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Professor of Advertising, Creative Director, Writer, Maker, Advisor to Brands, Ad Agencies and The Next Generation. Boston University, Mullen and Beyond.

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Man Dies In Haunted House, Mistaken For Prop For Almost 2 Weeks. They thought he was a prop. http://t.co/vC6yJnufPO@SarahGFisher12 I have potentially awesome news for you. Stop by, email, call or see me before class.
London friends, I have a talented photojournalist/advertising student w/ good design skills. Arrives Lon in Jan for a semester. Internships?
Our best today, better tomorrow. Via Ben Bradlee, ex Washington Post Editor. (18 Pulitzers during his tenure.) http://t.co/X0UCTJ3CBo"This last of the lion-king newspaper editors.” One of my heroes when I was in college studying communication an... http://t.co/kxiDotPnPq@SlideShare @jg21 glad to help a fellow slidesharer.@jlferron @biogenidec it is about psychiatry but story idea is of value I think.Balls. It takes some to get some. Hoping Chris gets his book published. http://t.co/vQI9ywC6IUBalls. It takes some to get some. Hoping Chris gets his book published. http://t.co/CbExUUR3KK http://t.co/CbExUUR3KK.@cedwardswrites Great to meet you and chat yesterday. HuffPo piece is great. Wishing you success with the book. I can't wait to read it.
@SlideShare Slides here are from @edwardboches not @pbrody. Can u re-post?
Retweeted by edwardbochesDavid Lubars, @comugrad alum, reflects on a "Decade at the Top" as @BBDO global creative chief. http://t.co/PZpU6dKWI7@ScottKirsner A disaster of a company. No brand, no purpose, no clear mission. Never had one. One notch better than LA Gear. Remember them?No joke: who is funniest corporate comedian? Find out Tues at Stand-Up Boston, which benefits @community_call http://t.co/blsnafV450
Retweeted by edwardboches@dev925 Better than "Your bonus has been direct deposited?"$2.2 Billion for Reebok? A case study in a brand that never had any idea what it was -- never a clear mission or purpose. Nike = $75 BillionWhy Doctors Need Stories. Of interest to my new marketing friends at @biogenidec http://t.co/PWYWhDG5Me cc @jlferron
If you have not yet seen this doc, great story on discovery of Higgs particle. http://t.co/upvWBRuLbFGreat article on importance of both a personal and business mission. http://t.co/cK1EtnYWGbWhat do #genflux leaders have in common? They found their mission. Here's how: http://t.co/J8zt33EjxnGreat read. When Uber and Airbnb Meet the Real World. Why the Solicon Valley middleman model runs into oppositio... http://t.co/bpOLQB5yY1A new look for currency. Could you imagine US dollars changing so dramatically? What do you think? http://t.co/t5cfD2wlcY
Who do NY Times staffers follow on Twitter? Mostly NY Times staffers. And Mashable and some others http://t.co/3LP5UhmjJwFrom HBO to CBS, the dream of a la carte TV is coming true one stream at a time http://t.co/pAgL2hyKoM http://t.co/KVwIOGrGAr
Retweeted by edwardbochesWhat's wrong with agency management, layers, and the top down model. Good read. Summary: Kill meetings, keep scrums. http://t.co/tVate3GAhI
Attention spans are shrinking. From 12 seconds to eight seconds. Goldfish do better. http://t.co/D2jotQW8OxMindy Kaling talks about doing the work. Not talking about doing it. Doing it. http://t.co/hcqs7ya2qL Good interview.
Creativity is not learning what others think, it's learning what you think. "School seems to be all about what... http://t.co/4pOgvzPpkBGood post. Joe Nocera defends Amazon, taking on Franklin Foer's flawed condemnation of retail giant. http://t.co/aTV9ab3JwBFacebook and Apple will store women's eggs; helping employees manage family and fertility planning. Got benefits? http://t.co/kc2vkk8Wgf
@darrellwhitelaw @mrhowell @garethk There's Ted. There's Do. How about a? A conference. We'll have a conference. Nothing not to like.@darrellwhitelaw @mrhowell @garethk Don't come. But it's not really that. More Doers Makers Innovators session.@mrhowell @garethk Any thoughts on digital conference deck/outline?Here are some of the most influential accounts for digital strategy and consumer insights. #socialmedia #marketing http://t.co/kwXdBSUDlK
Retweeted by edwardbochesCreative Hotlist: Search for creative jobs by industry, skill or location. Even save the results. http://t.co/9XN0d8emVI via @CommArts
I just did the #HourOfCode - check it out! @codeorg http://t.co/WnTqOJbKps90 percent of our schools don't teach computer science. Spread the education of code. https://t.co/PJg7ScfytlTwitter can't make $ off of breaking news & neither can news outlets. Nobody wants to pay for that anymore: http://t.co/xP5SnlCsDy
Retweeted by edwardbochesSometes all you need is a lock off shot of the product demo and 20 seconds. http://t.co/W68e0wvzvyNow this is a startup to get excited about. LiquiGlide http://t.co/N8EeRUVpTc
Go to dinner with thin people. You won't eat as much. Or vice versa. http://t.co/KXZ90JNxXL.@mantwan Great presentation. Thx for posting.Good deck on minimum viable project. Peruse and learn. http://t.co/eeGSrUe2pa Via @SlideShareToday'Getting to MVP. What Can Wait? (Digital Project Management Summit ...' by @mantwan is the SlideShare of the day. http://t.co/DSUX0Pwc3H
Retweeted by edwardboches
Running out of ad space on the web? Apparently so. http://t.co/DOk7pO15Xi@DavidShaftel I hate to tell you, but you are about 10 years too late realizing that brunch is so over.'Talent Imitates, Genius Steals: Four Chapters on Being Creati...' by @edwardboches is the SlideShare of the day. http://t.co/oHnpjPJySE
Retweeted by edwardboches
