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Editor in Chief of @Fashionista_com. Email: lauren@fashionista.com.

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RT @joshriedel: a good @NewYorker read on @patagonia @WarbyParker and the balance of profit and purpose http://t.co/ZiHUs4mtztSuper chart by @EricGPlatt shows how Gucci sales are slipping vs @YSL & #BottegaVeneta which are on the rise #luxury http://t.co/mPVrKItqGK
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikWould you ever airbrush a selfie? We tried out the popular apps used to doctor Instagram pics: http://t.co/QK7BQ4OTwH http://t.co/JHyAL9aFs5
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikInteresting piece by @steff_leopard about how @FreePeople catalogs get made: http://t.co/GVDtAosbPyStudy says we're likely to spend more when we're feeling nostalgic http://t.co/ntU1Q0xgn4 via @FashionREDEFIs the minimalist aesthetic just snobbery? Lauren Sherman (@lapresmidi), @annanorthtweets + @chainandthegang discuss: http://t.co/Z5zOIO3c5T
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik'The New Yorker' has hired an ad agency http://t.co/ABIdDjN6gtPhotoshopping Instagrams—it's not just for celebrities and fashion bloggers anymore: http://t.co/6hMWsUZZWY
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik
We're hiring an editorial intern this fall - apply here: http://t.co/whVMKPRdWLRetailers really want you to buy denim for fall - http://t.co/A0gluKx1xVDoes @WarbyParker know this is how Google Maps describes them? http://t.co/XaNjOJff0p
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikBaubleBar raised $10 million in funding – here's what it's going to do with the money: http://t.co/SB97dXATCt http://t.co/gWiCMaiCoH
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikExcellent piece by @eliza_pb on the state of Kickstarter-funded magazines, one year in: http://t.co/paGLIpnEjE
Another call out: Are you a buyer/store owner who uses a trend forecasting service? DM/email me on lauren.sherman2@gmail.com.
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik@sapnam loved it. not often you get a subject who will lay out his hand like that"[When] nearly everything is a click away, there is growing pressure to flaunt possessions that no one else can buy." http://t.co/mZJguwBh2r
Every time you don't click on linkbait, a puppy is saved.Chanel could get away with a $50 price tag on nail polish. I don't think Louboutin can http://t.co/8NQ4g5iskd"There's a growing trend toward minimalism" in kids' fashion http://t.co/gOgYwDORnb http://t.co/8NlDwtU2Iy
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik"The inescapable fact is that it takes a lot of money and time to be effortlessly chic." http://t.co/1CuvPPpHy0Smart brands are collaborating with semi-obscure "influencers", instead of the obvious celebs and designers: http://t.co/P40DGYboKg
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik
obsessed with this story: Burger King is Run by Children http://t.co/S1N5AucACp CEO is 33, CFO is 28, head of IR is 29
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikSomething's up at Donna Karan: LVMH CFO says, "we're working on changes, not advanced enough to be able to make an announcement today."
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikLVMH hoping its fashion biz picks up when Nicolas Ghesquiere's RTW collection for Vuitton hits stores this fall http://t.co/xOTTf5MkWg"In politics a new accessory is never just a new accessory. It’s always a symbol. No matter which gender it’s on." http://t.co/60ASWkLDP2Magazine publishers are moving downtown, so restaurants & salons are too - http://t.co/4zeJNLofcP
Sad to see 'Lucky' & 'Teen Vogue' struggling in ad pages when they have such good teams http://t.co/3U1HrhgseEVery long list of investors in @springnyc, spanning tech and fashion http://t.co/Q7Fc7nQFAAseconded RT @amywicks01: As September covers go, it's gonna be hard to beat the @WSJMag one feat. @iamdwerbowy. Love.No fashion star but lots o' fashion lessons: Why hasn’t ‘Project Runway’ launched a fashion star? http://t.co/HVH6eXge4K via @washingtonpost
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikLondon excels at high end & high street fashion. But can it cultivate some commercially-minded contemporary brands? http://t.co/AOUewXVQYWVogue's September ad pages down 4.5% to 631 this year - http://t.co/IFD4hNQcM0. InStyle, Elle, Harper's Bazaar gainedLululemon is the fashion industry's biggest patent troll http://t.co/ixekHXt2Cy it has 31 design patents it's protecting aggressively $lulu
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik
Interesting story on why sunscreen sold in the U.S. is inferior to that sold in Europe & Asia - http://t.co/7F2ZhuuuRY via @lapresmidi8 startups trying to help you find clothing that fits: http://t.co/bsjz5oC3ne@eliza_pb i have yet to benefit from doing thatThere are ripped jeans & then there are RIPPED JEANS. Editor @alyssavingan braved the latter: http://t.co/nIeEuO2VOR http://t.co/BTE31Tm7vF
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikHard to believe mobile ad spending will eclipse newspapers, magazines & radio this year - http://t.co/U6Y9BcPzM6
My pretty (and prettily priced) summer slides http://t.co/bOGRtg9D5s http://t.co/mhYrfcjV4RAnother blow to the struggling newspaper industry. http://t.co/jzxNMxGXNs
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikAt more than 2 dozen companies, the CEO and the CFO went to the same school http://t.co/NXH4ziR98t
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik"Most newsrooms are more than 60 percent men, whereas 73 to 85 percent of PR professionals are women" http://t.co/5TdJpsj9DLReady for the next round of designer shake-ups? Because it's happening. My take on @Fashionista_com: http://t.co/qyuwU6Qi6Z
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikIntroducing Save on Facebook: http://t.co/7b8sneFU2U Ability to bookrmark content for later viewing.
