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Luka Jones @lukajones Los Angeles, CA

actor. philosophy phd. enjoy emotional intensity and analytic rigor. barely care about traveling. not a parent. instagram -- http://t.co/C2xbnk6Zm4

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that moment years ago when my former gf let me in on the fact that any ppl could see all the pussies, tits, and asses that I'd FAV on hereI want Speed Weed to help me get on L&O: SVU please http://t.co/M18R4Vj1jdbest name in Hollywood from L&O: SVU http://t.co/qPKyxQd4fFIce-T just used 'pork' to mean fuck in this ep of L&O: SVU from 2010
@zoeinthecities positively soporific@zoeinthecities YES THANK YOU#RockChalkJayhawk it is all about getting the 11th straight conference title this year for Kansas. One more win!Yep, so are we. 👏 RT @lukajones: I am deeply excited for @LastManFOX
Retweeted by Luka Jones@MissAmandaRahl thanks very much! I appreciate that@NYKensington YOU FUCKIN STUDI am deeply excited for @LastManFOX@ablok10 (oh also sugarhill gang was as good as biggie)@ablok10 but yeah UK has been more successful. No question. I do know you guys are praying Calipari doesn't get caught doing shit again tho@ablok10 I hear you. Was just talking about the deep tradition of Kansas and college bball. Calm down homey@ablok10 ?? Talking about different things bud. UK has a program bc of Kansas. Same w UNC. Whole deal comes from Kansas@ablok10 cradle of college basketball amigo@ablok10 yep@jkoefittyfo I know. No other names necessary to mention. Totally agreeCollege GameDay at Koch Arena in Wichita and then Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence is perfect. Kansas is college basketball. #WuShock #RockChalk@Bergmaster5000 put him in Brady's or Montana's teams and he wins just as many@OrvilleIV CANNOT WAIT@samscram you just miss edging togetherJohn Elway is the greatest QB in the history of the NFL.@Natecraig1 GO LA@niquito 3rd or 4th to last for me@DustinMartian @emilymayamills ohh i see u mean u dont know if you agree w them. sorry misunderstood@SaraJBenincasa i hear u. but nyc and venice r still pretty neat@DustinMartian @emilymayamills fair enuf thats why i stated the fact@DustinMartian @emilymayamills been living in Venice for going on a yeari miss the eastside of LA@zoeinthecities i feel like most ppl could benefit from seeing themselves from that perspectiveI'm gonna need Red and Elizabeth to make love on THE BLACKLIST before we learn whether or not he is her father. Cool?Letterman's final guest should be either Bill Murray or Jay Leno.@allanmcleod i feel this way about Bill Murray on @Letterman
@AndyMilonakis babies should just have backmen shouldn't have just men's backs & women shouldn't have just women's backs@whatrosasaid @nickthune yumpOOp aLL nITe@whatrosasaid @nickthune no way pizza & pussy both smell super@nickthune we both smell pieI can smell when woman are aroused.@kumailn k but lemme know. Love you!@kumailn So...? xoHere's the deal. If you date me, we will argue. If you don't like that, please don't date me.@SarahTSarahT yeah it's weird@literallyafool @johannesschmitt FUCK YEAH! NICE! FIGHT ON FELLASI am wiser than Eckhart Tolle.Multi-cam comedy with no audience and no hard jokes and acting instead of performing.fun video that might mess with your brain: https://t.co/irgl5Msl4S@literallyafool @johannesschmitt jojo & shyshy hittin the town!!!@theanthonyking I think there's no fact of the matter as to what colors it has on itOne of the main goals of life should be to feel comfortable being seen for who you really are. It's a really nice spot.
@literallyafool @johannesschmitt NICE@johannesschmitt @literallyafool you guys hookin up in the HK??@johannesschmitt i didn't learn anything from any of it. but i know that this was the wisest advice.@johannesschmitt took me almost 18 yearsjust shredding it in venice guys http://t.co/Iqi7txcO2A@thegynomite @DustinMartian way to ignore him EmilyI love Venice at sunset. http://t.co/1TdxoMGTiw@roryscovel @coryloykasek damn@roryscovel @coryloykasek I've always wanted to catch a Hoosiers bball gameIt's weird to me that the wisest piece of advice from TRUE DETECTIVE season 1 was the Yellow King's "Take off your mask."@NelsonFranklin I'll take that as a yes thnx buddyThe fake pride of someone with low self esteem can be a difficult and disturbing thing to observe.@brianglenney or are you asking about how humans treat other animals?@brianglenney i honestly don't have an opinion on non-human animals. haven't studies them enough.@brianglenney i don't assume that all animals are moral agentsYou... You are still next to me, alright https://t.co/1zzHc1tHOKMorality applies in all significant human interpersonal contexts.@zoeinthecities thats the coupling i wanted to see@Braunger dude GREAT wednesday@thegynomite Makes you more well-positioned to anticipate their needs.@oldmanweldon ok then the bus thing@oldmanweldon would I have to fuck each member of my family and let them cum in my mouth?We just rescued this dog running in the Los Feliz area! Is this anyone's? http://t.co/IXeXvYetP3
Retweeted by Luka Jones@oldmanweldon can't wait for the next dozen@iammrmeehan I hear you. I do. But not for me. And I'm thankful about that.
I cannot easily relate to ppl who aren't basically nice to themselves.@timothycsimons @laurenlapkus oh for sure, no question. thnx buddy@laurenlapkus jus stuff@PorscheJeff i blame Mizzou@PorscheJeff the Lakers are fine, but it's the Clips turn for a second. #GoLAI wanna participate in a 3some with Helen Mirren and Charlotte Rampling okay?super empathetic Porsche driver in front of me today http://t.co/zdbT0zFa1E@jlsnedegar @billydunaway @literallyafool Justin's jobsing me guys@zoeinthecities I dig how free with your eyes you are. You and strangers. Super fun@zoeinthecities okay fair enuf#smalldreams4linz @ucbtla a night I will always remember @mholland85 @caseyfeigh @lukajones thank you!!!!😍 http://t.co/1aaShC2cvz
Retweeted by Luka Jones@billydunaway @literallyafool I think it means he got treated like steve jobs used to treat ppl
@thegynomite @spivey_e what if it literally were tho and u had to watch it all the time and never stop..@GottliebShow where do you put there chances of advancing to the 2nd weekend?@SaraJBenincasa good boobs@GottliebShow K-State was even worse during Roy's era erent they?@AyshaWax this is a fucking pushy tweet@SaraJBenincasa we are a rare breed@SaraJBenincasa Thanks, Sara. I'm glad it comes across that way. I dig your feed for a buttload of reasons. You are a super solid follow.@SaraJBenincasa oh yes. but also i mean among reasonable people there is disagreement over what it means or especially what the view entails@KeithOlbermann @psurn92 This is so ridiculous and upsetting that you took them on in this manner.@SaraJBenincasa yeah that might be right. idk. i do think ppl might 2 often act like its more obvious than it is what the term means exactly@SaraJBenincasa haha I think it can often be hard to know what behavior is in line with feminist values
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