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dan burgess @dansolo The village & the woods

Creative Activist/Catalyst/Sherpa/Dreamer Unlearning, Not Knowing and Noticing everyday @channelswarm @g00dfornothing @_wildcamp @wearewildthing

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Powerful video: No matter what you think about Syria here’s one video that you need to see http://t.co/qKk0d9Gitr #WithSyria
Retweeted by dan burgessGot skillz and some free time? Join @g00dfornothing at Hyper Island this weekend and be part of something awesome http://t.co/bLq2GHwaUd
Retweeted by dan burgessDesmond Tutu's #climate summit prayer: "Through greed, we have established an economy that destroys web of life" http://t.co/2XsHGWN87p
Retweeted by dan burgess@MrPaulDD @ImmyKaur yep, it was the level of engagement, activeness, expression, energy I was referring to ;-) Not the #passivemassiveShrooms #wildtime @ smallcombe woods http://t.co/t779yhN3QP
My Gramps was Scottish, love Scotland, no idea of yes v no but love that folks are engaged & participating in their future England take note
.@secgen "We can no longer afford to burn our way to prosperity." @NewClimateEcon #WeMeanIt http://t.co/leVk8N3ar5
Retweeted by dan burgessFor folks that go, 'yeah climate change what about jobs/growth etc’ > http://t.co/GZlgMSPMoe #growgoodtaxtoxic@wearewildthing How will kids learn to manage risk if they aren't exposed to the 'dangers' of a flying horse chestnut seed?
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"I am gone into the fields to take what this sweet hour yields" #wildtime @ Rainbow Woods http://t.co/iWG6TsiJcK
Rewilding > The nature of wildness http://t.co/fIINd3akRa cc. @_wildcamp
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On some kind of @_wildcamp come down today. Missing the trees, camp fires and everything we cooked up together. #wildcamp
Retweeted by dan burgess2050 weather forecasts: why we need stories like this to tackle climate change | Ed Gillespie http://t.co/S1pB0FFyqn
Retweeted by dan burgessPlotting a London meet up/social/ next month, any suggestions on venues/pubs that like a group of good folks vs hire costs? #goodfornothing
Retweeted by dan burgessRustle, crack, crunch. What speaks beneath me? The floor seems full of story My feet are searching… http://t.co/LhWDpo6UpI@ryan_seville drop me a mail dan@swarm.gd
Well that was some @_wildcamp Gratitude to the woods and our campers for such epicness #wildtime http://t.co/mmVJJv34n2
Morning! Heading to @_wildcamp http://t.co/rQWvcrHAtI
Why we need to get out of our armchairs and onto the streets on the 21st, worth 50 mins of your time > http://t.co/3et8fb1iIC #climatemarchAll you Good for Nothing-ers, you’re all radical you know > http://t.co/veUKYScX1U #50radicals
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Its official: climate warriors from 12 Pacific islands to blockade Australia's main coal port in traditional canoes http://t.co/kGKJGhWppI
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"Energy revolution = birthing new, overthrowing old, change in economy, society & culture" @Bankfieldbecky #poweringup #marx
Retweeted by dan burgess@jezlefevre hey! yes that would be ace. was going to head to the Frome flea on sunday but plans scuppered. Early Oct ?dm me your mail ;-)Seeking filmakers in #Bath up for documenting a school//community project in Widcombe. Fun side project Passion over experience. Thnks!So we’ve got a full camp next week with our collaboration with @yearhere ! See you in the woods ;-)
Retweeted by dan burgessIn other news, one place left at @_wildcamp next week. Collaboration, social innovation and nature connection > http://t.co/aw1syMAN1T
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Nature doesn't use detergent to clean itself. Janine Benyus
Retweeted by dan burgessRT of shock fact of the day from #naturesintrouble conference from Cindy Forde, 90% of our big fish gone and 85% of global fish stocks gone.
Retweeted by dan burgessOne more place left on @_wildcamp next week > collaborative leadership, social innovation and nature connection http://t.co/LfAr1yhSMg#naturesintrouble Now a party political broadcast from the other side! Perfect demonstration why politicians are not the answer! Pathetic.
Retweeted by dan burgessKudos to @chrispacke showing us the genius of place & a flourishing, open community that supports each other > http://t.co/nDIPppzanh
Kids, get asking some tough questions to the old white dudes in suits, they need to hear it > http://t.co/F17ogzqtdU #whywhynot@Jo_Royle enjoy! ;-)
A day of all sorts of possibilities ends with a #sourdough bake and a generous damson drop from a… http://t.co/qKY8dEDREcLove this @DoLectures talk from @stef > how with awareness we can all find moments to create in our everyday lives > http://t.co/W6UapVzYaoWe could all learn something from this talk by Stephanie Lynn. Fall 7 times. Get up 8. Never quit. http://t.co/9Tz3gM82a9
Retweeted by dan burgessArtists on climate change - great line up at @sciencemuseum event 11 Sept but WTF, Principal Sponsor is @Shell! http://t.co/hNiO8TlaGZ
Retweeted by dan burgessHow do we acquire wisdom, along with all these shiny things?
Retweeted by dan burgessQuality electronic music stream full of hope, love and possibility, I heartily recommend @purasonica > http://t.co/NClc1XVP7eSo UK PM @David_Cameron is still not going to the #UNclimatesummit Sep23, NYC - BOOOO! Please tweet at him to demand he attends!
