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-------------Dance, act, sing, repeat.----------- Sometimes I pretend I'm a superhero named Phoebe Thunderman. I know, weird right?

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@TheKellyHooper I could just hear you saying this in my head 😂😂What do I do after I get a hair cut of any kind? Snap selfies of course 💁 #IKnowITakeTooManySelfieshttp://t.co/3AINFR6GP0#ShadowHeart ❤️ http://t.co/Z2bcPhnWXaFor Kira!! ❤️ Hope you liked my edit 😘 @kirakosarin http://t.co/rMM2jvqGd8 http://t.co/xXKZlVKA3s
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Hey Cali? If you could stop making the steering wheel of my car too hot to drive home from work, that would be awesome. Kthxbye.Happy #nationaldogday! @kirakosarin #KozmoTheYorkie http://t.co/N3UebggBrCAhh it's frreeeezing on the set right nowww 😁Wait how in earth is my birthday 6 weeks from today?! 😳 I feel like I just had a birthday last week... Weird...
Just spent an hour and a half typing out answers to an interview omg totally thought it would take like a half hour. Whoops 😂😂😂❤️Miss you guys already! @kirakosarin @LittlejGriffo @MrChrisTallman @rosablasi @AddisonRiecke @DiegoVelazquezJ http://t.co/3zx7c4bscz
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin#memoriesmonday Found these clips from a summer intensive I did two years ago https://t.co/CRmZd4sTwm
Tonight was a perfect end to a great weekend. Back to work tomorrow. Goodnight loves 💗Late night post I'll probably delete later. Just loved this ❤️ #ThanksDrSeuss http://t.co/vFyBqvGCINA little Gavin Degraw to pass the time 💕 https://t.co/DJ8DCS8Yl7Dear Cali, These sunny pool days have been amazing. Thanks. But now I'm ready for cuddle weather 💕 Sincerely, KiraA bunch of my ballet ladies came to visit me on set on Friday ❤️👯 @emiliejeffrey @lexiwdanceshttp://t.co/Fzc2xPJbNg
@kirakosarin @TTLYTEALA We WERK them heels! #Thundermans Season 2 coming soon!⚡️🍒👠
Retweeted by Kira KosarinGuess what?! Only 3 weeks till the season 2 premiere of #thundermans! Who's excited?! @audreywhitbyhttp://t.co/0H1pbiyCzmMy sis @lexiwdances & @kirakosarin Friends catching up(:U R such a talented actress.Glad 2 have gone 2 your tapping ! http://t.co/cCsT8dPPEe
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Friday night live audience shoot! @ThundermansTV @LittlejGriffo @kirakosarin http://t.co/OaTMGCLeMX
Retweeted by Kira KosarinSHOWTIME! #TheThundermans @MrChrisTallman @rosablasi @DiegoVelazquezJ @AddisonRiecke @kirakosarin @LittlejGriffo http://t.co/9lBLH0mFyd
Retweeted by Kira KosarinWith thanks to @kirakosarin @LittlejGriffo @AddisonRiecke @DiegoVelazquezJ @rosablasi and @MrChrisTallman for inviting me into their home...
Retweeted by Kira KosarinShower and then it's off to wrap on #TheThundermans … Great, fun group… And polite… Not one complaint about my coffee breath all week…
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@hauntedthunder WE NEED TO MAKE THAT HASHTAG A LEGIT THING HOLY SHISH KABOBI'm eating sushi and ended up with soy sauce on my eyebrows. How does that even happen??Can you guess which @NickelodeonTV star showed off this pretty selfie? Find out HERE: http://t.co/dUVMKtZdHS http://t.co/jCeMVoAXy4
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@BrianStepanek @ThundermansTV @HenryDanger Thundermans cast did it last week! Looks like you're up Henry Danger ;)And now... All those songs I used to sing... Suddenly make a whole lot more sense… http://t.co/72ys4QrcGc
Having a blast on the set of @TheThundermans with this amazing duo. @LittlejGriffo @kirakosarin http://t.co/DTAMVcUIrf
Retweeted by Kira KosarinLike mother like daughter 💗 http://t.co/oykLT87YbT
Every Saturday night will be Nick's NEW Saturday Night, starting September 13th at 8pm/7c! http://t.co/tKOQiIwOvi
Retweeted by Kira KosarinWe hang out with snakes 🐍 #snakecharmers @chaseaustin1093 http://t.co/RQUoBLWo5aWorking with some awesome guest stars this episode! Gonna be a fun week #thundermans
Working #TheThundermans this week... Time to get back to work on my evil laugh...
