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Luka Jones @lukajones Los Angeles, CA

watch REALLY on Amazon -- http://t.co/IgyNzLFVJF

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@annielederman ON IT@botany500 fair enough@WendyMolyneux That baby had it coming.Publicly directing unsolicited mean criticism at someone who isn't harming anybody is morally wrong.@ChelseaVPeretti internet ppl are too mean imo@SaraJBenincasa Templeton, I presume.
@davidalangrier Go KC@JoelEmbiid @22wiggins RCJH@maybeAyaCash someone to hold your hands tightly while you bear down
"My whole life I've been dressing up like a man. This is me." from episode 2 of @transparent_tv - two of my favorite sentences in tv history@ChelseaVPeretti howdy"Total Eclipse of the Heart" is playing at Rite Aid right now and so I'm going thru a lot emotionally.@BoobsRadley no this was truly special@SaraJBenincasa i wish@SaraJBenincasa @BoobsRadley @robdelaney i saw Richie Marx play at the Grove once@AuntieQs caramel apples
The USC Trojans used my support and the support of @davetheune to beat Oregon St at the Coliseum tonight! #FightOn http://t.co/8oY24oOobrUSC game with @lukajones . We willed them to a very comfortable victory. http://t.co/AOh3GLnnlM
Retweeted by Luka Jones@katespencer that could happen anywhereThose of us who rush into intimacy are often cowards trying to be brave. Those who wait a long time to go there are mere cowards.@julieklausner bring back the male #perm@literallyafool gotcha and now I remember how the distinction applies here. i don't mind the feature since ppl often fave RT-worthy stuff@literallyafool i forget what this distinction means (or how it appiles) in this context@literallyafool the believe that you express in the first sentence is prob not completely true@thegynomite @DustinMartian You and Kumail opening things up?@thegynomite I like seeing how one tweet can affect the next.
@emmakathan and gorgeous pubic hair3 days left to vote for #ReallyonAmazon! Exclusive clip http://t.co/qG466GzpRZ w/ @SelmaBlair @sarahchalke @jaychandrasekha @lukajones
Retweeted by Luka JonesLast chance to WATCH/RATE our show REALLY. Here's a free link and a pic of me and @robdelaney. http://t.co/ohTAZBTFKl http://t.co/WeXdWoUOMh
Retweeted by Luka JonesSame. RT @lukajones I was legit freaked out by @Krystenritter in the season premiere of @NBCBlacklist.
Retweeted by Luka JonesI was legit freaked out by @Krystenritter in the season premiere of @NBCBlacklist
Just be kind.2 more days to watch & rate our pilot, REALLY. Here's a link and pic of the great @sarahchalke http://t.co/ohTAZBTFKl http://t.co/MciJzUDBKc
Retweeted by Luka Jones"@lukajones: nice Xmas nails at work today @Foshosh" whilst sleeping on the job
Retweeted by Luka Jonesnice Xmas nails at work today @Foshosh
@jackiecarbajal bonertown@LaurenGreenberg @DustinMartian SF is beautiful. Life is beautiful. You guys are silly billies.@LaurenGreenberg @DustinMartian ohhhhhhhhhh gotcha. cool.@LaurenGreenberg @DustinMartian wtf is wrong with San Francisco Jewish ppl?@davidiserson I assume so.@missalisonquinn OH I THOUGHT THIS WAS IN RESPONSE TO ANOTHER TWEET SORRY@missalisonquinn teaser@missalisonquinn Not a warning, stating a moral fact!Ppl who work at places with stated hours, you can't act like you're doing the customer/client a favor by serving them 45mins before closing.@timothycsimons @LAist dude I know HBO is kinda rock n roll, but it's amazing they keep letting you do this in public@villepique True! (Except for those that don't make it until tomorrow :( )@villepique I disagree!5 Days left to watch my Amazon pilot, REALLY. Watch and rate here. It's Free: http://t.co/ohTAZBTFKl
Retweeted by Luka JonesThe Traveling Wilburys on 88.5fm in LA now!@davidiserson yes like 11 or 12 would officially confirm it scientifically speaking@davidiserson plausible theory given your 3 examples, but larger sample size needed to confirm@thegynomite He needs to understand!3 uses of this song in film / TV -- SHE'S HAVING A BABY, PARTY OF FIVE, and @YTWFX -- all of them made me emotional http://t.co/lojRuuaj0j@vornietom okay, once i figure out what it is to venmo
@vornietom any chance you have a list of songs in that particular sub genre?After Bills sale, Raiders could fetch $2B or more. Would Mark Davis sell? http://t.co/oqghww9UOG
Retweeted by Luka Jones@maybeAyaCash its beautiful. totally separately, if you need a therapist referral just lmk.@thegynomite @ChelseaVPeretti @moshekasher I think she deserves an explanation, given what they had.Just watched @jaychandrasekha 's 'Really' on @amazon - so funny and honest. Raw and real. Go watch it on Amazon now! You'll laugh. Promise.
