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Father, Creative Director @Underwired, graphic designer, gadget nut, petrol-head (Alfa Romeo owner), Brit and Xbox player.

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@boagworld Great email newsletter this month Paul :)
Part 2 of the @underworldlive mini documentary http://t.co/BiXHApshuY #dubnobasswithmyheadman
Halo: Nightfall Trailer [2.30mins of Tease] Sqeeeeh! http://t.co/2QEQjTCHC3
Just caught up with #TheWalkingDead and holy crap!!! #BobBQBrand new 2001: A Space Odyssey Trailer http://t.co/J37ZhbYXVpOrigins of @underworldlive fantastic dubnobasswithmyheadman - Mini Documentary (Part 1) http://t.co/bphyBISbKy@celebrityradio Working in Shoreditch, I am starting to blend in!I seem to have accidentally started to grow a beard!Chilling horror movie lasting just one minute. Simple idea which gave me goose bumps (but admittedly poorly acted) http://t.co/maPGSTL9sM
My favourite shots from the Asian Bride Live 2014 show over on my Facebook page https://t.co/F09gSykhGA Take a look, like and share! :)
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Looks like I'm assisting on a photo shoot for @AorupaHolland Photography tomorrow. Looking forward to being bossed around by another CD ;)
Loving how 'full on' the new series of #TheWalkingDead is turning out to be!Fifty Grand Friday! HUGE congratulations to @MrSidC64 Back it here: http://t.co/400jQd32Y7 #retrogaming #amiga RT http://t.co/FGzVbEDFsI
Retweeted by Jason Holland@ee Now that power bar look incredibly useful - may I kindly have one too?
.@DMA_Awards 2014 nominations revealed http://t.co/ORXzNjCscp http://t.co/T4UvdDuS13
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@Rackspace Can't remember his name, but whoever dealt with the phone query from me and our Underwired account :)Yet again, superb customer service help from @Rackspace - and as a non-technical kinda guy, it's most appreciated :)
@pharkie Your razor-sharp response speed to them ignoring you is very special though ;)Really looking forward to judging the @DMA_Awards this afternoon - usually some great examples of creative AND effective thinking to be seen
@tandridgedc Ok, thank you - I'd suggest a web link too :)@tandridgedc What's DA?
Putting down the sketch pad and mouse, and picking up the TV remote. An early start tomorrow will get it done :) #SundayEveningsArePrecious
Off to the @underworldlive gig tonight - should be a corker!
We just made 50k #Kickstarter :) Thanks to all our backers - you are awesome. Only £10k to go https://t.co/eM3VFB2tB7 http://t.co/NsEcc8q2HV
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My personalised copy of #EveryDayIsPlay arrived - a kickstarted project worth the wait :) http://t.co/hUvQ4WFsv8@shawn_a_blair Get in touch with henrycarroll@bima.co.uk if you want free membership!Axis all areas - Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions out next month! http://t.co/tjXujt3DFC
This is how a heart beats. http://t.co/0bDsUnBauQ
Retweeted by Jason HollandFantastic ideas and talent at @FarnhamCollege today for @BIMADDay http://t.co/oCQOHVHjTe
The director of 'Scott Pilgrim' made this music video with Pharrell and Daft Punk http://t.co/I0BvaoiovbTo all the @FarnhamCollege students I am spending the day with for @BIMADDay tomorrow, remember this phrase: "God is in the detail" ;)
@shawn_a_blair All day! Same schedule as last time I think@sliwinski The episode which was filmed backwards, and then played in reverse, was some of the most disturbing TV I have ever watched!Looking forward to my @BIMADDay visit to @FarnhamCollege on Wednesday. Farnham students: look out for a special tweet tomorrow just for you.@shawn_a_blair By all means drop by, but you should probably check with the college first ;)@shawn_a_blair Back to Farnham :) Will you be in the D-Day again? I thought it might be a different set of students.@shawn_a_blair Hey Shawn - doing it again this week too! Glad my advice stuck ;)Brands MUST have collaborative dialogue across multiple channels http://t.co/GrKYdE0oxg @jbarnett415 / @underwired http://t.co/z8eFf1KuKlI've just said good morning to someone and it's now the afternoon. It's taken me 14 minutes to stop laughing. What a time to be alive.
Retweeted by Jason Holland@maplintweet Thanks - such a shame when I love Maplin products and service. Please pass on my details as I can help optimise the emails too.@nouxpets If you need any extra help, please let me know (design, digital, social) as I'm a huge fan of this project and want it to succeed.@nouxpets great :)@nouxpets …and your Facebook too - they tell any new visitor that you cancelled the tank!@NouxPets Maybe update this twitter feed with your new/great kickstarter news?If you have ever thought of keeping a fish or two but wanted a something gorgeous too, back this @nouxpets tank! https://t.co/oXhOcD2rAH…even worse 'all graphics' email (so no content) and a typo in the subject line! @maplintweet - we need to talk. http://t.co/6MqCeKLKlOEven in London, data can be flakey. It means @johnlewisretail emails often look like this as they are just graphics! http://t.co/coPTOHh2L8"Red sky in the morning, shepherds warning." Guess it'll rain today then! http://t.co/1q0bq2JPFA
Has Stan Lee been playing the same character in every Marvel movie? Interesting theory. http://t.co/V2V9KzCOC6Eating Pie & Mash (with gravy of course)… with a spoon. #ComfortEatingJust spent the last 5 minutes making some kids tongue look less yellow. #YoureWelcome (in Photoshop)@jennytheolin Me. Too. Caffeine. Hope. Fix. Caveman. Speak?It's #WorldSmileDay. In the wise words of @jeffcannata "Be careful what you put out into the world. Make it a better place" Smile :) Pls RTQuick snap on my walk to the office http://t.co/Nj8pC2tBd7
Mobile App Use Now Makes Up 52% of Total Digital Media Engagement http://t.co/frX5tpcBKLMind-Blowingly Realistic CG Animated Face Video http://t.co/kocKwuPe1Ahttp://t.co/FfFOuV6eel
Retweeted by Jason HollandOh @JohnLewisRetail - you have some fantastic design standards, but your emails fail completely with images off or a slow connection. Shame.@dpd_uk Very well deserved awards guys - you are by FAR the best delivery service I have ever been the recipient of :)
To a computer, Windows 10 literally means turning on and off again.
