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'Taken 3' trailer is so much Liam Neeson ass-kicking http://t.co/6oErhU7s22It's been a long day. Here are 10 mindless games to zone out with on your commute: http://t.co/I9oH3yDIrh http://t.co/1B9TwZ0IeDIf "Tetris" becomes a movie, Hollywood really is out of ideas: http://t.co/OeP5772bNGTheater chains revolt against plan for "Crouching Tiger" sequel to debut simultaneously on Netflix and IMAX screens: http://t.co/RQ2hDNmeCHAretha Franklin performed Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep' on @Letterman last night, and it was spectacular: http://t.co/FKZBxEmgK9Relive CBGB in its heyday: http://t.co/W33N9eQLI9 http://t.co/l36Zn0K5aYMichael Phelps arrested for second DUI http://t.co/hZg3YSV2YpRemember that theory all Pixar characters live in the same universe? Animators turned it into a mind-boggling video. http://t.co/WYiRSki1AxHere's the story behind that major Disney moment in the 'Once Upon a Time' season premiere: http://t.co/1pgcsS3BpA10 mindless mobile games that aren't Angry Birds: http://t.co/iyrDb3zeUa http://t.co/bX5cyC5DCyNFL admits it shouldn't have penalized a Muslim player who prayed after a touchdown http://t.co/jnCiuG15qT http://t.co/KAoyJXAHWZGowns, thongs and leather vests - the physical evolution of 8 iconic female game characters: http://t.co/UfgdKFEVy7 http://t.co/msIJtKJlKzOur recap of @DancingABC week 3: Who got the boot, & who the judges were too generous with http://t.co/9wwgsLxGIU http://t.co/onlW9pY4tf10 mindless games you can play while zoning out http://t.co/4acOikKXrlTrailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's 'Inherent Vice' is wonderfully weird http://t.co/VQJJmJSxZRThe shocking evolutions of 8 iconic female gaming characters http://t.co/aRTbK0hG6iWomen are vastly underrepresented in on-screen workforce, study finds http://t.co/WESOD44xjv41 songs to fall in love with this Autumn http://t.co/nK0UZqXklW5 roadblocks to virtual reality becoming mainstream http://t.co/WjVQCDItHi
What do they think this is, "Game of Thrones?" The 9 ways "Gotham" got super dark in Episode 2: http://t.co/xCRRdkpowjWal-Mart to Tracy Morgan: You weren't wearing a seatbelt so that June fatal crash wasn't our fault http://t.co/XraSwBdD6tLimited-edition stamps preview: Like Catwoman, you too can lick Batman http://t.co/0EnfRq1gFJ http://t.co/y09hZEvTNqDamon Lindelof previews "Lost"-Inspired "Phineas and Ferb": http://t.co/aCqfII1LE4 http://t.co/2VMkLG912nThe latest "Simpsons" couch gag was both insane and beautiful http://t.co/X17PXo8Ma7 http://t.co/4hARxS9FdbGo behind the scenes on the set of 'NCIS: LA,' which returns for Season 6 tonight: http://t.co/1seW61erQ9 http://t.co/uKyVlZzKXFAmanda Bynes' DUI arrest ends months of calm for the troubled actress http://t.co/oiO6cV3JdP http://t.co/zpaNCGs1d6Aretha Franklin's cover of 'Rolling in the Deep' is almost better than Adele's original. Listen: http://t.co/MTtQOnzWRfHappy 18th birthday, N64! (Though this promo video shows '90s game growing into an awkward phase, not out of one): http://t.co/BwNJop6JAlWhen 'Star Wars' was a hit - in Navajo http://t.co/IQSOa4uYc8 http://t.co/Rf2WKtTe4xListen to Lorde's haunting "Hunger Games" song "Yellow Flicker Beat": http://t.co/4gURcvCmvb"Family Guy" had its biggest premiere ratings in 4 years thanks to -- woohoo! -- "Simpsons" crossover: http://t.co/v77dN3ewRhYou'll want to hear what @iamjohnoliver has to say about drones. http://t.co/7z5VP0mvf9Video games can give you new perspectives. 6 titles that let you walk a mile in someone else's shoes: http://t.co/tlLhIuC7tZThor's sex change is nigh -- but her identity remains a mystery. Until Wednesday, that is. http://t.co/tSO4igyqly http://t.co/6swVR9qzRi'Modern Family' editor live-tweets plane passenger's drunken meltdown http://t.co/sOtXgGrx95The Family Guy/Simpsons crossover scene you almost didn't see http://t.co/EwwGVBMFRH'The Simpsons' killed someone in the season premiere, and some people were not happy http://t.co/csYAQRZB2o http://t.co/rV2wtgdqi8