Retweeted by Luka Jones@frankieshawisag super smart to incorporate the cost of gender stereotypes on men. excellent speech.@zoeinthecities Unsound argument. But all 3 claims still may be true.
@Galichious That's one type. Another type is where they think you're fucking with them in weird ways when you're not.Self-loathers often project inaccurate mental states onto me.How disappointed would the Fifty Shades of Grey fans be if the movie were just 90mins of me boning this guy's butt? http://t.co/MGsFg6eCCOI have never heard a sound argument for the production of non-elastic waists in pants.@HeyBraj yeah but even more than thatHow about a tv show or film with significantly more wide static shots than is currently standard?Drilling butt rules.@literallyafool vomiting towards HKWhen told to "be a man" I projectile vomit on the speaker's face.@MikeRoe size 8 is the truth@someofmybest your melon is too big like mineI have never encountered a one-size-fits-all hat that fit me.Terrible news...The great Sheldon Patinkin has died.Artistic director of Second @TheSecondCity for years. My good friend.
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We are heartbroken to learn of the death of our friend and mentor Sheldon Patinkin. http://t.co/qiTnzVP5rG
Retweeted by Luka JonesRIP dearest Sheldon Patinkin, my mentor.
Retweeted by Luka JonesRIP Sheldon Patinkin -- http://t.co/Bd2lP71Xn7@brendonwalsh @ChelseaVPeretti @JoeMande Blackberry 4evainsomnia = @byutv
@imnatecorddry @allisonfields @Cheesecake So we are talking Glendale here. That's my spot!SOMEBODY HELP ME FIX THIS NOW PLS http://t.co/jHHLm1Z58l@Bergmaster5000 RIP the Big 8 ... yeah they did - took Central Michigan down! RCJH@Bergmaster5000 still can't believe they're in the Big 10 now...@roryscovel GO USC (TROJANS)@NelsonFranklin @georgiamischak go put some more patchouli oil on you pinko hippiedigging the white helmets that the Jayhawks are wearing today - ROCK CHALK@georgiamischak SUCH a hippie@georgiamischak is this about Nelson again?@l_powell also, go Kings@l_powell not perfectly overlapping seasons. there is time! :)
@LizzieMolyneux you should not give away billion dollar ideas like that@l_powell & congrats on retaining the Bills, I hope you go to at least one game of theirs@l_powell me too!@LizzieMolyneux I have issues w that too. It's a calculus of anxiety.@kumailn doesn't work on Serbians@SaraJBenincasa I do think he is probably sorry, even if it's true that he should be replaced.20% of the time that I leave a drink of any kind unattended while going to the bathroom I end up refusing to drink the rest of it.@SaraJBenincasa haha maybe he just needs some self loveDo guys who just fuck and basically never masturbate actually exist?"It's scary to remind people you have a beating heart:"@JennySlate on success in our new issue http://t.co/N9nSaRyZ70 http://t.co/ehlanUBNpP
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