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Kenneth P. Vogel @kenvogel Washington, DC

reporter: @POLITICO; fan:@Phillies @Eagles; Author: Big Money: $2.5B, 1 Suspicious Vehicle & a Pimp—on the Trail of the Ultra-Rich Hijacking American Politics

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@sdXpdx :)At @AFPhq summit, Rand Paul tells me his approach to foreign policy "sets me apart" from other conservative '16ers. http://t.co/OdDED7fkVm
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel"McConnell is often lampooned as a creature of DC, but he is quite proficient w/ the schlock and pomp of the stump." http://t.co/FnKG01vV4hJust getting around to reading @IsaacDovere & @tparti on Biden's off-books fundraisers. Nice sleuthing work! http://t.co/4egiXqQRXrApparently, I am the "Koch Bros Hatchet Man": http://t.co/7B6DISji8r"They're hicks, Rita" -Bill Murray, pretty much, at DCA. http://t.co/4jdZY59Eif
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel#WorstStoreEver #Eagles http://t.co/VzJ961PZnKObama, headed to golf course, "appears to have a bandage on the middle finger of his left hand," per pool. #GolfBlister?Driver in Dallas says last passenger was an @afphq staffer. During ride, they talked politics & driver ended up giving $. #BallerFundraisingTed Cruz & Rick Perry got best receptions from @AFPhq activists, but Mike Pence & Rand Paul impressed the big donors: http://t.co/TR33SzMztMTed Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Pence, Rick Perry & Ben Carson all sounded like 2016 candidates this weekend in Dallas: http://t.co/UG2BojxCxH"@GlensGardenMkt, with its beer club and yummy sandwiches, ups the foodie quotient" in Dupont Circle, per @thrillist: http://t.co/8La9XypmXcTime to update this with less @DeSeanJackson11: http://t.co/kEyVBENvfg
Ted Cruz: "if 1 person dressed as Osama bin Laden were to cross, how many other Osama bin Ladens could cross?" video: http://t.co/l71LLkRN3aI asked @SenTedCruz why he won't push for immigration shutdown if Obamacare shutdown worked so well. He walked away. http://t.co/Z2TCOC0NbyTed Cruz accuses Ds of advancing idea of GOP shutdown over immigration, but he doesn't rule out pushing for it either http://t.co/Z2TCOC0NbyThanks for the sage advice, Jim. RT @JimRoseVSOP: @kenvogel Do some journalism Ken and maybe he'll mention your name. @JamesOKeefeIII@cajunkate i already do. you do not.Which one of us? RT @HomerAStiltzJr: @kenvogel @SenatorReid The Koch brothers own you.Do your homework RT @cajunkate: @kenvogel @JamesOKeefeIII Stunt? I'd call it investigative journalism but you prob don't know what that isCruz, touting @JamesOKeefeIII bin Laden stunt.Cruz, on Obama's regular golfing: "it almost seems like the PGA should put him on retainer."Ted Cruz, apparently on Clinton time, running 30 mins late for press availability in Dallas after speech to AFP summit.Cruz ISIS strategy: "we ought to bomb them back to the stone age” #AFP #DallasCruz: "Sadly, the state of the world is that the Russian bear is encountering the Obama kitty cat."Cruz: "We’re going to win in 2014. & 2016 is going to be even better. In 2017, a GOP prez is going to repeal every word of Obamacare.”Cruz: "If u want to know what 2014 election is about, here’s a very simple principle. If you like ur senator, you can keep your senator."Ted Cruz, on "the Obama diet. Works very well. You simply let Putin eat your lunch every day."Ted Cruz introduced to chants of "Run Ted, run! Run Ted, run!"Tim Phillips on @SenTedCruz: "we need more folks like him in the United States Senate.”Tim Phillips, sticking it to Michelle Obama: promising to eat a massive s’more w extra marshmallow: “This is America! We’re still great!”Carly Fiorina shud print/frame this---only place her name will be mentioned in same sentence as "potential '16ers": https://t.co/gQpWaSKJuwWhen I think of the Koch bros & AFP, I think of ... Rocky Balboa? #underdogs http://t.co/cwm4KLC4OiClocking cardboard Harry in the kisser -- but with a smile. http://t.co/yWYQgoahJeThis gentleman grabbed cardboard Harry's head before launching a discourse on how Politico is a "leftist" rag. http://t.co/XZ0kg7sTQp@kenvogel @SebastianEPayne Seb's had a good run but it probably is time for him to step aside for a new generation.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelI love the Citizens United Omelette RT @ByronTau: The people across from me at brunch are discussing Citizens United.Term limits for media? @SebastianEPayne displaying a flavor of anti-press sentiment here @AFPhq summit in Dallas. http://t.co/LqfSj8O0LzStream of conservatives mocking/posing with cardboard @SenatorReid cutout here in Dallas at Koch-backed AFP summit. http://t.co/fzRE6gE7zuMore commemorative Reagan photos than you can shake a stick at here in Dallas @AFPhq summit. http://t.co/VKecqjJMyk@DanielRSahr thanks for reading/recommending my book!Great British news mag/radio show. #FF --> RT @danielgiaco: .@Monocle24 is now on Twitter. I, for one, am excited.