Beware, spoilers ahead. 'Downton Abbey' episode 2 recap: Secrets and Lies http://t.co/V9HYCVX8XQ http://t.co/ymMXjlt0HSThe "Frozen" mythology got a new mystery in the season premiere of ABC's "Once Upon a Time": http://t.co/zgWL2Ti6Ex http://t.co/869r55ZFS6'Doctor Who': The 5 best moments from 'The Caretaker' http://t.co/wY8USpykIT http://t.co/fAjpc1hxFOAwkward! Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader roasted this reporter for not seeing their film: http://t.co/4gHwxiJaQN http://t.co/wW6gFAJ9hVWatch Julie Finlay face death in 'CSI' Season 15 premiere: http://t.co/Eztou14PkI http://t.co/nvSWBhf2SvAnti-selfie short film tells us your behavior makes celebs really sad. http://t.co/cJJnRk23WW http://t.co/NfQqaQJQZWFrom the streets of Tokyo to the Midwest, here are 20 of the coolest arcades in the world: http://t.co/0AabLHlgPT http://t.co/vPBWJedvgcViola Davis responds to NYT article calling her "less classically beautiful." http://t.co/6qt00QWP1O http://t.co/VxMWnDTg1qWatch this Ohio State coach's epic body-slam of a rogue fan: http://t.co/DnhSUBn6UZ http://t.co/JrpBCo72yi'Once Upon a Time' cast answers your questions about Season 4: http://t.co/RNIm3VXy9q http://t.co/6ZXdvmCm3V'SNL' spoofs Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" in skit with Chris Pratt. Watch: http://t.co/2R3n8EG9bp http://t.co/VXNB8VHYhEChris Pratt sings about sex with Anna Faris on SNL: http://t.co/8tI5O7nH1m http://t.co/gA7unuc39w'Rob Ford the Musical' is sympathetic to Ford, but lacks biting satire. Read @neeeda's review: http://t.co/hiS3afNjEk http://t.co/5aRgcHcfUw
Ohio State coach's epic body-slam of rogue fan is a must watch http://t.co/GkRw1RmBfzJay Z, Beyonce and No Doubt perform at New York's #GlobalCitizenFestival http://t.co/f9cU9CVJ1C http://t.co/51hIKGeOpg11 movies that change when you're an adult: http://t.co/9R7oebt3SI http://t.co/f8lqcdTNjo6 games that will give you a new perspective: http://t.co/IWQAFcqfso http://t.co/0YbZOCYyFsMichael Jordan casually double-fists cigars like the boss that he is. http://t.co/TPMJK88yiO http://t.co/1fmeeuborLGeorge Clooney marries Amal Alamuddin in star-studded Italian wedding. http://t.co/bYLFDpAzaF http://t.co/ass4WxreT3That viral image from Derek Jeter's last home game is fake. http://t.co/rgNEtUFSAj http://t.co/PqAWIek7gpNew batch of "leaked" photos reportedly include Anna Kendrick. http://t.co/EeLsJigerc http://t.co/BYO7bnBrMR'Star Wars' producer blasts 'Star Wars' myths. http://t.co/B5KdO6tquW http://t.co/6YA4EAI0Yp'Rob Ford the Musical' portrays Toronto's mayor in a sympathetic light, but fails to go beyond the superficial. http://t.co/F2CGtVN6qUOK Computer, how do I download the new Thom Yorke album? A brief @BitTorrent explainer: http://t.co/zSp80gXF1j
Roger Goodell memo details NFL's domestic violence response http://t.co/eg5jxT6T35'Rob Ford the Musical' review: Sympathetic but muddled portrayal of Toronto mayor. http://t.co/hLGHXiSmE5 http://t.co/YnmDPfGst3The secret to college football recruiting? Beyonce, of course http://t.co/bKKrvAVyeT http://t.co/Src0CEAGOCHere's how to use BitTorrent (and download Thom Yorke's new album): http://t.co/VpReD58dcDDocumentary 'Print the Legend' goes inside the world of 3D printing. http://t.co/1GjAqX9roa http://t.co/u8xmujSz4I'Blackhat' trailer packs in explosions and Chris