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Computer security expert, blogger and public speaker. Former text adventure author. Fighting malware and cybercrime since early 1990s. Dr Who fan since 1972.

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Ecuador's president claims USA hacked his PC last week http://t.co/m7UGP74rRZ (but v hard to accurately attribute attacks)Need a free VPN for your iPhone? F-Secure Freedome giving away 12 month subscription with this code http://t.co/PU62kNyeSbRegin backdoor Trojan explored http://t.co/vPSsVEntj8NHS Grampian patient info found abandoned at supermarket http://t.co/TrwirnTMlI
15 arrested in new European crackdown of peeping tom malware users http://t.co/IUdM8AIgKhFeminist hacker Barbie http://t.co/iNKrNcw1JNUS senators are pushing back against a CIA plan to destroy emails of “non-senior” agency officials http://t.co/6QM6Zn9TCeXSS flaw discovered in WP Statistics plugin for WordPress. Remember to keep your plugins updated! http://t.co/wtgEz5wJbZ
Four arrested in UK RATs anti-spyware raid against webcam malware http://t.co/HJX4UsMqeKWatch out! That e-cigarette could be bad for your PC's health http://t.co/VdlGIolhzqWow. Facebook video scammers just got sicker: "School Teacher Forced Virgin Teen for Passing in Exam" http://t.co/NqM6XUlB3LApple updates XProtect to help stop Macs being hit by Downlite adware http://t.co/ycfSLVRKil@gcluley this whole thing has gotten so far blown out of proportion. :\
Retweeted by Graham CluleyApple iOS Masque flaw dangers: Legitimate app infiltration discovered http://t.co/cKmGLHA8cwFascinating. Another clue has been released about the secret message hidden in the CIA's Kryptos sculpture http://t.co/3AVo5jLdG8It's ok. Car manufacturers say promise they won't abuse the location data their cars are collecting http://t.co/A7lZpkAEj3PayPal takes 18 months to patch critical remote code execution hole http://t.co/9Dq3Fqe9IzNintendo 3DS finally hacked after 3 years on the shelves http://t.co/PZMTdHCANl@claireayles It's a great song... you'll love it. Good luck, and don't get too many blistersOperation Mangal: Win32/Syndicasec used in targeted attacks against Indian organizations http://t.co/tPb0y1dA6qSecurity vulnerabilities found in WordPress. Update to version 4.0.1 http://t.co/NyjgNq3lUT"Russia continues to build a cyber capability with the potential to impact organizations worldwide" http://t.co/vJE1FEC5RNQA Engineer walks into a bar. Orders a beer. Orders 0 beers. Orders 999999999 beers. Orders a lizard. Orders -1 beers. Orders a sfdeljknesv.
Retweeted by Graham Cluley“Europe Vs Facebook” group challenges US safe harbor agreement http://t.co/btpapOVBr9
First exploitation of Internet Explorer ‘Unicorn bug’ in-the-wild http://t.co/fQoCco0cTODrupal patches Denial of Service vulnerability; Details disclosed http://t.co/fu11F8AMHRWebcam 'creepshot' pictures viewed and shared on Reddit http://t.co/aTke4IiJUNFormer top NSA exec claims he challenged the bulk phone records program... And was rebuffed http://t.co/PmIou7DeaFNo, you can't get free Audi R8 cars on Facebook – it's a scam http://t.co/mp9YdQTaukGreat website by EFF. Surveillance Self-Defense: Tips, Tools and How-tos for safer online communications http://t.co/siEVXfWVq0r/t Honoured at AVAR 2014, and an anti-virus sing-song http://t.co/sjNksDAFQqPC users lose another $120M to tech support scams http://t.co/GvIv0wHUTS‘Naked Woman Eaten by Shark’ video on Facebook? Surprise surprise it installs malware... http://t.co/eDowzqgYyLTurns out that if you want to delete your Uber account it's kinda convoluted, but not impossible... http://t.co/bVyt5vOtWi6 links that will show you what Google knows about you http://t.co/sS5YthJgdeMalware’s new target: your password manager’s password http://t.co/6mJ8IGgicIUSPS hackers may have also accessed employees’ pay records http://t.co/6h8dxi6zCERovnix infects systems with password-protected macros http://t.co/Lobb9PJSqSHonoured at AVAR 2014, and an anti-virus sing-song http://t.co/sjNksDAFQq http://t.co/BOnsuO7lc8Privilege escalation risk fixed in Android Lollipop, lower versions vulnerable http://t.co/EIYMnHCkHTGoogle caught stripping SSL from BT WiFi users' searches http://t.co/g4PLeaoJjM More details: http://t.co/BSqArO1HDcRT @troyhunt: Cybercriminals may have your password, so now you have to enter it twice! http://t.co/cqp6skmERoRovnix Trojan has infected 130,000 UK Windows PCs, warns Bitdefender: http://t.co/SQLw3nZCWhIrish Water sends customer’s private details to the wrong person http://t.co/G16Rp9YUBz
Apple is "marketing to criminals" claims Justice Dept http://t.co/s15P1xISqFAsian mobiles could be the DDOS threat of 2015 http://t.co/rJ2oH6McuDMissouri man fired for posting pictures of DHS vans to Facebook http://t.co/B5VnDyciQfTake that POODLE! Google removes SSLv3 fallback support from Chrome http://t.co/YybsJZM0A9Legit Windows Phone apps can be replaced by malicious ones through Copy/Paste http://t.co/kvIzr1a0hj
