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Software Engineer in NJ and sometimes NY, @fitocracy, helplessly hopeful individual. Specializing in iOS Development.

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Not sure I 100% followed the new Doctor Who… Gonna have to watch it again when it replays at midnight.
@f0go no problem!@f0go no, but you can add it to a UIControl which is a subclass of UIView. Or you can subclass UIView and override touchesEnded:withEvent:@f0go they actually launched first! I didn’t find out about it until after. I prefer RunSwift though :)@JonHMChan @jc4p happy to help!@JonHMChan @jc4p ^_^My detailed breakdown of corruption in Missouri https://t.co/ruWWiF3OFa Proof that police have lied from Day 1 https://t.co/Kxa2dirX27
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Mailbox for Mac update added the ⌘1 keyboard shortcut, awesomeness!@joshriker worth it. BoA is the devil but at least their shit works, their online banking is solid, and they’ve never charged me for any BS@joshriker @TDBank_US is a very meh bank, consider PNC or BoA good sir@engers and to their credit, the new (maybe?) search that lets you search for photos by location is very cool. I’m still mad tho@engers Should still be in the Photos tab, they just killed access through the Camera Roll in the Albums tabAnd you can’t just quickly hot fix because you need to link against the iOS 8 SDK which breaks god knows what else. Clusterfuck. k I’m done.Something something SingleResponsibilityPrinciple.frameworkNot to mention that Photos.framework is modeled after the Photos.app UI instead of, you know, an abstract interface to the user’s photos.And of course, the Photos framework is only available on iOS 8. So you need both it and Assets Library to maintain functionality on iOS 7.Remarkable that Apple would just remove the Camera Roll on iOS 8 without any sort of backwards compatibility. So many broken photo apps.I am way too overworked for all the shit this iOS update has caused. Grrr, Apple
That feel when you discover a bug that crashes your app and is new in the GM the day before iOS 8 comes out and can’t do anything but wait.Man, UITableView’s row animations are awful -_-One of very few things I miss about living in a city: 24/7, easy access to takeout
Oh and throw in a manual, client-code call to viewWillAppear: 👏 🍰Oh boy, Auto Layout and Storyboards and then deep down someone fucking with the view hierarchy by animating the frame. Grrr.Jokes on you though when you don’t find out until afterwards ‘cause the app starts crashing in some random observer. #shiverNew personal rule: never accept a project that uses KVO. Just don’t. Not worth it
Stress level infinityFriends don’t let friends develop entire app architectures on top of mutable collections and KVO.@jc4p http://t.co/ta0Ys9Q2BBOnce this project is finished I’ma walk up in the bar like “Hi, Bartender, I’ll take all of the whiskey. Yes, all of it.”
Pretty much know everything there is to know about Swift and C interop at this point, so that’s kinda fun@sbergxx yesPretty much blown away by that episode of Doctor Who. Blink levels of awesome. I was excited for this season but now I’m 10x more excited.And props to Moffat for writing in all the subtle jabs at Clara by the new Doctor. Yet to hear one that didn’t make me laugh.So… Capaldi, Coleman, and Moffat. Wow. Just, wow.Still in utter shock about how much work I just lost. Protip text editors don’t ever fucking delete a file ever jesus christHoly shit. Xcode just deleted a file I’ve been working on for hours. Speechless.@dallasgutauckis @jc4p not the new episode that’s on right now :D@jc4p when was the last time you were doing something that wasn’t watching Netflix@jc4p u wut m8@jc4p you should take a vacation brah@jc4p @engers you okay bro@engers sounds wonderful@engers dunno if it’s that the smartest way to drink scotchTonight: Swift is the reason I drink
@jc4p the latterYou might say I’m having a great day. Also, you might not. #thanksalotswift http://t.co/wx14ATx9KRBrooklyn Nine-Nine — so, so funnyIs there a consensus on how to #pragma mark in Swift? Right now I’m just doing: // #pragma mark - Something cool“using bridging headers with framework targets is unsupported” 😫@jc4p ty libz/gzip maintainersIt amazes me that someone wrote this then everyone governing the project was like “Yup. Okay. Yeah, this is cool.” http://t.co/phdOZKHeVsClient project builds half the system via a Makefile. Suddenly, everything pays off.After all this work is finished it’s been gonna be time for vacation number 2…
@engers @mimi_sf way ahead of you@mimi_sf @joshgrenon I was able to get my build uploaded but it errors out every time I try to submit for review. Grr.@jc4p that’s silly imo, you ever heard of http://t.co/APFa5chVpK I hear it’s great@jc4p is this referencing something I don’t get y/nHey Brain I know it’s Friday but if you could just go back to actually working again, that’d be awesome@ColinEberhardt if you have security suggestions, I’m happy to hear to hear them, you can @ me or email me@ColinEberhardt did you find a vuln in RunSwift? It disallows imports, checks for blacklisted APIs, and execs with sandbox-exec.
