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I'm a senior writer at Gigaom. I have been the ninth caller and have won the weekend passes. I am an expert in stucco, a veteran in love and an outlaw in Peru.

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Amazon lays out its case against publishers like Hachette: "We believe 35% should go to the author and 30% to Amazon" http://t.co/T4XbinVZgOSame RT @MZHemingway: Am I feeling OK? I 100% agree with @geneweingarten http://t.co/56OHhNbtQa and disagree with @jackshaferThings online are either public or private, right? No. There's a universe of behavior that falls in between http://t.co/w38GZ1Y45r@mathewi @anildash My thinking on this comes from Marshall MacLuhan. Literacy created modern privacy and the tribal Internet destroys it.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram.@moneyries: UGC showed the unvarnished reality of stories like the Japanese tsunami & Arab Spring - beyond the nightly news. #Storyful1Bn
Retweeted by Mathew IngramWant to know why Facebook-style user-reported abuse takedowns might not be a good idea for Twitter? Ask Viet Tan: http://t.co/hFOmZ7QEAa
Retweeted by Mathew IngramA big thing I've had hammered home by following @jilliancyork & @sarahjeong: tools that protect against abuse need to also not enable abuse
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram“Content fills things, services accomplish things.” - @jeffjarvis #jweb25
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram"Google knows where I live and where I work. My newspaper doesn't." -@jeffjarvis #jweb25
Retweeted by Mathew IngramFrom @WikiLeaks: "Australia bans reporting of massive corruption case involving Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam" http://t.co/axzDo0hx18$NYT's digital business isn't making up for print declines and it appears to be hitting its ceiling on digital subs: http://t.co/COx2wVJTzH
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@mathewi great piece. We did a lot of work on this when I was commissioning content for teens at Channel 4: https://t.co/UEpyo6ZWT5
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@mathewi Fantastic article! ICYI @hartzog & me discuss etiquette here http://t.co/yYLHfwqRQj & RTBF http://t.co/T9DVw25cz8
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram
Agree MT @jilliancyork: @anildash Just a note: the biggest crit of ‘right to be forgotten’ is the implementation (private regulation)Just FYI, I mentioned your idea of "obscurity" here in the context of private vs. public, @EvanSelinger: http://t.co/w38GZ1Y45r@SaraMorrison: And so would I -- but taking a short statement of fact doesn't trouble me at allI think @anildash is right to raise the issue of what we mean when we say something is "public" http://t.co/w38GZ1Y45r"It's complicated: Why we need a new etiquette for handling what's private and what's public" http://t.co/9mdLhoCGuD.@SaraMorrison @howardweaver: not someone else, somewhere else -- an encyclopedia. People use facts from encyclopedias all the time@mathewi the only possible reason to push an algorithm is monetization. would destroy the platform.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@jayrosen_nyu: I saw it mentioned a number of times during the conference call, including here: https://t.co/OtFeiXY3LY.@SaraMorrison @howardweaver: I just don't see why using facts from Wikipedia, even in the same order, is even remotely controversial.@SaraMorrison @howardweaver: Yes, but so what? It's not as though the author of the Wikipedia entry needs to be credited.@hornOKplease @johnbattelle: Dick Costolo said today that it was a possibility Twitter has consideredDick Costolo said it's a possibility MT @caitlinkealey: @mathewi Is that a possibility or are you speculating?@NaheedMustafa: agreed@mathewi tyranny of attribution is a real problem. Forest for the trees, etc.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@mathewi don’t care as long as I can have choice between raw and algorithmic.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@mathewi I'd leave. One of the added values of Twitter is to provide raw content.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@Besvinick @mathewi Yet, @nuzzel is useful to you, right? I think both experiences should be available.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@mathewi I joined Twitter when Google Reader died (this was the next best thing). If Twitter curates my feed, I'm out to find a replacement.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@joshtpm: That's what I think is getting missed -- some of what he did was clearly plagiarism, but much was non-attribution of trivial facts@mathewi I would ultimately leave - I’ve very carefully customized my feed to see what I want to see
Retweeted by Mathew IngramSo if Twitter decided to curate the feed with an algorithm, would people leave or just complain about it the way they do with Facebook?.@howardweaver @SaraMorrison: Wikipedia sourced those comments from a book about the subject -- should the NYT have credited W or the book?.@howardweaver @SaraMorrison: So any unattributed facts that appear in a story you would automatically discount?Twitter blown off as facile & shallow, but #Gaza shows how it can engage an audience and, perhaps, motivate. Is that to be derided?
