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Dan Moren @dmoren Somerville, MA

Storyteller, rocketeer. Slamming evil since MCMLXXX. Co-host of Not Playing (@notplayingcast) and Clockwise (@clockwisepod).

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@jabbermaster @BrandSanderson Wow. That was even more effective than I thought. http://t.co/ho6livrvJc“If your AC is higher than the temperature here, I’m going to punch you.” “You can’t punch him—HIS AC IS TOO HIGH.” D&D nights are the best@blankbaby Dear god.@JasonT @esritt Someone told him … and now he’s PISSED.@fraserspeirs I always forget to use the interactive notifications for Messages.@samroebuck WHY DID NOBODY ALERT ME OF THIS?@RobertGilbert @lexfri @caseyliss Swype doesn’t ask for full access. SwiftKey, well, I mean, how much do you trust any app?@MykeCole If you update from iTunes instead of over the air, you can do it without freeing up as much space, I believe.@GadgetDon That’s not an option for Swype.@medicgirl That’s my next project.@jabbermaster @BrandSanderson I’m worried about how heavy that will make my phone. It’s a big book.Force restart seems to have kicked the iCloud backup through whatever troubles it was having.@kspore Swype’s not working for me yet. SwiftKey does, though.@driveblind Yep. Haven’t had any other problems with it though.I got to use Transmit iOS while it was in beta, and as you might expect from @panic, it’s gorgeous AND functional. http://t.co/TdkZPvgmqqWell, I'll say this about Swype: Sure has a simple layout. http://t.co/djI8EuMOkx@lexfri @caseyliss Ha ha ha ha. DAMN IT CASEY.@lexfri @caseyliss Yeah, I followed the damn instructions.@lexfri @caseyliss Tried to turn on Swype, and it just shows a big gray block at the bottom of the screen. Restarting the damn phone.Man, bummer that the Apple TV update doesn’t apply to those of us with second-gen boxes.Day 37: Can no longer tell if iPad is actually updating or not. Tell my parents I loved them.It lives! A new episode of @clockwisepod where @jsnell and I are joined by @PhilipMichaels and @DanFrakes. Listen! https://t.co/vU3azfNW4OiCloud restore finally seems to be working. Fingers crossed.@kheffner Only if you sync the apps with iTunes. ;)@ChezHopa I’m guessing network problems, largely. Restore seems to be working now.@jsnell Would have liked to have one for you, but it’s been a hell of a week, and let’s face it: @viticci and @reneritchie are tough to top.My friend and mentor @jsnell writes about the demise of the print edition of @Macworld over at @verge: http://t.co/rI2Y8CcD6W@Mr_Jiggs They’re all the way up to 3.1 now?!This is, I think, the most trouble I’ve ever had with an update, by far.Restoring from iTunes did not restore apps. Erased, trying to restore from iCloud backup. “There was a problem loading your iCloud backups.”@monty_ashley I’m edumucating you.@monty_ashley I mean, it’s been in the beta since before Hyperlapse came out, I believe.Ha ha, iPad mini failed to update! It disconnected from iTunes and now progress bar is frozen at like 90%. Good thing I backed up first!“Verifying updated iPad software” hour 8.@MykeCole Well, shit, son. Insta-update.@GlennF I believe iOS 8 the band hangs out with 4chan, the hacker.@dameyer https://t.co/eGi7dsO0Sh😢 http://t.co/lzt2sitwriiOS 8 requires 4.7GB of storage…that’s going to be tricky on a 16GB iPad mini.@DanJosef @jsnell @bleedsixcolors Microsoft probably doesn’t want you reading this.@reneritchie @jsnell @bleedsixcolors Please don’t cut me.Delighted to be the first non-@jsnell writing on his new blog, @bleedsixcolors. http://t.co/DfiH7g9n5A@jsnell @jamesthomson @glebd Just add more ‘u’s.@mrgan Haven’t run into that one, but it sounds like some sort of war crime.That thing where OS X seems to crank my audio input level to the max without my intervention. Yes, that. Stop doing that.I don’t know what they’re throwing into the dumpster next door, but it sounds like maybe the whole house. Piece by piece.@GlennF My favorite correspondent is Nina Totesenberg.Gotta admit, it’s a little weird reading @TheMacalope at the same time as everybody else.@gte @reneritchie So many captains. Why wasn’t he Captain Mirror?@gte @reneritchie I mean, how do you beat the Flash with a boomerang, Guy?Our long nightmare of wondering whether or not Captain Boomerang would appear is now over. http://t.co/NIYV8evthA /cc @gte @reneritchie@MykeCole That must be convenient. You’ve already got all the clothes.@jsnell @drbarnard So what you’re saying is I need to get into the domain-squatting business.
