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I'm a senior writer at Gigaom. I have been the ninth caller and have won the weekend passes. I am an expert in stucco, a veteran in love and an outlaw in Peru.

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No, they have not RT @jrick: @mathewi Did Fusion offer a job yet? #AskMathew.@eossipov: I haven't looked at it in detail, but I suspect that they are probably right #AskMathew.@jackschofield @KatieS: You can call me anything you like, just don't call me late for dinner :-).@samkirkla: All systems get gamed -- people are trying to game it now, but they do it clumsily. Is that better? I don't know.@rohit_x_: Hmm. That is a tough one. I would have to go with Facebook, but Gmail is a close second #AskMathew.@pfcontrerasv: I have a bunch of favorites, but the number one would have to be The Paper, with Michael Keaton and Robert Duvall.@TNLNYC: The answer to the hardest question I've ever been asked was "No thank you" #AskMathew.@CraigSilverman: That's a tough one -- my favorite so far would have to be the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park in NYC #AskMathewAnything! RT @tamera: @mathewi what are we supposed to ask you? #AskMathew.@CraigSilverman: Someone beat you to it! I said the Guardian, because we share a similar view about where journalism needs to go #AskMathewNumber 2 on the sides and 3 on top RT @ThomasDiong: @mathewi what do you tell your barber when you go in for a haircut?.@noahchestnut: You'd have to ask @isaacleep, but I expect they are not going to rely on traditional network TV ads #AskMathew.@Quibbie_: I think there is a chance, but it would likely take someone willing to invest a lot of time and money to build.@lukasneville: Finally, a really hard one! Although I don't have a proof handy, yes, I believe that P=NP.@Quibbie_: Not sure what you mean exactly. Do you mean could a foreign investor have a chance of starting a black-focused publication?.@EdenSpodek: sure thing! #AskMathew.@derektmead: I think if they collapse and there is a need for what they did it, will be filled in other ways #AskMathew.@_liamcorcoran: I think they will be subsidizing it somehow, yes, although they might not be paying the producer directlyYou've got 15 minutes left to ask me a question — try and come up with a hard one #AskMathew.@gunnar40: I think media companies have to look at a number of things -- events, subscription products, sponsored content etc..@lydialaurenson: I am also interested in the media-specific ones, like @BeaconReader #AskMathew.@MarcSettle: not always, but in general people seem surprised to find out.@michaelmccrae: I think if the outlet cares about the trust of its readers, it should make it obvious that those are sponsored content.@marygarden: I think there is going to be a future for print in niche markets or with specific groups — including old people :-).@LivePaola: But I would say that I find it disturbing how many European countries are trying to clamp down on free speech.@LivePaola: I don't know of that many, which could be because I am not paying close enough attention.@MarcSettle: it usually only comes up in person, actually — or when someone wants to set up an interview in SF.@lydialaurenson: I am a big Kickstarter and Indiegogo fan, but I am very interested in Patreon because it provides ongoing funding.@alexremington: common thread is they are complicated, time-consuming and often boring :-) #AskMathew.@jeffsonstein: I think if sales of those items ramp up significantly over the next year then yes others will invest.@alexremington: I don't see enough coverage of issues like net neutrality, mostly because they are complicated and sometimes boring.@adnys: As far as I'm concerned @katyperry is incapable of doing anything wrong.@jvreeland: At the moment it would have to be kayaking or canoeing. But I enjoy just walking as well.@maxvaliquette: that's a tough one — I'd have to say powerline Ethernet. Didn't work worth a damn.@jeffsonstein: I hope it does — more competition is good.@JaspJackson: I think there's more to online media than just boosting traffic, and haven't seen evidence the Mail cares about that.@waddling: It's never occurred to me actually, but not a bad idea.@adnys: Pucallpa.@abeaujon: Scoundrels, pirates and mountebanks!.@DoctorJones: they do — although some want me to grow a mountain-man beard.@peternowak: it's good if you are a fish who likes being in a small, quiet pond :-).@losowsky: Way to put me on the spot! I'd have to say the Guardian — we share many of the same views about where journalism needs to be.@PeterHimler @rafat: I agree with him that there is a lot of froth right now, but bubbles are also where a lot of value is created.@bsharwood: it's fascinating that @bigearsteddy was tweeting about Ghomeshi months ago, and suggests his behavior was known at Carleton U.@familywhistle: my Twitter bio is an excerpt from this wonderful parody of a college application essay http://t.co/t2DzPNe8Pt.@JaspJackson: that's a tough one — I have a lot of respect for the Guardian, and also for BuzzFeed, the Atlantic and yes, even the NYTHave to spell the name right RT @DKleinOf: @mathewi What's the worst word in tech? #AskMatthew.@matwilcox: Favorite app is Instagram, I don't use unblock tools, and no I don't follow everyone who follows me.@jeffsonstein: I think wearables as a sector is interesting, but in my experience Microsoft is generally crap at hardware.@peternowak: Do you mean a tech journalist writing from Canada or a journalist writing about Canadian tech?.@ranjanxroy: That's hard to say because I have literally never seen or heard anything that has come from FusionNot to my knowledge, no RT @Qzedia: #AskMathew Hey @mathewi were you at @BritishVogue in 2011 ? (Heh, heh).@juanjamon: Please see my response to @KatieSBoth RT @adnys: @mathewi 'Canadian tuxedo' (denim on denim) – compliment or insult? #AskMathew.