Retweeted by Mathew IngramExpectations! Last Q, Twitter MAUs grew 25%. Wall Street depressed. Today: Up 24%, Wall Street manic. http://t.co/Jpzv4AH7MA
Retweeted by Mathew IngramAnthony Noto wants Twitter to be defined differently. "I wouldn't try to characterize it as a media company or a technology company." $TWTR
Retweeted by Mathew IngramTwitter claims World Cup didn't significantly add to monthly active users, just boosted engagement $TWTR
Retweeted by Mathew IngramSeems like #askcostolo not having the outcome Twitter would have hoped for: http://t.co/INSi1HZEo2
Retweeted by Mathew IngramFood for thought: Twitter has built a billion dollar mobile ad business by killing 3rd party clients - http://t.co/FFSyBYg1iF #TheEndOfAPIs
Retweeted by Mathew IngramExpect $TWTR to focus on direct messaging for the rest of the year says CEO @dickc
Retweeted by Mathew IngramTwitter CEO Dick Costolo says company isn't ruling out developing a version of the feed based on algorithms, particularly for new users.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramBrace for Impact because this journalism project is 100% funded! 25K raised. BOOM https://t.co/ZNTc1GzTnx
Retweeted by Mathew IngramThat would suck. RT @jguynn: Will $TWTR curate the feed with an algorithm? CEO @dickc says he cannot rule out that possibility.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramLook out, FB? Twitter stock up 28% in after-hours trading on strong results http://t.co/q1yGAb0eyu
Retweeted by Mathew IngramOn plagiarism and fart theft Washington Post July 29: http://t.co/bk6pftAlZa Me, July 26: https://t.co/177Mn7h9Kb
Retweeted by Mathew IngramBREAKINGWIND: @geneweingarten’s “plagiarism of Honan’s plagiarism fart joke has not gone unnoticed.” http://t.co/oKzF2wiXtk
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram.@howardweaver @SaraMorrison: Same way you usually do, I expectBuried in that NYT earnings stuff: "Print circulation was off markedly” in Q2 http://t.co/MITaUEWzPO
Retweeted by Mathew IngramAre sponsored content and native advertising easier for Medium because it is already a non-traditional publisher? http://t.co/XGZL4ATxp1Plagiarism is the insider trading of journalistic infractions. Common, low-level, doesn’t get at the really serious infractions.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramSo one lesson of the Benny Johnson affair is: If you live in a glass house, don't go throwing rocks at others http://t.co/5lDEu1wG60@mathewi @SaraMorrison @seanpower when I read the accusations they barely made any sense: most of it was fact plainly restated.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramNew: "Medium becomes even more of a publisher as it experiments with sponsored content" http://t.co/XGZL4ATxp1.@SaraMorrison @seanpower: She didn't "rewrite Wikipedia," she used a short statement of fact as part of a larger piece about the individualClassic: AP rushes to correct tweet that accurately reported U.S. lawmakers falling over each other to back Israel. http://t.co/bjef9SE6Nl
Retweeted by Mathew IngramBuzzFeed plagiarism "roots" due to lack of journalism school, unlike NYT & WashPost. Oh wait… http://t.co/bfdvRFJMb0 http://t.co/WA4TVugto5
Retweeted by Mathew IngramNot really, no RT @SaraMorrison: @mathewi you don't care that someone may have lifted content from wikipedia without attributing?@abeaujon @jktrotter: Checking both to see whether there are any similarly-phrased sentencesCould someone run a bulk check comparing all Wikipedia articles to every major media outlet so we can get past this? http://t.co/Zf6yxkDs7HFor the record, I don't care about this either: "A New York Times reporter lifted text from Wikipedia, too" http://t.co/ai1aRrzk6CNot just BuzzFeed: A New York Times reporter lifted text from Wikipedia, too. http://t.co/dMK3Eg4YyE
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@ceodonovan: But Gene Weingarten has already done one :-)@anildash @mathewi and frankly, we do a disservice to real atrocities by treating a slideshow caption like Jayson Blair
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@mathewi your tweet is suspiciously similar to other tweets I've seen on the matter....