Hemsworth as a hacker http://t.co/nGxeZPXr4BChelsea Peretti suspects Internet trolls are sweet grannies IRL. http://t.co/cKNl6KYk8i http://t.co/bN8hmS1JHHNew 'Jupiter Ascending' trailer pairs stunning visuals with sci-fi action. http://t.co/x3ebjEZtbI http://t.co/CkJgdvf4HwMarvel makes peace with estate of 'Captain America' creator Jack Kirby. http://t.co/hHrxAvnDra http://t.co/ukLYJ3e7jS'Daily Show' finally airs controversial segment on Washington NFL team http://t.co/Gt4YCBnwikSurprise! Radiohead's Thom Yorke drops new $6 album on BitTorrent. http://t.co/wEDKQ6f54A http://t.co/RzCD1tS7KD'Amazing Race' kicks off Season 25 with return to New York City. http://t.co/vRTQgKf6mY http://t.co/D8mPiMEbMFBill Hader does killer impressions of his former 'Saturday Night Live' castmates. Watch: http://t.co/9NJy9yh5CY http://t.co/itULfD1glSSecond 'Dumb and Dumber To' trailer promises more stupidity. Watch: http://t.co/EcNfWrQwvO http://t.co/COkXKK4QSqWhy you should drop everything and watch ‘Transparent’ on Amazon http://t.co/qsy7Ldn1Dz"Scandal" season premiere was full of hairy situations, one of them literal: http://t.co/uYMkVHXFEZ http://t.co/wg543lvbuqAlex is Meredith's new person on "Grey's Anatomy" -- and we kind of love it: http://t.co/aRnnfEXKOx http://t.co/O9lAQrsQtvThe perfect tribute to Uncle Derek. http://t.co/YekKN3lut8 http://t.co/3c5sO7mCkySuper Smash Bros. review: Handheld power, tons of Nintendo characters http://t.co/I0rXNtdoSvSuper Smash Bros. review: Handheld power, tons of Nintendo characters: http://t.co/h0RmwIMrEz http://t.co/2uyh6l0Ev1"How to Get Away With Murder" is not quite like any other Shondaland show, and here's why: http://t.co/7iheyJlLvd http://t.co/iEnpx8vXKb'Angry Birds Transformers' nixes slingshots. Don't fret, you still have to knock down the pig's towers http://t.co/VoqlGszfyx
Derek Jeter's Adorable Nephew Is the Real MVP http://t.co/yNFKuLFolO http://t.co/zV4VhEVwjqDerek Jeter's Hollywood Ending: His Final Yankee Stadium Moments http://t.co/Af4uyTW42k http://t.co/THgpYXwX0gNFL crisis and trending #FreeSimmons illuminate ESPN's complicated duality as news-coverer and news-maker http://t.co/OsmJsVGup5Ray Rice video was addressed to NFL security chief, who denies getting a copy http://t.co/vk2KU2LAd4The story behind that shocking 'Bones' season premiere http://t.co/f7phdPVP1yPornhub gets a record label and they're on the hunt for an anthem http://t.co/8HjXWigpLlCheck out the Vine that won the shortest film festival in Australia -- and the 20 runners-up. http://t.co/imRvbVJ9fNThe "ass pinch" prank video was bad enough -- now YouTuber Sam Pepper accused of sexual harassment off-camera: http://t.co/CxuRSn0rCgSurgery a success: A positive update to a heartwarming NFL story http://t.co/CpRzjqHSkD http://t.co/bHOuiwvnhJFAA approves drones for Hollywood movie and TV filming http://t.co/s4yqOFJ72EWhat to expect from the new seasons of 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Scandal' http://t.co/vS9ZmBns41A Mets beat writer tweeted about possible no-balk season ... and the Mets IMMEDIATELY balked. That is so Mets: http://t.co/4fhPkMwlpkDevon Still's pep talk to his daughter, who has stage 4 cancer, is an NFL highlight http://t.co/0ug08TluNC http://t.co/BUIhdgY8IFSteve Ballmer to rid the Clippers staff of iPads http://t.co/qiZZTzmUk1Urban Outfitters is now the world's biggest seller of vinyl http://t.co/T4UxVX8bVjExcited about Big Hero 6, Disney's next animation blockbuster after Frozen? Here's the second trailer - http://t.co/cSclptYt0GTaylor Swift proves she's in on one of Tumblr's weirdest jokes. http://t.co/XowWUwqpiT http://t.co/OGuuaFakfl
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