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Charles Koch: “What we have done in the past is not sufficient. We have to raise our efforts to the next level.”Charles Koch, to donors in his network: "If we cannot unite a majority of Americans behind a vision, then we’re done for.”@BAR0ke huh?Charles Koch, invoking abolition & women's suffrage mov'ts, says "we too are seeking to right injustices that are holding our country back.”Koch aide Kevin Gentry instructs donors not to bring cell phones to strategy sessions, b/c stuff discussed is “similar to trade secrets.”asked by @mikeallen whether he'd call on 501(c)4 supporting him to release donor names, @marcorubio dodges."I call on everyone to folo law.".@marcorubio, asked by @mikeallen about @nfl handling of Tom Brady: "Well I’m a @Dolphins fans, so I wish it was a permanent suspension.”Among the main problems w/ the Clintons, according to @marcorubio, is the “constant secrecy & drama that surrounds them everywhere they go.”@DebErupts, talking upward mobility at Koch donor summit: "It's hard to believe that…my father worked at events like these as a bartender".@marcorubio, asked by @mikeallen what his posture will be in the first debate: “I’m going to be standing.” #funnyguy #quick.@marcorubio, at Koch donor summit, on Planned Parenthood: "operating in a fashion that is offensive to millions and millions of Americans."Wanna watch @mikeallen interview @marcorubio at the Koch donor summit? Tune in to @politico livestream: sign that the Kochs aren't using @GOP playbook: @FoxNews was not among outlets invited to cover mtg. Crew is set up across street.@_JustinEllis 3 pm eastern.Charles Koch, rallying his network's donors ahead of 2016, warns of a "life or death struggle for our country". the Koch bros confab: Charles Koch blasts big-bank bailouts, Walker, Fiorina adddress crowd -
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelNeed evidence of how powerful the Kochs network is? Here was tonite's dinner panel: 5 US Senators & 1 US Congressman. Koch warns donors of a "life or death struggle for our country". no.@SenSasse, to Koch donors on Saturday night: "Thank you for the kinds of classmates that you elected for me."@DGisSERIOUS i'm sure he had it comingCharles Koch quips that @SenatorReid is watching him, then gets kinda catty.
Koch donor summit party foul: Rep. @jim_jordan quotes Dick Armey, who had a falling out with the Koch network.Walker offers a spirited defense of his big state contribution to keep Bucks in WI -- which many at Koch summit see as corporate welfare.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelSunset, Dana Point.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel"Koch kills democracy"--signs held by very small group of protestors outside Koch donor summit earlier today. i think video highlights at least but not posArizona Gov. @dougducey, talking to Koch bros donors: “Every time I’ve been invited to this conference, I’ve benefited from this conference”Charles Koch, stumbling en route to mic: "That was @SenatorReid that was trying to trip me there. I didn’t see him, but I know he’s there.".@ScottWalker, asked if @BarackObama is a Christian: “I don’t know. I presume he is, based on his comments in the past… I’ll take his word.”I love any forum where @mikeallen is asking the questions.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel.@ScottWalker,at Koch bros donor summit, says he would put @CarlyFiorina @RealBenCarson or @purduemitch in his cabinet.I'm at the Koch bros donor summit, but even if you're not, you can watch 2016ers speak to it on @politico livestream:, on Koch bros: “David & Charles have harnessed that frustration & said let’s not just complain about it, let’s do something."@_under_current yes, but also:, at Koch bros summit, on the @nytimes: "I think it’s usually a pretty good thing to read to get a pretty good chuckle.".@ScottWalker on @JebBush's reliance on family ties: “His father is one of the most admirable person I’ve ever met. I like his brother.”.@ScottWalker, asked by @mikeallen at Koch donor summit how much $ in politics is too much: “Money doesn’t win elections. Ideas do.".@CarlyFiorina, at Koch bros donor summit, asserts that the Democratic nominee “will raise more money than anyone else.”Biggest applause for @CarlyFiorina at Koch summit comes when she accuses media of covering conservative $, & not Soros & Steyer. #objection.@CarlyFiorina, at Koch summit: "@realDonaldTrump taps into the same thing that I hear out there: people are tired of sanitized sound bites".@CarlyFiorina, asked by @mikeallen why she came to Koch summit: "The foundation the Koch bros have built has invested in power of ideas."Big $ dominance: $291M: amnt raised by super PACs backing 2016 prez candidates $126M: amnt raised by prez candidates no, but he did say "anybody that wants to put in their own’s a free country and I’m all for it."Billionaire who donated $50k to Scott Walker super PAC rejected criticism of big donors as “a lot of jealously.” thanks! I'm in SD area now, but will reach out next time I'm up that way.The top 67 donors in the presidential race have given more than 3xs as much as the 508k smallest donors combined. i'm on the west coast & was trying to meet some people for dinner