Dallas, Texas. http://t.co/hyBx2nYZ3uThe criminalization of politics continues https://t.co/0sDX6mwca5
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel.@VanniHashimoto @kenvogel ... But @ReadyForHillary is. http://t.co/K91SBgKWJq
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelRand Paul on Obama admin: "old MacDonald's farm of scandals. Here a scandal, there a scandal, everywhere a scandal." http://t.co/a2DeMjStzWMind. Blown. cc: @SebastianEPayne http://t.co/pPYroPb5t7And Ronald Reagan, looking mad suave -- in a tan suit! -- at @AFPhq summit. #TakeThatObama http://t.co/ZfEjgoXiGO.@SenatorReid, at a conference organized by the Koch brothers' flagship political group @AFPhq?! http://t.co/9xFXYCgh93Haven't been following the Jesse Benton news, but I always enjoyed talking about the Phillies & Eagles with him. #HardcorePhillyPhanMike Pence: "I’ve met David Koch on several occasions. I’m grateful to have enjoyed his support…& support of @AFPhq": http://t.co/t0PYHO3wjY.@GovernorPerry 's hawkish declarations during @AFPhq speech at one point were met with shouts of "Rand Paul": http://t.co/QLbShClYgZWichi-who? David Koch introduced to Sinatra's "New York, New York" at AFP summit.Quite the hagiographic intro video for David Koch AFP summit. https://t.co/sYiIuLMzINRand Paul: “Is Hillary Clinton fit to be commander in chief?... if HRC had worked for Bill Clinton, she probably would have been fired."Ben Carson getting the musical hint ... time to wrap.ISIS pun alert: Ben Carson in Dallas at @AFPhq summit: “When we get through with ISIS, it should be IS-WAS.”Lotsa hawkish foreign policy from Rick Perry, considering audience is organization backed by non-interventionist Koch bros network.Rick Perry on ISIS: "The world needs a president who is not one step behind … who is always playing catch-up."Rick Perry going heavy on border security: "if Washington, DC will not do its job to secure that border, Texas will.”just trying to throw you off your game MT @nickconfessore someone in this Dallas ballroom appears to be leaning on light switch over & overBig applause line for Perry AFP speech that sounds like #2016 stump: "We need to make Washington as inconsequential in our lives as we can."Rick Perry, predicting GOP Senate takeover: after Nov., Obama "is going to get a little taste--a little test of checks and balances."Introducing Rick Perry at AFP summit, Tim Phillips says "We stand with him against an out-of-control prosecutor."Lots of swipes at Elizabeth Warren at AFP summit in Dallas. “Ivy league professor … doesn’t understand the American Dream” etc.Koch bros pile on righty love for @uber: Tim Phillips at @AFPhq summit “I meet these drivers at Uber. They want to live the American dream.”Tim Phillips on Obamacare: “we’re not just going to repeal this law, we’re going to put it where it belongs--on the ash heap of history.”Tim Phillips, at AFP summit: “Someday soon, @SenatorReid is going to join @NancyPelosi as a former majority leader in the U.S. Congress.”Tim Phillips swinging @SenatorReid: "David & Charles Koch create more prosperity in 1 year than a career pol like Reid creates in lifetime."Americans for Prosperity intro video features activist declaring "@AFPhq represents me. It doesn't represent the big business owners."At @AFPhq summit, big boos for video of @SenatorReid calling Koch bros. "un-American."I spend waaay too much time on Twitter, but I actually learned a couple things from @AFPhq Beginners Social Media session. #embarrassedI don't see him as the bear-hugging sort, but, yeah, he praised 'em MT @davecatanese: Pence bearhugs the Koch