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LeVar Burton @levarburton Los Angeles, CA

Actor, Director, Educator, Student

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Oh well… You know what I meant! #Vegas Not #VeagsI made the wall… MT @WILLIAMJCAIN: On the Wacom today the Mount Rushmore of children's television. http://t.co/AcsiMWBZ2YHeading to Veags…Happy Hump Day, Y’all…
In my defense, it was the 70’s… #bydhttmwfi #speedont.@RachaelLCook Where in the name of all that’s unholy did you find that picture???Absolutely! RT @MommaJenks: @PerceptionTNT well, 9pm (cst) but that still counts, right?Running errands… # LAlifeA show of hands, please… Who’s tuning in to @PerceptionTNT tonite at 10pm?Where is this? RT @TalkingTV: Well, that's a new take on the Reading Rainbow theme. @levarburton http://t.co/KsGzZh70VN
Eid Mubarak, Y’all…Oh sure, Adam, you SAY it's not cool to scream BUTTERFLY IN THE SKY whenever @levarburton is onscreen during Star Trek, but you are wrong.
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Happy Saturday, Y’all… http://t.co/blKPgdRwBQ
Just announced Geek of the Year recipient this year is LeVar Burton! @TheGeekieAwards @levarburton Watch Aug 17th! http://t.co/E79SVSurOA
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonThis artist created stunning art with old books as his canvas: http://t.co/xIBzKTAA0B http://t.co/nuzvPrBmtD
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonHappy Friday, Y’all…
On my way back to #IAD and flight home to LA. Thank you @NASA and #MandarinOrientalDC for a great day!!!The backdrop for today’s program at #NASAhttp://t.co/bdcznRxI2HAt NASA today… http://t.co/MAUiZGkwXBGood Morning, Y’all…
So happy! Solo at the bar, a world class dining experience… #CityZen #bydhttmwfiPork shoulder w/chickpea & kale… http://t.co/dxX0c5cMBmHam profiteroles w/lobster and pea shoots… #Mmmmm #Mmmmm #Good‘Tis the season for Soft Shell Crab… #bydhttmwfi http://t.co/KqCASMRvqJDickens Martini as invented by @BrentSpiner #cityzen style… http://t.co/fTgeCbgxVpWashington DC… Kunta is in the house! #chocolatecityOn my way East… ✈️
Nych’all…@bonnieogden Clever girl…A Dickens Martini… as invented by @BrentSpiner #bydhttmwfi http://t.co/MM1pLeI8NT"There are stories everywhere you look..." @levarburton & Reading Rainbow Remixed! http://t.co/cTaGRkSIQS via @PBSDS
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Wishing a very Happy Birthday to @jarpad a truly good man!WATCH! RT @KickstartedFilm: Our interview w @levarburton is up on @mashable. Check it out! http://t.co/ATRq6CLfDd
Congrats @Karyn_Parsons, @jadapsmith, @chrisrock & @swtblackberry on a successful @Kickstarter to #educate children! http://t.co/8X89wzyk7v
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonHappy Friday, Y’all…
Brilliant!!! RT @TyroneWarren: Seeing @levarburton inspired @creativedistrct to get creative today! http://t.co/iYgpqolnpE
#bydhttmwfi RT @blbonhors: VISOR-Vision for the Blind: http://t.co/2TobEX6Yca first reading rainbow returns and now this.Meeting at Kermit's house... #bydhttmwfi http://t.co/u7QatmSs1m
I just backed The Janet Collins Story, presented by Sweet Blackberry on @Kickstarter http://t.co/gfiz0pDcbhHappy Birthday @SirPatStew@GrimmHeartless …and you are mine!
@indiaarie Please do…Holy Moly! Where were we?? RT @gates_mcfadden: @levarburton just found this pic! Looking gooood! http://t.co/SqgKzwVfQ4READ! Brilliantly insightful essay by, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: LeBron can't really go home again http://t.co/ypaOVtponF via @TIMEIdeasDear, @indiaarie I’m right here!
