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Father, Creative Director @Underwired, graphic designer, gadget nut, petrol-head (Alfa Romeo owner), Brit and Xbox player.

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Quick _ back this amazing fish tank Kickstarter so it becomes a reality https://t.co/1DS1ny2CWR Clever stuff! Pls RT http://t.co/tqKjMRYa9O@SUBWAYUKIreland I can't see a 20 digit number on my receipt to add the points online. Help!
Granular Satisfaction http://t.co/GlvuQFgbNjI never knew... Fingernails grow in response to how much that finger is used - Fingernails Grow Faster Than Toenails http://t.co/frqxmp90E0
Retweeted by Jason HollandFor the first time in history more people are shopping on mobile devices than on desktops » http://t.co/dvCwfx0kdf http://t.co/vcLi11zA3x
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HURRY TwoDots is FREE for iPhone now! https://t.co/BRrCrsNfr8
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Great funky mix to keep the creative juices flowing in the @Underwired office http://t.co/FP7Tf7ZWJu (thx to @AorupaHolland for the link)An homage to the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy by @ALargeEvilCorp @simonpegg @nickjfrost http://t.co/tQ9o65mrHN
Retweeted by Jason HollandThis pic on Reddit with the title "can u tell me what this monstrosity is." Top answer is "Windows phone." :) http://t.co/k1pw3c6KX6
Retweeted by Jason HollandVideo game creation via committee / voting? Hmmm… interesting experiment @Logitech but will result be plain/vanilla? http://t.co/C7Y1plivnX
Microsoft has retired Windows XP and Steve Ballmer this year. Good things come in threes... I'm looking at you Internet Explorer
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I've never seen a more sarcastic full stop. http://t.co/SWvXFXwb5j
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@becskr @printersincuk I guess ;D@becskr @printersincuk http://t.co/aywjXSQ7nO have been doing something very similar for a few years now ;) http://t.co/ek56dPjxB1When I was a kid, you could go into a corner shop with £1 and come out with 2 cokes, 3 Freddos, and a magazine. Nowadays, CCTV everywhere.
Retweeted by Jason HollandWhy brands are un-friending Facebook to follow Twitter http://t.co/59MZgz4h4oThis has to be the most impressive membership card packaging I have ever received - very nicely done @dandad :) http://t.co/kTshGLPgbhWait! When in the name of all things holy did DC starts calling themselves DC Comics? Detective Comics Comics is a stupid name.
Retweeted by Jason Holland@litmusapp Any idea how long http://t.co/0hY37ewKML clients are going to be down for?Eating chocolate makes me sneeze - true story! I suffer from a photic sneeze reflex called A.C.H.O.O. - no kidding! http://t.co/0p8psq3Im7
Game of Thrones Disney Style by Fernando Mendonca and Anderson Mahans http://t.co/PdDgqo0r4k http://t.co/Xmc2KKXpVy
Retweeted by Jason Holland@thehalproject I often use the Hall 9000 Screensaver as a test before business meetings, measuring the level of geek of the viewer ;)15 Beautiful Paintings by Karina Llergo Salto http://t.co/yX3OFCMe13 http://t.co/61kwVqCXjK
Retweeted by Jason Holland@xbox_news You're still showing 'bold' tags in the tweets (and ignoring me every time I point out how odd it looks) http://t.co/wbl69stP7YMy Calendar bug issue seems to disappear in the next OSX, so other than the beta I guess I'll wait. Beautiful though https://t.co/1bfgbP6PGo
Bravo @JRhodesPianist! The truth about depression perfectly told. http://t.co/Ztc49b8kvc
Retweeted by Jason Holland@monkquixote Thanks for trying :)@monkquixote Each duplicate you see is in a different calendar which I am subscribed to.@monkquixote …as in screen shot :(@monkquixote It's not an alert (no pop-up or similar) it's the list of notifications having other people's invites in it, not just mine…@monkquixote I'll 'see' your deadpan, and raise you a 'face-palm' :-pAnyone else using Apple Calendar seeing invites to other people's calendars you're subscribed to? #Apple #Mavericks http://t.co/8lJXEU04jJ@majornelson Will the conference be available on XboxOne later today to view? Thanks in advanceLoving this collection of interiors which 'come together' from just one single viewpoint http://t.co/JrKknc6qBU #creative #officespace
What kind of logo can you get for $5? Even worse than you'd expect https://t.co/6O906izbSx
Retweeted by Jason HollandIf I accidentally hit caps-lock insteD OF 'A' ONE MORE TIME…. AAARRRGGHHHHH!!!!@CooperativeFood If I want to praise an employee at one of your stores, where do I do this so that it positively influences the person?@kevingotbounce Could I ask / recommend a Builder Beta invite to my main 3rd party email developer? Nick Higton nick@waxmedia.co.uk@kevingotbounce Hi Kevin - in base camp, thank you. But, feeling dumb (apologies) but where is the link/URL to the Builder itself?@nandosuk FYI: full 4G signal, but payment by paypal and credit card sat there 'loading' even after repeats and reboot.