@iTrendTV: I would say it has to be the relentless hype — that and embargoesI do, yes — not going to lie RT @abeaujon: @mathewi Do you tear up when you hear "The Littlest Hobo" theme?.@adnys: I think it's probably a tie between quantified-self personal tech and virtual reality a la Oculus Rift.@KatieS: Good question! My mother says she didn't want me to be called Matt because she hated that name — but it didn't work :-)So that PR people have something to bloviate with :-) RT @KetchumCanadaPR: @mathewi why is there air?I am going as a suburban Canadian dad RT @adnys: @mathewi What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Something tech related?I don't even buy my tires there RT @ereguly: @mathewi Do you buy all your suits at Canadian Tire?.@jeremymbarr: I would definitely have to go with the duck-sized horsesOkay #AskMathew RT @adnys: @mathewi This should be fun! No hashtag? Aloha FridayAnd if you feel like it you can tag it #AskMathewSo as promised I am doing a Twitter "Ask Me Anything" or open interview, because I am a glutton for punishment. Fire away — anything at all@fmanjoo @stewart: I did it before that, not that I'm keeping score or anythingFacebook's secret newsfeed experiments affected voter turnout in the 2012 election: https://t.co/x5qQp2D8Hv http://t.co/t1b4iB5JqL.@TonyBradleyBSG: the point isn't whether Facebook boots voter turnout, it's that it can affect it either way, without anyone knowing.@TonyBradleyBSG: Facebook has far more granular influence over far larger groups of people than any previous form of media.@TonyBradleyBSG: The point isn't that it's higher, it's that Facebook can manipulate voter turnout at all -- even specific groups of usersFYI @zeynep, I quoted you here via tweet on Facebook's newsfeed manipulation and voter-turnout rates: https://t.co/isoIC9TRfL.@MrKellyGraham: Yes, although I don't think any individual newspaper had the kind of influence Facebook now hasWondering what kind of witch-doctor type sorcery @isaacleep has at his command to assemble a team like Fusion has now in the Bay areaHere's the @ThisIsFusion memo about the bureau with a few more details. http://t.co/qVMxE1KrpR
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@alexismadrigal you've got some great folks (congrats @kevinroose) but this is... disconcerting. http://t.co/pZ2LMh6sN0
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@mat @ThisIsFusion: On the upside, First Look Media has set a nice low bar for being considered a success!In real life where startups/companies launch & build, they don't assemble overpaid all-star teams. Rarely works, won't work in media.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramMaybe you don't mind that Facebook tweaks your newsfeed -- but what if those tweaks affect voter-turnout rates? https://t.co/x5qQp2D8HvIn that vein, I'm ready to announce something. I am in the process of setting up a legal defense fund for women targeted by Gamergate.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramNew: Facebook's secret newsfeed experiments affected voter turnout in the 2012 election: https://t.co/x5qQp2D8HvThe problem with the Slack financing is that they simply do not need this much capital. It will hold them back.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramI see Fusion has claimed another victim for its cryogenic vault of writers. Unthawed centuries from now, they will be formidable.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramFuture Of Journalism turns out to be underwritten by VCs, Wall Street data monopolist and cable TV networks. http://t.co/fTRGDgGG1s
Retweeted by Mathew IngramWow -- congrats and good luck to @kevinroose and @kashhill, both joining the team at Fusion: http://t.co/epPXgojEb1Wow. Tim Pool, Felix Salmon, Kashmir Hill, Kevin Roose AND Alexis Madrigal on Fusion's tech journalism team. That's going nuclear on talent.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramRuth Baby Ginsberg wins Halloween, so stop trying. (h/t @NaamaHaviv) http://t.co/T9ETbhL025
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@pkedrosky: thanks :-)@pkedrosky https://t.co/sqY2lM0dCQPretty much -- just trying to focus it a bit :-) RT @chrishwiggins: @mathewi isn’t twitter already a 24-7 AMA?Just a reminder that I am doing a Twitter open interview or "Ask Me Anything" at 2 pm Eastern time -- no reasonable question refused!Wow. The Tower of #London's moat has been filled with nearly 900,000 poppies to commemorate the First World War. #WW1 http://t.co/787CSv1tHW
Retweeted by Mathew IngramFacebook's secret newsfeed experiment may actually have influenced voter turnouts in the election: http://t.co/ESYklFh00YThis is an important story about Facebook running experiments on users' newsfeeds and affecting election turnouts: http://t.co/ESYklFh00YSad news about @nytimes partnership with @TexasTribune, and a typically classy note about it from @EvanSmith: https://t.co/rgiPGvE3le.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramWow. Facebook secretly conducted voter experiments, influenced elections. We knew of one. Turns out there are more. http://t.co/3yNGNVNpiy
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@anildash: Much bigger than that, I think -- I believe @stewart is going after Yahoo itself :-)@digiphile: possibly ironic: Mark Twain apparently didn't say that :-) http://t.co/4pdn1etJTbWell worth a read: Behind the CBC’s decision to fire #JianGhomeshi via @globeandmail http://t.co/b82cU0w80D
Retweeted by Mathew IngramAmazing -- well done @stewart: Only 8 months since it launched, @SlackHQ is now valued at over a billion. http://t.co/zO7gat8OGCSlack is now valued at $1 billion. "We just hired our first marketing person, but he doesn’t begin until next week" http://t.co/FHmvhyLseO
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