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Inspiration and innovation’s in the air at #BETT and #FETC as #Windows10 demos the #OneNote update & other goodies. http://t.co/eaG02UOPoB#OneNote is like the Swiss Army knife of education tools. Teachers love how they can make it their own http://t.co/An1vgqCYAN #BYOD #EdTechNew project ahead? Find the perfect #OneNote template to get you started. http://t.co/8XtYzUhBCi http://t.co/uA19ZO2c3y
@hellorobmturner Here's even more to know: http://t.co/HbvagocTSm. 😉@nitivaish We're honored! What do you love about OneNote, Niti?@CyberResearchUK We're got all kinds of suggestions! Check out our blog for ideas: http://t.co/428uaVKXuV.@rcadden Then move on to this series of training courses, videos and tutorials: http://t.co/K05lop5h1d. 2/2@rcadden Yes! Start here: http://t.co/r8DLgs420d. 1/2@Wbsimms Thanks for the shout out!@durlej We're here!@rcadden We're happy to answer any questions!@gopo1115 We love it when that happens! 😃If math isn't your strong suit, let #OneNote help. Write any equation then hit the = sign & spacebar for the answer. http://t.co/WrkSptt3fn@EFCPHYSICS Very cool. Are you familiar with our OneNote for Teachers resource? http://t.co/Qap9kbatS6@HelgeKlein We're sorry to hear that. Are you still having trouble?@dvanleerdam We're sorry about that. Please let us know if this thread helps: http://t.co/ATDls0lqJy.@Nate24otero We're here if you have questions! This may help: http://t.co/JWnAvsHZDN.@EFCPHYSICS That's great to hear! We're glad they enjoyed it. What grade do you teach?@thiessen_stuart We're sorry about that. You can request that functionality here: http://t.co/Ale9jcMM8T.@allisonshill Unfortunately not at this time. We encourage you to leave a request for that feature here: http://t.co/XwIUpC7jkv.@jvanrhyn Excellent, we're glad to hear it!@vessi At this point, we recommend posting a thread on our forums: http://t.co/mrlePgg7qE.@TheLearningBird You're welcome. Have a great weekend!@iSalome_chan We love your penguin drawings!#OneNote is larger than life on the new 84 inch 4K Microsoft Surface Hub with #Windows10 http://t.co/BkGCT3QgZ0@TheLearningBird That's great to hear! You might enjoy this resource: http://t.co/LvLIGsnuVP.@allenangle Thanks for sharing your thoughts, we appreciate it!@vessi Try clicking the timestamp itself first. Does anything appear after you click?@CommaPolice Fantastic! We're glad you had a great time.@rdettogni You're welcome! We're happy to answer any additional questions.@Maozillah Welcome to OneNote! Let us know if you have questions.@TheTechChat That is a widely requested feature! Please cast your vote here: http://t.co/UVABfLomZQ.@ssafdar314 What did you think?@vessi OneNote will use the new date and time stamp when searching the page for notes. 2/2@vessi To change the date or time stamp of a page, click the date or time, and then click the calendar or clock icon that appears. 1/2@vessi Unfortunately you will need to manually size the cells. We welcome your feedback here: http://t.co/WqV9eoeG8T.@allenangle We'd love your feedback here, Allen: http://t.co/SnudWh0iSy.@TheLearningBird That's great to hear! How long have you been a OneNote user, Jennifer?There’s a #OneNote Avenger in our midst at #BETT. http://t.co/hvoYqwTIpT@jvanrhyn We're sorry you ran into an issue. Will you please post here so our engineers can look into this: http://t.co/pHw1QfVgxL.@jamescallaghan Welcome to OneNote, James. How is the migration going?#WindowsInsiders are already influencing #Windows10 development. Share feedback on #OneNote. Become an insider: http://t.co/ZORP0SWNJz
@alan713 This is not possible. However, our engineers are listening. Please vote and suggest new features here: http://t.co/tZQ6Gvbwfu.@os1019 Best of luck on your #clutterfree2015 challenge! 😃 We're happy we can play a part.@sarmadaqrawi Thank you. We appreciate your feedback. Please continue to suggest and vote for features: http://t.co/g7obenUmtV.@Bett_show Capes are Super, man! And so is #Bett2015! 😃#OneNote universal for #Windows10 will offer the same look & functionality across all devices. http://t.co/H91BjxbTeE http://t.co/oyPJoqfNn6@Qushery Gotcha! Sorry for the confusion.@MarkHudson001 @gwswindale We're happy to answer any questions!@Qushery We're glad you're excited! See how OneNote can record audio here: http://t.co/6nKWeD1MlS.@careapples Fantastic! Have you seen our OneNote for Teachers resource?: http://t.co/mLjdbIjWLO.@vikkimack_hht Excellent, we're glad we could introduce you to a new feature!The release of #Windows10 means updates to the entire @Office suite. Check out what’s in store. http://t.co/AiVB5j48QK@InsaneMclean We're sorry about that. Would you mind sending us a DM with a screenshot?@vikkimack_hht That's great! Did you know OneNote can record audio too? http://t.co/JZsqoDZEOj@musictheoryguy Great post, thanks for sharing!@ericjlevitt There is no news to share at this time, but we encourage you to leave feedback here: http://t.co/ytp6hgOvWY.@AlvaroQR The team is definitely considering it! See more here: http://t.co/Z42XzGRJ6S.
