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Dave Morin @davemorin California / Montana

Entrepreneur & Investor / Co-Founder & CEO @Path / Boards of @Eventbrite, @USSkiTeam, & @SFMOMA

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@mikedicarlo @path I love the it. Brilliant. #multithreadedlife@Path Talk has multi-threaded my life. https://t.co/RbgRk0vERk cc @davemorin
Retweeted by Dave MorinWe put together a video for @Path Talk Places. Enjoy: http://t.co/TwzRV3xTPk #neverwaitonhold #messageanything@blenderhd thanks. We are optimistic.@JosephPAlbanese we like the kerning :)@blenderhd the service is built to scale and to work hand and hand with small businesses to help make communication better for everyone.@nickheer Hope you enjoy Path Talk Places, we are really excited about it.I just joined 281 donors giving a dollar a day to amazing nonprofits! #dollaraday https://t.co/4BxrZMRd1m@nickheer it was a really bad joke. Clearly I am the worst comedian ever.Whoa guys the new Path Talk app is actually super handy; it works like a charm. http://t.co/rhPHoGkTaw
Retweeted by Dave MorinPath Places: New from Path: Places gives you the power to message your favorite local businesses to reques... http://t.co/GXTSZTPgeq
Retweeted by Dave Morin@TimHaines Hey Tim, some thoughts here in the AMA I did yesterday: http://t.co/0kiWHu93zg@philtoronto @brit @mlo84 I need less technology in my yoga, not more. cc @LaurenMcHale@Kris_Bethea @michaeljackson the best!@ErikTorenberg @daveambrose @ProductHunt I could not be more delighted to have had the chance to help @alyraz and her extraordinary team.@beingsalvador @path that's our goal! :)Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough by @michaeljacksonhttps://t.co/28lJBQhvxX@LaineSari @path we are on it! Coming soon.@DroidMegatron @soulcycle lets do it.@davemorin I only do it on days that end in -omorrow.
Retweeted by Dave MorinI only #soulcycle on days that end in Y. #tapitback"77% of adults feel like they've lost their creativity." A 2-min video you need to see: http://t.co/n27tgbaEXZ #iamcreative
Retweeted by Dave Morin
@sueck thanks for the kind words. Means a lot coming from you.@cageapp thank you! Have you guys tried it yet?@harper thanks man. Hope you give it a try and let us know what you think.@blakesamic yup. Happy to work with anyone who is interested.@michaelatkinson nope :)Fresh toro by @path :) http://t.co/vrJiusSWNC
Retweeted by Dave MorinTook a few minutes to see if a book was in stock at local book store @path http://t.co/buYoPY6idU
Retweeted by Dave Morin@RonP @Path @hamburger exactly. #async4lifeThrilled for @path Talk. Works like magic. Don't call local stores. Text them! http://t.co/WnEWg0Bo1s
Retweeted by Dave MorinTook two minutes to find out if a beer was in stock at one of my favorite local spots @path http://t.co/nBQsruLD3X
Retweeted by Dave Morin@trammel that means the world to us to hear that. Thank you.The @Path Talk app is incredible - lets you chat directly with local businesses. Way to go @davemorin! http://t.co/43Y1E3xBQr
Retweeted by Dave Morin@MelodyMcC thanks for spreading the word Melody! Let's integrate with StyleSeat!@MBBdV thanks for being a loyal user.@davemorin I've used the places feature in Path Talk for only a few hours, and I'm blown away. It's saved me at least 45 mins today. Kudos.
Retweeted by Dave Morin@ArtSabintsev @markrickert @path try again. We'll get faster and faster :)New version of @Path talk out. So great. They are the *best* at design. I wish iOS looked like this. Great work @davemorin and team!
