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dan burgess @dansolo The village & the woods

Creative Activist/Catalyst/Sherpa/Dreamer Unlearning, Not Knowing and Noticing everyday @channelswarm @g00dfornothing @_wildcamp @wearewildthing

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Don't muddle efficiency with reducing emissions! My response to @zacharykarabell piece "@NaomiAKlein is wrong" http://t.co/XHjkziaEbO @grist
Retweeted by dan burgessHow Tory policy affects you: a handy flowchart #cpc14 (done for @huffpostukcom) http://t.co/a6KAmRF7ja http://t.co/2QIQ1Pqmwt
Retweeted by dan burgessIs this not the point at which we challenge the inevitability of endless growth on a finite planet? If not now, when? http://t.co/dCy1e2qL8U
Retweeted by dan burgessOperation Throbbing Climate 2015 @GFNSydney @GFNRotterdam @gfnipswich @GFNGirls @GFNLeeds @MadeInLambeth in so far….. #climatethrob
Retweeted by dan burgessby fucking your mind up until you start seeing your life as a journey where you just buy stuff.
Retweeted by dan burgessEven Steve Jobs didn’t give his kids iPads > http://t.co/9DZGL24DvM #wildtime
Retweeted by dan burgess"Insects rule the world, but they don’t talk about it" > 21 Laws of Nature from a child’s view > via @orion_magazine http://t.co/SpIEPviefV
Retweeted by dan burgessWell, obviously everyone in the world must have posted this by now, but anyway: https://t.co/2x6LxiBZOH Astonishing & brilliant.
Retweeted by dan burgessI'm going to be doing my utmost to ensure the Tories fail spectacularly & I you should too. First: register to vote: https://t.co/VrmVNujsit
Retweeted by dan burgessHuman consumption driving wildlife loss - http://t.co/GxX4idnHJu via @the_ecologist
Retweeted by dan burgesswhoop! tickets to see @underworldlive in Bristol secured… http://t.co/qgbDFYq9m8Be generous, keep it wild, build human energy, look for beautiful solutions. Themes emerging as @channelswarm focus areas across our work
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ssshhhh RT @g00dfornothing: Operation Throbbing Climate 2015 is live….Food security @NewStatesman We should start by ensuring National Pollinator Strategy delivers for Britain's bees https://t.co/gqO36CQisW
Retweeted by dan burgessSo, that's half of all Earth's wildlife lost in just four decades. Good work humanity! What do you do for an encore? http://t.co/Oj2aBNhEqJ
Retweeted by dan burgessOne of the reasons we're planning some walking #wildcamp days soon -> http://t.co/3eCVRRIBes. It's all about Presence!
Retweeted by dan burgessOur talk today... with Galahad Clark, @dilyswilliams and @dansolo http://t.co/68ieU9cDtJ
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Climate? What Climate? Osbo ignores future environmental risks at #CPC14...http://t.co/VGY8KYc3IW @Energydesk
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Need more trains this week. Only done half the country @ Bath Spa railway station http://t.co/syqhskgGXRooh, yes please, coming soon Shazam for birdsong > @warblrUK@cjlinnecar I did @g00dfornothing it changed my life ;-)"We must listen to poets." -Gaston Bachelard
Retweeted by dan burgess"It’s an experiment to see if we can do the work that we love without killing ourselves." Wisedom from @uberblond https://t.co/FjM7R1Rr8X
Retweeted by dan burgessConversations underway this week with smart folk in Eindhoven and Sao Paulo. Watch this space #goodinyourhood
Retweeted by dan burgessShould Govt make fracking laws easier, it asked? 99% said 'no'. 1% said 'yes'. Govt went with the 1%. https://t.co/kkZXmhOA7x
Retweeted by dan burgess200 years after the start of the industrial revolution, UK is once again a nation running on coal. http://t.co/1cf2fV1Jlo #peopleVScoal
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looks like #Climate2014 is going to be swiftly airstriked out of public consciousness#CheltenhamSecretary of State for house music and raves - I’d vote for that#birminghamnewstreetWe're still not even close to saving the planet after the largest climate summit ever: http://t.co/dKsrjRYzDq http://t.co/orqP1TREU0
Retweeted by dan burgessWhen isn't it? “@dansolo: isn’t it time for a massive acid house revival?”
