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My license was expired. My phone was haunted.

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@ramenfuneral good morning!happy #WPR !@thisquietcity happy Saturday!good morning!
@vengenzzzz but probably it's because it's haunted as fuck@thexsmiths no@elite_gz yes!@Lonely_Dad I'm sorry I hope things get better for you@Lonely_Dad I'm sorry to hear thathttp://t.co/wVnvWlqMnm@vengenzzzz I have been hearing other people talking about that kind of thing happening- I don't know what does it. glitch@gerardway Gerard Santa🎅🎅🎅 http://t.co/i0H42a9O58
Retweeted by Gerard Sleigh@NaNaNa_MCR holy shitjust singing songs inside you what's your song likethe elves inside you, just working away@Zedaid v haunted@bread_thing I feel like we may want to have another child before committing to a house full of demonsI don't think it's the right time for us as a family to buy a haunted house@skullmandible kind CharlesWe looked at a house today that was old, and haunted as the Dickens@skullmandible congrats! For some reason I didn't know you wrote comics, now I know!Couldn't be more thrilled to be supporting @gerardway on his January UK dates. Tix for those are on-sale now.
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@JunkieReVenge Spider-Man cuz I think young boys identify with him more@DVSblast to be continued@DVSblast the minds of the young@DVSblast you win@DVSblast senator Handflake@BAKKOOONN @DVSblast that's the guy that did it@DVSblast I've heard, and cases of smallpox are rampant as a result, not enough vitamin c@DVSblast Governor SausageDan ColeslawYou have no idea how much broccoli I am about to eat. It is significant. Gonna have some V-8 on the side too.
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Retweeted by Gerard SleighDon Cheadle@Yxhiro thank you!http://t.co/0B9b4gBCtBDon Chipotleit's also pretty 'oldschool'I started reading don quixote and that guy is incredibly violentListening to- Nation of Ulysses, "Nation of Ulysses" go check it out!@BAKKOOONN *dead*be a secret santa for someone ;)all those fluids just dancin around*swishswish*happy birthday, if today is your birthday
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think about the organs inside of you*swish swish*yikes- I just thought about all of the organs inside of me, just swishing aroundTonight! Im proud to host a program of work made by the first women to work in CGI @cinefamily http://t.co/jKYi4swofM http://t.co/lrZQDX7m8u
Retweeted by Gerard Sleigh@AndrewWK yes! Me too! Was a very brief meeting that day, we were opening for @shitdeweessaysat Whole Foods http://t.co/fUEMw3Ym3m
Retweeted by Gerard Sleigh@AndrewWK @skullmandible @respected_loner Wow...I am floored. Thank you so much. I always wanted to say hello.@respected_loner @skullmandible I think you're probably right@respected_loner @skullmandible I blew an awards acceptance speech and hurriedly walked past him at the show he was hosting@skullmandible @soundofthecity haha 2 day old tweet ...was using "search! and discover!"@skullmandible @soundofthecity deeeeeeeeeeamn that was great@McKelvie @Carrie_Rachel I do hope my schedule permits me to see one of the shows@Carrie_Rachel so excited!!!@Nicole_Bayne I love this, would actually make a cool avi- where did you make it?@Cryptoterra the tweets are the bestI'm just a dad on the internet taking a break and having a great timeif a podcast happens.@LolaPlusG appreciation tweet. They had a very cool idea based on some feedback regarding podcasts from you guys@testtheworld Look for cool little old theaters that run rad old films at night@kyletwebster he's so good!listening to- Mos Def- The New Dangerdayquil is no laughing matter on the twitter@robertliefeld Ah, that would have been amazing. I don't even think I was reading Starlog at that age so I went into the whole thing clean@thesingoff @PatrickStump so handsome!@robertliefeld I think I was young enough to be ok with the Ewoks, maybe some early radar went off though@AHoyeHoye these specific things come in explosion proof versions (for Linds)I'm doing my online shopping and I'm looking for gifts that are explosion proofI like to use a meme just past it's expiration date so people will underestimate my abilities@verycrazyidiot1 I can't breathe@rachelmillman I'm dying so hard, dying*hand up praising jesus head down eyes closed other hand on bible jesus drops invisible microphone* *feedback*@gerardway http://t.co/OsKPeSSD7o
Retweeted by Gerard Sleigh@gerardway http://t.co/eYDLfTvBYV
Retweeted by Gerard Sleighhttp://t.co/nb6Jslwllu@chantalclaret I am pro thatI'm feeling much better today@LauraJaneGrace hearts to you@ScottAllie @StuHorvath ah! My friends are talking!embrace that stuff. get excited about things, get passionate, hold your line. don't let anyone tell you to calm down. f that.I've got a 'no chill' policysomeone needs to convince @whoisMGMT to make Panzinat shirtsListening to- "Congratulations" by MGMTGot this last tour, don't know why. I think I was bored. https://t.co/wYKa8EBFN6@yerpalmildsauce no haha I gotta go do that today- you?Good morning!
Today's Fudge Lord Zine pages came out great- very happy@kateleth I feel like watching Teen Titans Go helps@kateleth Have wanted to figure out a way to write an all ages book for a while, but closest I came was titling an MA book "All Ages"@kateleth fun to read with her as she learns rather@kateleth yes...I have been wanting to check out your work. Also Bravest Warriors looks like it'll be good for Bandit pretty soon@kateleth about 30 seconds before he accidentally kills Anthony Michael Hall@kateleth I have been meaning to pick it up! We tried showing the movie to our daughter and forgot how intense it gets. So I paused it-@petewentz http://t.co/apPWw9m2UV@petewentz legends of the fall@petewentz just old af, legends of emo
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