C'mon @American_Bridge & @CorrectRecord -- file your friggin' FEC reports already, so I can file my friggin' story & get my friggin' dinner..@JebBush's super PAC juggernaut has already amended its FEC filing from today, which doesn't seem like a good sign. like @GovMikeHuckabee was using his leadership PAC to lay 2016 groundwork. Spent $750k on direct mail & lists. weekend is almost here. And so is this week's podcast with @TimAlberta and @KRobertsNJ
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel“It’s very timeconsuming to be politically correct.” Trump to @alexburnsnyt in look at his record of loaded language
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@DKElections i mean exactly what i wrote: he rails against it & his super pac accepts it.Norman Braman is already 1/2way to $10M pledge to @marcorubio super PAC. If only he spent this freely on the @eagles. Penn's entanglements, still causing problems for @HillaryClinton, long after he got booted from her campaign. did i say he did?Woman occupying my exit row seat: "I got here first." Madam, that isn't how this works. DTW -> SAN is far too long to cave.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel.@MittRomney super PAC still paying lawyer who started @JebBush super PAC (Charlie Spies), presumably to do filings. helmed by @SenatorReid, who opposes corp. & anonymous $ in politics, raises most of its $2M from corp & anon $. and sakeAaron Schock, still at it. Raised $115k into his PAC & spent big at Aspen's Little Nell ($22k) & DC's Daikaya ($13k). Adelson II? Marlene Ricketts gave $4.9M to the Scott Walker super PAC, while her hubby Joe gave only $100k. buddy @kyledcheney snaps this pic which is uhhh something.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelHedge funder Donald Sussman, who is married to Dem Rep. @chelliepingree, gives $500k to super PAC boosting Dem Reps. $3M: amount Huckabee's super PAC raised from a single donor $580k: amount Huckabee's campaign raised from all small donors combinedMike Huckabee finds a sugar daddy. Arkansas poultry magnate Ronnie Cameron donates $3M to pro-Huck super PAC. OVERNIGHT: Dennis Hastert forms legal defense fund, funnels $10k into it from his leadership PAC. Hastert forms legal defense fund, funnels $10k into it from his leadership PAC.
Walker lands JOE RICKETTS, billionaire conservative whose family owns the Cubs. $5m super PAC haul:
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelI'm going to wake up v annoyed at my 11:45pm-self tomorrow #yolo
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelTho this correction is kinda funny. turned @nickconfessore on the Koch bros' public relations push to soften their image. Hastert shutters his PAC, gives most of its cash - $10k - to his defense fund. PAC that boosted Lindsey Graham's 2014 Senate campaign gives $200k to super PAC boosting his 2016 prez campaign clown nose to cover brown nose.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@jonward11 @jon_rauch @sissenberg any presidential or congressional candidates in open races to whom @gop would deny data, @seanspicer?@comebackzack exactlyBillionaire Paul Singer donates $1M to super PAC supporting pro-gay marriage GOP pols (of which there are not many). Kochs, the @GOP lets every Republican into the tent, even those they'd prefer to bar, like Trump. @jonward11: Koch bros-backed @AFPhq, which resembles a party, plans to have 750 people on its payroll by the end of the year. those of you that love @GlensGardenMkt's kale and sunflower seed salad (should be all of you), you're welcome:
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelAmazing lunch from @GlensGardenMkt - no waste and all local!!
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelALEC pushing to improve image of "dark money"―one Senator suggests calling it "anonymous free speech money." @tparti: summit at which 2016ers are speaking will be in Dana Point, Calif. 8/1-3, per invitation obtained by @mateagold. Koch, in letter obtained by @mateagold, calls on his network's donors "to raise our efforts to a new level." has done the LORDT'S WORK in tracking which apps appear most in rap lyrics
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogelbut Jon Stewart is such a #BraveTruthTeller Uihlein, heiress to conservative Bradley Foundation fortune, donated $100k to Soros-linked America Votes s-PAC.
Is Kasich GOPs strongest candidate? @TheLastWord explored that tonight. @DanMcGraw1 explored it in April. @kenvogel
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@cyrusk next time@cyrusk Not sure I know how to do that.Talking the Koch bros, @JohnKasich & 2016 at 10:40 pm with @jwpetersNYT & @Lawrence on @TheLastWord. Tune in!Tonight, @Lawrence is joined by @Sifill_LDF @byronmccauley @jwpetersNYT and @kenvogel #lastword
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelImportant @mateagold scoop: The Koch bros & @GOP are burying the hatchet―at least when it comes to their data rivalry Labor gearing up for 2016: United Brotherhood of Carpenters steers $1.5M into its super PAC. super PAC that filed lawsuit that created super PACs ― SpeechNow ― is pretty much mothballed. Raised $0 this year
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