http://t.co/rHQYDnXJwn by @ohnorosco http://t.co/94k9PA4Dpk" http://t.co/Ks2ySODPwWGoogle Now suggests articles that I might like based on online account history (pages etc). Why do people hate data mining..this is great.Heavyweight champ Wladimir @Klitschko almost ready to resume training after injury. My blog: http://t.co/xKmM9NEPPg #boxing
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INCREDIBLE. "@FlashframeNYC: 'Artist Uses Female Body as Canvas in NYC Photo Series' - http://t.co/W8ZKz9OpTV http://t.co/3Jkvfz4Bcv"This would be a very 'Oblivion'-y twist to Destiny. | http://t.co/T0zi5mWMlRA new microbiome theory on why diet soda hasn't slowed obesity http://t.co/QY6PoNzeVV
Retweeted by LfHs Pulled duck confit for leaving lunch. | http://t.co/PJIKa1apDLYour ultimate guide to global economy and the Federal Reserve. #fomc http://t.co/cUD8kqYynM
Retweeted by LfHs @daykneeaj that's true too. The NFL has been pretty blatant in its 'support' of a good cause to generate a profit (eg selling pink apparel)NFL in October will be interesting as it is breast cancer awareness month and everyone wears pink everything to support women.......awkward
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