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Author of The Girl in the Road, published by @CrownPublishing and @LittleBrownUK. Playwright-in-Residence at @OLittleGreenPig.

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Dammit, ideas! You couldn't wait till morning, could you? Now I'm up out of bed so I can write all your asses down.being alive is ruining my brand
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@hanvnah ...Nevermind. Momentary panic at reading your handle closely. Thank you Hannah :)@hanvnah Thank YOU, Hannah. <3Embarking on Lars von Trier's DOGVILLE. Might need some wine for this one.@cruz_cambranes @Pacz_Tours Do you go to ATM? God knows I'll be going...for the 13th time lol@cruz_cambranes Verdad! Sept 22-30 in Cayo....can't waaaaaaaait @Pacz_Tours@DominicDAndrea Where are you? And where's home?I feel homesick for everywhere except home.I miss the sound of howler monkeys. One month to #Belize.@terrible_editor I hear you. <3@terrible_editor I was half-expecting you to be on the ground, there!Notes to myself. #novel2 http://t.co/5k4VgM4iKcCan we stop with the "pay attention to this, not that" shaming. It's not either/or. We can pay attention to both; act on both.@neilhimself WOOOO it's ON! Do it in a graveyard? ;)Breaking: Federal Judge Rules Florida Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional @TPM http://t.co/1XV7vbTTo9
Retweeted by Monica ByrneI DID IT. I TOOK THE ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE. IT WAS COLD: https://t.co/rvnIm0uJFY
Retweeted by Monica ByrneI hate witnessing the lionization of a famous public figure I know to be a sexist cock in private. Esp when praise is for 'progressivism.'I think every writer who grows up on Tolkien takes a stab at creating their own language at some… http://t.co/2vtLNf259E@MajorTheBull (With joy.)@MajorTheBull Oh my God, if we got an Ethiopian restaurant in #Durham I'd weep myself dry.OK, time to write. This time, with a major plot point having been figured out (epiphany during a Rachmaminov recital last night). :)@randomsubu jk it was a dream i had@randomsubu GET WITH THE PROGRAM SUBESAlso I had a very tender moment with an ostrich.@alwaystheself ......!YOU MUST ASK FOR WHAT YOU REALLY WANT. You really freaking must. Some thoughts on this: http://t.co/O90QA1G1fS
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@bostonturgy @macwrites It's so powerful. Are there tropes in dreams? That one's sooooo overused.@cruz_cambranes Ha, yes!But UGH. Just the feeling of being back on the grad school treadmill. A familiar, deadening routine.Was trying to convince Roger Summons to take me on as his student. Look him up! He's great, an organic geochemist.Back in grad school. Now there were beds in our offices so we could sleep there....Oh GOD I'm remembering my dream UGH...
i'm going to drunk, i'm sleepFark to add 'misogyny' to list of bannable offenses: http://t.co/4SmFXxBmyJ
Retweeted by Monica ByrneThis is just to say, so, The Brothers Karamazov is amazing so far. Divine laughter. :) #readerslife@geekstarter A letter of recommendation for a friend's MFA application. But now @cocoacinnamon closes, so, off to @motorcomh for reading :)@geekstarter I did once. Guy is a friend. But didn't want to encourage it.@geekstarter It's not even on the phone! Woman talking loudly at guy who's barely engaging, but she doesn't notice. And I'm IN BETWEEN THEM@geekstarter There's conversations and then there's Conversations. And I'm literally in the middle of a one-way [[[loud]]] conversation."there's something about mormons and engineering" --overheard at @cocoacinnamonoh my god people. inside voices. use your inside voices in coffee shops.And sometimes your friend who's a badass electrical engineer also gives spontaneous informal… http://t.co/QweDkYpj1f@SusanMacNeal @Cmolldrem ;) Her Maggie Hope series is SO good!!!@Cmolldrem You know about @SusanMacNeal then, I hope?@Cmolldrem @amandapalmer That's some hella great company to be in.Things on my to read after my comps list: @monicabyrne13's Girl in the Road. @amandapalmer new book, Bill Water's book about hitchhiking.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne"I can see fistfights breaking out." Best. @Goodreads. Comment. Ever. #TheGirlintheRoad http://t.co/EhYLbdas0zICYMI: The only three questions that matter. #writerslife #processporn http://t.co/HVBnYCgoQf@ann_leckie Right on.@ann_leckie Do you have coffee, at least?I have openings for clients. Do you want help with your writing? Info here: http://t.co/QIsPT7WTop
