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VOTE Dems OUT ~ Save America ~ The worst Republican is better than best Democrat in office | TW = My Opinion, RT ≠​ Endorsement | BKGDs in Mgmt, Speaking, IT

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Proof this Commander? has ZERO military clue ~ B Obama remark that troops aren't volunteers outrages | http://t.co/XjaKazEyJT #tcot #pjnet@glennbeck seriously I cannot stop laughing #juicy on @TheBlazeRadioOnly in Obama’s America does a senior Obama official refer to the leader of #Israel as “chickenshit". IDIOTS http://t.co/3mXF8iE22b
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Dems hate voter ID. Obama worked for ACORN and ACORN has had 54 people convicted of vote registration fraud. Dems still claim no voter fraud
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#Voting Machines in #Maryland SWITCHES Votes For #Republicans into #Votes For Democrats! http://t.co/kFh2dRefAE #TeaParty #tcot #ccot #gop
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLSince 2009, the %age of working-age adults not in the labor force has shot up to near record levels. #ObamasEconomy http://t.co/ZBDtCTQoQE
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLVidRT @GOP: The Winning Message: http://t.co/lD9gjyZYI0 Senate Dems don't have your back. Their actions prove they're looking out for Obama.The Winning Message: http://t.co/z99AFSGywH Senate Dems don't have your back. Their actions prove they're looking out for Obama.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLON THIS DAY in 1936, Charles Edward Daniels was born! Happy Birthday, Charlie! - TeamCDB #HappyBirthdayCD http://t.co/3lw8Y5lpkG
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLYou are a Lib troll in disguise, just look at ur followers and who u follow, good day. @ECW_Smart_Mark @tgnoble @newtgingrich @generaldkjHillary channels Bill, tries to explain that she never said what everybody heard her saying http://t.co/VRcEVNKfJu via @BizPacReview
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLExplains all, thank you. PS to everyone else, my apologies, I violated the Arg w id rule @ECW_Smart_Mark @tgnoble @newtgingrich @generaldkjWhen we get Republican President in office and #JOBS come back, until then u voted 4this @ECW_Smart_Mark @tgnoble @newtgingrich @generaldkj!Vote Dems OUT! Change State Atty Gens #fraud RT @PatriotsOrg: VOTES REPUBLICAN, MACHINE CHANGES HIS VOTE TO DEMOCRAT http://t.co/a4Vrt1VnZQLower it goes more ppl w buy. PS, I personally, in tough situations, turn to prayer, GB. @ECW_Smart_Mark @tgnoble @newtgingrich @generaldkjHey @glennbeck a little much for this early in the am, check back in with you in about a half hr... Listening on @TheBlazeRadioNope, u r all spinning with an Agenda. Before PC we used to be able to call u a Liar. @ECW_Smart_Mark @tgnoble @newtgingrich @generaldkjOk ECW, first will say bull pucky, then will say plenty of sector profit at 2.50g #growth @ECW_Smart_Mark @tgnoble @newtgingrich @generaldkj
RT @jjauthor Why are DemocRATs so against the US upgrading to Mexican voter ID standards? #tcot http://t.co/cto7ytPXyv #tcot #Vote #CashinInWhy are DemocRATs so against the US upgrading to Mexican voter ID standards?”#tcot http://t.co/24RHLiymNs #tcot #Vote #CashinIn
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLGood point ISIS is here! @HarroldWSmith You mean like they already have? http://t.co/QJv4gOQIfN #tcot @jan_pierce @JohnFromCranber #Cashinin
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLHaha RT @RufusKings1776: The day Al Gore was born there were 130,000 glaciers on Earth. Today, only 130,000 remain http://t.co/omRTb28ITq
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North Carolina Uncovers 145 Illegal Immigrants on Voter Rolls | Fox News Insider http://t.co/EZOMzLWTjg
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Harry REID BLOCKED 456+ House/GOP & Dem Bills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLGiuliani: ‘I’ve Never Met A Person in Politics That I Disrespect More Than Charlie Crist’ | http://t.co/bFZFWlpdYnCharlie Crist: Losing 50,000 Florida Jobs To Raise Minimum Wage Is ‘Worth It’ http://t.co/g2FRBOasWN #tcot #war
#Alert - Is There More Voter Fraud to Come? | ‘Calibration error’ changes GOP votes to Dem in Illinois county | http://t.co/fKHYSxLk0D #tcot@chazermann26 @cjkpilot -he's very suggestive with his mouth wide open over that sign he's holding #justsaying
IL Poll Workers Break #Law – Tell Obama to “Vote Democrat” at Chicago Polling Booth (Video) http://t.co/I28hE02ukl via @gatewaypundit #tcot
