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I've listened to the final episode of Serial. DM me to discuss."My favorite part of 'Annie' was when I fell asleep." -- my 6 year old.
She has gone from totally geek to totally chic: The Year of Taylor Swift. By @MatthewSchneier http://t.co/DWN0e6n3v6The 10 Best Modern Love Columns Ever http://t.co/KFE2O46vRzThe NYPost has a "Pascalize Your Email" function. I typed: "Please come by my office." http://t.co/AnCSIMFS69Now I'm gonna have to get all my scripts approved by Kim Jong Un?! Ugh he's gonna be like the third worst studio boss I've ever worked for.
Retweeted by katierosman@tweetbrk @MikeIsaac I'm glad the mag stood behind her, didn't throw her and her alone under the bus. That's what I'm saying.@MissJennaB My mom used to let us swear by saying "Go jump in a lake!"I ❤️Adam Moss's comment. Glad he's standing behind @jpressler! NYmag is smart to keep her RT @MikeIsaac: oh man. http://t.co/o8oQDzFutiMilk-profiled at @sbux again. #notallgirlswantskimChamberlain/Czechoslovakia? RT @brianstelter: New hacker msg to Sony "We want everything related to the movie...down" http://t.co/PDMNgUg3A7Cuz @theskimm is replacing morn TV for lotta women. RT @mathewi: If u wondered how email newsletter could raise $6M..https://t.co/CaYiMTT6SfDave Eggers illustrates 12 stories by Detroit charter school kids. I review. Maybe you'll buy for the holidays? http://t.co/bNZMtFModi
Retweeted by katierosman@TheStalwart I pay close attention every day to what my fellow commuters do on their hour bus ride. They play CandyCrush + surf Instagram.Wow. Citi puts a $35 billion valuation on Instagram. Zuckerberg's steal of the century. http://t.co/5jKaUxqbax
Retweeted by katierosman@brooke @m_millsey In dog years, he'll be a bar mitzvah before he's 2! Better get him to Hebrew School/send out save the dates!@peterlattman That's gonna be the highlight? That's sad!@fmanjoo It didn't end his career. He continued to work at the Times after. Now he's writing for the WSJ mag and making a film.
What kind of a monster would tweet about what happened on Serial?@brooke NJD=nice Jewish dogWhat a right-swipe! http://t.co/ngkZFLfMuD@EHolmesWSJ @JoeMorgenstern @AdamTrot I think I still need to see it.@EFettmann @Sulliview @Jonesieman @NYTStyles We would never purposely confuse the two! We are purposeful about precision, however imperfect!The review that trashes the movie you aren't able to watch: http://t.co/cLp1GgQEHp
Retweeted by katierosmanThe power of a cat, the Internet and Warped Kickstarter, from @Jonesieman http://t.co/YAT2lSnOPA ht @katierosman @NYTStyles
Retweeted by katierosmanThere were lots of pretty people there; reading Rolling Stone, reading Vogue RT @JoniMitchellcom New Vogue interview http://t.co/BmJPya2TYjwhen i asked this guy who he was he told me “Just ethan. Like Madonna.” i like that gumption http://t.co/tljUKYOm0V
Retweeted by katierosman@JustinWolfers @serial Aren't they the best? I literally cried laughing last week.Who is this Ethan app/dude? Siri Meets Dr. Phil. Fantastic work from @alexwilliamsnyc. @gliechtensten http://t.co/6VwChaMgPkI sat in the Michigan Stadium bleachers, often in the freezing cold, for every home game Jim Harbaugh played in. Come back, Jim! #goblueUnboxing on Xmas: “Instagram is abt self-promotion & I like to promote myself as someone who likes beautiful things.” http://t.co/BamtOEfkgfWeird Kickstarter! “I didn’t have a million-dollar idea, so I set the bar a little lower.” HILARIOUS! By @jonesieman http://t.co/lbXHAPXO82Unboxing Day: It’s How Gifts Look on the Outside That Counts. It's all about the Insta-Op! Great one by @lauramholson http://t.co/dH3vKvfwDF
Sources: #Michigan has made another run at Jim Harbaugh after he initially rebuffed the school. U-M has made an offer of 6 years, $48M. Wow.
