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dan burgess @dansolo The village & the woods

Creative Activist/Catalyst/Sherpa Dreaming a new dream//Unlearning everyday @channelswarm @g00dfornothing @_wildcamp @wearewildthing father & husband

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Pls RT if you agree that @TheGreenParty should appear in the TV election debates https://t.co/kh0AkdlAC7 #TVdebates http://t.co/Um0KuFjBAH
Retweeted by dan burgessLetter to @David_Cameron & @EdwardDaveyMP from climate scientist @KevinClimate on inadequacy of EU2030 climate goals http://t.co/aex7zFGWig
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Somewhere there... @ Sutton Benger http://t.co/cVINl8OSfm
I am sorry on behalf of all humanity that there are only 6 white rhinos left on the planet. Humans are so good at wrecking things.
Retweeted by dan burgessMorning! @ Basecamp Burgess http://t.co/u09qlvVeyw
Massive turnout for our next London meet up! lettuce know if you want to come, see if we can free up more space > http://t.co/Gi4bnFPXHm
Retweeted by dan burgessGetting the creative industry to Break the silence on Climate change > http://t.co/GMSsFvXxff
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Gone early on the @beerbods it's my birthday so it's fine - a classy ale. Cheers to the london… http://t.co/JMrXFH8nzzBirthday woods vibe #wildtime @ Lower Woods Nature Reserve http://t.co/pXKry5MgEHA great advert, (not often we say that) > http://t.co/mjLkhn0niF
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The autumnal gathering of the Wild Council part of the Wild Network @wearewildthing @ Global Generation http://t.co/lmP0tBYsB6
Awesome takedown of SSEs and Adam/Eve's latest piece of greenwashing, manipulative #adwank from @frucool -> http://t.co/Sg4POcVMHx
Retweeted by dan burgess"Four middle-aged white men arguing over whose turn it is to rearrange the deckchairs as the Titanic sinks?” > http://t.co/PxeOvIpdSrWow! 40,000 signatures in less than 4 hours. Keep signing & sharing! http://t.co/EYvZfdfU0n #leadersdebates Please RT http://t.co/sBT4ARdwiT
Retweeted by dan burgessHere's @CartoonRalph's take on the proposal to allow fracking firms to pump 'any substance' under our homes http://t.co/UqP694nFND
Retweeted by dan burgessI truly believe http://t.co/10N4qgvOoZ should become integrated into British education at all levels.
Retweeted by dan burgessRaveBots “@ChrisRawlinson: Interesting Drone use - @Spotify ‘PartyDrone’ Specially Built for Dance Festivals http://t.co/GmIMdRtIjF
Retweeted by dan burgessGiving. Lots written about it but can be simple. Give someone you love a hug. Generosity & kindness equal wealth, more than we all realise..
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Rapidly Increasing Irrelevance (RII) - a new brand metric we’ve just coinedGet @CarolineLucas into the #debates. They're not some private men's club! ....I'm right about that... aren't I...? #democracy #GE2015
Retweeted by dan burgessa legend > http://t.co/DvYIqFLOPp @TheDJGospel: RIP to Mark Bell from 90s techno group LFO #RIP@koopstakov @faris yo! there’s this one > http://t.co/tlV9eR1WBp"We need the possibility of escape as surely as we need hope...” -Edward Abbey | Good morning. http://t.co/4jvxMODLrH
Retweeted by dan burgessTake the time to stop and talk to strangers - Phones and People via @CartoonRalph http://t.co/fPQniWE2T6
Retweeted by dan burgessBig news! Mark Carney, Gov of Bank of England, warns investors the "vast majority of oil reserves are unburnable" http://t.co/VUrNkRKzqp
Retweeted by dan burgessWhen they compare it to size of NYC.. then the break-up of Greenland IceSheet hits home! @chasingice #ClimateChange http://t.co/wteTwTTm6B
Retweeted by dan burgessStunning film from @FinisterreUK with epic words from @dancrockett, made me shiver and long for the sea > http://t.co/bAVFy7TPjW
Souper Sunday @ Basecamp Burgess http://t.co/eklH0K95i0
10 Forces Can Bring Sustainability and Marketing Closer Together, FINALLY #sustainability #marketing #SB14London http://t.co/GddGRTIxSc
Retweeted by dan burgess@SustainBrands London looking good > http://t.co/kyYBEVqsuq We’re hosting a panel on building brands that invite ppl to solve real problems
Retweeted by dan burgess@BeerBods yeah you’re right I went way too early ;-)@BeerBods still waiting for my delivery ;-(
Coal plants could get £2.2bn of bill payers' money http://t.co/9B8pvrcdQo < RT if u think this is what we DON'T need http://t.co/5nfpUheoeI