Retweeted by dan burgess@jeshuamaxey @dansolo In a field in the middle of nowhere/warehouse somewhere, sun coming up, piano break drops, crowd go bonkers. That's it
Retweeted by dan burgessisn’t it time for a massive acid house revival?#WolverhamptonLoving using @SlackHQ - totally made for @channelswarm style workingurban Kingfishers > http://t.co/idR16qok3p #wildtimeDiversity -> makes us smarter -> builds collective intelligence -> grows shared beliefs -> properly changes things http://t.co/ZRsL6i0QXz
Retweeted by dan burgess#DidYouKnow #birds grow new brain cells to help them sing better during the breeding season? http://t.co/MpHe32oCoV http://t.co/eR50heiVPP
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162 leaders talked at #Climate2014 , here’s 10 who made ambitious pledges, (note UK is missing) > http://t.co/vFUPSInlQm #doingnottalkingThe Case for Generosity -> http://t.co/cAq818BF5n
Retweeted by dan burgessPhotographer captures the kingfishers living in London's network of concrete water channels http://t.co/IpQkAJ8zpw http://t.co/IgsSP5CY9B
Retweeted by dan burgessCutting edge weight technology for magazine insert concept @ Fieldwork http://t.co/zZO0U9wXAkChez madebyfieldwork @ Fieldwork http://t.co/0qSVTcHQVk@LeoDiCaprio telling ‘leaders' how it is at #Climate2014 > "with ecosystem collapse comes economic collapse" > http://t.co/wbRHfmV3tyNot only in India, major TV channels largely ignored #PeoplesMarch on Climate Change. Shows big media is no longer the voice of the people.
Retweeted by dan burgess, @David_Cameron yesterday @UN "I pledged to lead greenest govt ever & ...we have kept that promise" MPs last week: http://t.co/ZZJDgJgZ1o
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'Every child should have an education in arts and culture', argues RSA Chair, Vikki Heywood http://t.co/S09kMcqmoU
Retweeted by dan burgessUltimately our planet will fix itself and be okay But it wont have an environment that will support 8 billion of us. we are on borrowed time
Retweeted by dan burgess, @David_Cameron speaking at UN now. Already repeated "greenest Govt ever" pledge. Extraordinary claim.
Retweeted by dan burgessUnder coalition government, emissions from coal went up 19%. Let's put a stop to that. http://t.co/vDAThxEhmI #peopleVScoal #climate2014
Retweeted by dan burgess"We need to ...end fossil fuel subsidies" says @David_Cameron Yet his Govt handed out £2.7bn in new subs this year https://t.co/xAf0Sjo5pF
Retweeted by dan burgessOff to London town to bring @_wildcamp vibes to the @yearhere crew on their big night.
Retweeted by dan burgessHeading to Oxford to spend a couple of hours with the Hub Ventures team. Worth watching this lot, they are going places…
Retweeted by dan burgessThis is ace, @120from, the future’s local, we can network for the rest > http://t.co/dQuHrDNBrD #weekendescape@175viatribunali ;-)
We must not turn debate into ‘pissing contest’ between growth & #climate & #environment - Lord Stern http://t.co/m93kTYOh3F #PeoplesClimate
Retweeted by dan burgessPreview: The #Climate Crisis http://t.co/gXGozM7yzF #connectthedots http://t.co/LwcetOeeQ7
Retweeted by dan burgess700 financial institutions controlling £30bn of assets pledge to divest from fossil fuels http://t.co/jskgbeJrob @FossilFree_UK
Retweeted by dan burgessLovely people doing lovely things. Invest in @HermioneTaylor and @The_DoNation via @Crowdcube now! http://t.co/PTiCqnm0Q3
Retweeted by dan burgessLondon chapters, friends and good folks, we’re having a meet up next month to plot some missions, come along > http://t.co/sbp1ipNRBI
Retweeted by dan burgess@RichLouv on need for "Nature-rich schools. Nature-rich towns. Nature-rich workplaces. A nature-rich civilisation": http://t.co/ayXkncb0UX
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Well done @bbcnews for your 10 second piece on #PeoplesClimate at the end of your program - what planet are you lot on?Amazing (& horrible) images of California drying up. http://t.co/1jEc8DGMSB #climatechange #PeoplesClimate #drought http://t.co/9IkiMKWCjX
Retweeted by dan burgessWhoa. RT @_michaelpoland_: Another aerial shot of #PeoplesClimate March NYC http://t.co/SkQcVCV8gX
Retweeted by dan burgessHaven't blogged for a while. Not being able to head to today's #PeoplesClimate March gave me a jolt -> http://t.co/DehdD4sq1q #itsforthekids
Retweeted by dan burgessDis is true. #walkthewalk #fortheloveof #peoplesclimate #climatemarch http://t.co/ASkCgfcNn6It is always easier to deny reality than allow our worldview to be shattered @NaomiAKlein #climatemarch
Retweeted by dan burgessWhy we march, from Paul Hawken: "It gives sinew and muscle and bone to truth...it's not game over, it's game on, and the wild card is you."
