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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident for 23 yrs.. #TexanInExile #P2

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@arnoldkim they may have found neither are ‘features’ which buyers find to be importantFinished “The Forever War” by John Haldeman..very good SCIFI from early ‘70s@beardedstoner Sounds like wife talk for: YOU also only need two….RT @rikilindhome: How come the name Sigourney never caught on? // they could never live up to their namesake http://t.co/t4vE3pJxgB@HumanityCritic How about smooth jazz versions of Metallica? https://t.co/1YnvQKkGQnJust another story of House/Senate repub incompetence…& authors pretending this isn’t the 1st or last time http://t.co/J4rEettuQewhen u enjoy a satisfying yawn then realize you are in public and every body else enjoyed it too https://t.co/FdbtH1IVTk
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia*Leadership* requires you to deal with “messy”, which is why boehner is such a bad leader http://t.co/QA9AdylCmC.RT @BodyofBreen: If your site hosts Taboola ads, you're part of the problem.In which @NWSBoston honors @TheRealNimoy in its forecast discussion http://t.co/PtDg7YVteh @universalhub http://t.co/p4dNPXSMmL
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@jsnell A tribute to Leonard Nimoy from http://t.co/gLYT5YYllh https://t.co/IOCax2argU #LLAP@bluegal @Mr_Electrico @owillis also cheaper than buying a new TV to replace the one w/a thrown coffee cup embedded in the screen :)
Watched “Killing Them Softly” http://t.co/JvZdnHo7bM ..very good crime noir film@Shoq I never watched it, not sure why..The years of lies from brian williams & bill oreilly were well known by their ‘journalist’ colleagues. #CowardsThis is what passes for political analysis http://t.co/GCtKtyIdHZ #NaiveOrStupid
@tootwistedtv don’type mean “wessels”? :)#EverGreenTweet RT @rolling_2: SHUT UP TODD #maddowPutin hiring OJ? RT @AP: VIDEO: Putin says he will personally oversee investigation into death of Boris Nemtsov: http://t.co/gq8vPEGNvO@Green_Footballs Have you seen anything from the press critics (jay rosen etc) who usually fawn over greenwald?Nothing like thinking you lost the only set of company keys to work van to WAKE YOU UP!! . they were in my jacket on the front seat #dumbass
@owillis http://t.co/uhgZLiqBSfReplacing the jackass? RT @passantino: CNN has a llama in the studio tonight, guys@txvoodoo @darth or a druid
@txvoodoo I thought you might like a little pick me up@txvoodoo :) RT @loydcase: When a Dachshund encounters some neatly folded blankets. http://t.co/FZzq1EsOo0@rolling_2 I’ve had enough of people hanging on every word of pseudo-celebrity twits..@Shoq @DavidOAtkins see also The narcissism of small differences https://t.co/AMsl4Duwrm@rolling_2 because they’re stupid..@geekandahalf The spice must flow #Dune540 cases weighing 32lbs each...sorted, hand stacked & palletized... How was your day?
Better living through nepotism https://t.co/otprjlXO7F
@johnmcquaid @brianstelter neither, it’s ‘How dare anyone question *me*’ far left.Forward to Pete Townshend: https://t.co/gJEVJJbRjG
RT @sherifffruitfly: Ok sin city it is // You rang? http://t.co/pWxuYRTJAN@BodyofBreen used to clean record albums@Lib_Librarian http://t.co/16sT63bMrd@rolling_2 is that a pool noodle, are you just happy to see me? #BadPoolPickUpLines@HumanityCritic @monicaisliberal Next Challenge: Chorizo con papas!@monicaisliberal @afrodiziac80 @GoodGirlRoxy his ex did it after finding out he was having an affair…she also beat him w/a broom at the time@GoodGirlRoxy @monicaisliberal @afrodiziac80 you could sew him into the bed before you leaveA: It’s NEVER ‘too early’ RT @SaraLang: How early is too early for a bloody mary when you have a 3.5 hour layover? Asking for a friend.
