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For you to peruse&enjoy- toys&collectibles-http://t.co/a9qQrh7r69 & @lovethemtoyz all are important, o.k. to be funny but not ill-spirited

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reading calls-safety to the protesters-love those less fortunate-dream well-slumber deep-fight the good fight-awaken ready for tommorow@JPNiekerk ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/UxL53YVPea@John_Stinchcomb ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/UxL53YVPea@aanchall ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/UxL53YVPea"@jojokejohn: And we are not going away. And we are legion http://t.co/jzKrgDSnT9"
Retweeted by john osalvo@HollandRahollan @jojokejohn @MPierce47 Obviously the nini-head doesn't read either the Bible or the Constitution
Retweeted by john osalvo@alienhumanqueen ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/UxL53YVPea"@jojokejohn: the family values party...a misnomer if there ever was one http://t.co/F2BkoDQ2al" ¡Qué clase de mamabicho!
Retweeted by john osalvo@MSayDidntDidIt ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/UxL53YVPea@rover09151976 ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/UxL53YVPea"@jojokejohn be bold be brave be loud for we are legion http://t.co/yZrEN3Nk8d"
Retweeted by john osalvoand go around the house mumbling to yourself the place it might be..without a clue http://t.co/uaGwB96ziuAnd we are not going away. And we are legion http://t.co/FiWcpkduJG@GeeSungee Of course. PBO is cause of all ills in U.S. @MMFlint @bimmerella @jojokejohn @andrea_lynne88 @ThomasJankow
Retweeted by john osalvo@SonitaSwanson ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/UxL53YVPea@Cargo_Pal ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/UxL53YVPea@SSscoop475 ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/UxL53YVPea@bbw_escort_xxl ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/UxL53YVPeaღ☀❤Life is so beautiful❤☀ღ #ff @AxelKoster @Sagittas_Pfeil @GJGBTL231 @olioextravergin @SSscoop475 @jojokejohn @SensualsAdultSt @ShoutMGB
Retweeted by john osalvoNonviolent protests currently underway in over 115 American cities. Massive. In NYC protesters shut down both West Side Hwy & FDR Dr. #peace
Retweeted by john osalvo@GeeSungee @PattiKimble @MMFlint @bimmerella @andrea_lynne88 @ThomasJankow and that he is siding with the thugs-i can hear the bullshit now@PattiKimble @MMFlint @bimmerella @jojokejohn @andrea_lynne88 @ThomasJankow The RW media is just going to BLAME Obama for all this tomorrow.
Retweeted by john osalvo@HollandRahollan @MPierce47 @jojokejohn Palin has no insight, no knowledge, no intelligence at all
Retweeted by john osalvo@jojokejohn For all that I rant about #Gunmen, I must admit that nobility of character is found in the military. This, for example.
Retweeted by john osalvo@martin_don cool following you from nevada smiles@GeeSungee Wow, that's great. @MMFlint @bimmerella @jojokejohn @andrea_lynne88 @ThomasJankow
Retweeted by john osalvoNever Too Much (Live) - Luther Vandross: http://t.co/bk98hQwzpn via @YouTube@CrownAngel_Mac cool following you from nevada smiles@HollandRahollan @MPierce47 @jojokejohn the dumbest woman in politics, youuuuuuu betcha!!
Retweeted by john osalvo@MMFlint @bimmerella @PattiKimble @jojokejohn @andrea_lynne88 @ThomasJankow Mass protest in 115 cities across America! #Ferguson #MikeBrown
Retweeted by john osalvo@MsElleVictoria @jojokejohn I think so! But the rest of the country probably wouldn't agree. Freedom of speech for the favored few.
Retweeted by john osalvo@jojokejohn mañana en @CamaraDiputados 10.30am,se vota #leyluciano tb se cumplen25meses impunidadRT
Retweeted by john osalvo@FresBergCartoon ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/UxL53YVPeaThx for #following @TzzzDarkUz @KutusuCop @evadnodrog @jojokejohn @wplrfanfm @ForeverJelenaxo https://t.co/nfZ1U7vjUK #Shoutout
Retweeted by john osalvoDebarge- I Like It: http://t.co/fN34RInpOB via @YouTubeSade - Kiss of Life: http://t.co/gtBiXcZTue via @YouTubeLakeside - Fantastic Voyage: http://t.co/tf93CmdUUp via @YouTubeKeith Sweat - Merry Go Round (Video): http://t.co/txeg06hFjm via @YouTube@cltgoddess there were some in the a.m. but i'll get one on now smiles@JmesJaime cool following you from nevada smiles@HollandRahollan @MPierce47 @jojokejohn Agreed she is nuts
Retweeted by john osalvo@MPierce47 @jojokejohn stupidity is limitless http://t.co/kPXU2FQBCv
Retweeted by john osalvo@kokadiesel ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/e6EdhXzOnw@EdAndersonl @cjmudd1 @jojokejohn Run from...
