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I'm at @SilvertoneBar in Boston, MA https://t.co/e1KhxCsXtV.@primus http://t.co/j05scubC96.@primus is both amazing & terrifying covering the Willy Wonka soundtrack. Saw an errant Oompah Loompah on my way to the ladies earlier too😅I'm at Orpheum Theatre for Primus in Boston, MA https://t.co/GEdNjXkOJH@haveyoumetter Is this what you wanted to do on Tuesday @discolyssa???#sorelatable https://t.co/3EDIuEefC6
@Instacart Also if we tip by % that needs to be reflected when bill changes due to item availability. Bill goes down but tip stays the same?@Instacart Charge pending in my account for $65 - order was only $48.47. What happened?Pandora but for beer. http://t.co/fUgtLXOcvK via @grubstreetHeads up, cocktail fans! @thirstboston is looking for a BUNCH of volunteers! Help 'em out = free booze later. http://t.co/4AyQAJLIeF
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniSilicon Valley vs. Boston: Is one friendlier to women? http://t.co/D4dDJxepyt via @BostonGlobeWhy Instagram’s “Barter Economy” is a Good Thing http://t.co/cYj7wH3N8u via @SHIFTcommIf you purposely leave read receipts on, you are hollow inside.This is what passes for feminism in America today http://t.co/GyGd6fIcv6 via @TIMEIdeas2014 Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts http://t.co/0WlnL3JBq2 via @BostonGlobeISIS, Ebola, and this "BIG STORY" all very important this morning. #journalism http://t.co/XkcGW6u7qO
@HeyRatty A band I like was supposed to play at The Gutter tonight but I wasn't planning on going AMAIMPORTANT: Joan Jett has an Instagram account http://t.co/aTc2BDX10x@kavermes No. Guy's Grocery Games is all you get.Just caught up on Sons of Anarchy I AM VERY UPSET RIGHT NOW please don't talk to me#Ello converts to Public Benefit Corporation, can never sell your data or make money off of ads. #socialmedia https://t.co/ywCQFAdLTbBus stop at St. James and Dartmouth has a phone charging station! #thefutureisnow #boston"In America, the professional kitchen is the last refuge of the misfit.” –@Bourdain, in a 1999 @NewYorker story: http://t.co/M6Yn7J5yh2Can someone tell me why the camera on my iPhone 5S keeps crashing? Is it punishing me for refusing to update to iOS 8?Female entrepreneurs to pitch to investors at Boston Women's Venture Summit next month http://t.co/focTn8MnCA
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniI'm at Firebrand Saints in Cambridge, MA https://t.co/rOKlMj1R5kNew email app from Gmail, INBOX. >> Official Gmail Blog http://t.co/wpBJybQQjk@Uber Oops, I don't know my days anymoreUber but for flu shots? Today only. #UberHEALTH #Boston @universalhub http://t.co/7iXDUPcMPhCake Left Out In Break Room With No Instructions http://t.co/GCbKgxWOuN via @TheOnion@SPCBattaglia @Uber @Uber_BOS You're a good person.Can't we all just stay in bed today?Roll call: #mmsalem in 5 days! Bwahahaaa @discolyssa @Nate_Bluhm @angelabray @saraherib @kciccolini @jasminejamboree http://t.co/qwgU6eUK67
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini@cpazzanese @universalhub Will probably just be a vacant foreign money pit.#journalism RT @TheCut: Miley Cyrus remembers which outfits she got laid in: http://t.co/n8o7kgpLbg@coolmcjazz Well it's actually Wednesday so you're in the clear
I'm at @TheSinclair for Thurston Moore Band and PCPC in Cambridge, MA https://t.co/5bKYxkXwH9You guys @5HorsesTavern has @dogfishbeer 120 Minute so you should get here and drink it immediately.What's going in the space next to Russell House Tavern?SOS can't DVR AHS without electricity RT @universalhub: NStar outage map: http://t.co/tMZzGMYDLQ The numbers are going upHow did the female celebrity memoir turn into feminist self-help? [via @Salon] http://t.co/hJOZvL0fwsI'm at @BrickMortarLtd in Cambridge, MA https://t.co/DWfriq5FfUThe Kills' Alison Mosshart on Upcoming Tour, Album, and Working with Jack White https://t.co/UdqQ91Azcs via @YahooMusic@BuzzFeed Are we really trolls for noticing she looks like a different human and does she really think happiness looks like blepharoplasty?
Are we ever gonna find out why Carl chose to name his baby sister after his 3rd grade teacher? This is The Walking Dead's greatest mystery.Whoa WHAT RT @lilsarg: JESUS. What did Renee Zellweger do to Renee Zellweger? http://t.co/ANfIryCjyG@felixandiris Is there a tracking # for shipping on order 1277? I checked out as guest so when I click "view order" I'm sent to login page@megansarahj I've seen one for a local restaurant even get the name of their client wrong. Also added an S like grandma does to everything.
