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watch REALLY on Amazon -- http://t.co/IgyNzLFVJF

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#FF cast of #REALLY. @jaychandrasekha @sarahchalke @SelmaBlair @lukajones @robdelaney @hayes_macarthur @ColletteWolfe http://t.co/FT1gDEVCSw
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@literallyafool oh then I'm glad you know how to do that. Yeah I'd heard of some non-US locations that weren't getting it@literallyafool thanks, man. I appreciate it and I agree. thanks for checking it out. I'm glad you can see it there.@NYKensington We will take them!Im in a new @Amazon_Studios pilot called REALLY by @jaychandrasekha Watch it here and vote!! http://t.co/H1h15FeJYM
Retweeted by Luka Jones@NYKensington Thanks, buddy!My new pilot, "REALLY" just posted on Amazon. Please watch (it's free) and rate it. Thanks. http://t.co/e8lanFwC7L
Retweeted by Luka Jones@katiedianne Thank you, Katie! You're the best. That's so nice, I really appreciate it!@jilly_adams this is very sexy & disgustingI'm in a new @Amazon_Studios pilot by @jaychandrasekha. Watch it now: http://t.co/pXXIjR7zsk … With @sarahchalke & @SelmaBlair
Retweeted by Luka Jonesour new Amazon pilot REALLY is available today - please watch, rate, & review it so we can make the series! http://t.co/h63iLQtWr5 #ReallyTV@lenadunham it is all about signaling
@SaraJBenincasa ok mine is Sid Luckman, Dick Butkus, and Karl Mecklenburg@SaraJBenincasa no fucking wayI'm on Pete Holmes' podcast today, chatting about all sorts of weird shit. @peteholmes link: You Made It Weird! http://t.co/9wYcPDh0oD
Retweeted by Luka Jones@Home_Halfway same here! such a pumpy song@timothycsimons and Denver Broncos should be allowed to smoke weed since it's legal there@SelmaBlair on my wayTOMORROW! Jay's new pilot "REALLY" premieres on Amazon w/ @sarahchalke @SelmaBlair @lukajones #REALLYonAMAZON http://t.co/vTEKNP98nJ
Retweeted by Luka Jones@RealFrank13 Excellent.Time to play TV exec: Amazon's latest round of pilots premieres tomorrow, incl. #HandofGod starring @AndreRoyo http://t.co/VzJwxotx5B
Retweeted by Luka Jones@NelsonFranklin Thank you, buddy. Feeling better already.@SquirrelLeBel yes that's my understanding as well
@NelsonFranklin I WILL EAT IT. (but pls come over anyway I'm lonely)I really hope that these nutritionists who say that we should eat a pint of ice cream each and every night know what they are talking about.@spivey_e @sethmeyers @MayaRudolph @AnaGasteyer THIS IS FUNNY EMILY SPIVEY@rachelrusch scoop em up, make em stars@thehumphreyker @laurenlapkus SO political HK!! We just bumped into e/o and that was fun. Yes lunch yes@laurenlapkus me toooo@hkasulka I'm Georgia regular & LA morbidly obeseWhat would it look like if we each took all the nail clippings and hair that has been cut off of our bodies and piled it all up?@literallyafool yeah and maybe bc you're in a new weird-feeling place and are ready for whatever rn@AllisMarkham haven't seen that yet. But peter sarsg is in that & Maggie gyl is in this, so there's another connection
just saw the movie FRANK and dug it@literallyafool insane@literallyafool they are so direct & explicit about their prejudice!So relieved to hear that scientists have proven that Taco Bell is good for us.@imnatecorddry @mattjonesisdead @NathanDunbar JLD over most politicians@bobbycannavale he looks beautiful!@allisonfields Siri: yes@blazingshark get it@oldmanweldon lucky dawgThe case for radical tax reform, by Gregory Mankiw. http://t.co/H95JBTBll2
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@SaraJBenincasa i do. sensitive dude for sure.@SaraJBenincasa i thought the preview to this was incredibly exciting when i was in college"When I was twelve years old I jerked off to my mother breast-feeding my baby sister." --Steve Knight, my new fave character on Ray DonovanStreet artist Shepard Fairey (@OBEYGIANT) says New York-based artists are "screwed right now" http://t.co/zj1qV3JzCt http://t.co/xU1Audrh6I
