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Khaleesi, Mother of Accounts @mettermedia. #SocialMedia marketing for #Boston restaurants & #smallbiz. Freelance writer. Tweeting from Fenway. IG: iamkristen

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The everyday person enters a dehydration deep enough to negatively affect brain function several times a week. #water
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniMy 10 Favorite Books: Carrie Brownstein #throwback to 2012. Why did I write this?! goals for tonight:
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini@jasminejamboree DOES THIS EXIST Howard from Alabama Shakes released a new album under the name Thunderbitch and it's awesome Self-Conception: Kim Gordon, Annie Clark and Carrie Brownstein on Instagram via @pitchforkI CAN'T FOCUS ON ANYTHING TODAY did I not know about this account?! (@ #MMHQ - @mettermedia in Cambridge, MA) in the 'burbs (at @PaneraBread in Needham, MA)'d like to see one of my high school friends try this ish on Instagram:
JazzzzzZzzzz (@ Wally's Cafe in Boston, MA) date ❀️ (@ Dali in Somerville, MA) fun! πŸŽ‰πŸ’«πŸΈ (@ Deuxave in Boston, MA) brewery @NightShiftBeer is going to add on to its taproom this fall and winter.
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniPeek inside @WordenHall, now open in #SouthBoston w/ deep-dish pizza, spuckies, and more.
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini@kavermes πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
Me getting through Monday sister sent me the weirdest card ever. just got locked out of the @mettermedia office for 2 hrs with no phone and cried in the hallway til @saraherib came and rescued me AMA.@HeyRatty @saraherib READ YOUR TEXT@HeyRatty @saraherib @IAmLordBarvis ME TOO this is why I'm doing it for her because the enormous notification bubble upsets me!!This is the most excited @kciccolini's ever been!! HAPPY BIRTHD🍩Y KHALEESIII. #🍩 #❀️
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniHow did you know?! 😊 Thank you for the birthday donuts my friends!! @mettermedia Boston Local Food Festival is Sunday, September 20, 2015 with
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniFun day at work. Doing behind the scenes on a photo shoot with all my favorite colors πŸŒ‘'m at Boston Studio Photography in Boston, MA fashion #photoshoot details... #blackandwhite
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini@ProsciuttoPizza What marketing company is telling you to ask these questions?@ThatGuySteveB I got rid of cable so I am lost!The last 6 hours of my TL is absolute nonsense.
@d_ciccolini lmao she sent me that too@DogSoldiers It makes so much sense!WOW this is cray > This 'Game of Thrones' fan theory about Jon Snow is the wildest one yet via @mashable"If your picture doesn’t get more than eleven likes, you need to take it down because it sucks." πŸ˜‚ NO. hairy arms unite!@saraherib "You are white like my daughter. What happened? You did not get enough sun this summer?" Maybe it was the same guy who told me I was too white todayBrioche donut holes at @TheSinclair with @kavermes πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» random man for stopping me to say I didn't get enough sun this summer! (at @TheSinclair in Cambridge, MA w/ @kavermes) Please refer to my last tweet to fit in.Excuse me everyone I'm pushing a stroller so this sidewalk belongs to me. Please walk in oncoming traffic thank you.Relatable.
@JosieGL Noo not tonight, I was there this afternoon haha. I'll let you know next time I go! Have a good time :)
Yes I am here again come find me 😁 (at @WordenHall in South Boston, MA)'m at Beehive - @bostonbeehive in Boston, MA lol ⭐️u tried⭐️@d_ciccolini That's Southie and we're heading there after lolTell me where I should eat in the South End tonight.@ProsciuttoPizza Yes, I will never have a better pizza in my life.Hayyyy (@ Abigail's in Cambridge, MA) @saraherib @Kayyyt @nacocentral JEALOUS. Please describe in detail at our meeting.πŸ’πŸ» (@ Salon Eva Michelle - @salonem_boston in Boston, MA) sucks. Such BS when tickets are somehow sold out the second they go on sale! 😀
😊 @WordenHall night success. Been slammed all night long! So proud of @henn_dan and the @WordenHall team 😊 Sure did.Opening night, come visit!! (at @WordenHall in South Boston, MA) that pumpkin pie tastes like vomit? Can you be sued for saying so on @Yelp? "Dining contract" legalese:
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini@kavermes Krystle.Filene’s Basement to be reborn as a low-price online retailer via @BostonGlobe
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini@AsaKnightOwl BAD ASA. Are you coming to Southie tonight?How do I block mentions of Taylor Swift on every device I own including my brain?Eagles of Death Metal (@EODMofficial) also share a black-and-white video for "Complexity"
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniGood morning #Southie! The big day is finally here - we open at 11:30! Website's still in the works but menu is here:
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini@mettermedia @telegraphnews It's opening day for @WordenHall, so go drink a lot of whiskey.
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini
A 'Sons of Anarchy' spin-off is in the works
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini😍😍😍 THE OFFICE FINALE AND CRYING. I put this off for 2 years!IT HAS ARRIVED. #finally @MeltCosmetics Laced πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘„βœ¨'m at Thelonious Monkfish - @tsmonkfish in Cambridge, MA Reporters murdered during live broadcast and shooter tweeted videos of itMan who shot dead two TV journalists live on air in Virginia has killed himself, US media reports say
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini.@ABC News received a 23-page fax from someone who says he is Bryce Williams. We have turned it over to authorities.
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniHelpful tip: You can turn off video auto-play in your desktop Twitter settings.Jesus Christ I hate social media today. Please do not retweet those videos.@lilsarg WHY?We give "trigger warnings" before contrary opinions, write 900-word thinkpieces about mean jokes, but post/share LIVE DEATH w/o reservation.
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniTwo journalists killed in Virginia were Alison Parker, 24, and Adam Ward, 27, @WDBJ7 confirms
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini@lukeoneil47 If 20 small children being brutally murdered didn't start the discussion, this won't either.@HeyRatty Why did I watch this :(:((h/t @d_ciccolini) I know any redheads that want their hair styled for a photo shoot on Monday? Do you? Send them my way!
@KayKayCannon Are we also supposed to believe J. Lo rides her Fiat to score some deals at Kohl's? How dumb do they think we are?!F*ck Your Rules: Why I’ve Decided I’m Going to Have Fun All The Time #youareyou via @EliteDaily
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini@JosieGL Ooh that looks good. Maybe I will do that!@JosieGL I hear ya & $5-10 classes are during work! @teammovewith has good classes too, looking fwd to seeing what winter options are likeWhat happens when wrestling fans grow up, but don't want to? @MartinKessler91 on how #WWE is targeting adults:
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniNothing says "I understand people" like naming your book the one thing people hate more than anything
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini@JosieGL Are you good with solo workouts or do you need classes? I've used @YogaGlo at home. $18 a class ain't right. This is $18/month.@TraveleatloveMM I know :/ I just think drivers aren't pros so it's expected, but I appreciate that CS is always responsive & on my sideSocial media manager life Is this part of Influenster or did you just buy some weird ish?@TraveleatloveMM If you email CS I bet they'll sort it out quickly. I've always had fast responses to my issues.@lil_jemms Family attacked it before I could get a photo but this was what remained. The soppressata pizza.
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