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Stuart Elmore @digitalgravy Peterborough, UK

Software Engineer with a passion for JavaScript, HTML and CSS. (in)Famous for fixing your code problems! Worked for @Skype. Views are my own blah blah

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@danattfield - Dan Attfield, Microsoft employee 2014.
Oreo Cornetto. Where have you been all my life?!
Just DIY'd a little Find my iPhone/Friends webpage. Now to make a PHYSICAL version! Yes! RPi & motors/actuators & wires :)@Fabricrehab Trying to purchase a load of fabrics on your website but am getting a 502 error when checking out with PayPal :(
A game about squares - http://t.co/hdKUVWwPMU
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreGame about Squares http://t.co/3CDzyZzAFV
@The_T I shed a single tear.Our lovely surveillance culture… RT @chrisspyrou yep, don't worry if you've nothing to hide...http://t.co/uPlE16eVD4 http://t.co/5u7tNjenc5
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@karlpcrowley @kersley I think this is exactly it.
@kersley DON'T BLOCK ME!!@123reg Oh, also you might want to look at changing your JS script for checking VAT numbers: http://t.co/UNBOQFoRdu@123reg you guys just went error 500 btw@Joffff @DavidDarnes @seanuk @Malarkey @lurkmoophy What?! You wimps. ALL my code is written in Brainfuck then compiled into Javascript.@andyreedman Netball. I got Netball. http://t.co/k32yuuCsXvHere's something that annoys me with game devs: release a game into 'beta' forget about it and release a new 'early alpha'. FINISH SOMETHING
@Sips_ :]@DavidDarnes *welcome back :P@HazelLCottrell @MrTimBaker @DPiPboro Yeah, sorry :( Family things...So I am the proud owner & keeper of a lush Hackintosh. Was getting a bit bored of Win8 and wanted iOS integration :)@HazelLCottrell @MrTimBaker @DPiPboro I'm afraid I won't be able to make it to the next one! :(http://t.co/EUFyAXGSEo
@danattfield ahahaha! Never would've picked you for one of our kinda gamers! :D@danattfield were you watching DOTA2 i4?!
Ahhhh... It's like a warm blanket when it's cold outside. http://t.co/XhemJoTjL0
Spotted some very optimistic code: <noscript> <script> alert("You must enable JavaScript and reload!"); </script> <noscript>
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@Joffff Yeah I know what you mean, the UI suddenly feels a bit clunky :(
This is how seriously our MPs take our privacy. Key, critical debate. Almost no-one there. #DRIP http://t.co/788G62aSRB
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore@version7 but this makes it legal, as opposed to illegal.Here's who's subject to #DRIP interceptions: You Me Journalists Civil liberties campaigners Your kids Here's who's not: MPs Peers
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreEssentially #DRIP is legally allowing the digital equivalent of the government photocopying every piece of mail you receive.Wait, wait wait... So everyone BUT the people making these laws will be monitored?! Who watches the watchers?! #DRIPYvette Cooper: "Our children know more about technology today so we need laws because we can't be bothered to understand" [paraphrased]Good lord; listening to Yvette Cooper talking about #DRIP just makes me want to emigrate to ANYWHERE ELSE.So #DRIP the new big brother surveilllance legislation, does NOT apply to MPs or Peers. Imagine that. They have more rights than your zero
Retweeted by Stuart Elmoreincredibly disappointed to see #DRIP debate being smuggled under the #reshuffle - knowing media attention will be diverted to the cabinet
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreYou can watch the #DRIP Bill going before the House of Commons live right here: http://t.co/YeWbgVVqzO Glad to see so many outraged MPs!
Retweeted by Stuart Elmorehttp://t.co/wtjxwZH74L get on it now if you care about your data!! So glad SOME MPs actually give a damn.Genuinely cannot believe how buggy @YouTube is. I'm pretty sure there's not just one dev working on it...
