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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Mostly NSFW and profane. Managing editor, http://t.co/gmrsJYTSLK. Freelance tech journo. Husband to @fletchen, dad to three kids.

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@cjsparno Thanks!OWC Radio 2.0 – Episode #15 – A Chat with Peter Cohen is now LIVE! http://t.co/0ym9j7X8J8 @flargh
Retweeted by Peter CohenWe're looking for someone who has a serious eye for deals (and non-deals): http://t.co/TyYWqLk2SN Also PC & PC accessories writer!
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@edddeduck They’re playing to the American audience.@erichof For sure. Haven’t decided which yet.One of Scotland’s highest-profile ex-pats chimes in on Scottish independence: http://t.co/zWYCaPI9B8@SoylentHHH @coxwal Ambivalnce and confusion is fine. But even some of the comments on my eddy were very disproportionate.@2pnt0 @jinkies @Hilldawgg Nice to (virtually) meet you!
Finally watched this week’s “Listen” episode of Doctor Who. Best episode since “The Doctor’s Wife."@twood3 nope. Verizon doesn’t use the spectrum they sold to T-Mo. And T-Mo uses GSM, while Verizon uses CDMA.@Audioninjatom yep@moiseschiu Are you there because of an incident involving your father? o_O@moiseschiu Instant visualization of Luke having his robot hand activated by the surgical droid.@clintbrown You do understand that you’ve just made my point, yeah.Even if Apple had given people a code to download the U2 album, they’d complain that they just should have gotten the money instead.@FarshadNayeri @asymco What does it say that my first thought was “That’s not how you spell “Misfits." http://t.co/XCs2tNgff1@drfyzziks That’s what dogs seem to think it isI don’t understand why “Cat’s Pride” is a brand of cat litter. The way cats cover up their poop it should be “Cat’s Shame."@neilshea2 thanksU2 Removal Tool is my new The Cult cover band.@kitpierce fair@GlennF STAHP@ddt @Uber ugh.@Angry_Drunk Should we freeze you in cryosleep now and wake you up in time for your training for the three shells?Bono's next humanitarian mission should be fixing iTunes.
Retweeted by Peter CohenApple lets iTunes users delete free U2 album from music library and purchases http://t.co/M3MmWCvFJt via @iMoreOops, @manton and I got ourselves up podcasting creek without a sponsor. If you want to reach @coreint’s fab listeners this week, hit me up!
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@Audioninjatom I’ll have an editorial about that then too! :)Fine, you whiny pricks. https://t.co/oRCaO5JAkuOS X Yosemite Public Beta 3 and Developer Preview 8 released http://t.co/5S5hSykJdt via @iMore@dujkan Only one problem: Steve Jobs is dead. So who gives a fuck how he would have done it?Yes, the rumors are true! @flargh will be on OWC Radio this week!
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@rgriff at this point, @jdalrymple just kinda figures he’s owed.@rgriff in fairness, @jdalrymple just wanted to take over Heineken. He didn’t want to actually _pay_ anything.@kgold3 I suspect that time will shrink in the coming weeks as additional manufacturing capacity comes online.@stevensande Are they littermates?@cplater Whoever they are, one day, there will be a reckoning.@Nickfromupnorth It’s not bad. Would I have bought it? No. I don’t own _any_ U2 music. But I’m content to have it.Woo! Erasure’s new album “The Violet Flame" is streaming today, in the US and UK. http://t.co/EgiYXP5YH8@danielpunkass FYP Tim Cook: “We have no competency to be in the social networking area."iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus arrive in 22 more countries on September 26 http://t.co/Niu2C9oefa via @iMoreLooks like the iPhone 6 Plus is this year’s gold iPhone. #crazybackorders(For rebuttals to my “Shut Up” piece, see http://t.co/affsetof9i and http://t.co/YRHZczHtIc, from @mcelhearn and @CraigGrannell respectivelyApple announces record-breaking 4 million iPhones pre-ordered in just 24 hours http://t.co/YgRnP7hPDa via @iMore@JR1ZZ In general, Not Safe for Work. In this context, it’s just the name of my weekly op-ed column. Which this week is SFW.Mad at Apple for giving you a free U2 album? Shut up. http://t.co/eMvb5ReCzk via @iMoreThis waking up and getting the kids out at zero dark 30 stuff is for the birds. I wish schools had sane hours.