oreilly falklands lies reminiscent of gwb/cheney claiming they never said saddam was part of 9/11, while always mentioning both togetherAnyone mentioning mayweather’s domestic violence tendencies or pacquiao’s homophobia?Busy Las Vegas May: May 2: mayweather v paquio May 8-9: Rock in Rio USA pt 1 May 15-16: Rock in Rio USA pt 2 May 22-25: Memorial Day weekend"Those who know don't speak. Those who speak don't know." Wise words from Toby Ziegler #westwing
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RT @jacklgoldsmith: Ben Wittes on James Risen's Twitter Tirade Against Eric Holder - http://t.co/iXxpUbRS8S@Moltz @BodyofBreen prototype? http://t.co/px6A5kCIab@HumanityCritic @sherifffruitfly may I suggest “I CUSSY™” ?Something new for golfers coming to the Las Vegas Strip in 2016 http://t.co/qVoTcXxFrj@Shoq #NotTheOnion http://t.co/DfworAbMY1@darth http://t.co/cTZp9aQEoO@Shoq …and yet joescar still has 3 boring, nobody watching hours???@Shoq they killed ‘The Reid Report’ too… http://t.co/VEmBzEl3Xp@txvoodoo @beardedstoner I’ve used salsa on eggs, burgers, fries, steamed rice & a myriad of veggies, but pasta seem *wrong*.. except fideo@darth http://t.co/lX95QPPU9waka CPAC https://t.co/tCDSB9W7lD@txvoodoo RT @MrRandomSilly: 😂😂 This kills me every time - so funny 😂😂 https://t.co/ibVXoNof2p
Pres Obama mentioned ‘the crusades’ because of comments like this: http://t.co/qcmmiBm8Yf ..Time for @mitchellreports to apologizeRT @geekandahalf: “In this country American means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate.” Happy birthday to the inimitable #ToniMorrison.@HumanityCritic I nominate http://t.co/hppySfRs85@QueenofSpain :) https://t.co/f5a51S5aLg@Shoq ^..^~ RT @Oatmeal: COMIC: Cat VS Internet http://t.co/vcGncQdZ0K http://t.co/U8QmxSXJYq#TooManyGuns http://t.co/EyeZk7V4j6
@rolling_2 FYI http://t.co/Xm8b2IFZ9IAnother of the old Las Vegas casinos is closing, say ‘Good bye’ tot he Riviera http://t.co/fgGUVWkiVJ@HumanityCritic Still better than the Ryan Reynolds 'Green Lantern' film@Shoq Something to consider from Seth Godin http://t.co/L3GVM176Nj@owillis Seth Godin 'Is Google making the web stupid' http://t.co/L3GVM176NjICYMI: James Fallows 'The Tragedy of the American Military' http://t.co/dpps9HkeYvAnswer: All of them & Dems too https://t.co/nlH2eleG8DWorth reading from Seth Godin.. “Is Google making the web dumb” http://t.co/L3GVM176Nj
Next on reading list: Alan Watts “The Wisdom of Insecurity: A Message for an Age of Anxiety” http://t.co/auu0G4Wk7s ^@hotdogsladies@sherifffruitfly go to know some things hadn’t changed while I was away..finished @davidaxelrod’s “Believer’..honest look at his journalism & politics. Refreshingly honest about himself too.. Highly recommend
Chill..taking a brief break..I'll be back on Sunday... btw-Christopher is a jerk #GG
No..not even close RT @RyanNewYork: Was Andrew Sullivan the most important public intellectual in the last 25 years? http://t.co/lWSZrbl27G@Massawyrm addendum: restaurant part does not apply in Las VegasRT @owillis: Captain America Vs Star Lord - The Comic Book Super Bowl http://t.co/hXAfau2fBd //@sherifffruitfly
@Lib_Librarian @Gus_802 more of a brioche@ElisabethRappe the cake is a lie?@GlennF Peas train sounding louder..Ride on the peas train...@GlennF @jsnell All we are saying..Is give peas a chance@kathleenmadigan Shake Shack also opened at NYNY on 12/29...@Lib_Librarian is it artisanal & free range?but they're organic, non Gmo, gluten free? RT @Lib_Librarian: No, eating your fruits and veggies won't prevent measles.@txvoodoo when we find out sully quit b/c his paywall failed, then what?@CNBC @docrocktex26 CNBC couldn't be bothered to post a pic of the actual restaurant?@txvoodoo @JimDalrympleII trust NYT to cover the concerns & tribulations of rich white folks..I wonder, do they have tiaras & monocles?@SwiftOnSecurity @arclight 🎶This was triumph..I'm being so..sincere.. right now..🎶@ReignOfApril it'll be interesting to see how the NFL handles his induction@rolling_2 Still liking those grapefruit margaritas?Woodford Reserve (cc:@goldietaylor) http://t.co/nvBa1BtRIA@txvoodoo worse than Portman/Christensen? #PrequelsNew Canadian/British band: #SuperfluousUHave you heard about Xenu? #RuinAFriendshipIn5WordsYour Mom is kinda hawt.. #RuinAFriendshipIn5Words@rolling_2 he's Canadian, it's 'meume' #SuperfluousU@shesgotacrown @joshtpm @TorraineWalker I blocked him..I got no time for trifling wannabes@lafix @JennS79 in my day we appreciated our artisanal TVs!
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