!VOTE Dems OUT! - 'Dragon's Egg': Marines who guarded Saddam's mysterious bunker fear weapons unleashed http://t.co/hGQVUtnBqG #tcot #pjnetPlanned Chaos? RT @PatriotsOrg: BUSTED! MAN CAUGHT DUMPING FORMALDEHYDE IN WATER CAUSING EBOLA-LIKE SYMPTOMS http://t.co/WZMYXQocAA #tcotI'm glad we have a partisan political operative as Ebola Czar, cuz if one thing's been missing from this White House, it's politics.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLTexas Attorney General tells Houston city hall: Stop bullying Christians | http://t.co/WuTXh7fO2C
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL!VoteDemsOUT! RT @DataGenesis: Try it yourself. Google search suggestions for "how do I qualify" http://t.co/U3uW00h2Dp #PJNET #TCOT!VOTEDemsOUT! RT @ExposeTheMedia: DHS Started Expediting Visa Extensions From Ebola Countries in August http://t.co/QCwfJOgUzk #tcot #pjnetDHS Started Expediting Visa Extensions From Ebola Countries in August http://t.co/0y4fKRuzOy
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SHOCK, EXPOSED: Obama Dumped Bush Quarantine That Would Prevent Travelers From Spreading Ebola http://t.co/TYQLhTl6qj #PJNET
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLVery Bad News: Thousands of Chemical Weapons Discovered at Iraqi Complex Now Held By #ISIS: http://t.co/VtGqQWPOSz http://t.co/dJL5QJWNvE
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLFLASHBACK: "Bush Lied, People Died? Part I" By Larry Elder http://t.co/tgTay3yb3j #BushWasRight #WheresTheApology #tcot
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLRT @larryelder: FLASHBACK: "Bush Lied, People Died? Part I" By Larry Elder http://t.co/m7CncL9t0k #BushWasRight #WheresTheApology #tcotCommon @glennbeck Texas is a somewhat Conservative Republican state, you think This BO Administration Government is going to help you?!VOTE Dems OUT! Texas health officials say second healthcare worker at Dallas hospital tests positive for Ebola http://t.co/XRmvxhWEP7 #tcot!VOTE Dems OUT! Pentagon withheld information about decades-old chemical weapons during Iraq War, report claims http://t.co/obKyKyAYeH #tcot
!VOTE Dems OUT! Emails show ‘cozy’ ties between EPA, environmental group over power-plant rules, senator says | http://t.co/SOr8YjrHGo #tcot@glennbeck hear what you're saying but sorry, personal opinion >> This Prez and Admin Have Things Going the EXACT Way They Want Them To <<
Wake up #America !VOTE Dems OUT! RT @creepingsharia: 30-Year Muslim Plan to Control America has Six Years to Go http://t.co/m1uSe86zMY #tcotWe can't fix stupid - but we can vote stupid out! Keep you Doctor - change your Senator! #tcot http://t.co/xr005073lU #NCsen #KSsen #IAsen
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLObama is infecting us! "illegal aliens are being released... despite testing positive for TB" http://t.co/GhQttkUjMm #tcot
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL!VOTE Dems OUT! RT @PatriotsOrg: COMMON CORE TEACHING 6TH GRADERS HOW TO USE STRAP-ON DILDO http://t.co/CwqWnOiX2C #tcot #pjnetHad there been a travel ban, #ThomasEricDuncan and his #ebola would not have gotten into the US. Case closed. #tcot #p2 #teaparty #lnyhbt
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL@TheBlazeRadio having a tough morning are we? PS the hold music is actually pretty awesome.!VOTE! ~ Obama To Hide ObamaCare Rates Till After Election Day | http://t.co/7YqCxPLOiI #tcot #pjnet >> VOTE DEMS OUT in NOV <<
Former Judge: Someone in White House Committed a Felony in Massive Scandal [VIDEO] http://t.co/A9JEZUJjJ7 #tcot #tlot
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLTake a look at this screenshot from my twitter account. This is just another example of the kind of small … http://t.co/cnVpMa83NF
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLWow! Chuck Todd Says Grimes 'Disqualified Herself' By Refusing to Say If She Voted for Obama http://t.co/7YemzF3lyl
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#ThingsiKnowaboutStu his real name is Steve#ThingsiKnowaboutStu he can steal an out from a baseball team ; ) ... listening to @glennbeck on @TheBlazeRadioLy2 @glennbeck
Loving @glennbeck right now on @TheBlazeRadio talking true or false Headlines. #commonsense PS #Children are NOT purple penguins #seriously
A must Read ~ Articles: The Invasion of Enterovirus EV-D68 http://t.co/keHjj4Ps0R #tcot #pjnet #truth - Where Did it Come From?Why is no one asking WHERE this Enterovirus Killing our Kids came from? maybe Central America? @seanhannity @rushlimbaugh @glennbeck #tcothttp://t.co/Gbw2G3m4hX Brutal: Pro-ISIS radicals with machetes, knives attack Kurds in Hamburg, Germany http://t.co/j5ARMCTJ0q
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL@TRobinsonNewEra remember when people thought you were a racist because you were concerned about radical Islam? Now look at us all.