Retweeted by Jason HollandCheck out this great animated gif showing the evolution of the desk. Thanks to @de for spotting this. http://t.co/uRlCg2RWGJ
Retweeted by Jason Holland@firebox Launch Edition @Pebble Watch and a cuppa. My daily essentials :) http://t.co/Ib6frZDjj0@firebox Had my @Pebble Watch since the Kickstarter launch and it's now an essential accessory I use every day - looks cool to ;)Using big data to map the UK video games industry: http://t.co/rIfmMG2amhMy lunch was mostly spent swooning over the @hardgraft 2UNFOLD Laptop Bag - sigh… http://t.co/vXhf9NqZW0 How much do kidneys sell for?
Young designers; check out this upcoming mentoring evening from @Design_Week http://t.co/ofhiWWfO6h
Retweeted by Jason HollandHere's a thought for ya: Worldwide, there are currently just under 19,000 active versions of Android.
Retweeted by Jason Holland@thegadgetflow Re: Tattoo. What about those people who have been using their @Pebble to control music for ages!?It's #AskAStupidQuestionDay apparently
One of the most creative headlines ever in the Ulster Gazette: http://t.co/hDfTiBwXNG
Retweeted by Jason HollandAll the information needed on my new business card, printed @galeriep98a: http://t.co/2ndjNFoTc7
Retweeted by Jason Holland@pharkie …and if VM don't retweet that, then I'm a monkeys uncle.The latest @BandQ email using CSS3 tricks. Desktop navigation is random and broken again, but mobile good once loaded (20 seconds via wifi!)
Countryfile followed by the Antiques Roadshow. Sunday nights are made for adrenaline junkies like me.
Retweeted by Jason HollandEngineers don't let engineers design user interfaces. http://t.co/XKSDUOxKHe
Retweeted by Jason HollandIf you liked this video about letterpress: https://t.co/Y7Kf3gJvqY, you’ll like this as well: http://t.co/pvOMxPJDc0 #letterpress #typomania
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#TheStrain is a bit full on! Loving it so far 👹Holy crap! Insane skills or death wish? https://t.co/CNuNrjcMMvLights. Camera. Action. Welcome to Sunset Overdrive! http://t.co/AVHxwvpZMk [PEGI 16] https://t.co/oeZGSLKR4n
Retweeted by Jason HollandDamn you google. http://t.co/CFlTg2xFOP
Retweeted by Jason HollandThe look on his face when he finally cracks the nut is priceless http://t.co/Jk6MzRS6MH
Retweeted by Jason Holland
Totally love stuff like this: How many planets in our universe could support #life? http://t.co/ufoC79Nz80 via @HowStuffWorksDetailed look at the #iPhone6 & #iPhone6Plus + how they effect #emaildesign http://t.co/mrywkZzL5V
Retweeted by Jason Holland#ThoughtOfTheDay http://t.co/xsxvxp1kgk
Retweeted by Jason Holland#EGX2014 #egxfilm from bedroom to billions contributors, great doc and timely! http://t.co/uHreuG4FY6
Retweeted by Jason HollandVIDEO: Elite creator on Eurogamer event http://t.co/SHSvquV1GW
Retweeted by Jason HollandBought a Sinclair ZX81 - was my 1st computer and started my fascination with all things gaming and computer related! http://t.co/QJp7eJfe8Y
Bought a Sinclair ZX81 - my 1st computer and what started my fascination with all things gaming and computer related! http://t.co/QJp7eJfe8Y#FromBedroomToBillions premier! (@ Earls Court Exhibition Centre - @ecovenues in Earls Court, Greater London) https://t.co/LD5skQk9fdKnow what happened to the first iPhone 6 to be sold? Dunked in beer that's what… but that's not the end of the story: http://t.co/VJ9YIUDQwTThese Take That puns are making me giggle, but then I'm easily pleased http://t.co/JeobXjvAMY@jasonbradbury Are you going to the From Bedrooms to Billions premier at Earls Court this evening? Documentary on UK 80's gaming!Samsung, LG and HTC troll Apple over #bendgate http://t.co/Dq3HrjuOMRMeet your future self (in Google Chrome) https://t.co/e8rqudGxsyMy name is in here somewhere http://t.co/9SXuMSOgTA #Kickstarter's famous Potato Salad "Reading of names" took almost 4 hours!6 tips for building a successful creative business, by @jasonholland of @Underwired: http://t.co/2aB9dWIotC
Retweeted by Jason Holland@DavidBraben @EGX Used to play with Jean Michel Jarre's Equinox on loop sitting 10" from my TV, just for extra immersion ;) #Elite30Years@DavidBraben R U coming along to From Bedrooms To Billions premier this evening? Looking for a fanboy moment and signing of my Elite manual.Where are consumers reading email & how should that influence email strategy? Find out: http://t.co/toE8bYHcnz http://t.co/qc1UIC5acS
Retweeted by Jason HollandLooking forward to the premier "From Bedrooms to Billions" movie tonight - the story of UK gaming scene across the 80's cc/@FromBedrooms@KMxRetro problems? Heading there now...
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