Bros http://t.co/VlwXN9eDFp"Just a standard rule...don’t take photographs of your genitals"--@guypbenson @AFPhq panel on building your personal brand via social media.Sheldon Adelson lawsuit v @NJDC now hinges on super narrow Q of whether a hyperlink=modern "equivalent of a footnote" http://t.co/gQAyIUoavcRick Santorum emails with subject "Rand Paul is wrong." Rips KY senator's non-interventionist foreign policy. #2016 http://t.co/GDbbni1OxhLessons on how to talk to your liberal family members, via the Kochs @AFPhq summit in Dallas: http://t.co/VVqlI7xp9o.@AFPhq donor dinner featured "a Western motif including buffets served on tables made to look like covered wagons": http://t.co/VlwXN9eDFpDavid Koch intro'd @georgewillf at an @AFPhq donor dinner (w an odd Western theme) last nite. Rand Paul, Pence there: http://t.co/VlwXN9eDFp@kenvogel Happy Friday, Ken http://t.co/P2IhI8byAY
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelMike Pence: 'grateful' for David Koch, @AFPhq: http://t.co/VlwXN9eDFp
@DavidMDrucker @CrossroadsGPS @AAN of course, the intent does, in fact, appear to have been for it to stay privateThursday before long weekend. SecDef out. Obama has said no Syria strikes. What does the pentagon VIP lot look like? http://t.co/9WAJIhf9Of
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@DavidMDrucker an operative hyperventilating over a rival's strategy? Never!@DavidMDrucker @CrossroadsGPS @AAN if they kept it private, then yes. but once it goes public, it's fodder for Ds to extend narrative.@kenvogel @POTUS i have seen causes for aesthetic outrage in DC. (see: seersucker day) i can't muster more than a shrug on this one.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelTop GOP operative emails wondering why @CrossroadsGPS & @AAN even did this poll. "Moronic & very JV...major damage." http://t.co/yj3MkcRiFRApologist! MT @RobinGivhan: @POTUS is in a conservative, summer suit. in August. a little big but certainly not cause for aesthetic alarm.Joni Ernst thanked Kochs for starting her "trajectory.” In my book, she says she doesn't know how they picked her. http://t.co/SCuPuvlO52@FieldRoamer @DavidMDrucker read down a bitKnow who's not troubled by @SenRandPaul foreign policy? Charles Koch. I'm told they've bonded over noninterventionism http://t.co/uFcshVD9Vs@asmith83 i read "political life" as a discreet & narrow spectrum, in which i'd be leery about lumping 9/11 or the economic collapse.This Phil Cox pitch–like most “exclusive” donor presentations–could basically be cobbled together from news reports: http://t.co/HXoez0QaCiPraising Citizens United, McConnell told mega-donors “SCOTUS allowed u to participate in process in variety of ways.” http://t.co/TswjB56F4NSwiping Chris Matthews, top Koch aide Marc Short says he featured Matthews soundbite in video “b/c he looked stupid": http://t.co/39oWgDdZjYThink Kochs are ignoring @SenatorReid jabs? Read top of this secret recording transcript from their June donor summit http://t.co/39oWgDdZjYKinda unseemly for Koch operative to prompt Cotton, Ernst & Gardner to praise Koch network efforts on their behalf: http://t.co/HqjNY860PhTelling Cory Gardner joke:person most excited by his Senate bid is “mngr @ Channel 9 b/c of all activity on airwave$” http://t.co/HqjNY860PhD’oh! Koch fundraiser recorded promising donors anonymity: “You really would prefer to keep your confidentiality”: http://t.co/39oWgDdZjYKoch pitch here is careful, reflecting 2012 lessons: suggests Senate control attainable w $, but doesn't over-promise http://t.co/39oWgDdZjY
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