Retweeted by dan burgess@drownedcityfilm this looks ace. I used to co-run a web radio station from a shed in East London back in 2000! I shall check it oot ;-)people can change things > LEGO were letting Shell put logos on kids' toys. But they're not any more! #SaveTheArctic http://t.co/cOdsQlOafq
I just backed Clorofilia Magazine on @Kickstarter http://t.co/EKbgVN0kb3"If we can't figure [our relationship with nature], we're cooked!" @peter_seligmann of @ConservationOrg #NatureIsSpeaking #SXSWEco
Retweeted by dan burgessEbola Isn’t About Bodily Fluids; It’s About Poverty, Lack of Infrastructure & Environmental Destruction http://t.co/Jew3Fah1u5 @earth_desk
Retweeted by dan burgessCongrats to University of Glasgow - first in Europe to divest from fossil fuels! http://t.co/6f8PbwJNYR #fossilfree
Retweeted by dan burgessCome join a London gathering of Good for Nothingers end of month. Plotting 2015 missions and stuff , all welcome > http://t.co/sbp1ipNRBI
Retweeted by dan burgessHow do we actually abandon a system we don't believe in? Q to @ceisenstein @greatseedfest. A "Mass non-compliance in the rituals of society"
Retweeted by dan burgess“the only way to beat people who have a huge amount to lose is to gather many more people who have much more to gain” http://t.co/gEbP5K9EiX
Retweeted by dan burgessmmm industrial cleverness > RT @SoilAssociation: #Neonicotinoids 5000 times more toxic than DDT - @DaveGoulson #saconf #keepbritainbuzzing
@JayGreasley @tomfarrand nice! you should come to this Jay > http://t.co/DFGjkk8Efh@175viatribunali @tomfarrand rave on ;-)"We need to start the climate debate in the right place. That is, there are no non-radical solutions" @NaomiAKlein #GuardianLive
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"We don't get change from generosity of those in power, we get change by organising from the bottom up" #GuardianLive
Retweeted by dan burgessHan Solo voicing the ocean’s perspective on our destructive human behaviour > http://t.co/maDxBZRcnr #NatureIsSpeaking@ivoivo mailed ya back ;-)@ivoivo Monsieur! Pinged u a mail about a conference thing. Could you lettuce know if of interest or not. thanks dude
So much hope and possibility here, total opposite of the cynicism and spin of mainstream politics, how to harness? > http://t.co/6LoWmr080hA day in the woods with legend storyteller Chris from @WildWiseDevon confirms that all this 'brand storytelling' guff is total jibberjabberA BIG thank you to @galahadclark + @dansolo who joined us this week & urged us to act: http://t.co/d2BnRe0NJn #LCFfreshers #LCFGreenThoughts
Retweeted by dan burgessA day exploring the craft of environmental story telling in a wood in Devon. Top end to a nutty week.… http://t.co/fL7JfkOeC2Morning @ The Seaside http://t.co/6CZeh67BBq
Mentalist week of @channelswarm up in the smoke. Tomorrow to Devon for a day of nature inspired storytelling with @WildWiseDevon #wildtimeIn public consultation, 99% of public opposed controversial fracking drilling law. Govt still press ahead. WTF?! http://t.co/2cX1ByRcws
Retweeted by dan burgessWhat's destroying our world? The persistent idea we’re separate of it & other species, immune to what we do to them >http://t.co/QQPCEkQIpyThe older I get the more I realise how poetry helps us: see the world anew and make sense of our place in the world #NationalPoetryDay
Retweeted by dan burgessA "Petrolhead" as the next EU Climate boss?! You couldn't make this stuff up > Click here #STOPCanete: https://t.co/aS49xS2dRe
Retweeted by dan burgess35,000 walruses with nowhere to rest: This is what climate change looks like http://t.co/MD39oS3MIl
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Don't muddle efficiency with reducing emissions! My response to @zacharykarabell piece "@NaomiAKlein is wrong" http://t.co/XHjkziaEbO @grist
Retweeted by dan burgessHow Tory policy affects you: a handy flowchart #cpc14 (done for @huffpostukcom) http://t.co/a6KAmRF7ja http://t.co/2QIQ1Pqmwt
Retweeted by dan burgessIs this not the point at which we challenge the inevitability of endless growth on a finite planet? If not now, when? http://t.co/dCy1e2qL8U
Retweeted by dan burgessOperation Throbbing Climate 2015 @GFNSydney @GFNRotterdam @gfnipswich @GFNGirls @GFNLeeds @MadeInLambeth in so far….. #climatethrob
Retweeted by dan burgessby fucking your mind up until you start seeing your life as a journey where you just buy stuff.
