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Italian iOS freelancer, interested in game development. cocos2d-lover :-)

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YouTube now defaults to HTML5 video. Open standards (eg. MSE & VP9) have reduced buffering by 50% & bandwidth by 35% http://t.co/doMWIPH3kU
Retweeted by DanieleLooks like TestFlight is going to be closed, any alternative for in-house testing?
You don't say. http://t.co/RQ4CTft6LA
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use NS_REQUIRES_SUPER, but define if not already defined https://t.co/sn8g4JpU2nWhat is the best way to handle large Swift Project? [Score:8] http://t.co/uInNBA8ZNF
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SUCCESS: 26/26 (100%) Tests passed http://t.co/Eh4tzKgiQV
Retweeted by DanieleExcellent guide on making a scalable web app/site with Amazon Web Services by @ohmygoshjosh: http://t.co/Z4Dm4xihd6
Retweeted by DanieleOur new Patron Connect technology was named a tech trend that could change ticketing in 2015 by @RealDaveBrooks http://t.co/TpKTJAI5Hw
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WhatsApp doesn't understand the web http://t.co/y6nWNwmnVa"Job hunting as a software developer" via @KeLuKeLuGames http://t.co/nrS7UTB92p
Retweeted by DanieleSwift code smell: - "!" Don't unwrap optionals explicitly. someVar! - No, no #swiftang #Swift
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Vendini PES Championship #3 (again) - Yay! http://t.co/tMzVnJEQKHPeople fight about functional programming because the fights are completely predictable, parallelize trivially, & also have no side effects.
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Swifty APIs: NSUserDefaults http://t.co/WhKQuIc1AdWorking at Netflix http://t.co/5EKMCxYHNPWow, this is huge! – LLDB is Coming to Windows http://t.co/lierWJ5JZD
Retweeted by DanieleWhen the specs change after we pushed to production http://t.co/cisWJsCHjc #thecodinglove
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Unsold Google Glass Units To Be Donated To Assholes In Africa http://t.co/NMJO4ujGW1 http://t.co/ndLEctTNs2
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Help a blind person see with the #BeMyEyes app - the app that connects blind people with sighted helpers! http://t.co/nsNcW51KqMStuck reverse engineering a signal or protocol? Hire Oona to help with it: windyoona@gmail.com http://t.co/QMf4UpcZ1M
Retweeted by DanieleThat is a nice touch in a deployment script. I really appreciate it :) http://t.co/CjijMb7TAq
Retweeted by DanieleVideo of my 25min intro to Microservices talk from @GOTOber https://t.co/lsOgScnUCu
Retweeted by Danielehttp://t.co/75GlP7WymL #jobsearch #developer #javascript #iOS #androiddev #php
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Apple's new programming language is growing like crazy http://t.co/Dx03T6ISXF http://t.co/k8dHaO6aZg
Retweeted by DanieleMind = BLOWN Ive seen chromes dinosaur thousands of times but I never knew… If you press space it becomes A GAME! http://t.co/ZL1bA7BusG
Retweeted by DanieleWow, it's a beautiful day outside. I should probably do something. *closes the blinds so there isn't a glare on my screen* ~ Developers
Retweeted by DanieleVisualizing city densities http://t.co/kw9vZrSNPN
Retweeted by DanieleThe PHP7 Revolution, yo. Some devs shrugging, some thrilled, some shitting their pants! I for one, can't wait! http://t.co/J9D9vhoa2P
Retweeted by DanieleMan Saves Wife's Sight by 3D Printing Her Tumor: http://t.co/eeaugEWWSySo Google seems to have learned I go to the gym (how?) rather regularly and now suggests it in Now with "Time to gym". Huh.
