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Author of Rough Guide Snapshot Myanmar (Burma), co-author of Rough Guides to the Philippines and Malaysia.

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RT @thepubgeek: “@MelissaFoodie: Love this London Chicken Shops T Shirt http://t.co/yjO3dS3G3t” > for @natalie_shaw@Kalnciemaiela Thanks for reply. Do you know if there are any public toilets with access in the area?@driftingkiwi @travelfish Like the article I'm writing now… One warning: worst toilets ever.@driftingkiwi @travelfish There's a long and wooly story about the charity box on the bar too. The owner tried to explain it last time.@driftingkiwi @travelfish Lonely Planet mentioned locals getting guitar out, I thought 'yeah right'. Turns out it's true. Very welcoming.@travelfish @driftingkiwi Was that the cheap whisky sours?@driftingkiwi @travelfish The bar is Hi Snack and Drink. My favourite bar in Myanmar.@Kalnciemaiela Do you have disabled accessible toilets in the Quarter?I'm looking forward to @bbcfooc tomorrow to hear @AmyGuttman1 tell her tale about buying a swimsuit in Yazd, Iran...
Retweeted by John OatesMT @OdysseyGuides: Website updated with "buy now" links for Amazon for each title: http://t.co/EZtpZcj2Nb <Their guides always worth a look
I can't say that #NaNoWriMo is going particularly well.Sunday Times piece: Epic Australia http://t.co/gL3TXali18
Retweeted by John Oates@ruth_stokes @oliviagreenway We're going to have group drinks if I get myself organised... Not sure whether you'll be around though.
https://t.co/LfcA4apkHD <This, via @matthewteller, is bang on re UK airports>
Retweeted by John OatesI'd love to be on Saud Beach, @TourismPinas. This is what sunset looked like when I visited. http://t.co/wYtOefK9OT
£36 pound for Hotel room. £100 fine for leaving a bad Trip Advisor review. Feel ripped off Priceless: http://t.co/lBq7XaoW7H
Retweeted by John Oates@StuartForster @WorldPressPhoto is easily one of my favourite annual events. Consistently brilliant.@StuartForster If it's you then I'd recommend @WorldPressPhoto at South Bank. @TownFish_London @helenochyra @HuffPostPoorna @EmmaLev_trav"The new Myanmar is increasingly starting to look like the old." Min Zin on the return of an unrepentant military: http://t.co/hjYDDi56V1
Retweeted by John Oates@Malathronas I've seen him live and he's amazing. As I understand it, no tape loop - it's done live with contact mics & circular breathing.@nikkibayley I'm ashamed to say I've never been to the lawn mower museum in Southport, even though I grew up nearby. http://t.co/4whs1M3FteRedact: In Latin this word means bring back. Do not use it, as is now fashionable, to mean the opposite, ie, obscure, blot out, obliterate.
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Spotted this sign quoting Sedley LJ on VAT. I would visit a fiscal theme park and ride the bumperGARs (tax joke) http://t.co/MGxn454Ylo
Retweeted by John Oates@Malathronas Colin Stetson performs "Judges" on Q: http://t.co/POdKuVf6TCLooking forward to the @czechtourism_uk event later at @porterhouselond. Anyone else going to be there?@robinmckelvie @helenochyra @kerrychristiani @lortusfleur @sarahleetravels @robble1 @elliealdridge Of course! #backofthebus4everjust to let everyone who cares know, i'm now back on the Guardian Travel desk after maternity leave, looking for strong trend story ideas!
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And here it is - half a guinea pig on a plate. Anyone? #Peru http://t.co/JtkZJefHOK
Retweeted by John OatesWent to see @WorldPressPhoto at South Bank. Moving and astonishing, as always. Unmissable.I love this letter advising Monty Python on censorship questions in Holy Grail via @LettersOfNote http://t.co/gLhotPqW1h
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Lovely afternoon at @looelitfest today - great to hear @ruth_stokes talk about her awesome upcoming book @armchairaction - cant wait to read
Retweeted by John OatesRelative Scale of the Solar System Planets, in Fruits. http://t.co/r581WG68iE http://t.co/Hk90wT6bQT
Retweeted by John OatesWOWWW. 1000-year-old Arabic stories translated into English for the first time http://t.co/ggUe7sVQHu
Retweeted by John OatesNew for me on @travelweekly http://t.co/XzzoFUmxmy spotting polar bears in the summertime in @TravelManitoba @ctccct
Retweeted by John OatesAt @UnionChapelUK for @daylight_music. Been meaning to come to this for ages. Arrived for tail end of first band. Drinking tea.