@awmalloy Wonderful, thank you!@awmalloy That's the best place for our engineers to see it. 2/2@awmalloy Thanks for such a detailed write up! Would you mind cross-posting it in our forums?: http://t.co/UG2eM7IK2S. 1/2@CarsonMeares Are you able to access your notes through OneNote Online?: http://t.co/8mBdJ349isTerry Myerson talks about all things #Windows10 in his recap of the day’s events. http://t.co/qm2dmatQxq http://t.co/EcBLGGIr6F
Retweeted by Microsoft OneNote@os1019 That's great to hear! We're glad we can help you reach a #clutterfree2015!@jordan_web Welcome to OneNote, Scott. Let us know if you have questions!@cleithart Unfortunately not at this time. We encourage you to leave feedback here: http://t.co/cTZsJvniEU.@jdblundell We welcome your feedback here, Jonathan: http://t.co/rf0BwD0NMw.Introducing Microsoft Surface Hub. Unlock the power of the group. Watch the webcast live: http://t.co/xTSrmDbfdW http://t.co/cWJ7nzWiGm
Retweeted by Microsoft OneNote@arya_hk Thanks for your kind words, Hari! How do you use OneNote in your classroom?@TheTechChat There will be more to come. Stay tuned! 😃@CarsonMeares Oh no! Are you still having trouble?@cleithart This word count add in might help!: http://t.co/gUFIsfG55f.@segfaulthunter We're sorry about that. Please let us know if these suggestions help: http://t.co/vIzFgY4CWu.
It’s easy to fast forward audio and video recordings in #OneNote. Just press CTRL+ALT+U. Rewind with CTRL+ALT+Y #OneNoteTips@torresjei Yay! We're happy to hear that.Teachers, get daily #OneNote lesson plans for your class inspired by the #Bing homepage. http://t.co/sfuJJkOOu8 #EdTech@Semantics Thanks for all your kind words! Do you follow our blog? It has tons of tips and tricks! http://t.co/Cdp2X5Teku.@moseph04 We do strive for awesome! 😃@Semantics Aw, we love you too! What is your favorite OneNote feature?@COREYxINFINITY Aw, thanks for your kind words! What do you love most about OneNote?@Pre2Ries We understand, and we're listening! We're always working to make OneNote the best it can be.@lagarfias Wonderful. Let us know if you have questions.@jgardner04 Please check your inbox, we sent you a DM.@kcarpentier77 Thanks for your feedback! You can submit your suggestions here: http://t.co/zxwogzDUwo..@Office is giving Maryland teachers, students, and parents a new tool for learning & life, at school and home. http://t.co/gxyDzIVh4G@AhamedTen We hear you! You can vote for that feature here: http://t.co/SoKtLuF2E5@Pre2Ries We appreciate your feedback. You are welcome to DM us with your thoughts.@NatlAcadGroup Thanks for sharing our post. We're passionate about education.@simincooper1 "...simple and helpful" - we like it! 😃 Which versions of OneNote do you use?@diannekrause Awesome #OneNoteNinja Sway, Dianne. Thanks for sharing!@satishev We're sorry to hear that. We welcome your feedback here: http://t.co/gwnw6trTlz.@vessi We're not sure what you mean, Vanessa. What exactly would you like to do?@RobertJRalston Awesome! Do you follow our blog? It's great for tips and tricks: http://t.co/jYcmK1HVRW.@adamwise95 Aww, thanks! What do you love about OneNote?@Pre2Ries Our engineers have a Windows Phone update in the works! You can also leave feedback here: http://t.co/wLk9FotMro.@Fernandezc4 That's fantastic! Thanks for being such a great OneNote fan :)@jgrovert Oops, sorry about that. You might have better luck asking on our forums: http://t.co/dKn7dPhbqG.@Halbrook Yay! It's an awesome feature, we're glad you discovered it! http://t.co/wAIdDFfHvO@r_mozingo Very cool! We're glad we can help. Did you know OneNote can record audio too?: http://t.co/cTPOtny8QL. Helpful for lectures!@PetriAsperk We're happy to see educators spread the word. 😃
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