Happy Friday, Y’all…
Nych’all…READ: Are you a #GeekGirl? An @readingrainbow guest blog from @NataniaBarron of @GeekMomBlog http://t.co/DtTmXnJpWOSteel City, home of @FredRogersCtr RT @kano11: Hey @levarburton my family and I are looking forward to meeting you in Pittsburgh.C u there! RT @CowlGirlTV: Can't wait for @WizardWorld #chicago!! Got my Photo Op with @levarburton !!! Wee-hoo! #fangirl #startrekGood Morning, Y’all…Nych’all…
OKay, I'm settled in: glass of wine, computer. Let's tweet! @PerceptionTNT @verybravo @RachaelLCook @iamscottwolf @Arjay_Smith @levarburton
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonICYMI: It’s @micaburton’s birthday today!!!! Please send her some… #birthdayloveDios mio…! RT @DestructoHARD: 0-7 http://t.co/JSIHlZXCfx@EricMcCormack @PerceptionTNT @RizzoliIslesTNT You are the hardest working man on vacation…!READ: A guest Blog for @readingrainbow from @GeekDads… #imageekdadCrazy, huh??? RT @Marina_Sirtis: @levarburton: Saw Parade! Nothing but Kunta cover to cover! LeVar, you totally rule! #readingrainbow.READ! RT @Spiggitzfan: Why Reading Rainbow became the most successful Kickstarter in history http://t.co/KXrpH992Jm via @TheWeekUmm… did I mention that it is @micaburton’s birthday, yet???‘Bout to go on @newsnation with @tamronhall NOW!!!.@TamronHall reps @ReadingRainbow! @LevarBurton returns to #NewsNation w/an update on his Kickstarter campaign. 11aE http://t.co/rKRtnDKBVE
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonHappy Birthday! @MicaBurton In the history of daughters, one of the greatest! #bydhttmwfi
@burnie @MicaBurton You are most welcome, Sir!!!Happy Independence Day, Y’all…http://t.co/botFPZu4WK RT @htnovitsky: @levarburton missed the kickstarter but still want to help. What can I do?
Dear @tamronhall I love your new Avi… #bydhttmwfiSoon…! RT @Modern_Robot: @levarburton Detective Burton, when will the criminal organization known as Cameo be caught and put to justice?@GarveyAlexander wearing the @levarburton is my hero tee @aughtist design @Conscious http://t.co/4rKbiCh4qO
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonMickey, @MicaBurton & me… http://t.co/0cOx09f74eThanks, Jeri! RT @JeriLRyan: @levarburton BRAVO, Levar!!!! Huge congrats to you and the whole team! Xoxo.@levarburton LOVES Small World. http://t.co/JN820w3Yzk
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonHaving a very magical day… http://t.co/mDIkydOPI2Spending the day at the happiest place on earth… #bydhttmwfi http://t.co/Kohp5D1V6e@mom69 @readingrainbow Every dollar makes a difference, Anna! Thank you for your pledge…Congrats to @levarburton and @readingrainbow for exceeding their goal! Last week, they filmed with #Mystere. http://t.co/gnMN8C43Qg
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@R2theENO @BackerKit You… I love!!!Yes! http://t.co/8g4NhDQGNy RT @nicoleawoah: I forgot to donate to the Kickstarter before it closed!I Can I still contribute?Congrats to @levarburton & the @readingrainbow team for a record breaking Kickstarter campaign. Time to read http://t.co/o4zbx5kPef
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonThanks, WW! Your support means a lot! RT @wilw: That’s amazing, LeVar. I’m so happy for you, and so proud to be a backer!Wait, wait… the champagne toast is kicking in. What I meant to say was $6.408,916 is what we have raised thanks to all 105, 857 of you!All told, including @SethMacFarlane’s generous pledge, we’ve raised $ 5,408,916 with 105,857 individuals coming together for our kids!…and 1 more hour to go on our @readingrainbow @kickstarter campaign!There's only 90 minutes left of @levarburton's @readingrainbow Kickstarter campaign. Donate now! http://t.co/sv8lu0Lky2
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonPlease join me in wishing my business partner, the Bodhisattva of Business, @MarkAndrewWolfe a Happy Birthday. Send him some love…Good Morning, Y’all…@ParadeMagazine asked me why the @readingrainbow @kickstarter is so important. Here's my answer: http://t.co/A3lSNWTzM7#gratitude
Thanks ever so much!!! RT @Elaisan: Congratulations, @LeVarBurton! http://t.co/XAe891qoDuDear @sethmacfarlane Your turn…!$5 MILLION… #BYDHTTMWFI THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…!!! http://t.co/dKzXGZpHRlAre you guys watching this??? http://t.co/4euE3A9LtoCounting down…My 6 year old just pledged her $5 to @readingrainbow because she loves @levarburton and all the books he's introduced her to. #proudmama
Retweeted by LeVar Burton4 crucial education points @levarburton made at #iste2014 http://t.co/pzXG1W6hjj via @educationdive
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonRIGHT NOW! RT @jessicacoen: Today in Awesome: @levarburton is on @jezebel right now taking your questions! http://t.co/yTDlrwnjaFReading Rainbow hero @LeVarBurton is coming to Jezebel today for a live chat with readers! 1pm eastern. Run, don't walk.
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonPledged to the Reading Rainbow kickstarter bc @levarburton is just so damn nice. You should, too! http://t.co/NR8SFrwX4u
Retweeted by LeVar Burton@LeVarBurton keeps politely asking me for money on #Twitter... This @readingrainbow thing is going to be great. http://t.co/8URzGUBCrV
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonTomorrow is last day to show @readingrainbow support! Help @levarburton provide universal access for every child! http://t.co/4h1e6jAOqY
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