@f0go works for me, only thing I had to change was cell.txtLabel? to cell.txtLabel! (! is the unwrap operator, not ?) http://t.co/nMpqozDVUu@f0go can you paste the whole file?@f0go haha are you using a very old version of the Xcode 6 Beta? That syntax was added in Beta 3 or 4@f0go btw Array<String> is technically correct but [String] is more Swift-ish :)@f0go what’s the exact code that’s failing? The snippet I posted compiles for me in Beta 4 and Beta 7@f0go find returns an optional, you have to unwrap it. example: http://t.co/778zT3XySCnbd when @sitepointdotcom (120k followers!!) tweets about your projectRunSwift - try Apple's Swift programming language from within your browser: http://t.co/tZNxjg8a5A http://t.co/TD3QrHUcHr
Retweeted by jp@sitepointdotcom I’m very grateful! just so you know though you linked to /about not the home page where the actual compiler interface is@ejacqui he’s what makes it the end of an era for me. His name just goes back so far. Insanely excited to see what @jsnell does next.@sitepointdotcom hey, thanks for the tweet :)Just fav’d one of @Stammy’s tweets and now I feel bad about myselfI always thought hustle was a silly word until I had to figure out how to do it. Turns out it’s not. No regrets.I think I finally found the cleanest possible way to automate Xcode build numbers using Run Scripts. http://t.co/6LK5nmJazL
Retweeted by jp@jc4p “alert: you’re currently within 50m of the nearest liquor store”@jc4p that sounds just god awful I’m so sorry@jc4p I honestly thought you had already started@jc4p please, I been doing thatImagine how sweet life would be if no one had ever thought it was a good idea to add the `NSInteger tag` api to UIView. So sweet.UIView category with a method for adding constraints for a subview that fills its parent. Use it all the time. https://t.co/YFOYheSL61Cocoa people: kNilOptions — it’s there, use it!“@hiattb: People are perplexed out there. http://t.co/t3NcIbMLoA” #teensIf I had a buck for every minute spent debugging something only to realize I never made a connection to the property in Interface Builder…
@brianmwang iron, chicken, and quest barsFirst day back in the gym and just ate my entire kitchen. Feels good, man.Good thing pixel perfect design is dead because Illustrator won’t stop freaking crashing ಠ_ಠ@pixelbeat I do have plans for the /learn page that definitely involve a collaborative GitHub repo :) @palamago @nfmelendez @f0go@pixelbeat @palamago @nfmelendez @f0go right now it’s the C highlighter, working on one for full Swift support (will OS when it’s ready)@f0go http://t.co/IncXF2XCMN now? the HTML escaping wasn’t working properly before so the < >’s messed up the page layout :P@f0go whoops! lemme sort that out…@f0go you should have been able to but it looks like my version of jQuery was causing problems, go ahead and try now! http://t.co/Y1U8sL0elOTotally underestimated the time it’d take to write quality examples and explanations!Fun little learn page up on http://t.co/59k6cIW1GG with example code. Mostly placeholder content, at the moment though.@iMartinKiss @dev_jac I agree with you, for the future. http://t.co/59k6cIW1GG is still kind of neat though :-)
Quite possibly the most excited I’ve ever been about the immediate future in my life. Keep it up, World.For the first time in my life I’m not a week behind on email. Thank you, @mailbox.
@tapi you can check the backing type by bridging to a CFNumberRef and calling CFNumberGetType@tapi then it’s a fair bet that the NSNumber instance is backing the value with a float. that class is just a fancy wrapper on a union@tapi but you’re calling floatValue to use it right? whatever underlying representation is used by NSNumber will get cast to float then@tapi and when using a float those values should be considered identical anyway, if not then you need a double/CGFloat
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