@HazelLCottrell so what's the new office like?!?! :D
@DavidDarnes @seanuk lol :) ❤️@DavidDarnes hahaha! Yep! Kinda like the W3C spec pages?! :p@DavidDarnes woah woah woah - steady on with that text indent buddy ;) that's a whole 'nother kettle o'fish - eh @seanuk? :p@DavidDarnes I just have the eternal struggle of wanting semantic, valid and logical markup for complete accessibility (bit of a pipe dream)@DavidDarnes so the thing is I don't think it's the perfect thing to do, but it's a good way (for most users) and I do it too.@DavidDarnes ah I see :) Yeah - meant label not input soz.@DavidDarnes *empty label (getting sleepy now!)@DavidDarnes ok - this was what I was ref'ing. An empty input with an empty span isn't semantic :p http://t.co/PBfWeAUumy@DavidDarnes true true. Hence psuedo data with selectors. Like :active on an A tag.@DavidDarnes what does the check box do semantically? And how is an empty label semantic? lol!@DavidDarnes yeah that is pretty nifty. But being able to use like :selected>.menu {display:block} would be great for example.@DavidDarnes (presume you were mistaken here as adding a random checkbox isn't semantic :p )@DavidDarnes (they do listen to devs and designers)@DavidDarnes think about the whole columns thing. And display table-cell etc.@DavidDarnes but they could come up with a better method like more psuedo selectors for all elements. Again, this is a HACK.@DavidDarnes yeah totally. This is one of those things we hack until the W3C suggest a better alternative! :(@DavidDarnes @seanuk yeah but we were talking about mobile navs though from your first tweet :)@DavidDarnes @seanuk also, valid? Yes. Semantic? Hell no. For starters you'd only USE the markup in mobile res. everyone else still has it!@DavidDarnes @seanuk the real way to find out is to always test your sites with your monitor off! :p@DavidDarnes @seanuk but yes I agree its good for no JS but would be better if :active or :selected were available in replace of input hacks@DavidDarnes @seanuk pedantics to you and I, yes, but a screen reader? No. Being told there's a random checkbox is confusing and annoying.@DavidDarnes @seanuk I mean, you might not want a random checkbox in markup, but why would vis-impaired want a random check box >at all?!<@DavidDarnes @seanuk hence bringing us right back to the legibility of using the checkbox "hack" ;)@DavidDarnes @seanuk from the point of view of multiple devs (from experience) non-semantic is hard to understand "blind".@DavidDarnes @seanuk if you give that code to someone else then they have to work out why its all the way away from the "button".@DavidDarnes @seanuk I mean I get the whole not cluttered thing, but readability / semantics / later code editing can struggle with it there@DavidDarnes @seanuk but of the checkbox is hidden then it doesn't matter where it is...@DavidDarnes @seanuk kinda - then you can keep the CSS generic if you wanna use it again later. (NB I have used this before)@DavidDarnes @seanuk I know what Im saying is no need for the CSS to be so specific. Ill do a pen in the morning to explain as Im in bed! :p@DavidDarnes @seanuk hence reusable CSS - not tied to one element === less code re-use@DavidDarnes @seanuk the for relates to an id right? Instead of specifying ids you can just add a class to the label and ref that in CSS :)@DavidDarnes @seanuk yeah you did :) however that means you have to use an ID. Wrapping it makes it multi-use with classes instead@seanuk @DavidDarnes http://t.co/htm1zzakCU "either using the for attribute, or by putting the form control inside the label element itself"@seanuk @DavidDarnes if they don't have a for (which is optional) they MUST wrap the element.@DavidDarnes yeah: <label><input type=checkbox></label>
@DavidDarnes that label seems in an odd place :-/ wrap it 'round the checkbox and hide the checkbox and it validates at least.@DavidDarnes (for visually impaired)@DavidDarnes screen reader browser@DavidDarnes I love this technique but have oft wondered that question. Tried in lots of browsers and seems good. Might be weird in JAWS tho@kersley @kersley Herman Miller Aeron!!!! I bought mine for £200 on eBay and I no longer have back pains! :D
@scottmkroberts welcome back!Something terrible could be happeing in Parliament on Monday and I need your urgent attention: https://t.co/klwYBJbZaG
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreTime to start using Tor! “@hnycombinator: Emergency phone and Internet data storage law to be brought in http://t.co/hGec82A3H7 "@version7 you've got my vote!PCH is looking nearly pretty now they've almost finished the Cavell Building :)
This is why you need to test edge use cases in your designs. http://t.co/cE9RRSGoVX #dexperty #BRAGER
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@HazelLCottrell @mrstevenallen should have asked for a packet of crisps too.@chrsmi @HazelLCottrell erm, I did none if the same! :p@HazelLCottrell hey big bum! :p
@Joffff @DPiPboro @seanuk How about a RaspberryPi live-streaming it?!@Joffff @DPiPboro @seanuk You mean you've not already setup a camera? :PPretty looking forward to tonight's @DPiPboro and to watching @seanuk's talk :)Wait, wait, wait... That 90s style marquee ALL links to the @DesignObserver twitter?! http://t.co/FNPvImgyox
@DavidDarnes @kersley @Mr_Luke @Jazzybam @PaulGale @KrisNielsen_ yes! Argrian Skies mod pack please!@DavidDarnes @kersley @Mr_Luke Holy shit balls.@SonOfaRichToo I'm already auto assigned! :D@kersley @DavidDarnes yeah but it is never good enough :(@kersley @DavidDarnes True. But writing docs can be hard. Hard, but necessary for things like APIs.@kersley @DavidDarnes Can't +1 this enough!! It's an arse to do, but good documentation can save DAYS of time.I voted to see this custom Assassin appear in the Assassin’s Creed® Unity TV ad. Join and give your support! #ACUnity http://t.co/3PzgoMeaJGWow @DesignObserver... 18.9MB for ONE PAGE?! http://t.co/oec8MXm3Yv
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