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@mathewi oh, let’s not ruin this game of schadenfreude with things like common sense and measure, Mathew.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram"the whole web is an experiment" line downplays crucial point that some experiments are ethically diff from others http://t.co/FPkXwBbDqY
Retweeted by Mathew IngramSo Benny Johnson took some short phrases from Wikipedia etc. that contained statements of fact readily available elsewhere — so what?Working on app for kids to sell highly coveted access to playground swings, seeking $10mm seed round, DM me for details.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramBMW runs its first ads on Medium, in the form of a design publication http://t.co/M0awbe53Bt
Retweeted by Mathew IngramWow @bellingcat is actually checking and verifying #MH17 debris images right now http://t.co/8vnrfVVAWY
Retweeted by Mathew IngramPakistan: Mob burns to death a woman & her two granddaughters for alleged blasphemous Facebook post by a grandson. http://t.co/lQtrPuPsqK
Retweeted by Mathew IngramI don't know what @davidfrum thought he was doing here but, wow, bad call. http://t.co/a2MDP2REYS Bad for @TheAtlantic too. (via @ericuman)
Retweeted by Mathew IngramYes RT @MichaelSurtees: Is the internet now just one big human experiment? | @Guardian http://t.co/tdrBXNGAWBJPM comments on TWTR user growth numbers to watch out for today http://t.co/P80K06GdWj
Retweeted by Mathew IngramPlagiarism has nothing to do with the plagiarized. It has to do with the plagiarist’s willful perpetration of a fraud on the reader.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramInteresting: Sponsored story collections on @Medium http://t.co/bQPZMVPjTz
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@DKThomp Their digital business now has $400mm of diversified revenue—circa and ads. That’s a great business.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramDisagree! Great business. NYT just mis-aligned RT The New York Times Is a Great Company in a Terrible Business http://t.co/GYWJ05x9TB
Retweeted by Mathew IngramAgree with @geneweingarten: "The ethics of plagiarism have turned into the narcissism of small differences" http://t.co/ULyEFT0lpPOf course they did :-) RT @ravisomaiya: @gabrielsnyder @joepompeo @mathewi They declined to break out precise numbers"There’s a difference between crappy, lazy Internet writing and real plagiarism..." http://t.co/cgicWePi9R
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram.@mathewi on @pierre's @firstlook: A real-time experimental lab in journalism http://t.co/sZppUVleuY #wjchat
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@AntDeRosa Yeah there’s some aggregation but don’t see the benefit — most of the content is just NYT. @jeffjarvis @mathewi @gabrielsnyder
Retweeted by Mathew IngramScrap anonymity at web service sign-up, UK Lords advise http://t.co/vgkrC1nCFP via @gigaom@joepompeo @gabrielsnyder: that makes it even less impressiveUnderwhelming MT @gabrielsnyder: NYT Now, Opinion and Times Premier signed up 32K subscribers *combined* last quarter http://t.co/sDzEdgNYJIAlso: did I read this right? NYT Now, Opinion, and Times Premier signed up 32K subscribers *combined* last quarter http://t.co/USN1hr900e
Retweeted by Mathew IngramUpworthy, Fox News & every marketer & politician (& parent, spouse & child) is guilty of worse manipulation than Facebook and OKCupid.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramThis is a great story and absolutely shocking: http://t.co/mutP0Izhyl cc @katelaurielee via @mims.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramI'm an open platform with an API RT @margafret: I'm an open tweet RT @jeffjarvis: I'm an open blog RT @arctictony: I'm an open book@mims @mathewi they may have. I'm not entirely of the opinion that TOS are consensual. Too socially coercive to offer meaningful choice.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramHow do I close you and/or return you to the library? RT @arctictony: @mathewi I'm an open bookThe thing that grates most about OKCupid’s chatty approach to ethics is that they’re part of a $5bn multinational http://t.co/ebRszWeEfx
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram@arctictony: I think you posted this to Twitter instead of Secret by mistakeCan't wait for the normal Facebook app to lose messaging, so it can stop hassling me about it
Retweeted by Mathew IngramSeriously enjoying OKCupid's poke in the eye of the Internet's outrage industrial complex. http://t.co/eZ8UPPVSUf
Retweeted by Mathew IngramNot surprised @Storyful hit 1 billion @Youtube views - nor that emotional content drove it instead of newsier pieces. http://t.co/53dWNtvjCG
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