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"The tools of the Surveillance Dividend work at just one level: that of the individual citizen." http://t.co/CPIzTsaUgbWorking on additions to the Nitti Grotesk family: hairlines and heavy weights. http://t.co/ZmWyRt941w http://t.co/Wovlq4vXQ1
Retweeted by iA Inc.Truthful advertisement: https://t.co/DOOv2nXr9JLogorama: http://t.co/jVxfM5mIkQ1980: http://t.co/TivUKTWLnqStephen King on the value of opening lines: http://t.co/ENSky5P1lZ
Retweeted by iA Inc.Las Vegas carpet designs: "It's all about keeping you stimulated." http://t.co/RY03Vm1XCyMore of that beauty of imperfection in “Seasons In The Sun”, with Kurt Cobain on drums and vocals. https://t.co/k8xP1NJWNzThe Twittering Machine by Paul Klee (1879–1940) http://t.co/A3GmMjerPI"bullshit is stimulated whenever a person’s…opportunities to speak…are more excessive than his knowledge of the facts…" H. FrankfurtThe beauty of imperfection. “Creep,” by a homeless guy. https://t.co/7Oi0SMEIylWe shouldn't elevate a “practical discipline to an elitist, esoteric pursuit. Typography […] belongs to everyone.” http://t.co/jpdWaYxIoI“Let’s see if they still want to run the business in two or three years.” –Bill Gates on Google’s Brin and Page, 2003 http://t.co/PxQR8OQzLj“We like lists because we don't want to die.” –Umberto Eco http://t.co/DWFns29BfhKant: "Laziness and cowardice are the reasons why" people don't think for themselves. http://t.co/9GA1HVj1a1Screen at Penn Station, feeling conflicted about red, green & blue: http://t.co/aQOtQccZIK
Retweeted by iA Inc.Once again, from http://t.co/j0q8mw39N2 http://t.co/XLE2KRzW33
Retweeted by iA Inc.So everyone knows that obviously you just simply have to avoid fillers. Easy. However, here's a little list: http://t.co/zttml2Wtip
@DanielZarick It does.@iA Yes. And perpetuity, proprietor, repertoire among others. (Used http://t.co/s6GYXH5W3z)
Retweeted by iA Inc.“In…600 milliseconds, the human brain can think of a word, apply the rules of grammar…and send it to the mouth…” http://t.co/t3Oyi4pQPSIs the longest English word made on the top line of a typewriter "TYPEWRITER"?Typolution: https://t.co/AjDd2J4GGPMontage of dating videos from the 80ties: https://t.co/QC10e1QY1IWhat is the difference between humans and animals? https://t.co/WgHJNF77Nc http://t.co/F3XklXoLl3Hubris published; hubris punished http://t.co/AffE7m64A4
Retweeted by iA Inc.Watched @ibogost's speech on Fun, Structure and the Wrongness of Mary Poppin's Chocolate Broccoli Philosophy twice: http://t.co/cXdKRzYf2o
Retweeted by iA Inc."Fun comes from structure" - @ibogost http://t.co/v6v114qhit "Quality lives in structure" - @iA http://t.co/HfuWlIlPfq Catching on?
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@monokromfonts "When I look back upon my Tweets, it's always with a sense of shame."@klimtypefoundry Right. The handwriting of type designers. Asche auf mein Haupt.@monokromfonts Yeah…The handwriting of typographers: http://t.co/W63NCkz081 feat. @espiekermann @klimtypefoundry @marksimonson e.o.The ? is an evolved ; The ; is an evolved q o http://t.co/4X3cwJyWilVideo of Batman's logo mutations: https://t.co/OgJgwcNvEkThe Internet in 1996, as seen in 2009: http://t.co/em5XwZwHAEThis is pretty: https://t.co/75uvxLpufJ@swissmiss Nothing beats working real jobs for money. Hair salons, construction, kitchen, packing underpants, painting houses for 10.-/h…Parents! We are thinking about introducing Ella (8) to allowance money! Anyone have any stories on how you went about it? Going rate etc.
Retweeted by iA Inc.@swissmiss Second buy was an Elvis album: "Easy Come, Easy Go." This, and BASIC is how I learned my first English words.@swissmiss Loving @sippey's system. Will adopt that, too. (But then, again, buying my first own pen sharpener with my own cash was awesome).Funny detail. Their "CON EX"(press) car, sort of giving away that these little boys are indeed hard boiled con men: http://t.co/tUTmMFE5RVHere is the kickstarter video of the Airbnb squatterers that raised 40k and left people empty handed. http://t.co/XOfnf2WCtKLittle con boys start kicking the shit out of Airbnb: http://t.co/5L00cg8h0p"Saul Bass Pitch Video for Bell System Logo Redesign." Just watched the whole 30 Minutes. http://t.co/OG1ysoemd8
3D wig modelling: http://t.co/9C5BgaNw1mThe WTF ligature: http://t.co/QGv29BXzXYExcellent post by @ia Putting Thought Into Things http://t.co/N6LPwI1tuU
Retweeted by iA Inc."You are only allowed to search every 15 seconds." Because…? http://t.co/MVLlh9QPFs“Welcome to the birth of the high five.” http://t.co/q2RMwuV579@stop @gt Why are there f ive cameras?
