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seattle childrens hospital, Princeton seminary grad 2008, straight ally of the gays, former Christian minister, now agnostic maybe? Proud uncle.

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@ootfwsb @AP and they eat puppies and kill nuns and default on loans and...@ItsNilf @AP lol@JBIR0N @Softykjr I hear ya@rushtonjdr I learned this the hard way today@JBIR0N @Softykjr serious question, what big bats could he have traded for without sacrificing the future?@SportsCenter @TaoOfIchiro and this is why wins/losses are worthless as shit for pitchers@gavparks the one time I chase the earnings...@H_D_Creations @NFL_CFB @Gil_Brandt I thought the same thing...were they hoping for a qb that can't stop throwing interceptions?@bcondotta seriously? Tha Monster??Yesterday I got sick of the merry go round and temporarily sold my $SRPT. Of course today has happened. I think I'm not good at this@smartertrader you think a 77$ call here is a good idea?
@nfl well duh@AngmilanoMilano I have leggings, that's true@JoeVeyera do you follow the local and national biotech scene?@AngmilanoMilano yep, did u require a safety planning of your own?@henryimler @StuffCCLikes haha. I'm not gay but is also like to try to make out with him just to see what he would do@Runaway_Writes @StuffCCLikes had dinner at a Thai restaurant sitting next to Mark/grace last year. She didn't say a word@henryimler @StuffCCLikes holy crap. Fight Club? Are you kidding me? I'm not a fighter but geeze I want to punch this dude.At no point in my life have I ever walked as slowly as every person in the hallway at my work.@smartertrader should have got in on TWTR...nice call@given2tweet #yeswecan!@ColfaxCapital Danny devito@BioRunUp maybe it's good news...people are sick of CG@sharkbiotech depends who gets the control instead?@given2tweet will future option grants cover subscription members as well?@adamwc nice work. I'm pretty jealous- always wanted to visit Havana@TDUByourBUD http://t.co/bZ07zUXCqb you are most welcome
@DavisHsuSeattle translation: "we all wanna fleece Jack Z into giving up his farm for our shitty players, and were mad he hasn't yet"@DavisHsuSeattle @kcposports he sure as hell better be...or at least a Rainier@JonU235 man it's a shitty chart...😞@InnocentMarina6 threatened? I work for a children's hospital...I need a sugar momma!@given2tweet I'll include it in the next subscription upgrade package I get@azcsports @DavisHsuSeattle @azbobbymac yeah saw that too late- that sucks@given2tweet hot@PeterJohnsonYea @TDUByourBUD @busylizards @kcmorganuw hahaha...the donkey punch was awesome.@stefonson @TheJK_Kid wherever you go, make sure you pay with American Express- don't steal home without it http://t.co/TGON5IZWax"I broke the dam" "No, I broke the dam" "No, we all broke the dam"@fezziwig2008 thanks@JoeVeyera unless you think the Lakers are a comedy of errors- then it fits right inSo when do we hear about $HALO data?@based_ball nice write up Jeff. Do you think Jack Z is a GM that's desperate enough to trade for Kemp?
@daverichard I should say I wouldn't want to rely on either as a WR1 or WR2...flex maybe.@daverichard neither? They both kinda suck now?