Retweeted by DanieleProud to be working with such an awesome festival like the Sweetwater @420fest -- our CEO @marktacchi is pumped! http://t.co/HfJuKZkfoU
Retweeted by DanieleI seem to be the last person in the tech world who believes developers should have private offices. http://t.co/pD7PC70UbT by @df07
Retweeted by Danielehttp://t.co/XeDF0S1fP6
Retweeted by DanielePlease help me improving Xdebug, and fill out this short 3 question survey about the default maximum nesting level: http://t.co/Hio6RYQCQi
Retweeted by DanieleThe Rise and Fall of the Lone Game Developer http://t.co/JPeSKWwh80
@steipete what about using a hasBeenProperlyInitialized, raising in every public method which has been called with a false flag #overkill xDToo true ... http://t.co/OuihswblVY
Retweeted by DanieleThe idea of needing to update PHP 4-style code for PHP 7 is causing some older developers to utterly lose their shit: http://t.co/W5fMHjaL4n
Retweeted by DanieleBe My Eyes – Lend your eyes to the blind - http://t.co/C1zf4QBuaF What an amazing idea to help people!
@MarcoMatarazzi LOLWow. Epic. http://t.co/BLQmr469J4
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The reality of unit testing and continuous delivery :-) #tdd #unittesting #CI #jenkins #phpunit #php #web http://t.co/QVsrtGdIQN
Retweeted by Daniele2015 trend: PHP bashing http://t.co/DU73SPPezD http://t.co/WUBiOzm4Yy
Retweeted by DanieleAh, prod is down because someone accidentally TOOK THE SERVERS OUT OF THE DATA CENTRE AND BROUGHT THEM TO THE OFFICE http://t.co/TsUSkFRDln
Retweeted by DanieleGreetings Denver! We're ready to get our INTIX on tomorrow. Are you with us? #intix2015 http://t.co/pdNHYBgWhb
Retweeted by Daniele@tapbot_paul @SwiftLDN The biggest problem for us, is compilation time, it compiles every *.swift every time. It doesn't scale for big projs
Long Live Cocoa: http://t.co/8zX14J2fqx
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Remember I said I'd make a game a week in 2015? Time to report on my first week... I'm now making a game a month.
Retweeted by DanieleThe Amazing SpiderDad - 5yr Old Son Battling Cancer Gets Surprise: http://t.co/2TwPkubWjx
Reusable Software? Just Don't Write Generic Code http://t.co/obhVYTjfVNhttp://t.co/WNMiyedO9B
Retweeted by Daniele@CocoaPimper FYI I have Jabra Revo bluetooth and they work pretty well with mac os x.Negative correlation: #UK immigration map vs #UKIP (anti immigration party) voting hotspots Via @nikolasander http://t.co/hj22dUR1a4
Retweeted by Daniele@bitwaker so much true! we had a crash on start caused by typhoon that came out only when we released on TestFlight to start testing the appUIKit has hidden, useful debug flags for gesture/touch/animation logs, enable "InternalBuild" mode to switch them on. http://t.co/sDX3WAYSey
Retweeted by DanieleTeach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Teach a man to code and he will never stop asking you questions...ever.
Retweeted by Daniele#France's most famous cartoonist, 87 year old Uderzo - father of Asterix - comes out of retirement for #CharlieHebdo. http://t.co/SyNChbpYD6
Retweeted by DanieleStop More Bugs with our Code Review Checklist http://t.co/KALdG70HAi
"Yep, just put a link to the website on the advert" "Done." http://t.co/O5hax6qNNP via @scottreid1980
Retweeted by Daniele#CharlieHebdo's editor Charb, assassinated today, said in 2012:"I prefer to die standing than to live on my knees." http://t.co/BotiJy7EGP
Retweeted by DanieleCryptoSwift major update #SwiftLang ✓ AES cipher ✓ PKCS#7 padding ✓ Cipher-block chaining ✓ Cipher feedback https://t.co/Sb8KNjCgt6
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Two great reads making the case for Functional Reactive Programming: (1) Input and Output by @joshaber: http://t.co/Gu16AXL28h
Retweeted by Daniele(2) Why Reactive(Cocoa)? by @sprynmr: http://t.co/LGtXvGgjEc
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@NSHipster thanks for all your hard work!My current general rule: 50 lines: small class 100 lines: medium class 150 lines: large class 200+ lines: needs refactoring