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@amandapalmer YES
This one. We're going to miss this one. Vaya con Dios a Chicago, Kashif! http://t.co/ANCvqvABEQ@amandapalmer And as if on cue, "Lost" comes up on my playlist. One of my favorite songs of all time. That's all, no question. :)@damiengwalter In my car. That's all!@pulpfictionbks @HachetteAus Well hello. Lovely to meet you. :)Girl in the Road stunning sf by @monicabyrne13 via @HachetteAus. The never-read-anything-like-this-before high = this http://t.co/QkH3EHoKgE
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@playwrightsteve maybe it's like oppressed minority training wheelsare all dudebros who ID as "libertarian" actually gay bc they are sabotaging any & all chances of a woman being interested. serious question@clarioncontent Also: are you white?@clarioncontent "Violently"? "Posing threat"? Do you understand the racist implications of your language?@KatWithSword @RebeccaSchinsky That dog is not having it.my stomach right now: "marnable marnable marnable"@neilhimself You've got us covered from cradle to grave ;)"In summary, a stunning book, buy without hesitation." http://t.co/Ufkf5TLsUy @BlackfriarsBookNew post: The only three questions that matter. http://t.co/HVBnYCgoQf #writerslife#ThrowbackTuesday to #twomonths #ago shit i'm doing this wrong but #aviators http://t.co/eRYsjxvSBC@cruz_cambranes Sí, era Pancho! And when I asked him what it meant he blushed and wouldn't tell me, hahahaha@cruz_cambranes Aaaaaah thank you! I'll have to remember and use that! Took me a long time at first to find out what "chula" meant hahahadid this summer even happen
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@cruz_cambranes Que es "chingona"?Courage is contagious: protestors in San Jose Succotz, Belize, block road after accident kills resident. http://t.co/lcVanbMOmO@cruz_cambranes Soy un artista! Yo debo!@BlackfriarsBook Awesome."This should be one of the year's most talked about science fiction novels." via @emeraldstreet cc @CrownPublishing http://t.co/2WSqLLdtBNWe're slow off the mark but The Girl In The Road featured in @EmeraldStreet this month. Impeccable taste! http://t.co/A3rnjVDxzP
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@cruz_cambranes My tastes run wide.I'm excited about this. http://t.co/o8PfdggfX0Also, trivia: "aadhaar" IDs in The Girl in the Road? Didn't make that up--extrapolated future version of this: http://t.co/MoiF2i2UPp@AndieArthur Oh no, you didn't! But I am so happy to hear that. Thank you. :)@mahveshm Oh HOORAY! Happy reading!!! I'm so excited to hear what you think!@AndieArthur WELCOME!I love, love, love when my friends are reading my book and live-text me while doing so. http://t.co/5wR1YuN8Sx"The Girl in the Road is unlike anything I’ve read before." http://t.co/KN2dL2A6G9@geekstarter I only meant to stay awhile...For the record, I have nine pillows on my bed. Plus a body pillow to ride like a soft kraken into my dreams.Goodbye for now, sweet pillows...*sobs* http://t.co/W7E8dH8Q6m@alwaystheself There is never TMI.@KatWithSword :D Now THAT'S better!@BUPolice @bostonturgy Thanks for the clarification! As someone who once moved in to Boston as a student, pic made me shudder...@clarioncontent How about "Mike Brown was human"? Just about the only thing that matters here.@BUPolice @bostonturgy Ohhhhh noooooo.Police telling media to "separate from protesters." Protester: "let me pull out my phone, now I'm media." This guy gets it. #Ferguson
Retweeted by Monica Byrne
@afnewton @mlsanchez116 TK.... :)@shaenasaurus So weird! I almost never feel that way about an artist. 95% static, 5% diamonds dipped in gold.I loathe Sufjan Stevens songs except for three, and those three are three of my favorite songs, ever. Strange.@the_younger You and @KatWithSword and @lizzywilkins all seeing the same thing... :(@alwaystheself 'Tis. Not at all surprised to see you striding fearlessly through the world. Carry on. <3Cardio-only phase: OVER. Muscle-building phase: COMMENCE. http://t.co/x5xTcB58id
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