"If you see someone on their phone while driving do this to them." https://t.co/eabDSI0lBp
Retweeted by iA Inc.If the iPhone were a company, it would be bigger than McDonalds and Coca-Cola, combined. http://t.co/Ge905WZBv7
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"UX" only has an "X" because some sad design nerd didn't think "UE" looked cool enough.
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@wblau The keyboard is perfect if you just write—but email requires peeks into other apps, adding attachments, opening attachments… Forgetit@wblau Hard to believe that he does all of his email on an iPad. Email is the typical multi app multi window use case.Facebook as a multi-stage rocket. Now at $6.6bn annualize mobile revenue, up from zero 2 years ago http://t.co/jaANhKEV98
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This is simply brilliant: http://t.co/dC3Lz5ELRGhttp://t.co/DuFkex0n7X No, really.
Retweeted by iA Inc.@thijs Those were the times. When we could feel original without stickers. And double original with stickers.@leisa I edit out negative formulations. "Oh! Another X is not Y." How can I say that affirmatively?@thijs :)Fancy a teeny tiny iPhone called iTime? http://t.co/JR25G0cFHx@lyssaslounge I'll use the screenshot next time I need to argue against putting automated related articles in the right side column.@lyssaslounge Not, directly. There is a link *in* the article leading to Cosmopolitan's article with this mind bender.@lyssaslounge Article linked to Cosmopolitan where…Abramson fights vs "The 37 Biggest Celebrity Hair Transformations" http://t.co/VjBRY09brXYahoo! buys more stuff: http://t.co/Slo6HnZO48@sagarkamat True.@sagarkamat The ad is cool, but his interpretation follows a stony path.@sagarkamat Is putting stickers on a computer (especially a MacBook) a new thing?"…what happens…when everyone you know has a MacBook, and every MacBook looks the same?…self-expression." Huh? http://t.co/lGgStjt1VA@JamesHadfield Three ays ago, saw a t-shirt that said "PLAY OF W IT" in Yokohama.@Revearti Those who fancy a program that offers nothing but the best writing experience. That includes a type of professional writers.@evalottchen Thank you. The warm response to it was more than worth it.@swissmiss Ha! That is surprising and not surprising at the same time. I used to be a real stats junkie. Not so much anymore, now.@scrivs That's surely one way to formulate it. The word empathy in that context is a little overused these days, though.@swissmiss Saw in the realtime stats that we've been Swissmissed. BTW, do you agree that blogging traffic streams have dramatically changed?@benschwarz All those who open the page and close it right away or after the paragraph wear heavily on the average time...The AdWords robot is on our case: http://t.co/ICxDj1tFhp@swissmiss Thank you. I really appreciate the friendly reception as writing these things has become somewhat a drama.5:03 Minutes is the *average time* on page for "Putting thought into things" http://t.co/4gxXtwHNei http://t.co/3FytACGiCb@ski Google Adwords is not just non intuitive. It is a highly sophisticated methodologically impenetrable psychological mass experiment.It's easy to pick on an element in a UI and trash the whole app—but this nonsense is symptomatic for Google Analytics http://t.co/BdXwqmthCyWho thought that the non-live stats in Google Analytics should be called "intelligence event"? http://t.co/KO8TdMbczdFrom 5 Steps to 0 Steps. http://t.co/RdsaoW4Q4X
Retweeted by iA Inc."Sure @facebook is growing fast. But will they ever make money?" — almost everyone in 2008. http://t.co/Tdtj6EFrTe
Retweeted by iA Inc.Generic and overused logos. Lots of examples. http://t.co/CifSfLnY5W
@markodugonjic @smashingmag Perfectly clear that we have devs and Web designers with an deep innate Explorer resistance.@smashingmag Also: Desktop: 82%, Mobile: 11%, Tablet: 6%. When posting a new blog entry it changes: Desktop: 70%, Mobile: 20%, Tablet 10%.@smashingmag Chrome 50%, Safari 25%, Firefox 13%, Explorer 4%, in-app Safari 3%, Moz Agent 1%, Android 1%, Opera 0.8%, Opera Mini 0.5%.@teoseattle Absolutely.@poparasan Thank you.@bartvandebiezen That is certainly a great, compatible definition. Putting thought in to things is caring.@swissmiss Google wants to build one: http://t.co/oB2uCruIP7"Our role as designers is to put thought into things." http://t.co/PwBlXeXzVu Great read about craft and quality by @iA
Retweeted by iA Inc."Thinking is painful." http://t.co/4gxXtwHNei"Things definitely have come a long way since Pacman." http://t.co/r87x1HVJznDribbble comment generator: http://t.co/hRVynQZst2@swissmiss @apolaine In Switzerland, the nice weather doesn't wait for you. In Switzerland, you wait for the nice weather.@louisrosenfeld @apolaine @daveixd similar thoughts here. "Oh, and he is a master in disguise."@apolaine Beard!
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