Retweeted by Daniele@109mae definitely not the best series around there...you should try Black mirror (mini-serie), Fargo, and Utopia, all great stuff!Found in a 1995 book of "useless" japanese inventions: the selfie stick. http://t.co/FI49ysDp2i
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The Six Dumbest Ideas in Computer Security http://t.co/5rOQ8PokcGYes, this is real. "The JavaScript Equality Table" http://t.co/7qmzQQlxwv http://t.co/4P5wnu1sIu
Retweeted by DanieleDash generated $271,500 in 2014. The single developer tracked App Store vs site sales, hours spent, rev/day, etc. http://t.co/ZPJWNsFgJA
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Retweeted by DanieleDear @marriott -- I will **never** stay in your hotels if you get FCC permission to block personal hotspots. http://t.co/Bc2UrNLcyo
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Saving a Project and a Company http://t.co/WufndKEBVE
How Wikipedia used PHP's HHVM to cut load time in half http://t.co/mcsYcWENc6The Death of Cocoa http://t.co/xZB7WE8KkF
If you opened an issue on #Symfony, can you close it if it is not relevant anymore? That would help us a lot, thanks. If not, RT :)
Retweeted by DanieleApple introduces 14-day no questions asked refunds for App Store & iTunes in EU countries http://t.co/YxEsC7gggX
Retweeted by Daniele
Brilliantly made TED talk about Nikola Tesla. http://t.co/HeHRjNqYt5
Retweeted by DanieleAmazing talk about Swift and ReactiveCococa https://t.co/RsMVV95mln via @ColinEberhardt
What happens when you introduce 29 reindeer to an isolated island? http://t.co/hXreVCtTjmCan I use #swiftlang yet? ☑ Less Xcode crashes ☐ Less Source Kit crashes ☐ Incremental builds ☑ @CocoaPods support http://t.co/crfXZz9xI2
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Looks like #santaclaus got confused and brought me the same present as 1992... #atari2600 http://t.co/7HqN4Qai6d
Retweeted by Daniele
"Bindings, Generics, Swift and MVVM" - A clever approach to MVVM with swift! http://t.co/Ggc2cWpImVAt 6y/o my software development training began when my dog went missing & I followed his tracks 5mi into the woods. He was in the garage.
Retweeted by DanieleIn Austin, @mzarra talks about the *best* approach to using Core Data in a multi-threaded environment: http://t.co/CjUHGbSVeP
Retweeted by Daniele“At one point … the car recognized and halted for a cyclist who was concealed behind a row of hedges.” Radar, baby! http://t.co/8MhGo4Bdmq
Retweeted by DanielePHP's new hashtable implementation - Nikita Popov http://t.co/x5dNJv4ROK
Retweeted by DanieleApple: “Up to iOS 5, no one used IB (…) it’s very different than what the docs are telling you” http://t.co/Gv5zl1neII
Retweeted by DanieleA circus in Italy has been closed after trying to pass off two dogs as pandas http://t.co/arCuOX6yhl http://t.co/q6R1IvOoez
Retweeted by DanieleYo también he pedido un palo de selfies por Navidad. http://t.co/yW4vhkRHH0
Retweeted by Daniele
@Rif_ il bar del Famila potrebbe averne delle copie xD
The thing where you've solved a problem, and can now close 46 tabs
Retweeted by DanieleCena della #fabbrica 2014. Che squadra fantastica! http://t.co/PF5SzIIATL
Retweeted by DanieleHow every programmer over 30 feels. http://t.co/LflWYHDF6E
Retweeted by Daniele"Dijkstra was probably a bit heavy on drugs or something" (Linus Torvalds on Semaphores) http://t.co/ySbwWwy822
Retweeted by DanieleI enjoyed reading drafts of @thejayfields 's book on effective unit testing. Now it's launching officially at http://t.co/aJ35XcQlyI
Retweeted by Daniele
PSA: If your daily workflow involves using Git, please clear 15 minutes of your time during the coming hour. We're releasing a critical 0day
Retweeted by DanieleThe SpriteBuilder guy is giving a talk! "We don't have a Swift compiler for Android yet, but we hope to by the summer" O. M. G.
Retweeted by DanieleIn case you thought your job was stressful http://t.co/gwEA9fLnX9
Retweeted by DanieleRule #1 of software engineering: you don't have any choice about which part of the code base you'll accidentally become the expert on.
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