.@Greenpeace campaign forces @Lego to end partnership with Shell http://t.co/L53Qo95hSV by @jeffcbeer via @FastCoCreate@chamberlain_s sent you message on Facebook. Hope all is well.Made in China for next to nothing, now sold there for, I would imagine, a hefty profit. Apple watch debuts in China. http://t.co/y0YK5NgMJJ@jlferron Anne asked if could do Lisbon, but can't. But keep me in mind for other situations. Thanks again for reaching out.@jlferron So great to hear. Thanks for sharing.@Kodak if you want to sell more Funsavers let me know. My studentsay be willing to license their creative ideas.It is bad enough our government spies on us or regularly conceals the truth but a website celebrating our role i... http://t.co/ktPj6dsQjQIs the U.S. Prepared for an Ebola outbreak? – Holy shit. Look at the resources needed for one patient. http://t.co/ZrSxTWXcK4
@chickengod @KodakFunSaver No. Still on the market. For the #unpostable moments..@SunMaidRaisins If you are interested, we can show you some of the creative work we did for you at @comugrad. #LorraineLooksGood.@KodakFunSaver How can you have so few followers? Is this a real account? You should see the work my students created for you this week.My @comugrad students killed it this week in their first final stand-up creative presentations. Some very good stuff. #COMCreative@SlideShare Hope you like. Latest deck posted. More on digital creativity. http://t.co/udv1HORkvxFormula for news success, according to @carr2n: enable journalists to break news, chase scoops and light up the web. http://t.co/jbWAHG4ABeMarty Baron brings the Washing Post back to the forefront of news organizations. http://t.co/bPiVvb5esW Way to go, @postbaron cc @lexikon1
Had a great time making this presentation to an international marketing group at Biogen Idec today. http://t.co/5hYynsTeKy@edwardboches Obviously. And believe me, I understand. But man, I miss your stuff (and while we're at it, I'll throw @tdefren in there, too)
Retweeted by edwardboches@arikhanson So do I. Hard to find time. But thank you so much, Arik. Flattered.Talent imitates, genius steals. And then it remixes http://t.co/yvMTVoeqnn (man, I wish @edwardboches blogged more...)
Retweeted by edwardboches25+ Apps That the TED Staff Swears Make Their Everyday Lives Easier http://t.co/MmS7AAfivw http://t.co/9oX7DK0reK
Retweeted by edwardboches@jlferron Thanks again for reaching out and inviting me. Here's the post. http://t.co/hZFM3Cq9tISlideShare recently celebrated its 8th birthday! A big thanks to all of you who helped make this happen. http://t.co/EDwhF6rSjr
Retweeted by edwardbochesWelcome to West SoHo, the new Madison Avenue. http://t.co/J6aRqe8IV9 http://t.co/m3wRUF44im
Retweeted by edwardboches@georgeprest yes. That is my point at end.@georgeprest I don't frame as message. Note the "do" phrases throughout. But thank you for the push.@georgeprest EOn too.@georgeprest Suggested examples? Was going to use Alvio. Others? Good UX? Talking to bio med company.@georgeprest @Malbonnington True. But it is a consulting request. Content stories intentional. But model applicable to more. No?@georgeprest agreed. But it is a consulting request. Content stories intentional. But model applicable to more. No?At 78, Former Executive Still Flips Burgers for $7.98. A reminder to us all. Sock away some savings; you never know. http://t.co/gU97IcbwHC@Eli_Pdg I am. But not using it much yet. Buggy and few folks there. But we shall see. Find me there if you want.@Malbonnington thank you, ben. in early talks w @mrhowell and @garethk about bringing back digital works in boston. more to come.
@bernardurban you too. Thanks.@bernardurban thx.@jlferron Me too. See you bright and early.@bernardurban Had to look that one upHeavy lifting. @IDEO developing an online school to unlock the creative potential in everyone. More info here: http://t.co/LJqukp9sJ6
Retweeted by edwardboches@bernardurban he did it. did he say it, too? damn, it's a stolen, repurposed line, isn't it?@bernardurban Oh, yes, forget. Dali said it too. Used his image as it was the best one.@garyvee Always a pleasure to see you in my stream. You guys are killing it. Great to see.@bernardurban Yes, I did a fair amount of research. Goes from Twain to Wilde, to Picasso, to Steve Jobs to @faris. The line encourages itTalent imitates, genius steals. And then it remixes. http://t.co/tRzhJD38i9Excited to give this talk and presentation for the first time tomorrow: Talent imitates, genius steals, then remixes http://t.co/8dZ99Ila10
Every now and then I feel good about America. Not every day. But some days. http://t.co/WA3ANB1dpCHill Holliday is looking for: Analyst http://t.co/5YfdTbzWEm #job
Retweeted by edwardboches@thelist @cindygallop @JackMarshall See @uberblond's new company. http://t.co/4Xr1osIJIt No space.@drkleiman The impotence if abundance. Old, but valid, argument. Potato chips? Overwhelming. Lad I don't eat them.Still the rebel. Levi's at 141 years. A mini lesson in brand archetypes. http://t.co/1NtI1Apopu #COMCreative
First 'cybermurder' will happen by end of 2014, experts warn #cybercrime. http://t.co/UCE95iWpyi@stevehall referendum. We need signatures.We need to do this. Why Massachusetts should defect from its time zone. No need for nighttime to arrive at 4:00 pm. http://t.co/NWIIqDzkTjThe ephemeral and iving in the moment. Interesting opportunity for marketers and digital storytelling. Understan... http://t.co/fmisUonODK@adbroad Yes '91. Was there and someone else stole my Clio off the stage and wouldn't give it to me. Clio made good on it. Award shows.
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