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Visualization in science & edu, virtual worlds, digital media and learning, ChemEd, ed tech, history & philosophy of science. Former NSF DUE PD, PARC-EFRC

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@marybaum I keep flash blocked unless no other option. But yeah. I alternate Chrome/FF/Safari when tabs get out of control.@marybaum Indeed. My mid-2012 MBP has 16 MB. Still complains a bit when I open 100+ Safari tabs tho! heh@marybaum I start grumbling about memory and go for a new iMac ~ every 3 years. Due for one. Retina MBP has another year or so to go.@marybaum Ah, I see you do their website and such. Nice.Apple/Mac Evangelist family since 1989 here. Looking forward to meeting you.@marybaum Mark is a sweetheart. Found me at Highlands when I was just getting back in and desperate for a backboard. Got me to Frontenac@marybaum Hah! I'd only heard her name spoken, not written. *takes note*@marybaum Glad to hear! So far I know pros Mark, Stefan, & Caroline. Trying to figure out how things work at Frontenac, but getting there.@marybaum That was me 10 yrs ago. These days 3.0, with 3.5 the great day, but I'm up for it. In town that week. Coffee good too.@marybaum Been doing Tu 11:30 AM drop-in clinic. Fun doubles sounds great. But if you're 4.0/4.5/5.0 you might reconsider. ;-)@marybaum P.S. I've ordered skirts from Tennis Warehouse too. ;-)@marybaum Played tennis at Frontenac this afternoon (Inter/Intraclub). Let me know when you're in town!Headed to dinner with spouse while still a bit sweaty from tennis. Stay away from Frank & Helen's Diner tonite! ;-)Get your Geek Jargon on… #feministHackerBarbie https://t.co/zkWcD5bUWS.@jessifer Auto-served http://t.co/pTNkyADaC3 by @slideshare after your http://t.co/734ER8dYSF Friere/MOOC. Future = ??
@gabbypanacek Chimera's most memorable visit to Rouge. http://t.co/nzG9myaHVW
@GabbyPanacek Another STL avatar who knows @botgirlq eh. See you were also at @dizzybanjo Rez Day Party in 2009. Small world I guess.
Heavier snow falling as protest wraps up outside Washington University in St. Louis #Ferguson http://t.co/na0RAgA7O0
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=ChimeraProtestors shutting down street in University City a few minutes ago #ferguson https://t.co/fV9zk3af1L
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=Chimera.@PopChartLab's infographic charts the most significant works of architecture since 4,800 B.C. http://t.co/PElG3toviG http://t.co/54eZL5wMQr
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=Chimera
Heurich's granddaughter Jan Evans Houser told stories for our group. Cool lady. DC's... https://t.co/dzltLpRNIB http://t.co/LkgJpPt4odBen's Original Chili Half-Smoke (@ Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington, DC) https://t.co/02ymvM9SpG http://t.co/XYvQ4L07mv
Disembark by stairs from AA at DCA? When did that happen? Ugh, (@ Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA)) https://t.co/9AjiTwURvpOff to DC for the weekend with BB. (@ Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (STL) in Saint Louis, MO) https://t.co/EXcCO5hBXu
So wanted to be true. Damn you @onion "Mitch should [not have] let Sherrill out of his sight. Harry was a real wolf" http://t.co/uAmPPQisZa
@flystl Thus the "again." And I had a similar incident in 2008. 0 for 2 seatback recoveries from late night AA flights.
.@charter Internet down in St. Louis / U City. Bummer.Ira Glass. Love Ira Glass. Soon. http://t.co/iS5OkvUzl7 (@ Edison Theater) https://t.co/RX0ySlBjpv http://t.co/OS8V9Q2LbmThe secret behind Prince of Persia's famous jump animation http://t.co/WSfc0tLclE http://t.co/TOZY6HjSNn
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=ChimeraTheil Foundation have not been able to provide one single example of big success. Not one! http://t.co/R3Zcvr5gMN http://t.co/4hmyu3FhY5
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=Chimera@ChrisHayesTV STL airport cleaners again? iPad not found in seatback after 10 PM arrival @AmericanAir 2412 Wed. http://t.co/tpIf7n16MF
Retweet & follow to win this Calisto 620 USB Wireless Speakerphone from your friends at @Sococo #SococoFTW http://t.co/qlIskFjHNn
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=Chimera@sococo Very interesting that Sococo voice and Second Life voice can be used simultaneously w/no mic and no echo. Magic? #sl #secondlifeWeird when new followers favorite tweets you made months ago. Not in my workflow.