@tankgrrl Thanks, Maggie!@blankbaby @jsnell I am a friend to all. Even my arch nemesis.@SamSykesSwears I figured it was a protest against your Buy My Book tweets.My Twitter timeline has been taken over by protesting rabbits. http://t.co/cpsN2vnbcPHelicopter was hovering directly overhead. Apparently armed robbery suspect on the loose? Crashed his car into Somerville hospital?@DanJosef Yessssss?Accidentally stumbled across this photo while looking for an old quote on libraries, and… aw. https://t.co/INE6411Qpw
Retweeted by Dan Moren@jamesthomson Good question. I probably need to set up an alias or something. I’ll get back to you on that. ;)@jamesthomson We’re not dead, James!
Gotta stay in practice, people. http://t.co/Qy7guW9hBV@tedlandau I think you need the beta versions of iWork, or some other apps that have been updated for iOS 8.@rands Combined they have sapped my will to live.Wanted: An app to tell me how many pistachios I just downed by weighing the empty shells.@jsnell Ouch. 🍺?So far today, I’ve dealt with both applying for unemployment and trying to wrangle Office Live Meeting, so things better look up soon.@scalzi Welcome. May we pahk your cah somewhere? Perhaps near Hahvahd?@_brianhamilton Writing. It’s slow.@OmitWords It is in fact Scrivener.Although I am a little worried about the blurb on the best Chinese place noting it’s “also right down the street from Somerville Hospital.”Funny to thumb through my local Somerville magazine and see a high school classmate of mine awarded “best dentist.”Novel chapters, color-coded by narrator. I guess that’s a sort of productivity, right? http://t.co/ZFJbah6NwQ@benjedwards @stevelibrarian @jsnell Shhhhhhh. It’s secret. And shadowy.@siracusa Jesus, John. Ultimart. Come on! You can never go home again, Oatman…but I guess you can shop there.@kbourgoin But the Pulp Fiction cutout was a commentary on that film being called too violent, I believe.@kbourgoin Been meaning to rewatch it some time. We should do a screening. I don’t know if there were cabinets.@humbledaisy And here I’d hoped to be the pen.In that Grosse Pointe Blank scene, I’d always hoped I’d be John Cusack, but it turns out I’m the other guy.@jnack Personally, I always loved that it goes from Live and Let Die on the soundtrack to the muzak version when he walks in the store.Can’t believe nobody’s made a GIF of this yet, but this scene from one of my favorite movies sums up this week. https://t.co/wjX5toqOUj@Genevieve @kbourgoin It’s hidden away in the Purchased tab in iTunes.@jsnell YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME.@kbourgoin http://t.co/cv54fIdTHq@kbourgoin No need to set it aflame! But I would recommend exorcism.@kbourgoin Hey, could have been worse. Could have been Nickelback.@kbourgoin http://t.co/hdalhVm2QK@robpegoraro Well, except for the getting laid off part. ;)Usually this would be the busiest week of the year for me. Instead, it’s almost 10 a.m. and I’m working on my novel. Not a bad tradeoff?Tim Cook apologizes for free U2 album: “This isn’t the kind of behavior our customers expect from us. Please enjoy this free Yanni album.”@jabbermaster @PVBrett I’ve used it for a while for digital character sheets for D&D. Great app.
@mtabini Jealous.@sarahglidden Oh, there’s more. I found a couple of early collaborations in a box of elementary school stuff my mom pulled out of the attic.Sadly, my fiction writing had always had trouble with lack of conflict. http://t.co/RgXM1F5oF0My journalistic bonafides were established early. (With illustration by @sarahglidden.) http://t.co/e6YzOGbGN2@mcelhearn I think they are moving away from iTunes for syncing.@mcelhearn Hey, I was there. ;) My guess is via the iPhone or icloud.Monkey pancakes for breakfast. http://t.co/nYlgHd2z8c@mcelhearn Actualky he did say during the keynote that there would be local storage. I asked a rep how you get music on. He ran away.
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