Retweeted by dan burgessAt #PeopleClimate March Ban Ki-moon accepts @Avaaz petition calling for #climate2014 action. http://t.co/LZJqrGUdAV
Retweeted by dan burgess#PeoplesClimate, you are beautiful. Keep this moment in your hearts for the struggle to come.
Retweeted by dan burgessNature knows how to create a sustainble economy. Happy to march alongside you @LeoDiCaprio! #climatemarch #biomimicry http://t.co/iK8JjN9fKd
Retweeted by dan burgess“We have two paths: either capitalism dies or Mother Earth dies. - @EvoMorales #PeoplesClimate #FloodWallStreet #climate2014
Retweeted by dan burgessCO2 emissions set to reach new 40 billion tonne record high. @gcarbonproject update ahead of #Climate2014 NY summit http://t.co/XL07Fa9rIM
Retweeted by dan burgessOur apologies for anyone whose march section isn't moving yet... there's never been a climate march this big. #PeoplesClimate
Retweeted by dan burgess#fortheloveof bats, zebras and a whole load of awesome creature creations today #peoplesclimatehttp://t.co/cd2MzDhUvZWhen we come together like this, we drown out the doubters. Keep speaking the truth - we're winning. #peoplesclimate
Retweeted by dan burgessAnyone? #peoplesclimate #climatemarch #fortheloveof @ Parliament Square http://t.co/rRxCFkqRQ4Imagine #peoplesclimate #climatemarch #fortheloveof @ Parliament Square http://t.co/W5NkiMF8F9Brilliant vibe, energy and diversity on this march today. That's what we should be growing.… http://t.co/E4NlbfG2TDOnwards! #peoplesclimate #climatemarch #walkthewalk @ London Paddington Station http://t.co/dRJ9iV7gULPlacard creation on the train to London #peoplesclimate #climatemarch #walkthewalk http://t.co/XxN0JQO9Or
Rose Hipster @ Basecamp Burgess http://t.co/BZHDuup0X6It's all about the rosehips today #forage #flubuster #abundance #naturesgifts @ Widcombe Hill. http://t.co/XVkmCd77kk@dansolo Hell yeah! Let’s do it. Put Climate Change back on the agenda #ClimateMarch http://t.co/PO8lu6I3dA
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Autumnal utterings from the Mothership ->... http://t.co/gk9vloQF6k
Retweeted by dan burgess"It blows the hierarchical, inequality based current economy out of the (3d printed) bathtub” > Class @citizenjules http://t.co/U8Slnmu9BjDear Scotland, please turn all your political energy to the subject of Climate Change. You have a fabulous Renewable Energy plan. Go for it!
Retweeted by dan burgess@rustyrockets encourages people to #walkthewalk & join Sunday's #climatemarch https://t.co/XWfPlO9K3x. He'll need to wear shoes in London.
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Powerful video: No matter what you think about Syria here’s one video that you need to see http://t.co/qKk0d9Gitr #WithSyria
Retweeted by dan burgessGot skillz and some free time? Join @g00dfornothing at Hyper Island this weekend and be part of something awesome http://t.co/bLq2GHwaUd
Retweeted by dan burgessDesmond Tutu's #climate summit prayer: "Through greed, we have established an economy that destroys web of life" http://t.co/2XsHGWN87p
Retweeted by dan burgess@MrPaulDD @ImmyKaur yep, it was the level of engagement, activeness, expression, energy I was referring to ;-) Not the #passivemassiveShrooms #wildtime @ smallcombe woods http://t.co/t779yhN3QP
My Gramps was Scottish, love Scotland, no idea of yes v no but love that folks are engaged & participating in their future England take note
.@secgen "We can no longer afford to burn our way to prosperity." @NewClimateEcon #WeMeanIt http://t.co/leVk8N3ar5
Retweeted by dan burgessFor folks that go, 'yeah climate change what about jobs/growth etc’ > http://t.co/GZlgMSPMoe #growgoodtaxtoxic@wearewildthing How will kids learn to manage risk if they aren't exposed to the 'dangers' of a flying horse chestnut seed?
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"I am gone into the fields to take what this sweet hour yields" #wildtime @ Rainbow Woods http://t.co/iWG6TsiJcK
Rewilding > The nature of wildness http://t.co/fIINd3akRa cc. @_wildcamp
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