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JBoss / Red Hat Software Engineer | Somewhere between Fedora, Docker, Java, Ruby, Life, Beer, Electronic music, Poznań

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Docket integration with #openvswitch, neat-o! https://t.co/2qExPkQ7rE
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@michaelneale Good start!@michaelneale You should submit a logo *and* a name *before* even submitting the CVE.
We released @docker 1.3 with signed images, process injection, shared Mac volumes. Great work maintainers & release captain @crosbymichael !
Retweeted by Marek GoldmannThe Internet of things | @ferosshttp://t.co/1Wtvx3dhq4
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@the_jamezp Indeed, another point to not buy it :)Allowing users @fedora to run @docker containers. Be Very Very Careful. http://t.co/GcVALjaqmz
Retweeted by Marek GoldmannAnyone care to help my polish friend with his mater's thesis survey? In polish, not related to tech: http://t.co/Zm2FdgD0BK@bsideup More likely Moto X (2nd gen) which is the Nexus 6, just with smaller screen :)I was hoping to get #Nexus 6, but since it's so f* big I'll pass. #goodjobgoogle
The jboss/wildfly #Docker image was just updated, please read carefully the readme: https://t.co/uqOZUDXoml #jboss-SSLv2 -SSLv3 https://t.co/XBMh2fNBhZIt seems that due to limitations on the #Docker HUB the rearrangement can take a bit longer than expected...
I'm rearranging the jboss/dockerfiles repository on GitHub, hold on tight! #jboss #dockerPlease say hi to the initial #ModeShape #Docker image: https://t.co/iohlooq5T2 #jboss
@majson Żeby tylko ;)
congrats Polska!
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann2:0 #makinghistory #poland@mwessendorf I'm sorry ;)Yaaaaaay #Poland!Yay, #Poland!@maxandersen Early next week, now going to have some beers :)@maxandersen The good part is that the hacking will not be required once I release new version of the jboss/wildfly Docker image (2 weeks).@maxandersen With some hacking I was able to manage a WildFly server running in another container, deploy an app, and so on. More soon.@wordsofboo How do you feel?@bdawidowicz So far #Sonos can do anything I need, but the price...@bdawidowicz Airplay is easy, since I switched to Android it's a bit harder for me now ;) In other cas I would buy a few AppleTV's ;)@bdawidowicz Ethernet is fine, I have it in all my rooms. What did you use to stream music to it? Any guide somewhere?@bdawidowicz Multiple, I want a final solution for all of my rooms ;) Sonos would be about 8k PLN...@bdawidowicz My requirement is: to play Google Music and Synology (DLNA) stuff to wireless speaker.@adrahon Used/new?If only #Sonos could be a bit cheaper. Say 50%...@miroburn Heja, pogadajmy: https://t.co/kn82TbYAlX ;) Masz może linka do tej prezentacji?
The longer I write software the more amazed I am that anything ever works ever.
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@maxandersen Done.@maxandersen Would you be interested in a running Eclipse with JBoss Tools inside a Docker container? :)@mfojtik We're still here.Seems like I missed some great conference! RT @warsjawa: We have something for you! Relation from Warsjawa 2014: http://t.co/1txJQBnsbW@warsjawa OK, now I'm jealous.#Coffee!
Hey friends, @crosbymichael and the @docker core team need you to test and break to 1.3.0 release candidate: https://t.co/kHF8OTwh5K Thanks!
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@thomasdcameron Probably because you pay for distance, not time in the cab.@sgatner Nice...It's today! I'll be presenting #Docker and #WildFly in practice at #JUGtoberfest 2014 in Poznań: http://t.co/NhxqRhP4sc
@paolo_antinori_ Haha, thanks! :)@hekonsek Location doesn't matter, as always :)@paolo_antinori_ Good description of the job is here: http://t.co/D9bkdYxM4P (location doesn't matter). Let me know if you want know more :)Anyone wants to help me create the #JBoss product/project porfolio of #Docker images? Let me know! #redhat #jboss #job
@damovsky Haha, we'll talk once it lands on GitHub :)@damovsky Too much stuff hardcoded, but I would love to open source it, so yes - expect it on github after I make it usable :)
@tombujok Suuuure.@tombujok It's unfair to OH yourself.