Retweeted by katierosmanIf North Korea really wanted to hit us where it hurts they'd cancel the Serial finale.
Retweeted by katierosman"What do I know?! I do a podcast! It was supposed to be for four people!" Sarah Koenig has an end-of-#Serial meltdown http://t.co/SMhNyLP5PxEven if you think an ugly sweater is funny, you're still just wearing an ugly sweater.
Retweeted by katierosmanBreaking: The 4 largest US movie theater chains are deciding not to show 'The Interview' http://t.co/sIs7p2Z5ew http://t.co/BZux9sjKAy
Retweeted by katierosmanMy nephew gets a rave in @nytimesbooks review! "Where Does It Come From?" By Dave Eggers and @BoggsSchool kids. http://t.co/VcdmHROR7D@rachelsklar I wrote the piece about Obama being mistaken for a waiter while I was at the hospital, about the give birth!@thelist This, from today's @NYDailyNews: http://t.co/NRD5Dy4vTH@thelist I think for sure. Mentions of the story keep popping up in a way that makes me think a WH comms person is pointing reporters to itMy husband created this company at my parents' kitchen table and now this @OnDeckCapital. #americandream #proudday http://t.co/WbRkVSwarV
Retweeted by katierosman@samanthaettus @OnDeckCapital WOW!!!!Can't wait! RT @jakesilverstein: Cover of Sunday @NYTmag: deep dive by @nichcarlson on Marissa Mayer's struggles. http://t.co/FHbtsZxLZ9
Just kitten around. #hannukkah http://t.co/2BN7unZCSG@liberalsaremean @jpressler @NYMag @bloombergnews Yep!@diablocody that guy scared me in a way that had stayed with me for a few months
"You're treating us like the Dursleys treat Harry!"Small steps: Sunset Today is 1 minute later than yesterday. This is our 1st gain since July http://t.co/Pyj9glrvU5
Retweeted by katierosmanJughead wear slacker hoodies, Betty bears flesh in half-shirts and ripped jeans: "Archie" Gets Youth Infusion http://t.co/UWd3EU8tOSI just put a lump of butter in my coffee. It's delicious!! #BulletproofCoffee
@kevinroose @mashable speak English, bae.Joanne Lippman/@WSJ on male managers. "They misunderstand us, unwittingly belittle us...And those are the good ones." http://t.co/75afIPBEyeEmail hack shows just how much power Bernie Weinraub, husband of #Sony pics co-chair Amy Pascal, wields at the studio http://t.co/q3YaQjCjyoElla is playing a vendor. Not *the* vendor -- *a* vendor. #nosmallpartsMy 6yo is about to make her stage debut in the Helen Hayes Youth Theater's Aladdin. I'm a nervous wreck! No wonder Teri Shields loved booze!For @NYTStyles, the New Yorker's @BenGreenman reports: Young Guns of the Competitive Chess Set. Proud of this one! http://t.co/bBqKMQm2wEOTT celeb weddings of the year, according to NYT society editor: Kimye, George Clooney and Amal and Nick Denton. http://t.co/iRx2JWSHGb
"Being seen w/ the artworks counts as much, if not more, than the work" @NYTStyles Perfecting the Art Selfie in Miami http://t.co/n9pqJnREyEBill Bonds, iconic former Detroit local ABC anchorman, has died http://t.co/JArfTeHrvz via @wxyzdetroitCryptic tweets are usually about something specific.