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Following 10 people who RT this! Thanks for the support y'all 💗Just realized I totally forgot to do the follow spree for hitting 100k on Instagram a while back so...Check out my Instagram/twitter for my ice bucket challenge video! https://t.co/S5l6tsodyQSMILE (like @Audreywhitby) cuz the second season premiere of #Thundermans is four weeks from today!… http://t.co/N0CpIVMZE8Just realized we're FOUR WEEKS OUT from the second season premiere of #Thundermans!!! Let the countdown begin!.@iamsydneypark, @McKaylaMaroney, @nickimmouse, and @TheKellyHooper Consider yourself nominated 😈 #IceBucketChallenge You have 24 hours!BEWARE HEADPHONE USERS Part 2 #icebucketchallenge, slow motion! http://t.co/XKWbGgcUWNICE BUCKET CHALLENGE PART 1! Nominated by diegovelazquezj. I nominate @iamsydneypark,… http://t.co/awN4bORhTAJust did the ice bucket challenge. Video will be posted shortly!Calling all fans of #TheThundermans! We challenged @KiraKosarin to the ultimate #Disney test! Watch the video HERE: http://t.co/3FFsmySYcf
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin@silver01 Waiting for my friend to come over and help my film it. It'll be up in a couple hours!Everyone I was gonna nominate for the ice bucket challenge has already done it or been nominated 😂Soooo when I wake up I'll be doing the ice bucket challenge 😁 stay tuned. Night all <3
Thanks for visiting us in #NYC @kirakosarin! Check out her show The #Thundermans on @NickelodeonTV. http://t.co/tvK7PlVjpD
Retweeted by Kira KosarinHappy Friday everyone! Have some pizza and celebrate that we've almost made it to the weekend ❤️🍕 http://t.co/bWhcmCOL0cGood morning lovies <3SIGHTING @kirakosarin at @PlanetHollywood to promote @NickelodeonTV's #TheThundermans+ had fun at @bucadibeppo Pics http://t.co/Poff1wMhGj
Retweeted by Kira KosarinThe #Thundermans is back Sept. 13th with the #seasontwo premiere - #ThunderVan! @KiraKosarin @LittleJGriffo @AddisonRiecke @DiegoVelazquezJ
Retweeted by Kira KosarinActress @kirakosarin visited us in @TimesSquareNYC for some pizza after promoting her show The #Thundermans. http://t.co/H6g7EY7k65
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin#Tbt selfie wit deez crazy peeps wut 👀 @Iamkelmitchell @kirakosarin http://t.co/2lrw7UbXch
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Just touched down in sunny LA. So glad to be home!! 😍Vote for @kirakosarin :) http://t.co/0srbVnvUBo
Retweeted by Kira KosarinVote now! Favorite character from a TV-Series Phoebe Thunderman Kaz Nona Lane http://t.co/Cusclt1xyI
Retweeted by Kira KosarinVote now! Favorite TV-Series @iCarly The Thundermans @SamAndCat Mighty Med http://t.co/bJzD4f1rkn
Retweeted by Kira KosarinThese 6 seconds of calm brought to you by New York <3 https://t.co/fR7OvuVg5tHow fast can @kirakosarin fast-talk the cover of #MMagazine? REAL fast! https://t.co/EIrqUCWElc via @vineapp
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My dad is like humming in his sleep what do I doooooo 😂 #DadStop #TryingtoSleep #HotelProbsJust got back from seeing Aladdin on Broadway. So much fun! Time for some packing and rest, then back… http://t.co/Q7KRfoATRKFrom the planethollywoodintl Time Square signing yesterday! (Thanks for the edit @nick_everything) http://t.co/89v7hI4TTx.@KiraKosarin Promotes 'The Thundermans' at Planet Hollywood: http://t.co/ua4s4Q7yMB
Retweeted by Kira KosarinWe loved chatting with @nickelodeontv's @kirakosarin about her over-the-top costumes on #TheThundermans! http://t.co/QfRniieHLn
Retweeted by Kira KosarinI'm sorry LA. But your pizza's got nothing on really New York pizza 😍 #thincrustperfectionTaking on NYC with my #suitgamestrong? #ootd 👗 http://t.co/s5ajBWAkcY