I just backed Avo. The stylish self-cleaning fish tank on @Kickstarter https://t.co/5huWGqk1sIEx-Apple employee Sam Sung flogs name card on eBay: http://t.co/v6hLNoq6GS http://t.co/rfsyyvA4hw
Retweeted by Jason Holland@NandosUK "we hope you enjoy your first order with us!" - ironically, I spent 20 mins trying to pay with app & failed. Phoned order instead.
@JennyTheolin Cable not lighting up or battery not taking charge?@Tesco expired 9/7/2014
@Tesco promo voucher, with a 'use by date'. Subsequent vouchers £10 in booklet.@tesco Any news regarding me not being able to print my vouchers? I missed out on £15 off my shopping!!!
@TandridgeDC Tillingdown Hill CR3 - still no refuse collected!@SuperSavvyMeUK Of course that's OK - just trying to help. Owning an eCRM agency myself, I'd hope people would let me know of errors too :)@supersavvymeuk FYI I also got this email 1 minute later http://t.co/TzU4MCC6dI@SuperSavvyMeUK Link URL is: http://t.co/1SKXYqAxmt (screen shot of URL in case it gets 'translated') http://t.co/M3nAI1feJB@SuperSavvyMeUK Clicking the "UPDATE YOUR PROFILE" link at the bottom. Links to missing page AND site being updated?! http://t.co/UFBGvAk8rq@SuperSavvyMeUK Looks like broken link in my emaiil asking "Update your profile to win" - website shows 404 but also "Site updates going on"
@KEVINgotbounce Other than the video background of course ;)@KEVINgotbounce ...meaning I could see the other CATs but couldn't block any if them.@KEVINgotbounce FYI, though. B&Q email failed hugely in Apple Mail for me. Rollover worked but defaulted back to 1st 'slide' on roll off...@KEVINgotbounce Great podcast! At last, someone talking knowledgeably about a skill I employ ever day :)@mikebutcher https://t.co/5nWubvbhys ;)
Game of Thrones, Season 5. Looks amazing. http://t.co/anCTH1E2NW
Retweeted by Jason Holland@justinmcelroy With your Twitter Pic, it always looks like you're laughing AT whoever you are posting about ;) http://t.co/ydSlXYC4M0@xbox_news Yep, you still have this 'bold' text problem, but are obviously ignoring my help! http://t.co/06SQXKCOlJ@sliwinski Re: "The Joystiq" - they must have been listening to your podcast ;)@kevingotbounce Subscribed - thank you :) Hopefully a good mix between design / code, and best practice / cutting edge?@kevingotbounce Will the podcast be on iTunes so I can automatically receive each episode?1986 the construction of the logo, magic markers -white out copy machine -Exacto knife ..no computer or Photoshop http://t.co/67SV6vFK2H
Retweeted by Jason HollandAfter watching this video I realised I had been holding my breath the whole time… https://t.co/l6eQwLkck2@scottdunntravel Had my honeymoon with @ScottDunnTravel and it was the most perfect travel experience I've ever had… such amazing memories!