@samkottler Is being an emo still a thing?@tombujok Zgadza się. Siedziałem na tym - ciekawa sprawa, ale musiałbym też sprawdzić inne. Plusem jest to, że to PL firma :)@tombujok Myślę o tym: http://t.co/voHk5ydsbg w wersji z orthopedic.Really, really nice tool: http://t.co/QC3LJt7ZMD #regexp@szimano @jchochol Not this kind of coffee shop :)This is the best headline you'll read today. http://t.co/fvJ8XJs4aJ
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@jchochol Indeed. Heading now to a coffee shop ;)Morning!
COMIC: The crap we put up getting on and off an airplane http://t.co/6HuGzmQnNB http://t.co/DaCmEnChyN
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@bendi007 Thanks for the link, it's nice to see Stimming there ;)4D sound looks interesting: https://t.co/jTDh0CIA9J
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@maxandersen Whoah, not bad, congrats!too early... need coffee :)
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I am #RedHat! Red Hat Rolls Out New #JBoss Developer Subscription, Resources, and Technology: http://t.co/BoOdluzLsH #fb
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I support this experiment! https://t.co/LlMHxmgsq2 #musicWhy took me so long to finally switch to SSL and certs on #Freenode?
@damovsky Yes, that's true. But it's a preparation for other script - to replace the base image with another one.Was bored a bit in the #MUC airport today: https://t.co/dTrpstQ7lm #docker@majson This is the second CVE: https://t.co/zyCEVhElc1Btw, all #JBoss #Docker images do contain fix for CVE-2014-7169 as of yesterday.On the way back home from Prague.
@adrahon I'm probably younger ;) (since I'm younger than everyone else)@adrahon Group Home, Livin' proof. Just sayin'#tutorial #docker #wildfly and #rhq on #judconbrazil2014 - http://t.co/6mPR5vte90 ... @arungupta @richsharples @ALRubinger @marekgoldmann
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@adrahon Add 'x' at the end ;)@adrahon Group se...Nice meeting at @YSoft! They do have some pretty exciting plans for their projects.@normanmaurer I have the feeling that you hurt yourself too often.
Thanks for attending my #Docker talk at @ysoftdevs! Let me know if you have any questions!http://t.co/uJUsVazjoE
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@damovsky @ysoftdevs Thanks a lot!@oliyavan https://t.co/iLuEE6MOTr applied in fresh images. Waiting for fix for https://t.co/zyCEVhElc1 to be published first.#GeeCON ticket? 1. Prague @marekgoldmann http://t.co/kFYIoIXsIK 2. Wroclaw @venkat_s http://t.co/SQy9X7f86w online: http://t.co/Jhw5juJDaa
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@qmx No, I'm still unsure who was it.@ricardoarguello My thought about 20 min ago :)Otwieramy sezon JUGowy! JUGtoberFest już za dwa tygodnie! Więcej informacji i rejestracja: http://t.co/zJPkDW3z5j http://t.co/9h9qyl7rQF
Retweeted by Marek GoldmannRed Hat confirms Bash #ShellShock patch is incomplete :( See update at 2014-09-25 03:10 UTC https://t.co/60kPlziiVv
Retweeted by Marek GoldmannAll #JBoss #Docker images we ship are now updated. Make sure you pull new versions and rebuild your images that depend on ours.View from floor 20 of my hotel. http://t.co/kAY3JHJUYy@xcoulon @normanmaurer Not really, 1hr...Blocking SSH and VPN access on guest wifi networks is a bullshit.@xcoulon @normanmaurer I was the victim!The jboss/* #Docker images are now in the rebuild process to update #Bash on these images.Seriously people, do not fart on planes. #almostaliveAnd by updating I mean rebuilding the image and starting a fresh container. This is the way to go.Updating #Docker containers using my phone before boarding a plane. New kind of DevOps?Its a good thing people don’t use bash to pipe random software off the internet to ‘install’ it eh?
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