Retweeted by Dave Morin@kentoe just keep asking!@nickcrocker @pieratt on it. We will fix it. cc @rileycraneOk this is pretty awesome. Mobile concierge via @Path #brilliant #convenience Congrats @davemorin http://t.co/WfFpJsBg0e
Retweeted by Dave Morin@brendonbigley @path if you are a premium user you get your questions answered even faster.Path Talk Places: Message People and Places in One App http://t.co/ax5k8E0K3H via @davemorin on @producthunt http://t.co/GnLSiOGhth
Retweeted by Dave MorinThis is legitimately amazing @path. I will never have to talk to a real person again http://t.co/33amaKrAYJ
Retweeted by Dave MorinAMA on @Path Talk Places on @ProductHunt: http://t.co/UIJX8v85N8@alyraz @leXiro @hipcampers you have the best profile photo ever.@leXiro @alyraz @hipcampers I couldn't be more excited to help more people get outside and enjoy nature.@LucasTieleman thanks man! Really appreciate it. The team worked really hard on this one.Wow. The new @path talk is super impressive. App is back on the homescreen, awesome job @davemorin & team! https://t.co/9CLvPHb1xm
Retweeted by Dave MorinWait, @path talk is so useful. Looking forward to tweets capturing quirky/funny back&forths between places&people. http://t.co/gD2PVacunm
Retweeted by Dave Morin@micahspear @ShaneMac we will try to make it happen faster than that. Or, at least your @nest..@path turns concierge - http://t.co/iGH4uS7eQu
Retweeted by Dave MorinThis is my new virtual assistant. MT “@davemorin: Excited to bring you a new mobile super power: @Path Talk Places: http://t.co/VJyt7LB0vp
Retweeted by Dave MorinTalkTo is finally integrated with @path. One of the most useful mobile apps I've ever used. https://t.co/Zonco6TLTp
Retweeted by Dave MorinNew @Path Talk 1.1 today! Message places like "McDonalds to find out when the McRib is back." via @theverge http://t.co/PkZL9mCPYN
Retweeted by Dave MorinBeen using this for a month, it's great + v. useful RT @path: Now in Path Talk: Message People and Places http://t.co/1FxC5s5cUn
Retweeted by Dave Morin@allisonacs @pieratt Allison, some context around our thinking here: http://t.co/t01vi5EkMZ. Let me know what further questions you have.Hey @hamburger did you get that @McDonalds McRib or what? Can you pick me up one too?"One of our Path Agents will make the phone call on your behalf, doing all the talking for you." http://t.co/cu1bc1Blg8
Retweeted by Dave Morin@pieratt we are really excited about the future of what we can do with this.@absurdjon @verge coming soon. We'll get there as fast as we can.Been talking with @davemorin and @dmierau about msging a business a long time. Epic execution. Well done + @cynthia Obsessed with @path talk
Retweeted by Dave Morin@rjmancuso @verge it is rolling out now as App Store updates worldwide.@ChintanSParikh @verge we hope you love it. It was designed to save you time and make your life better.@bengold should be propagating now. It is live in some places.@YaronSamid @BillGuard would love to talk about it. cc @stuartlevinsonPath’s Latest Messaging Perk: You Can Now Text Local Businesses http://t.co/9aqv4g5Bu3 by @KurtWagner8
Retweeted by Dave MorinPath Talk lets you text businesses instead of calling, and it actually works, via @verge http://t.co/6GoKt4IAVxMicrosoft is busy announcing Windows 10 but Path has a new app that you should definitely try http://t.co/vfFkG9Ld70 http://t.co/TcSF5DeGIb
Retweeted by Dave MorinPumped that @talkto is now integrated into Path Talk. Text any business, anywhere. Congrats to @davemorin + team! — http://t.co/UFvkOXDztZ
Retweeted by Dave Morin@davemorin @path @mvanhorn this is very impressive. Excited to see how it scale/ Mind boggling that there is a human somewhere texting back
Retweeted by Dave MorinHoly smokes, @Path Talk 1.1 introduces "Places" and lets you chat directly with businesses. This is magical. http://t.co/NU4BSqdc7p
Retweeted by Dave MorinBeen using a beta version of @Path Talk Places for a bit. It is magical. http://t.co/1rJg7VKwp2
Retweeted by Dave MorinThrilled to share the magic of Places on @Path Talk! Book reservations, make appts, check prices and more. Save time and get things done!
Retweeted by Dave MorinWe could not be more excited to bring a new mobile super power to you today with @Path Talk Places: http://t.co/5482aqaG5BIntroducing Places—an update to Path Talk that lets you text any local business. Available now in the US and Canada. http://t.co/v4jqJIn9iv
Retweeted by Dave Morin@rrhoover @rrhoover @thekenyeung @davemorin let's do another one today :)Let's do this @cynthia.Commit to excellence, believe there’s always a better solution + make it all happen w/optimism: http://t.co/rRSesvP8yR via @metacool
Retweeted by Dave MorinStronger by @kanyewest (with @cynthia at Path HQ) — https://t.co/LULHxMlVMC
@chrismichel #truth Apple Pay just put a dent in that one.The endless plains of Africa. http://t.co/YgXEbvAYBQ
Retweeted by Dave Morin@Jury I love it so much. So good.@IAmMikeEdwards anytime!@IAmMikeEdwards @Jawbone @hosain yes it does. Great work by the Jawbone team.The new @Jawbone Up app is GREAT. FINALLY! Someone crushes it with a great app for super basic health and workout tracking. Props @hosain!@mulligan 3/ Which is why the URL is /moments on the web. Artifact from our website update for the Multi-App release.@mulligan 2/ Users didn't like the name.@mulligan 1/ we considered changing the name of it entirely to "Moments" actually for our Multi-App launch a couple of months ago.Just reserved my @Path Ninja Tee--money goes to charity! https://t.co/LIoEDzWqKc via @Teespring, available for the next 8 days.
Retweeted by Dave MorinHey Everyone! We've but an awesome new Path T-Shirt up for sale to support @charitywater. Vote for us and get one! http://t.co/i1numXcR9a
Retweeted by Dave MorinSeriously everyone. Passwords are the worst problem ever.
Influence should be independent of hierarchy.
Retweeted by Dave MorinHow old would you be if you did not know when you were born?Half the world's people live in just six countries http://t.co/dIo0ia43WP http://t.co/aYXKUIAjEu
Retweeted by Dave Morin
@brianarmstrong I'm a fan of @joincanopy.@thomasgutsche @path we have, and still do think about it a lot. Hard architectural questions. But our passion for it continues.@stevesi @rrhoover 2/ If it does not add value to your product ecosystem and improve life for your users, then it is a distraction.@stevesi @rrhoover 1/ I agree, which is why I argued that the most important question is: how does the app improve your product ecosystem?
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