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Rohit Sharma @geek_rohit Gurgaon, India

UI/UX Designer, Coffee addict, Fitness freak, Movie buff, Music explorer, Man Utd|F1|Batman|EDM fan, Google nerd, AvGeek|Train|PetrolHead, Beer|Chicken lover

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Taare Zameen Par is a gem of a movie Thanks @aamir_khan Everytime I watch it, almost end up shedding a tear.
@DeepXP that unsubscribe link in the footer doesn't work?@DeepXP thanks for the tip, will share it with the team. :)This opening scene from Khosla ka Ghosla is still as funny as the first time I saw. One of my fav @AnupamPkher movie http://t.co/i5AN2MRG1S@mniROHIT Gurgaon@kalpik lol@mizarcle Congratulations!
@mniROHIT oh great, Where?@mniROHIT oh great! Didn't know that. What brings you to Delhi? Job?@mniROHIT You're in Delhi? When did you leave Bhopal?@mniROHIT Hot? It's getting colder by each day. Minimum can go below 10 anyday now.People are falling sick left right and center. Changing weather to be blamed?
iPhone doing this annoying thing where it just shuts down at 10% battery. Sometimes even more. Ugh. Starting to hate this device.
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaIn other WTF news, that blue tick joke IS true! Saudi man divorces wife for ignoring his WhatsApp messages http://t.co/KzRo1WITfdThe world's biggest chocolate-maker says we're running out of chocolate http://t.co/mxXsblmdR7
Half way into #Movember #beard http://t.co/qUxSSF7ms0Delhi Dynamos are last in #ISL now. Just like the cricket counterpart, they are pathetic. Such a #facepalm for DelhiOh great, now Daley Blind is also injured. Also on the injury table: DDG, carrick, rojo, rafael, jones, falcao, evans #MUFC #ManUtd
Thanks Amsterdam for a good experience! Here a pic with the legend @RvN1776 🔝👌 http://t.co/CZxA55IWWb
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Kill Dil getting poor reviews. I am disappoint. Had high hopes from the movie because of Pari & Govinda.Baal Diwas is here. Brace yourself for the cliched Anil Kapoor hair chest image meme.#AndroidLollipop rollout has started and will soon be available on most #Nexus devices. Dessert is served. http://t.co/XVFX2tEbHv
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaNow this is nice! Another personalised video from Facebook: Thanks http://t.co/fz0v57XCDz
So @ImRo45 has now scored 2 double ODI tons.... I couldn't even get 1 ton.... #Useless
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaAila! Out ho gaya, final ball pe. Legendary innings from #RohitSharma Cha gaya ladka aaj toh. Mera naam roshan kar diya :P199 in 94 balls. Fuck!Rohit Sharma has 250 now. 0 to 50 - 72 balls 51 to 250 - 94 balls. http://t.co/acwy4Rxz7j #Madness #IndvSL
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaFor a Delhilte there is only one word which can do justice to #RohitSharma innings: Bhencho! Le li aaj Lanka ki.Congratulations to @ImRo45, who has become the first cricketer to hit 2 double-centuries in ODIs #stattrick #IndvSL http://t.co/DTg78oKvwS
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The #Movember awareness campaign works. Till now 12 people have asked me about my beard, in return I told them about the cancers. None knew.@PradeepChaprana yeah using it now. Almost forgot about it, and didn't realize it can block video ads on YouTubeDude landing a space probe on a bloody comet wears a sweatshirt. But dude adjusting insurance claims in an office all day must wear formals.
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma15 Photos That Tell The Story Of The Two Indias That Exist Together. http://t.co/ARIZx38OWN #India http://t.co/7uBbXpbXom
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaWhy girls shouldn't wear jeans, by @kamleshksingh | #WomensSafety | Read at http://t.co/tjNvQS07Zz | @DailyO_
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@AmberPrevoo Dafuq! Awesomesauce! Thanks! :D@AmberPrevoo You can block ads on YouTube? HOW?!Alibaba Smashes Its Sales Record For China's Singles’ Day Shopping Bonanza http://t.co/BXjrxxzirL
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaFuck this shit. Everytime I wanna watch something on YouTube this Tevar trailer has to come to piss you off.Dear Bollywood, a sincere request. Please stop making movies like Dabangg. Tevar trailer looked like seen all that a million times.One thing I hate about participating in Movember is everyone asking the question: "Devdas kyon bana hua hai?" Gimme a break guys!
Dear @TheAcademy The 2014 Academy Award for Best Original Score HAS to go to Hans Zimmer for Interstellar. Just HAS to.It’s tough finding a partner, leave alone the rather whimsical concept of “the right one”.
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma@insenroy Indeed. That's what I'm buzzing about since I saw it yesterday. It is just eargasmic. Hans Zimmer is a legend in OST world.@tweettabulous again? Why this time?Looking forward (excited) to try the legendary Whopper at new @burgerkingindia outlet in Saket, Delhi.Ears are orgamsing over the Interstellar OST. Another soul wrenching score from Hans Zimmer.Proof that Indians will literally believe anything. With One Rumor, Telegram Is Gaining Popularity http://t.co/xnGvLPZIAg via @nextbigwhatWhy Opening Of Burger King In India Is Such a Big Thing? | Business Insider India http://t.co/MOtD6mgolcOver 1,5 million users have signed up for #Telegram in the last two days.