I'm at @MotherJuice in Cambridge, MA https://t.co/jU691dNk4h@DJTREX @Carrie_Rachel YES http://t.co/EEdjhQfK70!!!!!!!!! MT @Carrie_Rachel My band #sleaterkinney is getting back together & that we have a new record coming out in 2015.Christian Louboutin is charging $45 for nail polish no one will notice. | Loubi Under Red @Sephora http://t.co/pcJJPYKUz7@BostonMo My boyfriend told me yesterday that my sweater was "practical." That is like the ultimate #1 insult of grandmas everywhere.Monday. http://t.co/Qe6eIGrag9
@saraherib @Uber_BOS as if you always drive your friends around in the back seat@saraherib @Uber_BOS Ran red light, got pulled over, said "don't tell them you're my fare, say we're just friends"Wow what a day with @Uber_BOS! First my driver asks me to lie to the cops for him then tonight I get charged $10 for a car that never came 😠I'm at @LulusAllston in Boston, MA https://t.co/InSvg5eJl3The best part of #HOCR is the announcer because he knows no one is really listeningOminous @ Head of the Charles http://t.co/hKbUtjth7lI'm at Head Of The Charles® Regatta - @hocr in Cambridge, MA w/ @heyratty https://t.co/706n5d45oCFinally got my hands on maple bacon @unionsquaredonuts 🙌 http://t.co/QWZbAbxV59Happy Sunday, my Uber driver just got pulled over and lied to the cops. 😐
@Grosssman surprised it lasted this long tbhWhen did Sweet Caroline's in @TheFenway close? Just noticed the windows all papered up @universalhubI'm at Nuggets Records in Boston, MA https://t.co/OLZMxA99wQ@saraherib Yellow tights should be banned from the universeBeers and Blogs: Linking Social Media and Beverage Brands http://t.co/3EsNDejxHo via @B2CommunityFYI I KILLED IT with my chocolate chip cookies last night. Brown butter + homemade vanilla sugar/extract = #success.Chef Stacy Cogswell Breaks Down the #TopChefBoston Debut http://t.co/lzKTq2hdHkHey guys I found the most beautiful child in the entire WORLD https://t.co/tvNs2m4R3e
@washe2014 Viva Habanera is my favorite too!#ff @mettermedia @discolyssa @jasminejamboree @kciccolini @saraherib @angelabray @Nate_Bluhm #MMSalem next week! :D http://t.co/4KGQJ249eR
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniSummer's over, get over it with these fall cocktails around #Boston http://t.co/2kB6Rfo282 (new blog for @onthebar) http://t.co/i7Hc68BXDOHyprolapse #RuinTechnology @midnightGoogle Faps #RuinTechnology @midnight
#GIRLBOSS alert! Happy #NATIONALBOSSDAY to our super bosses @haveyoumetter & @discolyssa! Love, the MM Team :) http://t.co/wl2ZgLwGgi
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniI'm at The Merchant Kitchen & Drinks - @merchantboston in Boston, MA https://t.co/XV03orsk4u@devrafirst And the first one out on First One Out has to find a new profession.
Fun fact: George Wendt is Jason Sudeikis's uncle. #TopChefBostonJust need to get @marty_walsh on a Guy Fieri show now #TopChefBostonWhat's it like to go through life being so good looking @PadmaLakshmi?? #TopChefBoston@BuzzFeed MY OWN because I'm a strong independent woman who don't need no bootleg password"I didn't come here to toss salads." #TopChefBostonan honor to be associated with @foodandwine and greg's junk #TopChef #foulmouth #sorrymom
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniYou're not sorry. RT @HeyRatty .@KatsujiTanabe is NOT happy as a Clam (sorry) (bye) #TopChef #TopChefBostonTHESE ARENT KOSHER MEXICAN JAPANESE TACO CLAMS!!! #TopChefBoston #TopChef
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniDid someone just say "Boom goes the dynamite"? #TopChefBostonThat short man is gonna be a problem. #TopChefBoston#TopChefBoston here we go!Watching @GroovebookApp on Shark Tank, seems pretty cool. http://t.co/XYOmba6z0C. Anyone use it?"To dress “normal” is the height of chic, yet to call someone 'basic' is the chicest put-down." http://t.co/f45W4Ws61A via @TheCutAdvice from the liquor store... #savmor http://t.co/Uof6Soc416
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini"Amal Alamuddin is the latest exhibit in the museum of disempowered women" http://t.co/jFGoiciEOy
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniAlso 👏 is supposed to be clapping so your alleged high five should have little Doritos all around it too but it does NOT.If 🙏 were really supposed to be a high five, wouldn't the sleeves be different colors to denote different people? #PRAYERHANDS@smayflowers920 I FEEL YOU. Life Alive rules.Drink shitty beer if you want (love myself some High Life) but what's with the weird ire @davidchang?! http://t.co/cKomTDKtb7HOW TO EVEN FOR DUMMIES #snort http://t.co/h1geiR4oic
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniCounting down til I can get rid Comcast.... | Next Year You'll Be Able to Get HBO Online Without Cable http://t.co/2k48YEy7J5
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