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My phone was haunted. Best at internet. Russian David Bowie.

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@HesitantRevenge I was quoting someone!
@kyletwebster @LolaPlusG hearts to you@Dayna_Amazing and educational, and def a replacement for narcotics@gerardway I think sudden temporary interests are the best. It's like adrenaline.
Retweeted by Gerard Way@tylerinacoma all sass all day@f_francavilla oh my god...that is incredible@f_francavilla and comics of course!@f_francavilla thank you! Face cradle!@kateleth yeah I was really into body horror for like 3 hours one nightthat's a p flattering article, but I feel like it covers most of my "post-sass" work22 Times @gerardway Wrote The Book On Twitter Sass http://t.co/6mPOUu6uVK http://t.co/9WzYUgbadc
Retweeted by Gerard Way@jamestkiirk we love Gravity Falls@FountainAlli it's a lot to keep straight in my head but the reading is helpingStar vs The Forces of Evil is a great show but that is def an @MSI song for the theme@FountainAlli that makes me smile@xryanrussellx it is amazing@rave_kitty877 losingThe Chocolate War is a banned book, but I had a rad teacher and somehow she got them to us@skullmandible @thomas_violence cradle!@thomas_violence he liked yo face!@thomas_violence you must be in lasince it's #worldbookday I wanted to share the first book that impacted me http://t.co/Rm94mqhKfhI'm obsessed http://t.co/xTXxocdykQ
Retweeted by Gerard Way@shitdeweessays *cant breathe*still sticking with my phone is haunted thing I'm going to ride that into the suntime to change things up and get that face cradle goinwriting, juice cleansing, and listening to Suede@thekatvond WOW- I don't think I've ever seen a negative drawing before that's so cool!When I wake up in my make-up
@WhoKilledJahnny good luck! You're great!@AHoyeHoye we will make your dream of Freddie a reality@AHoyeHoye you set it up, I'll tweet the link@COLORnMATT @f_francavilla you are so welcome@_yourDM just catching a vibe@f_francavilla @COLORnMATT congrats to both of you! Well deserved@danielwarrenart @TCannonComics Looks gorgeous!@coffgee amazing@DVSblast ha!@bospwhoreus @LauraJaneGrace I'm definitely making the time...rooting for Laura so hardman, Jack Kirby original art got way more expensive than when I was a kid with no money@bospwhoreus @LauraJaneGrace I have been dying to watch it!@laurenmoran sadly I think I'm going to miss that, pretty bummed@laurenmoran me too- I may be planning a trip actually for the purpose of seeing it specifically@laurenmoran I have been listening to the soundtracks since I was on tour in Europe! Love them@frakyeah you too! And thanks for the additional clarrification@laurenmoran It's one of Lindsey's favorites and she showed me the film years ago, plays the soundtrack and all@laurenmoran I'm dying to see that!@frakyeah yes I am reading about all of them and trying to make a complete picture in my head. I will be reading the material multiple timesThe research is going well- it's a lot to take in and digest but there is a very healing quality to the process for me. Thanks for listening@vicesandviagra that continues to be a constantly evolving project@achtung_meggie of courseI think at the end of the day I was never really thinking about character gender, just acting as a conduit for the art and expressionI've been reading a lot of books on the Transgender subject, so a lot of things are coming up in the research.@WillGhostZer0 I do not consider that usually. I never take into account the character's sexuality if I'm playing them.But the best thing about art is that people take different things from it, and that's what it's there for.I think I was starting to experiment more with expressing more femininity with the character, but not sure it made it all the wayIt's always interesting to see how your characters are percieved and adopted. I see a lot of female Party Poisons, almost all at conventionsIt seems to be people's interperetation of the character, not mine specifically. I'm just curious about it.Been seeing people refer to the character 'Party Poison' as non-binary.I find this interesting- is this drawn from their gender expression?@iamwatson she certainly is my friend- miss youCongrats to all the Eisner Award nominees! I see some amazing friends and incredible talent on the list!@kellysue *high five*@twocoldfingers I used to like characters like Wolverine and Rafael but they get tiresome. The Kraken, for me, is tricky to write.Can a five-and-a-half year old listen to Bikini Kill? I say absolutely.@TheBillyMartin I LOVE your turtles and your art@TheBillyMartin I'm so into that!@MrGeorgeWallace you really brighten up all my days, thank youWhy does McDonald's only have Happy Meals? They need meals for all the emotions. Grab a Nervous as Hell Meal. Angry as Shit Meal & whatnot.
Retweeted by Gerard Way@deadmau5 right?!my favorite turtle is Leonardo but my favorite TMNT character is Casey Joneswe are watching that new nickelodeon show, her favorite turtle is MichelangeloGood morning! Bandit is really into Ninja Turtles now@alka_seltzer666 @sarahdope snakes are sketchy@sarahdope @alka_seltzer666 f the media and the sun@alka_seltzer666 @lynzway how did I convince this gorgeous woman to marry me? Btw you look great
@petewentzunf http://t.co/BOFGgMdAImSo, there is going to be a contest soon. The grand prize is going to be a drawing from G. What do you think he should draw?
Retweeted by Gerard Way@TheExrthNinja yeah I wouldn't have tweeted it if anyone actually got hurt@Maryallenmcgreg a friend actually sent this to meI'm on fiiiiiyaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! http://t.co/IwhSAeme0vIf you want to know more about Ian's killer blue Fender Jaguar check this out- sounds amazing every night on tour https://t.co/y5V6ObgfMJ@_MissMaddison_ hope you enjoy it!@KurtBusiek I had the Frankenstein and it scared the shit out of me daily@ArielleCGas sorry it's a habit I can't help sometimes@KurtBusiek of course, you're a legend!@BaronNobody already loving it, definitely captures Spaceboy's essenceEveryone should go read @KurtBusiek's comics, Astro City was a big inspiration to Mikey and myself@KurtBusiek well, at least the kids will find out who Metallo is now@KurtBusiek Sorry Kurt, the tweet was too good...I knew what it would do to your mentions but I couldn't help myselfDEATH TO FALSE METALLO!
Retweeted by Gerard Way@edwardlololo Save up some money by giving the neighborhood children sassy haircuts, then you can buy some Bowie!@JAZZ5JAZZ @cxstiel I was def going for a little Iggy, Bowie, PIL, and Talking Heads in No ShowsDon't know about all that typo talk last night but I do know if we end up at the same nursing home I'd want u on my scrabble team @gerardway
Retweeted by Gerard Way@duke_thin I cannot@cellabrationn I think I'm ordering Dune and Clockwork Orange actually@mr_kristman another huge inspiration but I don't know that my stage persona is like his@calebandrew it's tough coming back from Japan@cellabrationn Thanks for the heads up! And illustrated by Sam Weber- that is so awesome@cxstiel Bowie is definitely my main inspiration, though I don't think my stage antics were directly from Bowie@xryanrussellx thank you for sharing- so happy. I do hope they do a proper US tour, although I'd love to see them in the UK
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