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seattle childrens hospital, Princeton seminary grad 2008, straight ally of the gays, former Christian minister, now agnostic maybe? Proud uncle.

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@Tee_Cain @PFF_Pete we'll see...I think Wilson has much better season than either of those guys this year. Luck's the only one I like more@Tee_Cain @PFF_Pete I think everyone would take Wilson over Kaep...@Softykjr Miley Cyrus?@Chris_Fetters thank god
@AmaiLiu ๐Ÿ˜ฅ@busylizards @candacemonique I think she is only in if Travis plays she said...she went (fantasy) black and never goes (fantasy) back@chrissyteigen I say that to my testicles every night@busylizards I guess I would prefer to not play, but absolutely will play if you want more players since I said I would, ya know?@busylizards but what's the situation with players? If you need me and a couple people I can still come through- my family were less excited@talktoskirt me too...I think about this all the time. A partner seems scary@JulieSeager15 when you gotta go, you gotta go...@given2tweet dammit! I knew there was a reason.Auburn's ball boy should be on the field https://t.co/SzjQ5o592j
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@DavisHsuSeattle uh oh- $86 mil/year for RW then?@michelematuro um if your face offends someone they can fuck off- you are so beautiful@given2tweet maybe I'm the odd one out, but how does everyone even have nudes to leak? Are nude pics a popular thing to do?@TDUByourBUD @PeterJohnsonYea you guys seen those Jennifer Lawrence/Kate upton pics? I'll be right back. http://t.co/Lb2MQHvDBP@busylizards @TDUByourBUD I'm feeling the same way- im burned out. HOWEVER I also don't want to leave you hanging DT. What's the situation?@TDUByourBUD @PeterJohnsonYea http://t.co/4pepEbBGKSJust saw this leaked photo of Jennifer Lawrence. Can't see what all the fuss is about #JenniferLawrence #leakedphotos http://t.co/sMq8VUcEIX
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinJennifer Lawrence, eh? Alright alright alrightWith a friend in this nail salon. It's PACKED and it's 1:00 on a Sunday. Apparently this spot is busy until 2:00 am most nights. #insane@talktoskirt I think I like weekend Skirt the mostJust a monkey in a snow suit. http://t.co/nEbbxfOzI2
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@TruthisTold2U @SNFonNBC @Seahawks actually pretty good prediction I think
@nfl @NFLNow ...if he didn't suck in the Super Bowl?@BoobsRadley ooh ooh! Tell us the truth about gummy bear crabs! #TrustNoOne@Softykjr quicker than I thought too@BarbarianCap aha, thanks- I figured it must be something like that, as it's usually with an odd or funny article.@BarbarianCap so what is $STUDY? I always see it...@SteveSandmeyer nice setup!@PolycrystalhD I don't get it...what do you do?@HistoryInPics the racism in these comments is disturbing@hawkblogger @DavisHsuSeattle that's too bad- weren't they high on Scruggs coming into camp?@talktoskirt oh shit...it's going down!
Ok I think I might have the diabetes...time to get a check up. Constant low blood sugar? Yes. Excessive dehydration? Yes. Mustache? No.@given2tweet it's amazing really...
Fat Jesus Montero at it again! ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ—๐ŸŸ๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿฆโ€œ@keithlaw: Heard Jesus Montero was ejected from his rehab game in Boise after going into the standsโ€So apparently the Raiders have the most talented receiving corps of all time on their backup squad.@Reebsicle yes it does@redskinsfacts @Redskins why?@busylizards @PeterJohnsonYea @TDUByourBUD ok how should I invite my 3 peeps?@Buster_ESPN Logan Morrison?@daverichard good strategy. However I think he finishes at #5 QB overall, so I would start him every week (esp. With down NFC west)@KimDotcom don't be crass- you're better than that@DonBanks @cougsgo I haven't seen a single prediction of hawks winning again. It's cool 'not' to pick them I guess. Hawks gonna be so good@PeterJohnsonYea @TDUByourBUD @candacemonique my new task in life is to marry the reporter@busylizards @PeterJohnsonYea Vigo is displeased
@AdamAizer Russell Wilson is a top 5 QB and Percy Harvin wins MVP@tai_walker @JoeVeyera greatest tweet convo ever!@daverichard I see- I have Kaep and Crab so I hope you are right about them. They just look like an 8 win team to me tho.@daverichard serious question- if Sea beats GB next Thursday by more than 2 touchdowns does it change your mind about them repeating?Twitter is cracking me up today. Apparently Russell Wilson's penis is a pretty "big deal" lol@RNAiAnalyst when do we expect data?@CTmagazine @MarsHill forgive him? He never apologized for all his specific sins and destruction he caused to families. He is a monster.
