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What's your favorite way to hit 10k? #fitspirationSnooze, then lose. @usefulsci http://t.co/HvfkdTNKTb@JamesGayhart Wow, that's amazing! Congratulations!
Follow these 6 sleep tips & wake up feeling better in the morning. http://t.co/19LxzlzFcV@lujameor Tap it ~5 times until it vibrates. It's just in sleep mode.@TyroneDee It can vary, but try wearing your tracker and see how accurate it is for you. If it tracks, no need to manually log.@joshhhjonesss We're working on it - stay tuned!@planty Just to BE the man who walked 1000 miles...@kimsabilona You should turn on low-battery notifications in your email settings. Then we'll email you when it's low!@Raz0r Yes you can. Learn more here: http://t.co/SV1pN8IixQWho's ready for a #FitbitBreak? Go for a walk - your emails can wait.Last day to register for the Fitbit Tiburon 1/2 & 5K with code: FITBIT for 30% off + a Flex discount at the expo: http://t.co/9SHLTVNAFu
Kick-start your week; work out today. #getmoving@daebreyk No, all of your data is saved to your account. Just set up your new tracker with your existing account.@TyroneDee It will track your step-based exercises automatically. If you do something like weight lifting or yoga though, you should log it.@MelissaRockman You're very welcome! We hope you receive it soon and can get back to stepping.
Work out tonight, feel great all weekend. #FitbitFridayExercise makes you smarter? Now that's a win-win! #FitFriday http://t.co/QvHcxG6M55I'm obsessed with my fitbit it's the only thing I talk about, I'm so boring now
Retweeted by Fitbit@mindykaling Boring? More like all-caps AWESOME. Oh and P.S., we love you. Like, a lot...Be a hero! Register for the Fitbit Tiburon 1/2 & 5K, raise $100, & get entered to win a Flex: http://t.co/9SHLTVNAFu http://t.co/VkBCePVuQa
Ever hit the running wall? These 7 simple tips will help you stay in a positive place. http://t.co/NVzNl9N6NY http://t.co/TCYGfQwZqX
Rock the race bib! Sign up the Fitbit Tiburon 1/2 & 5K w/ code FITBIT for 30% off registration http://t.co/9SHLTVNAFu http://t.co/7ZNWup71M6What song always pumps you up while working out?@Itschloebitches Nice shot! Mind if we share it on our social channels? Click to approve! http://t.co/tpu1UkhbFh#LaceUp for longevity. Weekly running = longer lives & healthier hearts: http://t.co/iDhrVEz3kK http://t.co/osVBQHrCJ6
Need some inspiration to get active this fall? These 10 tips make it super easy: http://t.co/EXKAssowzw #FitFallFeeling tired, stressed, or sad? Go work out, let us know how you feel after. #fitspiration
@beccamathis3 Nice color selection! Mind if we reshare this photo? Click to approve! http://t.co/kjZwQCMrDT@linzy_nobuto Nice work! I'd love to reshare this photo on our social channels. Click to approve! http://t.co/584KqAS9ZkTraining for a run. Now what? These 6 simple tips are key to getting started: http://t.co/YglaLiZprZHit your goals every day this week. It won't be easy, but it'll be worth it. #keepmoving
@diane_m Our products do have a 365-day warranty - just let our support team know! http://t.co/HhIsbLsHC4RT if you'll be workout out this weekend. #keepmovingHappy Friday, literally. #FitbitZip http://t.co/fWv4drLTMk
These 5 epic running movies will get you into your sneaks & out the door: http://t.co/zZHycFez1PStart making your impossible possible, one workout at a time. #getmovingEarn this exclusive bling at the Fitbit Tiburon 1/2 & 5K. Sign up at 30% off w/ code FITBIT http://t.co/xk1rk1Km9N http://t.co/g50MsTNljz
@nena_arriaga Ha, I love this! Mind if we reshare it on our social channels? Click to approve! http://t.co/U3WHi0za1S#FitbitBreak time! Can you take enough steps right now to advance on your leaderboard?Set your DVRs: we’ve got something special cookin’ on The @RachaelRayShow today. Check your local listings! http://t.co/gr6nMKEZZO@JoyTurnmire Glad you liked it, Joy!@ms_annien Thank you!@oldmanchew It will! We're working on getting this update on Android, but there isn't an ETA quite yet.Here's how Fitbit user Annemarie lost an *amazing* 206 pounds: http://t.co/Erc7iakrhn http://t.co/w7MRb9SJsG
Have you bought in to any of these 7 nutrition myths? http://t.co/SPch0UurM0Any progress towards your goals is a win. #fitspiration
Is standing the new anti-aging technique? http://t.co/6yCFbcNOb0Kick off the week right: hit your step goal today! #getmovingTrain smart with Fitbit’s 1/2 Marathon & 5K training schedules, with fitness tips created by @DeanKarnazes. http://t.co/PUIrGrVFbs
Do something this weekend you never thought was possible. #keepgoingPick up the pace! Your #UsefulScience Friday fact http://t.co/lUYCCH8Pmg @UsefulSci http://t.co/X5SKbeuiyu@BATMANDERSON Congratulations!