WhatsApp adds encryption features to its messaging service http://t.co/VMWvt9MMcGOS X Yosemite 10.10.1 failing to cure WiFi problems for some users – support forums http://t.co/MDnUDxTmibApple iOS 8.1.1 Fixes Several Code-Execution Flaws http://t.co/qDlSk3rpASNorthern Ireland website leaves front door open, spills users' data http://t.co/8ro9eNky5mCentrify says it defeated targeted attack attempt http://t.co/yf0p6OsJGEMicrosoft issuing emergency security patch http://t.co/nZ3LES9WMwCries of spies as audit group finds possible 'backdoor' in Bittorrent Sync http://t.co/xrwfGrtQE3Twitter has fixed the issue that kept you from sharing URLs in Direct Messages (finally...) http://t.co/YdyGRVDhDTReport: A bunch of illegal Tor websites seized by the FBI were fakes http://t.co/NqvbYwluVI.@gcluley Where do you think @guardian got the story? They added nothing except an old tweet with wrong flyers. Here: http://t.co/hDenYwcPeg
Retweeted by Graham Cluley
Link Found in Staples, Michaels Breaches http://t.co/2jU8M2ubz2Anonymous takes over Ku Klux Klan's Twitter account http://t.co/hDrQRr9ufBNew research, same old problems with BadUSB http://t.co/Pv1LNKkNTZFasthosts outage blamed on DDoS hack attack and Windows 2003 vulnerability http://t.co/Mmcw56nViYAttack reveals 81 percent of Tor users but admins call for calm http://t.co/Dk0Upe2QmvUS State Department shuts down email system after suspected hacker attack http://t.co/fXa6kJ1aEFKickstarter Password Managers: The good, the iffy and the dangerous. http://t.co/lNXOEQhatG
Evidence implicates government-backed hackers in Tor malware attacks http://t.co/wln2RpGQanApparently that "Drunk Girl in public" video was faked, and some of the guys aren't happy, says The Smoking Gun http://t.co/zLzisj0VcRSteam users warned of rogue .SCR file links http://t.co/FCwrJBjN52Schoolgirl hacked pupil files http://t.co/9cZ8eUhqSVSuspects tied to Apple WireLurker malware arrested in China http://t.co/ZNvhrdf9h6
Congratulations to @gcluley for receiving the 'Award for the Best Presentation' at #AVAR2014! #avar http://t.co/nhkEZH3PEC
Retweeted by Graham CluleyStrewth! Honoured to have been voted "Best speaker" at #AVAR2014 #AVAR. Thanks guys. And well done to the organisers for a well-run eventRT @stilgherrian: One in three of the infected websites in Bangladesh belong to the government. #avar
Elaborate email hoax causes company’s shares to drop http://t.co/5OFDycebgCWindows Phone security sandbox survives Pwn2Own unscathed http://t.co/x7i9dN90tVAlmost one in three Teenagers has online regrets by age 16 http://t.co/FSEoJLHlbyDid you know that some of the latest Samsung TVs have an embedded 'Smart Security' virus scanner? #avar #AVAR2014 http://t.co/fu1ELzfQwF
Retweeted by Graham CluleyGerman spy agency wants to buy zero-day vulnerabilities in order to undermine SSL security http://t.co/1aBeBBKUxO“@gcluley sings The AntiVirus Industry Song”, a video by @juhasaarinen et moi. https://t.co/DH4NTangzo
Retweeted by Graham CluleyMore on the "unpatchable" BadUSB flaw. Could your USB stick be exploited? http://t.co/U0dp3g9WpJExpired antimalware software is nearly as unsafe as having no protection at all, says Microsoft http://t.co/i6wVbfrBiyUS Postal Service suspends telecommuting following massive data breach: http://t.co/rm2wOt555EFBI’s most wanted cybercriminal used his cat’s name as a password http://t.co/YK3WfvF44u@lopta Alan says "Invoices"Wimp. RT @stilgherrian: I will not be so insane as to try to tweet an architectural description of the malware. #avar... but @gcluley's plans changed, thanks to cheesy biscuits and Dr. Alan Solomon. Pic: his favourite virus. #AVAR2014 http://t.co/dZmwn3XL20
Retweeted by Graham CluleyAt #avar @gcluley gives a keynote about his initial plans to write scripts for Dr. Who and create games... #AVAR2014 http://t.co/u2VjLEiCLt
Retweeted by Graham CluleyVery droll presentation by @spgedwards and Gabor Szappanos looking at anti-APT products. Curious that some firms are reluctant to be tested@stilgherrian @juhasaarinen i hope you've come back in now. The copper has gone, and a guy from ESET is talking about router attacks@imaguid @LysaMyers It appears that it was recorded by @juhasaarinen https://t.co/hrjZRqqXJ3 I haven't dared watch it with the sound on@juhasaarinen @stilgherrian Only banned from one session? you aren't trying hard enoughRT @zashraf1337: Some virus is good or not all viruses are bad - @gcluley #avar2014 #avar - awesome keynote ! <- Thanks!The real message from @gcluley is that the hype and media-friendly names help the industry get the message to users who don’t care. #avar
Retweeted by Graham CluleyAaaand @gcluley just sang the "Anti-Virus Song" to the tune of God Save the Queen. I'm awake now!
Retweeted by Graham CluleyAt #AVAR2014 and @gcluley starts his talk with "I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for a packet of cheesy biscuits".. this will be interesting!
Retweeted by Graham Cluley“AV industry should thank Bill Gates for the sterling work Microsoft did before the Trustworth Computing initiative,” says @gcluley #avar
Retweeted by Graham Cluley
In an hour or so I'll be giving the keynote address at #AVAR2014 in Sydney. Should be a great conference! http://t.co/qghBE4OuOTSMS Trojan sneaks into the Google Play app store http://t.co/KvUOizrGb3
RedPhone was removed from the Play Store today. We don't yet know why, but we've reached out to Google support for more information.
Retweeted by Graham Cluley
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