Homeopaths allowed into Ebola zone only on condition they don't practise their lethally delusional fucknuttery http://t.co/u4Njudi0qI #Ten23
Retweeted by John OatesWell that's tonight sorted for me and @sillypunk then :-/ #moominadventure http://t.co/MYyj7ohs5s
Retweeted by John Oates@elliealdridge You might be interested in this, about the choice of font for GOV.UK. https://t.co/GxhIcc9PX9RT @guardianhols: #Travel #quiz: So you think you're a serious 'traveller'? (via @GuardianTravel) http://t.co/sAmHYFanvq #ttot <I got 13/16RT @thomasfullerNYT Obama:One of the biggest challenges Myanmar is going to face is rebuilding its education system | Reopen YU for starters
Retweeted by John OatesEscape the November rain with virtual travels #ff @helenochyra @john_oates @robinmckelvie @sarahleetravels @sarahstirling @BritInSlovakia
Retweeted by John OatesHeard them talking about Myanmar on #r4today this morning. I thought the BBC still called it Burma. Change of policy?RT @thetraveltrunk: More #beachthursday people… <I'd have loved to have spent Thursday on a beach… Cheers!Hundreds of pigeons at sunset outside Maha Wizaya pagoda. Only got crapped on once as I walked through them. Success! http://t.co/cLiLsrfX1F
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"As long as Imelda is still viewed as a cliché, so will Filipinos." @carlosceldran @lavidaimelda in NY @rapplerdotcom http://t.co/kOLW4XLpLG
Retweeted by John Oateslucky @FlySWISS passengers get in flight #michelin pop up for a day! @SaraRoloff no press preview?;-) http://t.co/HD0j6178dO
Retweeted by John OatesSpare apostrophe anyone? http://t.co/3sj7J77uyF
Retweeted by John Oates@chatsworthroad TONIGHT! Last Minute Show! @SteveGunnMusic & his band Listen: http://t.co/05lHDWU2Dv Details/Tkts: http://t.co/vpZUZq1ben
Retweeted by John OatesGreat to see @cathywinston, @HackneyHeart, @roaming_scribe, @andyjarosz & @amyguttman1 last night for chat about pitching at @TheParcelYard.
Ace #southwarksourdough made by @getthehump. Look forward to trying it tomorrow morning. http://t.co/fTIUt6aywg@BritInSlovakia I sent you a DM with dates a couple of days ago.@itsjamesstewart You got my hopes up with a 'maybe' too... Fingers crossed for Jan.RT @flightsofashion: Sorry to miss the travelwriting meet up 2nite @andyjarosz @helenochyra @john_oates @no_fixed_plans <see you next time!International aid groups are renting property from some very bad people in Myanmar. Interesting article from @AP http://t.co/y8o19ekr0y
Your wholemeal has hatched @john_oates Takers for t'other? #southwarksourdough http://t.co/MkN1hubJ0Y
Retweeted by John OatesFINALLY: Studio Ghibli is releasing a Blu-ray box set of all 11 of Hayao Miyazaki's films. Out 8th December in the UK http://t.co/WXxGy17UJB
Retweeted by John OatesMind your language: I can't sanction "sanction" when the government uses it to mean "punish". http://t.co/3nMaMdAAvS
Retweeted by John Oates
Thankfully we all got Shingy for free. MT @mediagazer: Modified paywall returns Tuesday to New Yorker http://t.co/65rTtKg4nG
Retweeted by John OatesHow do I book a table @jay_t_parker?@flightsofashion That reminds me, I really want to go to the soft launch of the new Dishoom.This is huge! President @BarackObama is sticking up for a free and open Internet: http://t.co/TQ0tgN4RtZ #NetNeutrality
Retweeted by John OatesLook what we found rolling around Trafalgar Square, London! #itsmorefuninthephilippines #visitPH2015 http://t.co/XKVB5y9d9F
Retweeted by John OatesAPI is hiring a #photographer to cover the Abraham Path in the West Bank: http://t.co/xFntxgOU8I. #photographerwanted #job #photojournalism
Retweeted by John OatesLess than a week to go until my talk @looelitfest! Come along if you're in the area. http://t.co/iTSDC0YLNl #Cornwall #books #armchairaction
Retweeted by John OatesI seem to have created a Word doc a few days ago which just says 'Riga' (underlined). Not the most promising of starts.@nikkibayley I wrote v short chapter on Bratislava for Footprint European City Breaks in 2007, but haven't been back since. Looking forward.@Malathronas Can I squeeze you into standard Ryanair carry-on luggage?