@stevensande @reneritchie That is the whitest thing I have ever read.@Studyofanime Or Comic Book Guy’s.@Wizardling "he's KING OF THE BABIES!"Infants always look at me like "OMG that's the biggest baby EVER."Somewhere there’s an alternate universe where Lipps Inc. was bigger than the Beatles and Funkytown is the National Anthem.The Sex Cannons #UpgradedBands@arcsine Yes to the first question. Very little to the second. We don’t sell the phones, that’s about it.@aaronmb not helpingJust learned that @andreausmc is less than half my age. Now I’m surprised we even speak the same language. #retaillife@hrpanjwani I need more Indian customers. They’d be less confused than these people.“You’re an Apple Store, right?” “No, we’re an Apple-authorized reseller.” “So you’re an Apple Store, right?” #retaillifeMe, when a customer just pulled up in a vintage Ferrari 308. #retaillife http://t.co/Kpk59CpnqL@mclapham73 The sense of entitlement is occasionally terrifying.@mclapham73 I had a guy walk out three weeks ago in a huff when I explained he’d have to pay for it.@1hawaiiboy In fairness, Apple _is_ ripping them off charging $20 for each.“I need an iPhone charger.” “The part that plugs into the phone or the part that plugs into the wall?” “There’s a difference?” #retaillife@johnfbraun http://t.co/moj8ICJXUY@atlauren I call them Muggles.@iGerard no!@raguilera Dude, I’m like 200 years too late to be a cave hermit on some rich guy’s estate, right?Me whenever I see a really old person approaching the store #retaillife http://t.co/5OdFOfedtLAm I allowed to unironically like Rick Astley again, or are we still mad about the rickrolling thing? #blueeyedsoul@abazoe @andreausmc If it rings, don’t answer HE’S CALLING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE@abazoe The dramatic pause after the comma had me and @andreausmc fearing for your life@Spacekatgal Ia! Ia! Ia! Octopus plushie fhtagn!@davidcaolo holy shit! nice score.This bizarrely implies that Olive Garden _ever_ had authenticity. http://t.co/McoYOXUsW0@blenderhd Sadly no. #mid40sRemember the good old days, when we kept our ticket stubs to remember the concerts we’d gone to? http://t.co/P7VNel6eYRTHE LAST TIME I HEARD THIS MUCH COMPLAINING ABOUT U2, IT WAS KHRUSHCHEV GIVING ME GRIEF ABOUT FRANCIS GARY POWERS. -- Ike
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@Spacekatgal @danielpunkass truly the terrorists have won on this dark day.@HCMarks They haven’t done it yet using one of those newfangled typewriter thingies either, so I’m not holding out hope.@Spacekatgal @danielpunkass why do you hate america@heyjimhill It’s this guy’s wiener http://t.co/bZSoYCniOy@teenirl a)@CraigGrannell Winning an argument with an idiot is the very definition of Pyrrhic victory.Working on my new dystopian sci-fi thriller, PUMPKIN SPICE APOCALYPSE@mcelhearn @ElVox http://t.co/0wkAL1rwiQThat’s it. I’m done arguing with stupid people.@jcbouvier Sometimes the rumored ones never see action! @tim_cook@aaronmb Their service is spotty outside of urban areas. Customer service has been better than AT&T’s, in my experience.Media picks of the week: Interpol, Edge of Tomorrow, The Bone Clocks and more! http://t.co/WvOxEnwhVG via @iMore@jcbouvier Unlike, say, every other time in their history. (¬_¬)@sylvan_official Thanks for reading!@PDelahanty today’s teefury deal looks up your alley. http://t.co/prM2PYiItu
@macguitar @apollozac don't encourage him@RTRAlan Thank you!@jackbrewster The column name was Rene’s idea. :) I try to use the moniker judiciously. :D@RWR550 Thanks for reading!@mcelhearn I appreciate your advocacy of their position. I just don’t agree with it at all.@mcelhearn They also ignored the big banner on the iTunes site. My point is this isn’t a failure of communication on Apple’s side.@mcelhearn “A lot of people just ignored it.” To be clear, that’s THEIR problem. Not Apple’s.@mcelhearn @iMore Yeah, I guess this email was unclear. *eyeroll* http://t.co/kmVjen2ceo
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