Guy Sings the Halo Theme in Empty Church http://t.co/l4H059Z6pE@supersoon @sketchapp tried and failed to give it a go. Didn't 'click' with me as to how it works or what it's niche is.
Very best of luck to all the great examples of digital creativity and effectiveness in the 2014 #BIMAAwards shortlist http://t.co/q79ZNtWqO7Hahahaha - read the reviews! “Original Source Tea Tree and Mint Shower Gel: http://t.co/kFBj0kXVBX” #wakeup #funny http://t.co/ewSbGzV5vn
Retweeted by Jason Holland@xbox_news Your <b> bold tags </b> are still showing up in Twitter feed! http://t.co/eBKN4KDbeiThe traits of the best UX + UI Designers? http://t.co/RWFfRdacL8 I'd like to think so ;D
@xbox_news You know those 'bold' tags don't always work, don't you? http://t.co/psOmxhaZiJFascinating insight into profiting from segmentation - with real world examples - from @Underwired CEO, Felix Velarde http://t.co/9Wjix4riJ5
@jasonbradbury @sohear There goes the lack of spaces either side of a URL again ;) (Link doesn't work)@longleat Monkeys in the Safari lived up to their mischievous reputation - So entertaining! (and replacement windscreen jet was only £9 ;) )@tesco FYI I also tried a few months ago and it didn't work then either - but luckily I had most of my vouchers with me that time.How To Be Happy: 6 Most Uplifting TED Talks http://t.co/CMex1e7nJ4 via @psyblog@bouncepingpong Bah Humbug@tesco It would have been just over a week ago, and I had a man and a woman help me (the man was from the customer service desk)DID YOU KNOW: Every fifteen minutes, somewhere on the planet, a graphic designer is turning the J in JAZZ into a saxophone.
Retweeted by Jason HollandJust had my first Christmas email… from @bouncepingpong **face-palm** (graphic text and no mobile adaption too, tut-tut)@kmxretro From your need to explain yourself, you've already judged yourself!@supersoon @sketchsources @sketchapp LOL - for sure ;)@sketchsources @supersoon @sketchapp Looks like free resource, rather than proving it runs in the Beta?@tesco Purley - I asked someone to help me, and even after two people tried, it wouldn't accept my Tesco Credit card as my clubcard ID@supersoon @sketchapp oh really? (downloading free trial now) - and works well with the Beta too?So tempted by the latest Yosemite Beta but hear Photoshop CC 2014 doesn't play well with it yet… shame!@Tesco Went to my local Tesco for the big monthly shop and the x2 machines that print vouchers not working… missed out on some key offers :(@jasonbradbury Need a space before that URL /Friendly Nudge
@felixv Went to Longleat Safari on Saturday - think we're off to the Natural History Museum... maybe the butterflies are still there :)Last day of nearly a week off work. Should we go to London Eye, somewhere local or just enjoy the sun in the garden? http://t.co/sy5EsiNHvdPlanning, strategy & designing a mobile adapting email is nothing without testing. You listening @ASOS ? http://t.co/mEjEySO7g4
@smile_of_decade They were only one step away from giving me butterflies in my stomach ;)Excuse me while I kiss the skybox: Timelapse footage of Destiny's skies http://t.co/KSyU5OPzAs
Retweeted by Jason HollandFinally had delivery of the five live caterpillars through the post today. This is certainly not the type of post I get to share very often.Right, today I might finally have time to play the #destinybeta ... oh ...
Potato Salad: Behind the Scenes - as a backer I rejoice in their care, but most of all, admire their design standards http://t.co/bR059jKmSQ
@Shutterstock Your email asking for questionnaire responses is limiting me to a maximum score of 7 out of 10! http://t.co/oLDXMoRSr8
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