Booked early Dec Bratislava flights. Plan: research articles, take day trip to Vienna, drink mead in Christmas markets with @BritInSlovakia.Delighted to be in contribs panel of a magazine I've read for over a decade. Thanks @ST_TravelMag! http://t.co/btHnVhg6oD
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@Railroadhackney Loved the lamb steak last night. Do you think it will still be on the menu next week?
@robinmckelvie If you have to ask then… probably yes.Cheers! RT @mrdavidwhitley: @John_Oates, @501places @Mike_Gerrard, @CPtraveller and @Aerohaveno are travel writers worth a follow too. #FFOff to eat at @Railroadhackney tonight. This is a very good thing.Looking for an #Alaska expert for a DK guidebook. Can anyone help? #travel #journorequest @TravWriters
Retweeted by John Oates@Psythor Although blaming "the range of information and opinion" for creating "concern and worry" is missing the point. #SamaritansRadarRight decision. RT @Psythor: Full statement from Samaritans explaining why it has suspended #SamaritansRadar for now: http://t.co/YkY7n0BDkFGood to hear that you made it to the Peloponnese though, @no_fixed_plans .Got mine! RT @atpfestival: Two UK Godspeed You! Black Emperor shows just announced! Pre-sale tix: http://t.co/S6OplKym9M#AirAsia launches on-board wifi, the first in #Malaysia! This and more #travel news this week. http://t.co/P9EBTLkFH7
Retweeted by John OatesBlixa Bargeld of Einsturzende Neubarten (who I snapped destroying the ICA) making risotto. http://t.co/HiUa64R7Ty via @suzanne_moore
Retweeted by John OatesUK government 'routinely' spies on lawyers, court reveals http://t.co/mJm3XwSkIG #humanrights #surveillance
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The ethnic cleansing of million Rohingyas should be the biggest human rights crisis of our times, but it isn't. http://t.co/6mzJTl7WXV
Retweeted by John OatesOyster card users pay up to £91 more each week than people using new contactless payment. From @independent. http://t.co/6IMGigtVmwNew @Dishoom King's Cross are doing 50% OFF food & drinks from 7th to 19th November! Yes please :) http://t.co/vM4qxREUj8 #indianfood
Retweeted by John OatesThe 1st St Albans Literary Festival starts today. Looking forward to The History of Polar Exploration tonight: http://t.co/6cSVsyranh
Retweeted by John Oates
Better Than the Caribbean - The Other Side to Tenerife by Robin McKelvie http://t.co/mNoTz0JO4H #Travel
Retweeted by John OatesThat happened to me too @LazyFrance. @tastecard promised fixed rate when I joined, then last year renewed at higher rate. I left this time.I suspect that @JohnOates is not enjoying all the mentions and photos from our night out. Still, we had the real @john_oates with us.
Retweeted by John Oates@textorian Good to meet you by the way, I didn't connect you with your twitter name.@textorian Who knows? Maybe that's where all the offers of lucrative work and free stuff are going, and I just never see them...
Not really fun is it. http://t.co/fZYUwEuwWP
Retweeted by John Oates17 Ways To Take Better Photos From Trains - Photography for Beginners http://t.co/vHzJRVbQXh #travel #blog
Retweeted by John OatesAte A LOT of these tonight at @hispanialondon, thanks @HumeWhitehead for a great night http://t.co/ykRwVnDA4x
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Thoroughly enjoyed the @visit_tenerife dinner at @hispanialondon tonight. Tenerife really does have some fantastic food & wine. #WTM2014Tasting Duvel at WTM with @VisitFlanders. http://t.co/LkbX8CpMGvLooking forward to this new book on Kazakhstan's history by the always-excellent @OdysseyGuides http://t.co/n7XAtecqRt h/t @edentravels
Retweeted by John OatesTravel blogger of the year award goes to Abigail King for @insidetravellab. Check it out!
Retweeted by John OatesGreat night at the @TravWriters #bgtwdinner14 with @DavidEzra66 @thetraveltrunk @kerrychristiani @elliealdridge @lortusfleur @john_oates
Retweeted by John OatesGood to speak to @ShafikMeghji about guidebook writing at #bgtwdinner14 last night.
Cheers @louisianatravel for a great night at #bgtwdinner14! http://t.co/36sRgp1637
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