Read and share. I support public education and America's teachers. Don't abolish teacher tenure http://t.co/cUAtzyMYwx
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=ChimeraAs I told @TIME, more than 102,000 people have asked @time to apologize for its hyperbolic anti teacher cover http://t.co/EZwvOwIwqL
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=Chimera@AmericanAir Thx much. Hoping STL airport follows up with cleaning crew that either missed or pocketed iPad. Not optimistic.NWN partners with @OnLive to expand Second Life coverage: http://t.co/UunIQw4SMp
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=Chimera@americanair Thought about that, but already flew so don't care who sees the record. Appreciate the @usairways follow too.@AmericanAir iPad left in seatback 12A on AA2412 last night not found in STL. To Chicago on AA1199? DFW AA2311? Chicago AA2309? Then where?
My new best friend. (@ Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA) https://t.co/iAd84TBEzd http://t.co/VAbEXfP1Em
Almost figured out the iphone camera panorama thing, maybe. Wondering how image formats on FB & twitter. http://t.co/P4oTqIo9m6
Testing ios8 iphone panorama. Beginner slow. Missed sunset. (@ Terranea Resort) https://t.co/prHb2cn1g2 http://t.co/hnEbm5VF9wView from our Terranea room is California Awesome. (@ Terranea Resort) https://t.co/FHdBSXbKCQ http://t.co/PsIiBJc9KTCharged ipad with unplugged adaptor. Brilliant. 4 hrs to LAX then Terranea. https://t.co/VcgKhnVGjh
Fast week with the kids in AZ. Home to STL then LA on Sunday. Jet Set? Not exactly. G&T tho. 1st class upgrade.... https://t.co/pZZM0y22orJust published! Our work (@ldinstl_chimera) with diabetes patients in the virtual world. http://t.co/XqNH8KItiM
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=Chimera
10 AM in Tempe AZ and 75 deg. The dry heat won’t be bad at 3 PM & 90. Love it! http://t.co/lZ87HSbQhh
Off to see the kiddos in Tempe. (@ Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (STL) in Saint Louis, MO) https://t.co/l9mXyEiwq8
Dartmouth's Michael Dietrich on rise of Developmental Biology in mid-20th century. Website http://t.co/1jqJsRg9kU http://t.co/sYGGFgfdISIf I knew more about Morgan vs Darwin on creativity of evolution then I might understand my last tweet. http://t.co/bxGb9iYXqcIt is the architect, not production of materials that initiates the [evolutionary] process. John Beatty UBC @WUSTL http://t.co/jEpXohZwdVWaiting for Gar-dot. Harvard prof Everet Mendelsohn introduces U Mass Boston prof Diane... https://t.co/0FpFFrd5JP http://t.co/5qZdC3DFFN
In 40 yrs, what change? "The Double Bind: The Price of Being a Minority Woman in Science" AAAS 1976 http://t.co/OXlsFxHwmx
Cool teacher ed partnership news about SL friend @lisadawley GoGo Labs gaming & education company http://t.co/vIJo8iifo1
Guessing this is a sports bar. I hear the Cards are playing. https://t.co/kAF9a0UZGu http://t.co/NNluL3jqek“50 Myths & Lies That Threaten America’s Public Schools” Berliner & Glass - worst reform ideas http://t.co/zGqamCfyqj @washingtonpost
Happy Hour till 7 with $3 G&T. And ceviche & mussels & salted caramel gelato & yeah.... https://t.co/9idhGh2lc7 http://t.co/vPLgMZsSZ0Microsoft CEO puts foot in mouth re: women. Twitter storm = good. Racist comments not so much, sadly. http://t.co/GHocXZcsl7
@rivenhomewood Very possible. Here's the old Stanley Hall about to be demolished. http://t.co/6dmf0ZZ81L@rivenhomewood Stanley Hall WAS rebuilt recently. But old one was a '50s building. Nothing special.@rivenhomewood Thinking I took one grad course in old Stanley Hall in '71. As a TA Gen Chem was in PS Lecture, now known as Pimentel Hall.@rivenhomewood Cal Hearst Memorial Mining Building maybe? Check out this c. 2002 website and slideshow. http://t.co/S62UjJQqZH@laynemorsch Indeed. Their definition of Tech is…not very clear. Or useful IMHO.@rivenhomewood You mean Lewis Hall at Cal? When we were grad students circa 70s, Latimore was main chem & Lewis was ChemE."14 Weeks in Chemistry" > Hard to find an older HS text, or with cooler images. https://t.co/oDK3r1qyUL http://t.co/tk3fgweGn0.@WashUAlumni @WUSTL Interesting that use of EdTech didn't count for "most technologically advanced university" http://t.co/cKUxob6EyECould we be any prouder? @WUSTL triple-alum William Moerner, BS'75, BS'75, BA'75, wins #nobelprize2014 in Chemistry! http://t.co/XTHx4LEFzn
