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Nike's big products for spring: Flyknit, leggings + a new sports bra (which comes in 29 sizes). http://t.co/e5CW3nOnTMNike CEO Mark Parker addressing fashion + sports press in NYC this morning. http://t.co/VXrgcykoCi
Touching tribute from Bridget Foley for Oscar http://t.co/GoFfFDa89o
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik.@Mop_London slides coming next spring for under $400. <3 http://t.co/w6baT5uC6MOscar de la Renta: A Look Back - Fashionista (@laureni - @Fashionista_com) http://t.co/hcq6ll5aXD
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikThere are only a few American designers whose labels have endured their passing. Oscar de la Renta will be another: http://t.co/7X6UyoPviG
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"The only realities in life are that you are born, and that you die. You have to appreciate every single day." http://t.co/tIqAs51u9xBREAKING: Legendary American fashion designer Oscar de la Renta has died: http://t.co/t1aZs9eGsC http://t.co/mw8J4VqGLc
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikGroup selfie-taking is serious business. http://t.co/B3DUIQNy3r.@THEOUTNET's Stephanie Phair talks about her time at @voguemagazine & why The Outnet can't (& won't) lead on price: http://t.co/VpjQ43U62ZCan Internet service providers halt the sales of counterfeit goods online? Probably not. http://t.co/Ou0ltiZA1eStephanie Phair became president of @THEOUTNET just 10 years out of university. Here's how: http://t.co/Lofa2tblvl http://t.co/04BcCankaW
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Excited to interview @bandofoutsiders at @Fashionista_com's LA conference this November: http://t.co/1VAfsjvDEC
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.@karliekloss closes #alexanderwangxhm - who else? http://t.co/bNM1ZvvNnNNot your average fashion show. #alexanderwangxhm http://t.co/SZPUW0Ysw7Alexander Wang x H&M girls http://t.co/Hv6mn155YjWow: I've Been Forced Out Of My Home & Living In Constant Fear Because Of Relentless Death Threats From Gamergate http://t.co/G4PkGLED8v
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikUrban Outfitters is plagued by 3 major problems: http://t.co/B9GoyHgEfo by @AshleyLutzThe full @LiuWenLW Apple Watch editorial in Vogue China, styled every which way: http://t.co/qxcHKvDXjX http://t.co/VRQDAEDBnY
Retweeted by Lauren Indvikhttp://t.co/D00Dct7Hub is getting into wearable tech w/ shoes that calc your weight + steps, backpacks with speakers: http://t.co/GbRGkfsc3dReally like how @TheArrivalsNYC looks -- will be interesting to see if they can get off the ground w/ those price pts http://t.co/qXaoBQ32gYAlexander Wang talking H&M collab with Vogue's Sally Singer. Says he focused on activewear because no… http://t.co/I7u1NlaHCD
Fashion industry people: perhaps one of the most useful articles I've seen this year, salary guide - http://t.co/Uk0f2KW8sa @Fashionista_com
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikWhy Converse is suing 31 companies for trademark infringement -- all at once: http://t.co/KBAxWoy0Zi by @eliza_pbWe surveyed 5,000+ readers to find out how much fashion jobs really pay: http://t.co/diECD0F1js
A revolving mirrored T at @tmagazine's 10th anniversary party. http://t.co/1iuSoikFRj3 things to know about the luxury market right now: http://t.co/Tf1oUuWPwZLayered blazers and a cargo pant at @jcrew resee http://t.co/J2FWsqzPXOKid boxers and the shadow of CTE: my investigation with @alneuhauser and @alicitabrennan for @ThisIsFusion: http://t.co/CmqAYcY780
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikRobe coats and the origin story behind my @lapresmidi style stalking. http://t.co/p4qCDkG3Nv
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik
It's official: Oscar de la Renta has a new creative director: http://t.co/lPP8wGWCev http://t.co/HFR5PA11qq
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How an Englishman plays Catan http://t.co/hockCNixhl
.@katespadeny transformed a construction barricade into an interactive shopping experience: http://t.co/qN4qFAS88A http://t.co/LDsbwyVQIw
Don't miss tonite's 815 pm livestream of @fernMallis convo with @teriagins new book #HijackingtheRunway the link: http://t.co/0nG4cXEdbQ
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikRead up on Calvin Klein Collection men's capsule collection @ Dover Street Market + the influence of stores like DSM http://t.co/khK42snwJA
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik@eiffeltyler you can troll me anytime@eiffeltyler this is what you want to marry? http://t.co/KO0EI1weYpThere is always a fashion angle http://t.co/UjQLw6EzpmWSJ alum @TeriAgins has lots of good advice for fashion reporters, and reporters generally: http://t.co/AOTYHIfZXBYeah, this does not sound like a store http://t.co/Y4Ka3QxaV2Sounds less like store than a warehouse, unnamed sources tell WSJ Amazon opening outpost here http://t.co/TtfEV424L7 http://t.co/vBy2BQJvk0
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikBREAKING: Amazon plans to open first physical store in midtown Manhattan. http://t.co/uRE8QzKXj0
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik
whoa, huge retail news - Gap CEO chooses Art Peck as successor effective Feb. 1. Made "personal decision" to retire at end of fiscal yr $GPS
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik"For every dollar Conde Nast Entertainment spends making a video, the division spends a dollar marketing it." http://t.co/sovkS0SLL9
@BattleShopSteph I think it's why I came to school out east --Gilmore Girls's arrival on Netflix is the best/worst thing to happen to me this month.I wish it were possible to transcribe while doing something else, like watching a movie.Wow. @alexismadrigal to @ThisIsFusion http://t.co/6GNb23WbEG