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Why are we not LIMITING FLIGHTS from #Ebola country to #America? #SCREEN the Flights! #tcot #PJNET @rushlimbaugh @seanhannity @glennbeck
a >>Must watch<< Oreily (with Bill Maher clip): Why President Obama is not protecting us effectively http://t.co/xqPsIyzboX #tcot #pjnet
God Bless #America The day the Coast Guard saved America | http://t.co/qpLek5uYxe #tcot #pjnet'The Story of America is the struggle for Freedom' - @rushlimbaugh #tcot #truth
Biden 2012 ➡ Romney Wants To Go To War With Syria http://t.co/dBdyh6CvP5
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL@MikeinSouthFL Funds R urgently needed for Hannah.She is battling 3 different life threatening diseases.Pls Give&RT http://t.co/WQB94IJHVz
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLMr. President, They Are Not Baristas – They Are Marines http://t.co/Qxx4PJGm4W
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL@TheBlazeRadio @glennbeck -uhhh I think that poem just hurt me real bad guys, ouch #TheBlazeRadio
Love it! if only... lol @Vet4America @velvetrose15 @mommydean74 @GulagGrogShoppe @darab_icGreat quotes: @glennbeck 'Good and decent people are the majority' -today #TheBlazeRadio #theblaze@seanhannity help please, cannot find Mr Carson's new eBook on your site, any links? Am I to early?Pic of Trash at #climatemarch SMH freydkin: Somehow this doesn't seem too green to me #trashoverload #climatemarch http://t.co/wZIkydoLdt
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@LoriPatriot @ElishaNEWS http://t.co/wtO9rjOqak
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLMakes a difference! - ‘Incredibly serious’: Cover-up claims in spotlight ahead of #Benghazi hearing | http://t.co/kiraS9vX8i #tcot #pjnet
9/11. We will never forget the victims of that terrible day. RIP. http://t.co/eCmuVY9cVO
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#tcot #ObamaSpeech http://t.co/MYOkUkPXWz
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLAs two-year anniversary of #Benghazi attack marked, answers remain elusive: http://t.co/s49hIF0aex http://t.co/hVLyXTDliR
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#NeverForget RT @FoxNews: Bush in 2007 delivered eerily accurate warning about #Iraq unrest: http://t.co/kv8M8HRPFq http://t.co/e40l5XHQScHow 17 Candid Americans Reacted to Obama’s #ISIS Speech - http://t.co/i892ptYNue http://t.co/45FeZYPYDw
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLBush in 2007 delivered eerily accurate warning about #Iraq unrest: http://t.co/4V94oI5HD8 http://t.co/bsYAlm5fpS
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLThe Greatest Living President RT @bennyjohnson: http://t.co/1J6ts1iqj5
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLPresident Obama’s speech to the nation on Wednesday night delivered a simple, clear, and forceful message: “Don’t blame me" for ISIS.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLToday, all Floridians and Americans remember one of the darkest days in the history of United States. (1/6)
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLA great statement! MT @glennbeck Let's write the chapters of the 'Next Great Phase' of #America #TheBlazeRadioWatching footage of the attacks on 9/11 because we must #NeverForget - May God bless those directly and indirectly affected. #NeverForget911
Thank You God I Live Here! God Bless #America ~ RT @GOP: 238 years of the United States of America. http://t.co/3LGV9rvv1v
What are Midwest Children getting sick due to? Strangely, states new sick illegal immigrant children were 'sprinkled' into? #pjnet #theblaze@rushlimbaugh in my experience when someone leads with '... I'm being honest... ' they are more than likely guilty of the opposite. Sorry BO#SecureOurBorder , seriously! RT @PatriotsOrg: ALERT: ISIS INSURGENTS LOCATED 8 MILES AWAY FROM EL PASO, TEXAS http://t.co/0Hc5MYUcv2 #tcot@DLoesch the picture of @glennbeck in the background is priceless. Best wishes tonight and congratulations. Looking forward to it.ABC News contributor admits to not knowing what a ‘caliphate’ is: http://t.co/U2p3v8FUK8 http://t.co/DdXEwEPPrZ
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLTAKING THE COUNTRY BACK STARTS WITH TAKING THE CHILDREN BACK - follow >> #PatriotsOrg http://t.co/LIo5rUeGpd
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Fox #News Host Airs George W Bush ‘Frighteningly Accurate’ 2007 Warning on #Iraq http://t.co/dWYPkUxYPj via @theblaze #theblaze #tcot #pjnet@TheBushCenter #Throwback video of Real Leader > President Bush was correct, 2007 speech warning of early withdrawal in #Iraq < #tcot #Pjnet
Thank you! #LetsKeepWorking http://t.co/XNl0mdzZ0A
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@SaraCarterDC #realnews You hit it right on the head. The Mosques have been able to brainwash & recruit ppl because of the PC culture in US.
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