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaMy #FPL season refuses to pickup. Calls for drastic measures. Wildcard shall be used. Also, like United, team picks form in second half only
Find the best type of beard for your face: http://t.co/oopiRNNAU0 http://t.co/DurV6rIHMU
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Beers happened after a long time. Yay!
BREAKING: Marussia administrators say company has ceased trading and approximately 200 staff made redundant. #SSNHQ
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaI'll rather share a piece of advice than my cake. People are not what you think they are. It takes a second for anyone to flip.
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaDo you look forward to weekends as much as we do? RT, if you agree #6EFridayQuiz
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaWeekend should be exciting. But I've been wrong before.@tweettabulous Ola generally has best availability. Uber is best in service. Meru is overpriced.
Anyone staying near Lower Parel and looking for a flatmate? Need individual room. Please RT #Mumbai
Retweeted by Rohit Sharmaall infographics be like itni shakti humein dena data mann ka vishwas kamjor ho na
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaOh! Bello, papaguena! Tu le bella comme le papaya. #Minions
@AshuMittal I do, and it's very easy. I use TweetDeck, which makes it like a piece of cake.We have the Android Lollipop code. We'll be updating the HTC One (M8) & (M7) within 90 days from today. #HTCAdvantage http://t.co/VJ0wB1jQbm
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma@vforvelvetta 6 days in. Will be posting weekly updates :P First time going with a beard that long! http://t.co/1fxBMQXvYcA Few Brilliant Indians Have Invented A Way To Keep Ear-Phones Untangled. Guys, Thank A Lot! http://t.co/U0Y5y03NbZ http://t.co/LqNFyDXz8p
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaBello! The Minions Official Trailer is here, para tu! (HD): http://t.co/3J0LPtr92p
Scoot's 1st @Boeing 787 Dreamliner is coming together and we are so excited. Watch it being built. https://t.co/6sw2395KNS #Scoot787
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaIt’s a new day for Google Calendar → http://t.co/U5CACwQbJL http://t.co/8Zu6qO7EWV
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaAndroid 5.0 Lollipop is here http://t.co/QLOYp0ZloF http://t.co/CPSZBWdfVQ
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaBeard. Coz it's #Movember month http://t.co/9qbtp1gg9TTIL about the Kiss of Love. Wah re Kerala. Whattay! Also moral police, Y U no retire and find better jobs, no?Ten talking points after Louis van Gaal's first 10 games as @ManUtd manager http://t.co/QpCiIJH3Co http://t.co/cebcOo0B9E
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaPleasing that United fans are almost unanimously rejecting these efforts to manufacture unrest about LvG’s start
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaNot shaving this month. Coz it's #Movember Also tried taking a selfie, the front cam was poor, and I suck at it. Will try again, later...@IndianAces I will! #GoAces#IPTL boasts quite a good lineup of players. @IndianAces has Fedex, Sampras & Ivanovic. Wow!Just found out about International Premier Tennis League @iptl This looks interesting!@tigrisofgod yes, it can happen. But looks unlikely. Hamilton has the momentum. I'd love to see Rosberg win though.That was his tenth win of the season. Mercedes and Hamilton have been brilliant. #F1Hamilton won the #USGP last night. Looks set to win the title now. Rosberg will need LOT of luck to prevent that. #F1And it’s back! Don’t miss your chance to get the all new #Moto360 exclusively on @Flipkart http://t.co/o6Nd4WSKni http://t.co/Uyi18dxygO
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaThanks @technofunky for the Inbox invite. Used it for a day and liking it so far. Good job Google!
4 - Manchester City are only the second team in PL history (after Liverpool) to win four consecutive games against Manchester United. Noisy.
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaMade myself a nice Sunday breakfast. Omelette with toasted bread and black coffee. Bliss. Now to start the work again. Long day ahead.Furious 7 - Official Trailer (HD): http://t.co/bkNan0CPeI via @FastFuriousThat was some slick action in the #Furious7 trailer.@insenroy that sucks. How's the better half coping with that?@insenroy had to go to the railway station. What are you doing up so early on a Sunday morning though?Went out at 7 today. Temperature was 16°C It's getting COLD! #Gurgaon #WinterIsComing #DilliKiSardi
Meanwhile I'm buzzing with Friday feel. TGIF baby! *does a jig*Planning a team lunch is such a pain. Vegetarians be like, what will we eat there? #facepalmHAHA! Brilliant speech! Dananjaya Hettiarachchi World Champion of Public Speaking 2014 FULL SPEECH: http://t.co/HeImym1aQG
@coderzombie install a bandwidth monitor software. Best way to find the real usage.Xiaomi may now be the third-biggest smartphone maker in world http://t.co/bI3LJBEvdN
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Such a pleasant morning today. Just 22 degrees. Nice!DC Comics offices must be having a panic attack. But relax, they have the goddamn Batman. Bring it on!A WORLD OF ICE AND FIRE Releasing TODAY! http://t.co/yhgSAqQ5kn
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma@DeepXP They've just blown away the internet! Fans are going nuts! The upcoming Avengers & next Captain America movies plots are kickass!Hey DC Entertainment, this is how you get people excited about your upcoming slate. #MarvelEvent
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaFrom nibbling to lots and lots of foreplay (obviously) we list what women love most about sex. http://t.co/HhJMqLBh1N http://t.co/ewkO4qXJag
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaGoogle Fit app arrives, poised to take on Apple's HealthKit: http://t.co/maoNYiKxVg http://t.co/5SuH8oSjx5
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