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@Felix65001101 Would you mind following and DM'ing us with more details?Know someone hesitant about trying OneNote? Try easing them in gently. Start with a shopping list. http://t.co/LvIMHGu68G@myanroeller Thanks for the feedback, Ryan. Please let our engineers know directly here: http://t.co/F5w8pXCVac.@NicholaSanford Great! We're always happy to help. Have a great weekend!@gabpdx Try logging in here with the email address associated with your OneNote: http://t.co/JgXF0Hi1fD.@NicholaSanford See the 'Email Pages' section here: http://t.co/XJ7G0nMlgZ. 2/2@NicholaSanford Thanks for clarifying! In that case, you might want to export the notebook so each user would have their own copy. 1/2@gabpdx We're sorry to hear that. Does your notebook sync to OneDrive?@marcuskemper Others have also mentioned that, Macus. You can vote to see that feature here: http://t.co/OgP1U1Ds6X.@mrgalen You can learn about the latest OneNote happenings on our blog, Galen: http://t.co/iTJrUTrxlf.@NicholaSanford Let us know if that answers your question! 2/2@NicholaSanford You could try simply sharing the notebook with those people. See how here: http://t.co/R5ekzIXocD. 1/2@ariaofgrace We think so too! Learn more about OneNote and Surface Pro 3 here: http://t.co/6yz5Et5vEP.@TheRealMPerkins Yay! We're glad you find this feature useful. http://t.co/erD2ARTLkN@iszarka We love to see this! Thanks for sharing, Istvan. Have you seen our Mathematics Add In?: http://t.co/qg5w2w7hok.@nonlinear Wow! This is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing, Nicholas.@who_the_heck We have lots of resources when it comes to organizing notebooks, Alice. Take a look!:http://t.co/4vEU9n0tOy.@gabpdx We promise our creators are nothing short of angelic! Is there anything we can help you with?
@davidzepol Great to hear! Any good takeaways?@LornaRAWR Wow! Sounds fun though. You might find this helpful to keep your thoughts organized: http://t.co/bXIekeWMZG.@cmagill Sounds like you're busy! What are you working on?Screenshot it. @SightApp it. Save it to OneNote. It’s just that easy. http://t.co/Mu6FhoUlH6@youarethenight Ariel, now students can share how they got Office from MCC for a chance to win a #SurfacePro3: http://t.co/CaN8nHwfDj!@LornaRAWR Very exciting! That's coming up in November, right?@a_avila29 We're honored! Thanks, you're awesome!@a_avila29 That's what we love to hear! We're happy we can help.@samuelmcneill Thank you!@CAdams1984 Awesome, we're glad we can help keep you organized!@seandaniel It's a great feature, we're glad you've discovered it!@MonaIsmailKamel We're happy to hear that!OneNote can do tons of math for you. But what if you want to solve the expressions yourself? http://t.co/Jlqoh2TAwM@samuelmcneill We're sorry for the inconvenience, Sam. Please post so our engineers can take a look: http://t.co/PIe0aaf2Lo.@SydneyyKathrynn Thanks Sydney! What do you love about OneNote?@CAdams1984 No news to share yet. You can let our engineers know it's something you like to see: http://t.co/WqoR1rBPgl.@valeriaiscrying Try backing them up on OneDrive!: http://t.co/hogIJsWkNB.@ncjks Sorry about that, John. Let us know if this helps: http://t.co/wQUUjmjOV1.@GamacyCom Sounds pretty good to us! Do you have a busy day ahead?@kramkr We're sorry about that. You can also leave your feedback with our engineers here: http://t.co/QlksCBapAA.Insert a checkbox in OneNote 2013 by pressing CONTROL and 1. #OneNoteTips http://t.co/4kDMfPfz6Z@CAdams1984 That's what we like to hear! Do you have a favorite feature?@mattnupen We love helping educators like yourself, Mr. Nupen. Have you seen our new Class Notebook Creator App?: http://t.co/lRIuMFUMkj.@JBiserkov Thanks for sharing this. We're a like a bright spot of (purple) sunshine!@WritingElm You might want to follow our blog for lots of helpful OneNote tips too: http://t.co/ke8cvxiWFR. 2/2@WritingElm That's awesome, we're so glad we can help. 1/2@RoughBoy05 Very cool. Glad we could help!@IanStuart66 Please check your inbox, we sent you a DM.@Janni_IT You can always leave feedback here, too!: http://t.co/PfAw2iDibo.@HPGMiskin Our blog is the best place to keep up with OneNote news and updates too: http://t.co/h739dWsB6K.@HPGMiskin No updates to share at this time, Henry. You can vote to support equations on OneNote for Mac here: http://t.co/qL80SFqgPg.New @Livescribe feature: auto-send your handwritten notes to OneNote and easily edit on all your devices. http://t.co/RMfyBrVcwc