Retweeted by john osalvo“@jojokejohn: just loverly http://t.co/vhMXv6PQWO” fucking IDIOT!!
Retweeted by john osalvo@GeeSungee @IlluminatorMike @GlobalRevLive @PattiKimble @bimmerella @andrea_lynne88 @jojokejohn @ThomasJankow Looks like a big turnout!
Retweeted by john osalvo@PurpleGimp cool following you from nevada smilesSarah Palin #quit thinking a long time ago. @HollandRahollan @jojokejohn @MPierce47
Retweeted by john osalvo@meharbaan19 cool following you from nevada smilescan you see the corporations just creams their pants http://t.co/niKHeCOgUZthere it is........a true human http://t.co/PIVOBRhaB2@GeeSungee @GlobalRevLive @PattiKimble @bimmerella @andrea_lynne88 @jojokejohn @ThomasJankow I get good pics on my camera. Stay tuned
Retweeted by john osalvo@IlluminatorMike cool following you from nevada smiles@otohp cool following you from nevada smiles@csgulyas ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/e6EdhXzOnw@jagill cool following you from nevada smiles@gerardfleck cool following you from nevada smiles@glaucous ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/e6EdhXzOnw@HollandRahollan ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/e6EdhXzOnw@MPierce47 sure thank you enjoy your holiday smiles“@MPierce47: "@jojokejohn: this waste of space.....yikes http://t.co/SEUsyKZxbd" Palin the idiot...” SHE IS STONE COLD EF NUTS!
Retweeted by john osalvothe family values party...a misnomer if there ever was one http://t.co/979sH6Jyzx@MPierce47 cool following you from nevada smiles"@jojokejohn: this waste of space.....yikes http://t.co/MeToDBbRjw" Palin the idiot...
Retweeted by john osalvo@daisylee234 cool following you from nevada smiles@myrnam71 ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/e6EdhXzOnw@SteveCulliton cool following you from nevada smiles@Pwatson2Pamela ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/e6EdhXzOnw@ConnieInAmerica ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/e6EdhXzOnw@mz_jolene cool following you from nevada smiles@chaancellor cool following you from nevada smiles@AnnNelson19 ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/e6EdhXzOnw@EricEganTV @bimmerella @PattiKimble @jojokejohn @andrea_lynne88 @ThomasJankow Hey, @bimmerella isn't that your neck of the woods! #Ferguson
Retweeted by john osalvo@mssinenomine ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/e6EdhXzOnw@AkkoEarth cool following you from nevada smiles@RuthlessNCO cool following you from nevada smilesGive the gift of laughter for all those that you love this holiday season: http://t.co/5RXASqcnqB
Retweeted by john osalvo@ERamich411 ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/e6EdhXzOnw@Truufff thanx rest well smiles@jojokejohn have a good night brother!
Retweeted by john osalvo@MinhKular ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/e6EdhXzOnw@cheeriogrrrl cool following you from nevada smiles@Truufff ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/e6EdhXzOnw@tperran ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/e6EdhXzOnw“@jojokejohn: the carousel of ironies http://t.co/L86pnAO9D4
Retweeted by john osalvo@ScottieBaugh ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/e6EdhXzOnw@jojokejohn "The ignorant should be ignored." - St. Paul
Retweeted by john osalvo@dixiedeadhead ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/e6EdhXzOnw@sofia2012 ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/e6EdhXzOnw@TTKozina1 thanx have an impressive week ahead smiles@Kenikewahine78 ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/e6EdhXzOnw@star2000dancer ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/e6EdhXzOnw@eaglefeather43 ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/e6EdhXzOnw@imaginesaibaba ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/e6EdhXzOnwthe carousel of ironies http://t.co/QX59xjjLNZ@beestydi ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/e6EdhXzOnw@Peggyturch ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/e6EdhXzOnw@Elwood_R ⓑⓞⓣⓣⓞⓜ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ: LOVE EMPATHY COMPASSION **•'`♥ƸӜ... http://t.co/e6EdhXzOnw@TTKozina1 cool following you from nevada smilesand thats the real poster http://t.co/nLWPAYZBE1
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