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikMarc Jacobs says he had a hard time looking at Ghesquiere's first collection for Vuitton: http://t.co/SkxSOCSaJ6 http://t.co/ogFCIwbp6bYou go out to lunch for an hour, and… http://t.co/gbU0dC1VM2Super psyched @SallyLyndley @micaelaerlanger @nicole_chavez @taraswennen are speaking @Fashionista_com's LA conf: http://t.co/2H3MpcP6mF
Retweeted by Lauren Indvikplz livestream RT @ahess247: Is Kim Kardashian West a Mobile Genius? I’ll Find Out at Code/Mobile. http://t.co/CmHb7xgutN
Sleepy time http://t.co/cwqRRFWKkAWhy Andrew Sullivan is "pretty depressed by journalism right now" http://t.co/aQ1drOB359 http://t.co/xKpv3FkF6V
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik"My advice for young designers would be to get off the Internet." Great interview with the designer of @Everlane: http://t.co/I2aywsps9y
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikInterviewed Petra Langerova about why she left a big-time job at Gap to become the head of design at @Everlane: http://t.co/pq89ZdB3ZiWith Lisa Gersh as CEO, Goop's odds of turning into a major lifestyle brand just went way up: http://t.co/bKrCmczd25
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik
@evanengel @christerickson i want to follow your brain through the internetInteresting to see that English searches for "fashion week" are higher during NY & London than during Milan & Paris http://t.co/05DKb179DE@dtra now i understand. i missed book it the firs time aroundFT editor says the printed edition is profitable even without advertising - http://t.co/rGKBWwlWZg via @iwantmedia
The best kind of early fall evening - a breeze, but not too cold.@rachel_arthur thanks dear!@jorlosher thank you@jorlosher ha, no, in the U.S. they give trophies to kids just for participating@dtra hey, come to new york soonFinally - an adult trophy to put next to my soccer one from 3rd grade. Thank you, Folio! http://t.co/eiutJeyvrk@StephTrong haha i love itHedi Slimane's ego strikes again http://t.co/P8Wsa2ere5Suspicious lack of concrete #s in this Yahoo digital magazines story http://t.co/HpRw9KeSGi
I think my favorite part about this is Jony Ive in a blue suit http://t.co/4HXlAxDCkRRT @lapresmidi: My take on @spring, six weeks in: http://t.co/93Rxk4Z7wp
A fashion GIF for every occasion, courtesy of @i_D, @BoF & @eliza_pb: http://t.co/yLTxNBOoWOAfter 7 yrs at @seventeenmag as EIC, I'm moving on to some brave new projects. Excited abt adventures ahead! Wishing you love & GIRL POWER!
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik.@Instagram founder @kevinsystrom has joined Walmart's board: http://t.co/u7qDDiacCKNet-a-Porter sold $200k worth of Karl Lagerfeld Barbies this morning: http://t.co/dAXoVTn2Va
Love this story about knitwear designer Lindsay Degen, who launched her label with the $$ from a @tjmaxx commercial: http://t.co/yD0IB53NUtTom Ford will not be showing his womenswear collection in London next season http://t.co/fGBh58goa1
Fashion's harsh reality: most of what people wear has to do with margins and cheap production, not the runway: http://t.co/siVOCVX8I1
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikActing on Eric Schmidt's email tips today let's see how long this lasts http://t.co/fs12tTa5xa
Super excited to have @bandofoutsiders @everlane @JanieBryant @micaelaerlanger & more at our LA conference in Nov! http://t.co/AekWwUmiDhMother of Pearl Is a London Label to Watch (@laureni - @Fashionista_com) http://t.co/KLqi0wYcF8
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikThis London label is hitting its stride big time -- and U.S. buyers are taking note: http://t.co/TwVjqa4UVp http://t.co/L4ZoJizIGo
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikReally well said: http://t.co/Mzw4ErHWSl
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik
@coreykindberg fair, but - it's jarring to see accessories from two different seasons side by side on NaP. strategy needs to be tweakedThe problem with @Moschino releasing its spring Barbie collection immediately is that its fall 2014 collection already looks dated.The @nytimes brings a real-time feed to its homepage: http://t.co/rxvGXlslHtThe new @SELFmagazine looks so modern + sleek. Congrats @joycemarg http://t.co/THmcwCGvDZ http://t.co/vAGDRj7KHUIt's not easy being a young designer in Milan. Meet 6 breaking through: http://t.co/iGCfZiv1bQ by @DhaniMauTrying too hard? http://t.co/ofTsOSEFhy
today's #edpick RT @Fashionista_com: Meet the camel blazer your wardrobe needs: http://t.co/ry5cH5EFyb http://t.co/sBvD6Ko8GnIn which @steff_leopard breaks down the odds of Gemma Ward walking at various #PFW shows: http://t.co/2wvDlVKWdq
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikAtlantic shuts down @TheWire, with current team taking on new roles at http://t.co/l8E6V3iwpr.
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikD&G PR has mastered the web headline http://t.co/Kiqlp51mYQHow @Mrmissguided created an $80 million retail business in 5 years: http://t.co/LDvVqQh4fp by @eiffeltylerSpoke to Michelle Lee in her first interview since becoming editor in chief of @NylonMag: http://t.co/WKoJkITed3
The @NewYorker Onion-izes the fashion trend piece: http://t.co/yWKeFopy7i via @DhaniMauLessons from mapping the @instagram fashion universe, including why one of our favorite stars didn't appear @qz http://t.co/jwyTUsjzWD
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik
In Milan, the emphasis is back on fashion rather than on celebs. http://t.co/SQOQIZg0Kc
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikWhat it really takes to launch a fashion brand: http://t.co/1Xyt3951cT
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