Retweeted by katierosman
This book @xanalter gave me is a bit 25 shades of grey.This is hardcore. #yoga http://t.co/GIRr0ykJwk“The nerd is the new celeb. Think of Benedict Cumberbatch +the Jack Dorseys of the world. Smart is the new handsome.” http://t.co/kQZoZ2Ja2PMT @JamieStelter: 1 wk ago @katierosman insta'd @menschonabench. 2nite: he makes a deal on @ABCSharkTank.#trendsetter http://t.co/vA0sD5casS
Retweeted by katierosmanPrince Harry's garden? RT @CBSNews: Magic mushrooms—with hallucinogenic properties—found growing at Buckingham Palace http://t.co/gnC89v6p87Apps, Tweets & Pawns: Young Grandmasters Try to Make Chess Cool by @bengreenman http://t.co/6ob26VqC7tWanna get skinny? Add some butter to your coffee. #bulletproof by @courtneybrubin http://t.co/QCmHVep5MnAngelina gives Sony exec death stare after 'spoiled brat' emails http://t.co/iDGlPEfXim via @pagesix
Retweeted by katierosmanthere are no bad dogs; only bad owners. RT @dgelles: even bad dogs? “@katierosman: The pope says pets got to heaven. http://t.co/HFTXjbD8va
Retweeted by katierosmanThe pope says pets got to heaven. http://t.co/qDZCpJ2QpTGucci ouster bomb's been ticking for a long time. Gives you renewed faith in the rumor mill.
Retweeted by katierosmanThe 11th episode of #Serial is--to put it in Sarah Koenig's terms--one overly long reachy moment. (Is that a thing?)
Best Buy tries to be funny. #serial h/t @abbygardner http://t.co/OYJU4f7kg8"It’s easy to project all kinds of things on Kate." What I Learned Trailing Kate Middleton for 3 Days http://t.co/j4CjqiSlBz via @VanityFairWatch how fast #SonyHack brings back art of the phone call
Retweeted by katierosman"My resignation had nothing to do with that story."-- Wenner Media general counsel who just resigned. http://t.co/p0HX3wfQvTFrigid rain didn't keep shoppers from lining up at 5am for Alex Wang's sample sale. @vsaffron was on the front lines. http://t.co/F6gGWDCPn6Shonda Rhimes delivers one of the truly great speeches: "My sisters who went before me had already handled it." http://t.co/IHyY6yewyuGoth DJ gets fit: When I turned 30, a friend asked, "You want to be Deathface or Fatface?" @MeiravDevash's NYT debut! http://t.co/cGLWP3DBWEPunk-meets-Pilates: Health Goth is another social media micro trend that is over before it's really begun. http://t.co/UmgGeT6zAO
@PatcohenNYT That's the funniest tweet ever!"I'm not saying he's a wh-re, but he's a wh-re." -- Sony execs email about their film's star. http://t.co/RpDvPj7Dfg@BuckyKatt @Bachscore All the chemicals and poisons in diet Coke create some sort of fight response in my body.@Aerocles I haven't. Should I?As a pretty fit diet-Coke drinker, I love this story by @bachscore! The athletes who train with soda http://t.co/3q3BloJavQThe Harvard professor hounding the Chinese restaurant over $4 makes me think of Better Off Dead #IWantMyTwoDollars! https://t.co/yIFyavepxs@munky15 @CleverTitleTK @katelaurielee @jmurray20 @courtyforrest Interesting theory regarding "the Nisha call"... https://t.co/ofu8CI04xP@MikeIsaac MAZEL TOV! We here at Styles are so proud of you!Is there a LL LASIO EX APE? http://t.co/HP0XJnndwg@jmurray20 @katelaurielee @CleverTitleTK I know!!! He did it/didn't do it/did it/didn't do it .... !!!!!@KBAndersen he needed to study up a bit more on common sense and pr in the internet age!Major egg foo young on the face of the Harvard biz school prof who's waging war on chinese food restaurant over $4 http://t.co/xXUebUv5WkFourth Amendment heroine. Learned a lot from this obit. Dollree Mapp, Who Defied Police Search in Landmark Case, Dies http://t.co/CHIUBw2szj"I was an interrogator at Abu Ghraib. I tortured." http://t.co/38mSVFWkrO@CleverTitleTK @courtyforrest @katelaurielee I don't either. And I think Gutierrez was a mess and that her grating oratory hurt Adnan's case@hinesalmy When I think of Cheney, I think about the fact that he shot his friend in the face w/ a BB gun + that the friend then apologized.@CleverTitleTK @katelaurielee He should have been phone-banking her.@katelaurielee That Adnan didn't try calling Hae after he learned she was missing is the one fact I can't overcome.
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