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John Gerzema @johngerzema Tribeca, or up in the air

New York Times Best Selling Author/Social Strategist. Fellow at the Athena Center on Leadership at Barnard. Advocate for Women & Girls:The U.N. Girl Up Campaign

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National Geographic 2014 photo contest – Winners & Honorable Mentions http://t.co/rwnyQ1gd83Pandora tries to woo musicians with data, not royalties http://t.co/LEf0ECd7k0Why Airlines Want to Make You Suffer http://t.co/wWYfgEPdtZ
A Navy SEAL's 5 Entrepreneurial Leadership Lessons From 2014 http://t.co/Ubfckur2zbIn Hollywood, It’s a Men’s, Men’s, Men’s World, via @nytimes http://t.co/oolWHZD94fMy Comments @forbes on Six Customer Trends That Will Build Or Break Your Business As We Enter 2015 http://t.co/EYpGGSmUzS
#HappyHolidays @catherinedavis1 @johngerzema @deniseleeyohn @DrewNeisser @digitalstrategy @teamreboot @PeteKrainik @arijacoby @ericfletcher
Retweeted by John GerzemaPope Francis, in Christmas Address, Focuses on Children’s Plight, via @nytimes http://t.co/b0TCLvUrCR
Detectives new tool: befriending suspects on Instagram http://t.co/SwmHTfwn8hThe Year in Pictures, 2014 http://t.co/EDyInvM4ZU
Your Occasional Pope http://t.co/uyA8rL0cs1The 18 Best Infographics Of 2014 http://t.co/cxQO74ROBUCan First Look Media Make Headlines That Aren’t About Itself? http://t.co/BGT6alM39u via @VanityFairFor Stanford Class of ’94, a Gender Gap More Powerful Than the Internet - http://t.co/daUyWtm668 http://t.co/YfpQw6Txjm
Anyone too young to remember Joe Cocker, who we lost today, listen to this and start your journey https://t.co/FWK9TxZq0d #joecockerWhat Makes Leaders Innovative? New Study Identifies The 10 Keys http://t.co/qspt1ytqusThe Definitive Reading List of the 14 Best Books of 2014 Overall http://t.co/1C3nF83ZxH
Google’s top searches of 2014: http://t.co/8TNlwEKIlOLabeled as a Doppler radar for sickness, Sick Weather gives users with real-time maps of illnesses around the city. https://t.co/s5MLNfokaQObama’s All-Women Press Conference Deals Glancing Blow to Patriarchy http://t.co/AXMDdww53oU.S. Teens Are Deserting Facebook Faster Than Ever http://t.co/rJaeEJNrdS
How the Sony Corporation Hack Revived the Lost Art of the Call http://t.co/TcmhLX6GbWJeans made that will prevent 'digital pickpocketing' http://t.co/UjGZo0P4vVThe most powerful TED talks of 2014 http://t.co/ftGdjlPGvyWay Beyond Brownies: Vice Launches A Marijuana Cooking Show via @npr @elizabarclay http://t.co/i9kV8C26JnA central tenet of capitalism—that increased productivity requires increased human labor—will no longer hold http://t.co/5L7Xi02HMf
The World's Biggest Car Company Wants to Get Rid of Gasoline http://t.co/xT5kxOHhFK via @BWInfographic: Is Your State's Highest-Paid Employee A Coach? (Probably) http://t.co/gmWsYA5QiM
The 8 Most Game-Changing Innovations Of 2014 http://t.co/fvgrKoP75kThanks for sharing in #CorpGov. It's good to talk! @The_News_DIVA @perecerda @ToyotaEquipment @LivePaola @johngerzema @KellyLeBrock
Retweeted by John GerzemaThe Mysterious Rise of the Non-Working Man http://t.co/GLhsbr24SbThe secret to the Uber economy is wealth inequality http://t.co/LplHC6zScu
Buzzfeed list of the 50 most shared Facebooks posts of 2014 http://t.co/rlwwdbnnorBuy Nothing For €199 This Holiday Season And Help Fight Poverty http://t.co/JPIe97oHY9The Quartz Chart of the Year™ http://t.co/BXkMDVZTC4The looks you're born with and the looks you're given. http://t.co/gkPSr0IkUQSlate:?the 25 best podcast episodes ever http://t.co/wGa9M0bhiJWho Owns the Dashboard? Apple, Google or the Automakers? http://t.co/0VkwpLJlAkFatigue is simply a balance between effort and motivation: @New Yorker http://t.co/iiBtN9JDfGThe incarnational allure of live TV http://t.co/9kG4x2jgtH
BuzzFeed is killing it, and its older rivals are rattled http://t.co/oiFRlEdnV3How Self-Tracking Apps Exclude Women http://t.co/DOGmgZdaHVOur book The Athena Doctrine Featured in @Inc What Wonder Woman' Teaches Us About Leadership Today http://t.co/GRuonmo1DT by@LeighEBuchanan
What Happened to the ‘Future Leaders’ of the 1990s? http://t.co/gfGhxELycnThe Future of HealthTech - Ambulance Drones http://t.co/b1Q2r2VLA8Seasons Greetings to my fave #WomenOnBoards @erinbury @dianawudavid @MireilleRyan @johngerzema @Comaford @cosekoski @gianna212 @ReputationRx