Come for a great overview of OneNote Class Notebook Creator, stay for a sneak peek of @Sway, via @DarrellCWebster: http://t.co/kUL9v4pZNh@ajfromuk Wonderful, thank you!@stassp We hear you! That request has more than 8,500 votes on our feedback page. Take a look and vote!: http://t.co/ffYtL9OBRn.@raindog308 Great suggestion! Would you mind letting our engineers know here?: http://t.co/LdfI7cOCrh.@rachelmarshall6 Thanks for spreading the word, Rachel! Are you a OneNote user?Have you tried using OneNote on Android Wear device yet? It’s so easy to take notes on the go. http://t.co/Laj5A1LmxC #LookMaNoHands@ajfromuk We're listening! You can vote for that functionality here: http://t.co/jLY2uxCCtI.@Alexkus Awesome! We're glad we can help you be productive.@CaptainNX74205 Great idea, glad we can help!@Kazzan Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback!@kevinkansg Currently it's only supported for Windows Phone and iOS devices. See more here: http://t.co/1PIZfANpU0.@teemulehtinen Excellent, sounds like it will be a great trip!@gevenmeteffect Fantastic! That's what we like to hear.Sometimes you just want to take notes on paper. No problem. Snap a pic with Office Lens and save your notes to OneNote, Word, or PowerPoint.@teemulehtinen If you're traveling with others, we have a great article about planning trips in groups: http://t.co/ETbYRRbaok. 2/2@teemulehtinen Fun! How long is the trip? 1/2@CaptainNX74205 Neat! Why are you saving them?@AJ_Wiseman Glad we could help keep you organized. It sounds like a big project, color coding might help!: http://t.co/rOSROhaBbX.@G3NxD Why the quotes? Is it not so professional after all?@Alexkus What are you working on?@simpsoid Awesome! Here is a great list of other ways to collaborate with OneNote: http://t.co/X6w9dpD0MU.@vmpics Great answer! How do you use OneNote, Michael?The most recent notebook I created in OneNote was ______________.@tedsaliphoto What a great idea, thanks for sharing!@JSawyr Great photo, thanks for sharing Joshua!@bjuul Thanks for the kind words. We have a place dedicated to helping teachers use OneNote in class. Take a look: http://t.co/oJbZ5k9UoA.@HowdyHedberg Very cool. What grade would you like to teach? As a future teacher, you might want to take a look: http://t.co/ZiwZjXcTd3.@darthclaudiaa We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have, Claudia. http://t.co/DtnPHh6T86@FWISDEdTech How exciting! How did it go?@Kimberly4real That sounds very haiku-like! Welcome to OneNote, Kimberly!@Dorish Thanks for spreading the word, Doris!@EricHeilman That's what we're here for! Here is a great list of tips you might like: http://t.co/CXSlnU9oje.@JimiVyas We consider ourselves lifelong learners :) Check out our blog, it has tons of tips for students: http://t.co/59G6GT2Awl.@Tiwaash Great, thanks!@warrick_w What do you have as #1?@karlequin We're glad you could get it resolved. We'll pass that along!@Kazzan We're sorry for the inconvenience. Please let our engineers know here: http://t.co/tk7KY9Ydjg.@HowdyHedberg We're glad we can help! What is the test on?
@AMRiduwan Not all features are available on OneNote Mobile. You can submit suggestions here: http://t.co/mGMQBTPz96.@themausman Thanks for your feedback, Maurice. Have you voted for it here: http://t.co/xHPZ3rKlTT.@SvenMeister We're sorry for the inconvenience. Please post details here so our engineers can look into it: http://t.co/3Vi8XRgM6l.@bc3tech Thank you for submitting your feedback, Brandon!@jyuwono Thank you for the feedback, Jeffrey. We will pass this along to our engineers. http://t.co/txbuQ0CVIf@Tiwaash See here for more information, Ashish: http://t.co/590YIIUoLu. Hope it helps.@ElijahAiy We appreciate all the love! :) Thank you for spreading the word.@karlequin Due to the limitations of twitter, we ask that you post details here so our engineers can look into it: http://t.co/AH07MgSSFJ.@warrick_w Where would you put it on the list, Warrick?@parrishc Will you be using it mainly for work or at home?@ez5974 We like the way you think! :) OneNote is especially great for group projects with real-time collaboration: http://t.co/DatMCfGmud.@loveka Yay! We're happy you recovered, Katie. Do you back up your OneNote to OneDrive? http://t.co/iCokz0Bl4G
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