Retweeted by Luka Jones@Natecraig1 nah it legit bugs meIf I ask how a female actor was in a movie, I'm not asking about if she was hot or not."You're a virgin, right?" -what I say to women right before sex@AuntieQs pancakes then waffles then french toast@nickthune Fuck. Sorry about that, buddy. Sounds like a genuinely scary situation. I'm glad that you're okay.A talk with John Searle about human rights, animal rights, freedom, politics, and his advice to young philosophers http://t.co/v4bIAswwkg
Retweeted by Luka Jones@joewengert @paulrust i do. tbh i was just being an a-hole about paul's tweet. sorry guys. Cliff Huxy would not approve@paulrust @joewengert is it Claire's baby bump or Felicia's? sorry to get technical, but i take TCS seriously.@literallyafool good, it will get you in touch w the meaning of life which is what philosophy is really about@brendonwalsh @Yassir_Lester i will pay $5001 to watch you guys beat me up while 69-ing@literallyafool also are you tweeting as a political prisoner?@Yassir_Lester @brendonwalsh I will pay $5000 to watch you guys 69 instead@nikkitruckee zero@Galichious you bastard@literallyafool DONT SAY THAT!!!!
Often when I see a spider I fear that it's gonna try to crawl up my butt.one of my favorite things about LA is the Mexican influence on its culture.@bauce_man82 Bay Area doesnt need two teams, Oakland wont build new stadium, and STL is still paying off their dome@bauce_man82 i disagree. both teams need new stadium, both teams would skyrocket in value from move to LA, and NFL wants to be back in LA.@bauce_man82 you probably lose@literallyafool @jlsnedegar a prison cell will help you come up with some good sayingsdear Oakland & St. Louis, enjoy the last year with your NFL teams before they move back to Los Angeles. #LARaiders #LARams@literallyafool @jlsnedegar holy shit dude sharpen your pencil for your prison written philosophical treatise@literallyafool @jlsnedegar but I'm leaving my police state tweets up@literallyafool @jlsnedegar (not that anything here would warrant that)@literallyafool @jlsnedegar I dont want ppl to get in trouble bc of me@literallyafool @jlsnedegar expect an official at your door to inspect your computer after typing the b-word@literallyafool @jlsnedegar about both things@literallyafool @jlsnedegar Kidding!!!@literallyafool @jlsnedegar also enjoy jail for that last political tweet@literallyafool @jlsnedegar I think I might snag one in support of your journey (and bc it looks phat)@literallyafool @jlsnedegar check this shit yo http://t.co/qgE4jDVJ4n@literallyafool @jlsnedegar I like the LA Kings. Speaking of sports, you should buy the China WBC hat it looks dope@literallyafool @jlsnedegar isn't it spelled 'our' everywhere. (jk)@jlsnedegar @literallyafool no its spelled 'centre' the other thing is spelled 'colour'@jlsnedegar @literallyafool isn't it spelled centre mass over there as well??@jlsnedegar @literallyafool isn't it spelled centre mass over there??@lizzieandali Sorry about that. That sucks.@lizzieandali i wonder if thats true about water
@MsMichaelWesten haha I'll just get an exterminatorInstead of just asking for voluntary water conservation in CA how about asking for allowing higher prices for water...?@joewengert No. Nah...@joewengert I feel like you're not being 100 percent right now@joewengert you gotta watch that movie. Cher & Cage are great in it.@j_urban thank you!one of the weirdest things about living with someone is wearing clothes indoors@joaqamles lucky dudemaking Letterman laugh from the guest chair must be one of the best feelings on earth@DustinMartian damnit@jlsnedegar DROP 4 DROP AS VENOMOUS AS THE BLACK WIDOW...@jacobreed the red belly made me think widow@jlsnedegar this is helpful, thanks man. does seem like it might be one of these.@jlsnedegar haven't seen any yet
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