Christina Applegate + Tory Burch for Fitbit at a Married with Children cast reunion! http://t.co/vHaGAPpJXoIf you haven't hit your Fitbit goal yet today, consider this your reminder to take a lap around the block. #keepmoving@jennielennick Ha! Love this pic. Mind if we reshare it out to our social channels? Click to approve! http://t.co/MOXMfhXATnNeed some active motivation? Here are 20 more great reasons to #GetMoving http://t.co/72GLaCNVo2
@Dweezil1968 Nice shot! Mind if we share it on our social channels? Click to approve! http://t.co/PRZraIttM1@3bo0di Sweet pic! Can we share it on our social channels? Click to approve! http://t.co/782PD0ykvgTime for a #FitbitBreak: Step now, tweet later.@vindalooali @andydlove Thanks!@SusannaMedoff The initial run ran out, so they're in the process of making more now. Sorry for the wait!@johurimam Congratulations!@msmanet It's important to take care of yourself, too! You can make up those steps when you're feeling better.@jaxion_ It looks like it shipped out already. If you haven't received it yet, let our support team know: http://t.co/HhIsbLsHC4Meet Martha. To date, she's lost 64 pounds with Fitbit. Read her story http://t.co/0aZxDDWdpc@cmiles21 Happy fitiversary!
Challenge: put on your running shoes. Go outside. See how far you can go. #getmovingWant to run to work? Here's how to do it right: http://t.co/YUA4dllVao
@TaniyaAhmed I LOVE it! Mind if we reshare this on our social channels? Click to approve! http://t.co/w6Pcvlh4jh"Later" starts today. #getmoving@susieschmoozee Love this photo! Mind if we reshare it on Fitbit social channels? If so, you can approve here: http://t.co/Lcl4kvwkQE@susieschmoozee great pic! Mind if we reshare it on Fitbit Twitter and nstagram? Click to approve! http://t.co/dLY9h8IRbh@iscamom Nice work!@TDYLN If you go to the sleep tab on the web dashboard, you can edit or delete your sleep log.
Happy #FitbitFriday! How many steps will you take this weekend?@mimmisjoklint Sorry, we don't share our user data.@nancyholtzman Probably more like 1.5 miles. Hope it made it!Research shows that consistency really works. #FitFriday http://t.co/FYvyELnoQM @usefulsci http://t.co/eeRyVuW0xx
This Monday! Run for free w/ @DeanKarnazes, try on shoes from @thenorthface, & enter to win a race entry & a Fitbit! http://t.co/CYBqTy5yICSee how a team of musicians are using Fitbit to accomplish an amazing goal. http://t.co/XJO8EgIyX8Time for a #FitbitBreak! Get up and figure out how many steps you can take in 15 minutes.@CWilson200 Thanks for letting us know! If you go to http://t.co/HhIsbLsHC4 and let our support team know, they can help return it.
8 expert tips to counteract a day of sitting. #GetMoving http://t.co/2lpeBn1oWtRegister for the Fitbit Tiburon 1/2 Marathon & 5K & get 15% off a Fitbit + a free Fitbit sweatband on event weekend! http://t.co/xk1rk1Km9NBuild your body, one step at a time. #keepmoving@kazinstrife It sounds like it's in sleep mode. Tap it ~5 times (until it vibrates) and it will go back to normal.@jacobjcoon Of course! Just update your timezone in your account and everything will work as normal.@SJBlahBlahBlog That's great to hear - you're very welcome!Bad workouts happen to everyone. Here are easy ways to avoid it. http://t.co/00K0hwMJfy
Do one thing today that will make you healthier tomorrow. #fitspiration@SimplyBe_Nikki Love this! MInd if we reshare it? Click to approve! http://t.co/roePDhWJmR@iseektoknow Love this photo! Mind if we reshare it on Fitbit social channels? If so, you can approve here: http://t.co/4tds1AzJmlHere are the detailed routes and maps for the very first Fitbit Tiburon 1/2 Marathon & 5K: http://t.co/0AJX18wm5j
This weekend, do something you can brag about once you're back at the office. #getmovingUNREAL shot of our hard-charging ambassador Jenn Pattee Fitbitting at high elevation in Chamonix, France. http://t.co/rvploEJPs8
Have you taken a #FitbitBreak today? Stop tweeting, start stepping.5 beneficial reasons to run that you definitely want to know. http://t.co/w9ZkEX41bf@FictionVxn Congratulations on all of your progress!@ajhlee 17k steps and not quite over a flu? That's real commitment.
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