Retweeted by John Gerzema15 Best Nonfiction Books of 2014 http://t.co/ZKnSYTy6kAThe Creativity Of Constraints: Making Netflix's New Epic, "Marco Polo" http://t.co/2SmMy4HLhZThe Business of Behavior Change Via Self-Punishment http://t.co/uUBqdNLFQrMeet the People (and Robots) Who Pack Your Online Orders http://t.co/bsajZhpCkY
.@Google is teaming up with non-profits to create an award for the media's best portrayal of women in #technology : http://t.co/juuqoN5le1
Retweeted by John GerzemaMy favorite speakers: @shingy @johngerzema @rishad @cindygallop @boughb. Who are your favorite speakers? #conferencetime
Retweeted by John GerzemaGIF It Up: Best GIFS OF THE YEAR announced by the DPLA http://t.co/jAaBOS7QeeFastCo's picks the worst corporate tweets of 2014. http://t.co/uttlB65WzJCruise ships dump 1 billion tons of sewage into the ocean every year http://t.co/vHGX9nwSyp20 Leadership Experts Share Their Best Leadership Tip http://t.co/7VOfgaTmLqAmericans are 40% poorer than before the recession http://t.co/ilht72E4uQ
What Maps Can Hide http://t.co/qifDsQsknS
Why so many of the health articles you read are junk http://t.co/SGKyGAZtWU via @juliaoftorontoMan Who Called Millions to Jury Duty Asks to Be Excused http://t.co/kXfoNIGGVrThese Are the Interior Department’s Most Popular Instagram Photos of 2014 http://t.co/qj0Gur7q79Two Words That Kill Innovation http://t.co/hqo2j7EthgThe Top 50 Best Places To Work In The U.S. http://t.co/QZY1ss6MobHow Sexism Stifles Creativity http://t.co/fAIFO4yiqLThe Science Of Misheard Lyrics or Mondegreens http://t.co/kaHpco0xKH‘Takeaway’ hotel will be delivered to guests’ chosen location http://t.co/W0VCzFDRdcLumbersexuality and Its Discontents http://t.co/Og9cEkZM2oIowa may be first state to put driver's licenses on smartphones http://t.co/vn4HRBuael
Why do only 26 Fortune 500 companies have female CEOs? Great question! @M_Heffernan explains calculating & covering: http://t.co/KkxVvGGLhi
Retweeted by John GerzemaA cure for #ALS may be in sight! @WeizmannInst makes big progress toward new vaccine http://t.co/2MAaxM3bXi @CuriositySummitWhy More Leaders Are Turning to Values-Based Decision-Making http://t.co/vouvkLOwO6These 2015 Trends Will Impact All Businesses, According To Ford #ford http://t.co/WgvfQpK2Nx@AdamMGrant and Sheryl Sandberg on spreading awareness of gender bias can increase discrimination at work http://t.co/19sSibLewpAll-Cereal Café Opens for Business http://t.co/kba1W1V9TcApplying 'Broken Windows' to the Police http://t.co/XD4KGYp09jBill Gates Turns Himself Into A Lego Character To Announce His Favorite Books Of 2014 http://t.co/OA8zMtc9EbBig Bang May Have Created a Mirror Universe Where Time Runs Backward - Scientific American http://t.co/4PM14hMIsw
As a member of The Marketing Hall of Fame Academy I just voted. Great list of #marketing leaders @MarketingHoF http://t.co/m2jnJuWeOAGrumpy Cat Has Earned Its Owner Nearly $100 Million In Just 2 Years http://t.co/mQcYFSTPArFlatpack, solar-powered biofuel stove for Africa could save lives http://t.co/BBm17LW3jWThe billionaire shaking up the world of cancer http://t.co/GjOUj3W8LjThe commoditizing of humans. http://t.co/2I2Nmr2DO8Grappling With the ‘Culture of Free’ in Napster’s Aftermath http://t.co/jgrX5cS9lJ
Spray-On Solar Power Coming Soon? http://t.co/m49IesPUs0Tricking People Into Being Healthy http://t.co/Wa1YAE5ikb
31 Traits All Great Leaders Share http://t.co/NhCMDTSN7yStudy: Left-handed people earn 10 percent less than righties http://t.co/QK2lPdvnqIHere’s what happened when a news site only reported good news for a day http://t.co/n6bA2MXTqK
Financial Times: Best Books of 2014 http://t.co/LUppgsZXXrCulture as a Competitive Advantage http://t.co/oWYI7DegVRCongrats to pal @ JenSeniorNY whose book 'All Joy & No Fun' made Slate's Top 10 Books of the Year http://t.co/bwn5GdTjAYCollaborative Economy Companies Need To Start Sharing More Value With The People Who Make Them Valuable http://t.co/F2xaSVRX8L
The Quartz Chart of the Year™ short-list is here http://t.co/esCNzx4Yy6U.S. birthrate hit new low in 2013 http://t.co/LSCZYW1YPlThe last time the Arctic was ice-free in the Summer, modern humans didn't exist. http://t.co/RnbsNSHd9WThe 85 Most Disruptive Ideas in Our History http://t.co/2iWvCUJJKUAmazon Unveils Its Own Line of Diapers, Confirming Partners’ Biggest Fears http://t.co/0nJw5rzj5I
Tom Peters @tom_peters Podcast: 2015 Disruptive Trends and Predictions #NewWaytoWork http://t.co/J5BMT93Am4The First Text Message Was Sent 22 Years Ago Today http://t.co/YamOnrL2Ut100 Notable Books of 2014, via @nytimes http://t.co/h6LqqGdWSy
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