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=ChimeraGlasgow U 1st to divest from fossil fuel. http://t.co/Zz1ZYQwRheWhen an email header says "Don't Delete" what is the FIRST thing you do? Doh."View From Nowhere," @nathanjurgenson on the cultural ideology of Big Data http://t.co/2rpBsvqXjq http://t.co/OOYfvlpcya
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=Chimera“The inquisition. I didn’t expect that. No one does." Nor this dropped into Louise Penny monk mystery. Hah! http://t.co/9jCUqNozac
Broasted Chicken & baked potato. Can't order anything else! (@ Frank & Helens Pizzeria in Saint Louis, MO) https://t.co/wJBvDX1t44”Your heart races. Can this be?” William E Moerner on being awarded Nobel Prize. Met at Alumni Award Dinner @wustl http://t.co/9EmRd1x4Gg
@CooleyProf Thanks for the follow. Here are some of my past talks on @SlideShare http://t.co/STk7DODKyfLooking for the Mute Peggy button on TV remote…
@loriclithero Indeed! Who knew our Paula was so sensitive. 94K vs 36K. My bad! hahaha@paulapoundstone Sorry! Meant 94K Followers. Was just kidding around with @loriclithero courtesy of Twitter stats on mutual follows.
French Onion soup + G&T = $10.70. Huh?? For real. (@ City Diner at the Fox in Saint Louis, MO) https://t.co/qMoQlWkFAf@loriclithero So @paulapoundstone follows you & me & 94k others. Isn't that special? HehLucked into front row seats at Marty Stewart at the sheldon. Caught him with the... https://t.co/OgOdQeBJGB http://t.co/TBOuQMNRXZBreezy and cool, but sunny and wind-free on the clay courts. Undiscovered gem. https://t.co/0UAnN8muWv http://t.co/a6qZWCKTJH
Balloons make it official. But no worries. I will still be around @wustl https://t.co/68a7Drp0yg http://t.co/eg4VsAddilPerhaps one of the most interesting things on the heels of FB's new research policy http://t.co/tNYtrbORLF ... [1/2]
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=Chimera@Airbnb Reservation in DC completed thanks to your help. Yay!
I'm retired! Sort of…just have to finish this blankety-blank NSF grant final report. Argghhh.@airbnb Oops sorry - done.@airbnb Would contact you by email, but things to listed email <account.security@airbnb.com> for problems just BOUNCE. Grrrrr@Airbnb We used you multiple times for several years, but now my account is cancelled due to email mixup. Please help!
I have a new tennis club. Yes. (@ Frontenac Racquet Club in Saint Louis, MO) https://t.co/VT35NnsWWo http://t.co/iFyiy5L8QC
Infographics: Why so cartoonish and ugly? Or is it just me…
Cool! from @dogtrax: "Learning Tube Map that uses Webmaker/Thimble template by @chadsansing http://t.co/LirAAfWxft It’s remixable!”@dogtrax Thanks! I've been a fan of mind maps for a long time. Sometimes use NovaMind for note-taking.
"Connected Courses: My Brain on Edu" post on WordPress so anyone can comment (i.e. non-HASTAC members). #ccourses http://t.co/ccweS4CCqQYou can relieve some anxiety by treating #ccourses as a stream to be sampled, not a queue : http://t.co/1H22WSVnhv
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=ChimeraAt Philosophy of Cosmology meeting, trying to convince Stephen Hawking that philosophy is not dead. http://t.co/iL9ChwURte
Retweeted by Liz Dorland=ChimeraPitt HPS guy @GGandenberger speaking @WUSTL on…um…the Likelihood Principle & scientific evidence. http://t.co/EYgYFa9fQm
Talenti Sea Salt Caramel Gelato. If I could only eat one kind of dessert for the rest of my life. Hands down. @TalentiGelato
Tomorrow eat at I Fratellini or Water street http://t.co/d8PGyhjy3P or @barlesferes ? What say ye #STL peeps? http://t.co/x0qnm25lQ1Smeone must be sure Don Bruant from UCLA is fed properly tomorrow nite. Me. Here? Maybe. https://t.co/KAZaCkVPe1 http://t.co/j8wFtvdGZR
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