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikWhy some digital publishers like to brand themselves as "magazines" http://t.co/niNdutpWw0Tiffany CEO to retire after 15 years; president will succeed him in April - http://t.co/0M2jhHNAmN
@Drrramina aw, feel better
Gotta tip my hat to the Fox bookers on landing what is basically their viewers' cartoon image of a union worker: http://t.co/yqy7eu1Jry
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikThe appointment of Marc Jacobs's new CEO underlines once again how vital Asia experience is in the luxury industry http://t.co/yR7O9lfcfY@lapresmidi oh yesEssex held a contest to find the baby that looks most like Prince George http://t.co/l6f5QQsayTSo signing up http://t.co/Ff4qTF7YGV
@rrichard09 @JackMarshall @MiriamElder but that headline is completely misleading. not to mention, insulting to the subject material.Is this a good idea if you want to be taken seriously as a news organization? http://t.co/rBbuaAof9E
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikOne of my favorite British brands, motherofpearl, introducing bags (satchels and clutches) for the… http://t.co/5Q7cU0rsRmGlitter makes everything better motherofpearl http://t.co/QnTnRPgpRp@MikeTheStandout eek, thanks!No word yet on what a new Marc Jacobs CEO will mean for Robert Duffy http://t.co/uRiCnj6gPA
@sapnam who says they want it?@voguemagazine has this: http://t.co/bCpPkGZuj3 @Cosmopolitan has this: http://t.co/i8Kz1GURXd Just sayin.
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik.@peretti says that copying BuzzFeed "in general is not a good strategy" http://t.co/bmDvYF5DL6Kate Spade's forthcoming swimwear line promises to be adorable http://t.co/Ow5Vv38e6o http://t.co/xbqNbeOGPJ
Journalism *should* be hard to get into, says @carr2n. It's as much a caper as a job. http://t.co/gzbVQRw8Rj
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikYou never know what you're going to get on the front page of the 'Daily Mail' http://t.co/S9dQ1ZFFV6"Exclusive images are available upon request for print publication only."Ever wonder who actually shops at the Kardashians' store, Dash? We went and found out: http://t.co/omyBiCrI1F http://t.co/9jg5fxxsWM
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik.@eliza_pb reviews Tory Burch's Fitbit collab and finds it wanting: http://t.co/ugCdSXLxy8
Public School named first menswear winner of U.S. Woolmark Prize to many cheers & little surprise http://t.co/ifjNqSYXxd#woolmarkprize submissions from @nonoo_ny, @rosieassoulin & whit make a pretty picture http://t.co/c1lsaat2jNBeautiful laser-cut pattern on the back of this @Nonoo_NY coat #woolmarkprize http://t.co/GFYdSe03iIFor the first time, the #woolmarkprize is accepting menswear submissions. Here are the U.S. entries. http://t.co/shuegLvm3lNYT traces D&D's influence on a generation of writers -- from YA authors to 'Atlantic' editors: http://t.co/vaiNnDeFzVAre fakes back in fashion? http://t.co/rFLUy7e8dD
LinkedIn: 40% of journalists leave profession by the end of their 3rd year; 70% switch by 8th year http://t.co/Q2MEE5pph8
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikWhere's Waldo, the @JaredLeto / fall fashion campaign edition http://t.co/6uWSp1GEJX& http://t.co/9MdLGqgfdlShareholders reject Christopher Bailey's pay package as Burberry CEO - http://t.co/2T498dcMQk
Great story outlining the AA saga and highlighting the most important point: it was never making much money http://t.co/KW2JoCdd3e
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik@ghamma i find it safer to go for the more common usage, even if tech incorrectThe data doesn't lie: people actually are spending more $ on less goods: http://t.co/0TkZnhBIGG by @lapresmidi@katierosman how exciting! big congratulations. looking forward to reading you over there, too.
The sound @steff_leopard & @alyssavingan just made when the Gosling baby was confirmed was the saddest one I've ever heard two people make.
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik@alneuhauser if tory burch takes over the journalism market, j.crew might go out of business@DougSerton popularity of similarly preppy, sometimes similarly priced brands among rappers - ralph lauren, hilfiger, etc.@laureni kanye used to go to her presentations. was crazy.
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikOffice debate about whether Tory Burch will become big with rappers when she launches menswear.
Can a children's clothing brand evolve into a full lifestyle brand? @Bonpoint will soon find out: http://t.co/1djDz9IbGc8 designers to watch this #LFW: http://t.co/YynKwP6jOtThis New Yorker cartoon accurately sums up the psychology of people who leave comments on the Web. http://t.co/tvYdjkEb6p
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik
Fendi's set to make a pretty penny on those Karl Lagerfeld dolls: http://t.co/ECAwEf4oCd@_polymetis_ here you go! http://t.co/vQcsmVljEkNewest desk mate. (Yes I spent money on this.) http://t.co/MTxb3SeOJCLovely little essay - Giambattista Valli's guide to Italian style - http://t.co/5gYykHELCI via @eliza_pbA colorful interview with Steve Madden about sneakers, copying & his portrayal in "Wolf of Wall Street": http://t.co/RC3r5fR2LJ
@AnnStreetStudio congrats you two! v. inspiring.@eiffeltyler double smug because it's not even sunny in NYC. lucky you!
A brand that sells all-American elegance has a Gatsby story to match - http://t.co/oYyxrQv4Oe@MusaTariq what i meant is that i don't understand the demand. it's expensive + does not seem terribly useful. or attractive.@MusaTariq don't get it@evachen212 that is hilariousThanks, twitter http://t.co/3EXgIdMpM9
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