On that messy late night hair flow. (Sorry I've posted so much today, but so much is happening in… http://t.co/NlQT775EdwSo great to finally meet superfan Alison@hauntedthunder in person tonight. Thanks for always being so supportive!!! http://t.co/2mucK8Bfio
Retweeted by Kira KosarinHad so much fun hanging at @seventeenmag today! Thanks for letting me play with the awesome new Seventeen app! http://t.co/aYy7tOKSnRNew York City girls 💗 nickimmouse fridge3000 http://t.co/uphOjTjl8MFinally got to me @hauntedthunder (Alison) tonight! She's really been here since the start. Thank you… http://t.co/FcWrsQPrMO@kirakosarin from @NickelodeonTV's the #thundermans is in NY 🗽ready to meet fans tomorrow at @PlanetHollywood in Times Square at 5:30 ❤️👍
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Oh hello NYC, good to see you again 💖B4 u start planning your #backtoschool fashion you should check out these #endofsummer styles! http://t.co/trgAJx89im http://t.co/l1RlIB8fU2
Retweeted by Kira KosarinThe world has lost an unbelievable talent, a comedic inspiration, and one who has influenced so, so many. Rest in peace ✨ #RIPRobinWilliamsReady for takeoff! Only a couple hours behind schedule 😁 #NYCHereIComeI voted for @LittlejGriffo for #favtvactor and @kirakosarin @AddisonRiecke @DiegoVelazquezJ for #Favtvseries THE THUNDERMANS @FanAwards2014
Retweeted by Kira KosarinWords can't describe how happy and excited I am to meet @kirakosarin at @PlanetHollywood tomorrow! 😊
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin#VoteTheThundermans #VoteJackGriffo #VotePhoebeThunderman #TwitterFanAwards @FanAwards2014 @ThundermansTV @LittlejGriffo @kirakosarin
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin@kirakosarin is having a meet and greet at @PlanetHollywood Times Square NY Aug 12 5:30 #thundermans ⚡️
Retweeted by Kira KosarinRandom selfie cuz it's ⚠️ANNOUNCEMENT TIME⚠️ I'm doing a meet and greet at Planet Hollywood in Times… http://t.co/r4G6JPsQCiHappy #musicmonday y'all! (Feat. My awkward facial expressions once again 😂) Little Talks by Of… http://t.co/5vOH6QOR5SWhy do I feel like in the only person in LA who's not obsessed with In N Out?
Photo of the moon taken by my dad (@dannykosarin) tonight. One of those times where having a… http://t.co/FXC78Ej8NVCan't believe I'm going to New York tmrw for the first time in a while. Savoring my last night in LA for a bit with some late night guitar<3Live in New York and wanna meet me? I'm doing a meet and greet at Planet Hollywood in Times Square this Tuesday 8/12 at 5:30! Come say hi!And that, my friends, is what you call a good day. Should probably get some sleep. Goodnight all <3
So apparently I took a photo in the mirror of me and the camera when I was like 4. In other words, I was tumblr before tumblr was tumblr.
#flashbackfriday to my first fashion shoot. Had so much fun with this look 🌀 http://t.co/lCi2S9Td6x#TeenNickTop10 is ALL-NEW tonight at 10pm ET with @KatyTiz, @KiraKosarin & @LittlejGriffo!
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Who, me? 💖 #TwoSelfiesInARow? #SorryBoutIt http://t.co/JDV4scmMaeCatch me and @kirakosarin on #TeenNickTop10 this Friday at 10pm ET! @teennick
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin.@LittlejGriffo and I are gonna be on #TeenNickTop10 this Friday at 10pm ET. Don't miss it! @teennick
Playing around with hair and makeup with hair2starsjanik and @eringuthmakeup #getwiggywithit http://t.co/fJR1GvbLsoThese rehearsal days though 🌀 addisonriecke diegovelazquezj http://t.co/SV3lyT57MT
I thought I just spent like 20 minutes doing interviews but it turns out it's been over an hour. #what? #NoSenseOfTime
Happy #musicmonday everyone! Scarecrow by Alex and Sierra 🌇 http://t.co/36nVIo68G5
Yesterday I heard somebody describe the members of the male species as "non-ladies." Needless to say, I'm satisfied.
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