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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident for 23 yrs.. #TexanInExile #P2

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@yayayarndiva Grandparents (father's side)2) iCloud wasn't "hacked" until/unless someone verifies a photo was taken with an iPhone, uploaded to iCloud, and stolen from iCloud.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia1) Photos aren't "leaked" by third parties. They're "stolen and illegally distributed". Imagine they were of you/yours.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaRT @ReignOfApril: Me too, to be honest RT “@JustCallMeKiku: Reading @ReignOfApril timeline right now like... http://t.co/8PTRquarN9@thejoshuablog @Shoq Favorite scene http://t.co/GHRDbSqFbD #Hulk@thejoshuablog @Shoq breakdown of who owns what rights http://t.co/z2GAiRbObM@jsnell helped friend w/their draft yesterday; 12 people, 16 rounds, 4 hrs@WickedGood Aren't they already? http://t.co/68CfPOKKEp@sherifffruitfly http://t.co/iC2rdWzjuf@jljacobson screen cap of tweet perry deleted http://t.co/pHry2yOZQXThis is why you screen cap tweets https://t.co/K5vKDesQYy@Shoq it's from perry's verified account http://t.co/fRe95veaQj+4 #Dowabunga RT @Isometricshow: Since you all asked so nicely, here’s a new episode, hot off the virtual presses: http://t.co/of5XIVJhSS@RiskyLiberal http://t.co/Ol2cCdHGq8@yayayarndiva @TOzoa Sometime the world is a very small place...@Shoq Are you *trying* to make @thejoshuablog yell at you?Screen-capped the perry tweet b/c I'm sure they'll delete it & blame an 'intern'Dear @GovernorPerry : you're the governor of Texas...try to at least to act like it, instead of a 19 yr old frat boyStay classy #dumbass RT @GovernorPerry: A2 http://t.co/I63WMA3wDU@Shoq yup... http://t.co/9PvmYLWgLA@Shoq @mashable another site I stopped reading a long time ago b/c they blur the line between 'curation' & theft@sherifffruitfly @HumanityCritic http://t.co/VAIFuSRnq5@HumanityCritic http://t.co/APYIvcbWaG@rolling_2 @sherifffruitfly that explains his I DRUNKY™ tweets...#MatingCallExcellent & intriguing hire for Apple.. http://t.co/FNvr3cd3k5@dmataconis @onlyothershoe We received xmas merch in June & started sending it to shops last month..#BahHumbug@Shoq Golf carts can go 50mph??@Kennymack1971 He trashed Don Shula to get the job, then blames Marino for his failure & then the retire/unretire BS@Kennymack1971 People forget Jimmy w/o Jerry failed worse than Jerry w/o Jimmy@sherifffruitfly Harbaugh’s lost control of the team@ReignOfApril Don’t you just love holiday weekends?@scATX I assume this is what you were referring to https://t.co/oyM4mXAMbw #NFL #VAW.RT @BreakingNews: San Francisco 49ers' Ray McDonald arrested by SJPD on felony domestic violence charges - @KTVU http://t.co/cH6M9pbw2GWearing this today...#Whataburger http://t.co/2CeYqdhx6II have ZERO interest in what henry <spit> kissinger has to say…@JennS79 or text back : ‘using a macro lens?’@jkfecke @Gus_802 Seen this? https://t.co/HlSyKwGfef mccain has no strategy beyond opposing anything PBO saysTranscript of PBO 8/28 remarks <cmd-F> ‘strategy’ http://t.co/jrTlZs8A4v …read for yourselfYou MUST read this!!! => The punditry vs. the presidency http://t.co/V16YpOmXRP
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia’08 primary campaign (’3am phone call’ & South Carolina) are not forgotten by many PBO supporters..HRC supporters need to remember thatMerkel is giving putin a full week before the EU will impose sanctions, but PBO is the 1 who’s ‘unconcerned’? http://t.co/E63mWmAC6e@TheTobyK9 to clarify; it hurts her credibility w/PBO supporters & those who voted for PBO@TheTobyK9 I think the slights & swipes at PBO by her supporters hurts her..She needs the PBO ’08 & ’12 coalition@thejoshuablog @Shoq The opening scene of ‘A Good Man Goes to War’ was pretty badass & a reminder of The Doctor’s real power@TheTobyK9 Seems to me to be another example of HRC & her supporters trying to distance her from PBO@TheTobyK9 piece infers PBO didn’t intervene b/c of Holbrooke’s being close to HRC & then uses the instance to critique PBO’s foreign policyWhy crowd sourcing answers doesn’t work: John F Kennedy & Robert F Kennedy were both VETERANS.. http://t.co/jN6i8DmUbbMeanwhile MoDo uses her Sunday NYTimes column to talk about Michael Sheen, ‘Masters & Johnson’ TV series & sex..#NotTheOnionToo many HRC supporters damage HRC’s credibility by doing petty things to ‘separate’ HRC from & take shots at PBO http://t.co/TAlP7dqObnGet a load of McCain's follies @cspanwj http://t.co/SKI6QpUdel
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaSetting aside whether Holbrook should have been granted an exception; Who do you think made HRC’s letter ‘available’? http://t.co/TAlP7dqObnDear LVRJ: Use his real name “Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver”; don’t glamorize the thug who nearly beat his ex-GF to death http://t.co/T2LuHrOCrZ@sherifffruitfly w/aside of Fetus? http://t.co/i1Tc4GGF2V (I know it's 5 hrs later, but.....)