Retweeted by dan burgessEven Steve Jobs didn’t give his kids iPads > http://t.co/9DZGL24DvM #wildtime
Retweeted by dan burgess"Insects rule the world, but they don’t talk about it" > 21 Laws of Nature from a child’s view > via @orion_magazine http://t.co/SpIEPviefV
Retweeted by dan burgessWell, obviously everyone in the world must have posted this by now, but anyway: https://t.co/2x6LxiBZOH Astonishing & brilliant.
Retweeted by dan burgessI'm going to be doing my utmost to ensure the Tories fail spectacularly & I you should too. First: register to vote: https://t.co/VrmVNujsit
Retweeted by dan burgessHuman consumption driving wildlife loss - http://t.co/GxX4idnHJu via @the_ecologist
Retweeted by dan burgesswhoop! tickets to see @underworldlive in Bristol secured… http://t.co/qgbDFYq9m8Be generous, keep it wild, build human energy, look for beautiful solutions. Themes emerging as @channelswarm focus areas across our work
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ssshhhh RT @g00dfornothing: Operation Throbbing Climate 2015 is live….Food security @NewStatesman We should start by ensuring National Pollinator Strategy delivers for Britain's bees https://t.co/gqO36CQisW
Retweeted by dan burgessSo, that's half of all Earth's wildlife lost in just four decades. Good work humanity! What do you do for an encore? http://t.co/Oj2aBNhEqJ
Retweeted by dan burgessOne of the reasons we're planning some walking #wildcamp days soon -> http://t.co/3eCVRRIBes. It's all about Presence!
Retweeted by dan burgessOur talk today... with Galahad Clark, @dilyswilliams and @dansolo http://t.co/68ieU9cDtJ
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Climate? What Climate? Osbo ignores future environmental risks at #CPC14...http://t.co/VGY8KYc3IW @Energydesk
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Need more trains this week. Only done half the country @ Bath Spa railway station http://t.co/syqhskgGXRooh, yes please, coming soon Shazam for birdsong > @warblrUK@cjlinnecar I did @g00dfornothing it changed my life ;-)"We must listen to poets." -Gaston Bachelard
Retweeted by dan burgess"It’s an experiment to see if we can do the work that we love without killing ourselves." Wisedom from @uberblond https://t.co/FjM7R1Rr8X
Retweeted by dan burgessConversations underway this week with smart folk in Eindhoven and Sao Paulo. Watch this space #goodinyourhood
Retweeted by dan burgessShould Govt make fracking laws easier, it asked? 99% said 'no'. 1% said 'yes'. Govt went with the 1%. https://t.co/kkZXmhOA7x
Retweeted by dan burgess200 years after the start of the industrial revolution, UK is once again a nation running on coal. http://t.co/1cf2fV1Jlo #peopleVScoal
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looks like #Climate2014 is going to be swiftly airstriked out of public consciousness#CheltenhamSecretary of State for house music and raves - I’d vote for that#birminghamnewstreetWe're still not even close to saving the planet after the largest climate summit ever: http://t.co/dKsrjRYzDq http://t.co/orqP1TREU0
Retweeted by dan burgessWhen isn't it? “@dansolo: isn’t it time for a massive acid house revival?”
Retweeted by dan burgess@jeshuamaxey @dansolo In a field in the middle of nowhere/warehouse somewhere, sun coming up, piano break drops, crowd go bonkers. That's it
Retweeted by dan burgessisn’t it time for a massive acid house revival?#WolverhamptonLoving using @SlackHQ - totally made for @channelswarm style workingurban Kingfishers > http://t.co/idR16qok3p #wildtimeDiversity -> makes us smarter -> builds collective intelligence -> grows shared beliefs -> properly changes things http://t.co/ZRsL6i0QXz
Retweeted by dan burgess#DidYouKnow #birds grow new brain cells to help them sing better during the breeding season? http://t.co/MpHe32oCoV http://t.co/eR50heiVPP
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