@busylizards @PeterJohnsonYea wants to know if she was single@busylizards I was prepared with bribe money if necessary@lizzwinstead for a bigot he's very genteel.@DrivingDreamsTn @billmaher well don't go overboardMe at dinner “@Genbollocks: Nom nom http://t.co/4CPzWoq2z9@billmaher that's a whale of a joke Bill@JoeVeyera veteran grit@YahooFantasy why is default with 3wr and no flex? Nobody would play the league that way. 😒@EricRogersLA @thenerdygirlie amazing@adllyrics @TDUByourBUD ummm...big Adele fan are ya Travis?@TDUByourBUD @AngmilanoMilano no he won't...he's dead! http://t.co/8GD2d5Ya4L@AngmilanoMilano @TDUByourBUD no it's Cesar's older brother@AngmilanoMilano @TDUByourBUD http://t.co/8kuW1nV80s@AngmilanoMilano @TDUByourBUD you guys should go to bed....man alive! I'm deader than the mariners offense!@AngmilanoMilano @TDUByourBUD so does this guy http://t.co/jLsmxAZ5vd@AngmilanoMilano @TDUByourBUD this guy knows about the V http://t.co/Iol21StUrR@TDUByourBUD @AngmilanoMilano hello kitty is NASTY...and flexible@AngmilanoMilano http://t.co/IdtvIfoC1H@AngmilanoMilano @TDUByourBUD http://t.co/gfy8Dgwe5V
@AdamSinger pleasantly surprised it didn't shit the bed today@BiotexGuy yeah I here that...sorry man, crappy day. What a freaking teases they were!!@BiotexGuy yeah- if I was long common I would be happier because I could wait it out. My interest was all call options so that sucks 😒$ACRX, $SRPT...I suck at stocks. Fuck. What a shitty two weeks.@MaioccoCSN @FieldGulls hope he's ok! Seahawk fan here but always like Kendallband never want to see a guy get hurt@thinkgeek the mocking JayA show like Game Of Thrones except it accurately portrays everyone having diarrhea every 20 minutes from food borne illness@AlpineBV_Miller no I really don't know either...hard to tell. And yes, CG hired him, so either way it looks bad.@Softykjr wasn't his house address public record? Isn't it Crawfords old house?? Is he really mad about that?@given2tweet not sure if u like sothpark but this reminded me of these guys http://t.co/5isFBHH6eg@AlpineBV_Miller possibly. Or is this a sign of removing a cancer? Hard to tell.@BrianMFloyd the one running up to go again is amazing@23Chromz anything to do with all the leaked data last week?
@dreww07 @BrockESPN marshawn is replaceable in our system. Hard to do, but possible. Doesn't make sense to give him more money@bradloncar next year huh? Do you think this harms their chances of approval, or no difference. Thanks for responding@bradloncar brad does any of this change your owning interest in the stock? Time to panic? Time to be patient?@Kalapoof I'm in the same boat...can't sell now, down so much@shannondrayer wow, couple of pretty decent stat lines up there! 👏@Softykjr @RapSheet trade him, use MichaelOur favorite—if you went 2-5 with HR and 1B every day, you would hit .400 with 162 HR, a 1.000 slugging, and a lower OPS than Bonds in 2004.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@cantpredictball crazy@JulieSeager15 the dearth of nap time in a 9 inning game? Not enough playpens in the dugout?@TDUByourBUD @PeterJohnsonYea @candacemonique hey the Mariners brought back a player that is statistically worse than Cory Hart. #baseball@msea1 yep and yep@given2tweet ah, always saw that and wondered. Thanks@given2tweet I know this is a silly question but what is bp?@PeterJohnsonYea @TDUByourBUD @candacemonique NASTY@TDUByourBUD hey would you get your porno mag off the table? http://t.co/GUs7UyF6PM
Happy to see the $IBB trying to Buck the Yellen curse. Now $SRPT needs to wet its beak@iAbdarrahmen @righteousaxe well said iabdarrahmen@righteousaxe @iAbdarrahmen I don't want to argue with you, I just feel bad for you. You sound so angry and hostile toward your fellow man@righteousaxe @AlexBlematl @HopelessPerez @KellySherwood48 yeah but c'mon, the Canaanites and other clans there long before the 12 tribes@Jome20 @kjrmitch @Mariners amen to this. DO NOT TRADE DJ!!!@AlexBlematl @HopelessPerez @KellySherwood48 @righteousaxe well actually the Israelis took that land in the biblical account- not the first@righteousaxe were a group of 8 year old kids supposed to "stop Hamas"? Also, stop Hamas from wanting their land back? Are you for real? 😳@TheOnion actually a pretty accurate headline.@TDUByourBUD Jacksonville Jaguars suspended receivers #BadJeopardyCategories@Secure_America fuck off
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