@AshleyLolaRyan sexy@Softykjr yep@GregJohnsMLB seriously? That's crazy!@busylizards @TDUByourBUD @PeterJohnsonYea you like my new fantasy name and pic?@nicoletweetsand oh no- I'm really sorry to hear that Nicole. ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ@JoeVeyera @Seahawks http://t.co/0e3Hxg86DZ Insanity@Ellie_Idol ๐Ÿ‘Œ7 CBS football experts picked their Super Bowl matchups. None included the @Seahawks. Wtf. Goes to show idiocy abounds.@TDUByourBUD @PeterJohnsonYea @busylizards ummm...maybe I shouldn't read CBS. These predictions are shit. http://t.co/0e3Hxg86DZ@jessejanderson @daverichard @JasonLaCanfora yeah I don't get it either. Hawks slightly better than last year- yet no love. Astounding.@daverichard @JasonLaCanfora @CBSSports so not one person picked the Seahawks to even make the Super Bowl? Huh...๐Ÿ˜ถ@nicoletweetsand word@natemup or the Jesus presented to you in whichever source you are reading- but I won't argue the point@TDUByourBUD @UW_MBB with a top-5 2015 recruiting ranking so far, per http://t.co/e7D2Tt2b0j: http://t.co/84heuVxoHV #DawgmanSo sell my December $ARWR calls now or hold?@TDUByourBUD @busylizards @PeterJohnsonYea @candacemonique I call Jacksonville's receiving corp!! #leaguechamp@TDUByourBUD @busylizards @PeterJohnsonYea @candacemonique yeah online auction is pretty quick and tons of fun. I say no IDP though@PeterJohnsonYea @busylizards @TDUByourBUD @candacemonique you figure it out!@busylizards @TDUByourBUD @PeterJohnsonYea @candacemonique can there be IDP with just like one or two defensive players per team?@JohnAnkerberg @ChristnNitemare @YouTube absolutely. We should PANIC!
@busylizards @PeterJohnsonYea @TDUByourBUD @candacemonique I don't like 2qb, but I do like .5ppr. I also like online auction draft!@busylizards yes@busylizards hmm intriguing...if you did could I bring 4 people? (Including myself)?@busylizards are you interested??@busylizards I dunno- im sure my family would love it but I don't know how many people would do it. We could certainly get a few peeps@bcondotta sounds like a fun date@AdamAizer @daverichard @JameyEisenberg favorite podcast! Nice work as usual guysSo when is $APPY gonna pull its shit together?
@matthiasellis you think they'll have that on the tour?@natemup I would agree with that if you define historical orthodoxy as "North American white theology since 1925"So Mark Driscoll is "stepping down for 6 weeks"...6 years would have been a better start.@natemup @jayhenington @JohnPiper lol "denied the faith"@jayhenington totally agree
@TDUByourBUD I'll follow you my captain@EyeOnNFL he's as durable as a thin condom@Chilis @Reverend_Scott he's in a Chilis!What do you call a pile of cats? http://t.co/iEtPQjalss
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@Ellie_Idol love that goofy face!@TDUByourBUD ๐Ÿ‘ฒ๐Ÿ‘ณ๐Ÿ‘ฎ๐Ÿ‘ท๐Ÿ’‚@Loli_Sug go on...@BillyAndersonYo yeah love that, thx!Lol at this #Bills #Buccaneers game.@ProspectInsider Ortiz is a douche@_Ms_Moneypenny_ ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€@KarlClauson @PastorMark is belittling people and calling guys wives "whores" god's work?
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