4hrs later after overseeing an NFL fantasy draft....<bed>@RaisingOneBrow @ReignOfApril @BaconGawd all so damn good… which reminds me it’s on sale this week for $4.99, I guess I’ll need to stock up@ReignOfApril @BaconGawd they’re doing a big nation wide expansion (just came to LV 2 months ago) , so there’s always hope@monicaisliberal your Dad reminds me of mine http://t.co/ROjKA5Rlto@ReignOfApril @BaconGawd Blue Bell FTW http://t.co/YdqVmRE6STA pick for YOU and a pick for YOU and a pick for YOOOOOOUUUU. Adrian Colbert nabs the Horns 3rd INT of the night.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@monicaisliberal I saw a comment criticizing his ‘bad Scottish accent’…Capaldi was born/raised in Glasgow@rgay he named his sons Boromir & Faramir: only people who hate their kids you bad rhyme schemes@jesseberney btw- have you gotten that you pig yet? http://t.co/aRG28Q0wnK@jesseberney Uber but for Uber #meta@HumanityCritic Happy Birthday! Throat chops for everyone!!!…oh wait?? @sherifffruitfly @txvoodoo@anandshimpi Thank for the excellent work & I LOL forward to your next project…meanwhile, take time to relax & enjoy yourself@sherifffruitfly especially when a good editor would have cut it to < 200 words@ReignOfApril no…but he loved the Longhorns & was buried w/a Longhorn belt buckle & the last words on his obit were ‘Hook ’em Horns’.@ReignOfApril night UT beat USC for national championship my Dad called me & he was almost in tears…one of my best memories of him@ReignOfApril didn’t know you were a Texas-Ex…Dad was a huge UT fan & I got to see Earl play in his senior year #HookEm@root_e Too many questions/critics of the US e: putin & Ukraine, too little criticism/questions of Merkle & EU@goldietaylor would ‘Damn You!’ be appropriate?@goldietaylor I guess ‘Silver’ is out of the question too?Germany depends on Russian natural gas & Britain on laundering Russian oligarch’s cash…Maybe THEY should be leadingI get that the US is the last super power, but the EU { <cough> Germany } have been willingly impotent in dealing w/putin@ryan in the end, the book seemed to have been rushed. You’re right, the notes & any recordings should be made available@kungfupussy https://t.co/MenylSRxVl Really w/the hair?I'm supposed to help w/a fantasy football draft tonight, so I'm gauging how early to get there so I'm not too DRUNKY™@sherifffruitfly@scATX tech guy I follow is a Cal fan & he's still pissed about Texas getting a 2005 BCS game over Cal..he loathes Mac..It makes me LOLNo! (@monicaisliberal) http://t.co/FGgJyrZP1oIt be a like a shot in the face....RT @sherifffruitfly: If dick cheney's state takes Obamacare, I'll laff my ass offshow I can play at this level. I look forward to continuing to build on the progress I made here toward a long and successful career (2/2)
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaI want to thank the entire Rams organization and the city of St. Louis for giving me this tremendous opportunity and allowing me to (1/2)
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@QueenofSpain <Hoot>@Shoq wouldn't want the 25 yr olds seeing you gassy... :)@sherifffruitfly Good thing there's no SEC bias...@davesnothere33 if he's gonna have that beard, he better be carrying a sax...@kellyoxford now all you have to do is BURN THE ENTIRE HOUSE!!!!... .. ..I don't like spidersTo be clear I've been saying forever that St. Louis was an awful spot for Sam because the d-line is stacked. Westbrooks was also amazing.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@JeffersonObama he should be signed in the next few days, if not then the NFL will have more questions to answer@SlyM mine got replaced when they fixed the sleep/wake button...@jljacobson coincidentally, I had just read (no pun intended) about that a few days ago http://t.co/24rF1uYkHA@sherifffruitfly @root_e Merkel busy trying to let putin do what he wants in Ukraine & let US press blame PBO@geeoharee Today was deadline for NFL teams to get to regular season 53 player roster from 75 they had for preseason@geeoharee cut by the Rams, any team can claim him, if in 10 days no team signs him, then the Rams can add him to their practice squad@gte @siracusa maybe if there were a Darth Vader's emoji...@SaraLang http://t.co/6CaihZPB6G@meghanbkelly @lschmeiser Pumpkin/Pumpkin Spice Rule #1: No pumpkin before October 1Bane cosplay? RT @newmediajim: Today was all about the sanding. #woodenboat #boatbuilding http://t.co/DAFaIpS73m@Shoq @Twitter could add a list of accounts a user has blocked (Following-Followers-Blocked) w/the option of unblocking them@Green_Footballs @GoBrooklyn @BuzzFeedAndrew @Gus_802 my decision to ignore buzzfeed is validated...again
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