Retweeted by dan burgess“Zen teaches nothing; it merely enables us to wake up and become aware. It does not teach, it points.” — D.T. Suzuki
Retweeted by dan burgess"The morning of the first September was crisp and golden as an apple.” ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Retweeted by dan burgessNext month, world leaders will discuss climate solutions. Demand action: http://t.co/uNVI8aH3RQ #WhyWhyNot #climate2014
Retweeted by dan burgess"Every breath is a sacrament, an affirmation of our connection with all living things..."—David Suzuki, The Sacred Balance @DavidSuzukiFDN
Retweeted by dan burgessThe cities that spend the most on bike lanes later reap the most reward. http://t.co/mAyxn4uyig http://t.co/d46i3XQpvw
Retweeted by dan burgessCouple more places left on @_wildcamp next week > collaborative leadership, social innovation and nature connection http://t.co/LLpbMCaHli
.@Peoples_Climate are organising the biggest #ClimateMarch in history >>> via @HuffingtonPost and @Avaaz http://t.co/0ISvNpn9yf
Retweeted by dan burgess24 hrs of #GoodforNothing produces award winning ideas (almost) > http://t.co/jbPtJTGRwq cc @GFNGirls
Retweeted by dan burgess@gyxk56 will be in London or possibly NYC, but defo on the march ;-)Attempting a Hawberry syrup. Traditional winter cold buster. #forage #abundance #wildtime http://t.co/4ReeLjDfW9Making time for generosity > http://t.co/vKIAzHKCeY #goodfornothing
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Today's gifts from nature, blackberry, apple, plum and elderberry #abundance #wildtime @ Basecamp Burgess http://t.co/yH7yDc2n7EWant to get your kids into nature but facing too many barriers? Write for our eBook> http://t.co/XQpMaGTWBp http://t.co/15hwl5c2VW
Retweeted by dan burgessConsensus amongst industry watchers is that at least one iPhone 6 will measure 4.7 inches #1stworldnonsense http://t.co/YrbZH6NMuh @wireduk
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Show LEGO what they have to lose by keeping the dirty deal with Shell: http://t.co/MIh2JndFAN #SaveLegohttp://t.co/JP81wrVMnwI am calling on @matthancockmp to answer My Fracking Questions on our democracy, climate and our water http://t.co/SVEGPXTm3W @talkfrackingdear @VodafoneUKhelp i’m in France trying to speak to a human about a billing issue, but every number I call I only get robots, help pls
On y va. Bye bye Atlantic Coast. You were wild and beautiful #wildtime #vanlife @ L'Amelie plage http://t.co/IYvVdd1UFwPacking up home for the last 10 days. Turning the internet on. #wildtime @ L'Amelie plage http://t.co/xRe48iSAJm
Nature Connection Next Big Human Trend http://t.co/dnhLTzz5ee @RichLouv @s_ecology @wearewildthing @GeorgeMonbiot @NatureRocks @ivoryonline
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Help stop the crackdown on the People’s Movement in Mahan >>> http://t.co/qvRq2fNIjH #IamMahanhttp://t.co/J5voA8MGyc
We're missing our Hen Harriers - show your support for #HenHarrierDay http://t.co/fqtZxgNjzg
Nature flirting in Bath tonight @ The Beautiful City Of Bath http://t.co/JEE1N55dDeRT @skratta: What happens when you collaborate with your “competition?” Abundance. #beerfestival http://t.co/lj27A1SePP cc @BeerBodsWe had a #WildTime at Camp Bestival! Reflections from the PWT camp > http://t.co/nyuL3MuCCX cc @CampBestival
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A pod of #sourdough #breadup #realbread http://t.co/9RJxQkp9EJFine owl hooting going on @ Basecamp Burgess http://t.co/vBH1ROGpfH
@BTCare do you exist? trying to phone/online chat all day. Internet and phone cutting out every 2 mins for 48hrs. Sending a carrier pigeonAll life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Retweeted by dan burgesswe are going to look back on this era of blanket advertising in civic space with bemusement (I hope)
Retweeted by dan burgessFew more places left on our next camp. Explore the creativity of nature and mentor next gen change makers > http://t.co/aHTPmILHhJ
Retweeted by dan burgessHow the gov made up its mind on fracking #ClimateChange #fracking #Renewables #environment http://t.co/zXJJ7jtTvM
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“This idea that somehow business is bifurcated from the environment...to me, is completely insane."-CEO Rose Marcario http://t.co/xHBR5kn2w8
Retweeted by dan burgess$35 million dollars to fund Secret (which might not work). Can VCs find $2M to try http://t.co/UiuhAMT77F (which might not work)?
Retweeted by dan burgessMore Baz with the Basement Jaxx #wildtime #campbestival #projectwildthing http://t.co/H3fAPBKfFkBaz the nutty squirrel (aka Fin age 9) on stage with the Basement Jaxx ! #campbestivalhttp://t.co/SskYy7ozow
██████████████ ██████████████ ██████████████ LEGO dump Shell for the #Arctic http://t.co/aPEa5ksEhP #TweetSpillhttp://t.co/bNRNxhTcTn
It's happening #wildtime cc @wearewildthing http://t.co/B66jEvzr9M
Slow worm in the compost heap #wildtime http://t.co/IJctw0vR0l#Wildtime in a van. To Lulworth and @campbestival http://t.co/DEcaZgXXQj
This lot> @RogueTheatreUK are doing amazing theatre in the woods. They’re raising dosh for a super canopy, help here> http://t.co/qVsgApCvL0
Retweeted by dan burgessclever > RT @MWarwicker: Wild birds’ colourful eggshells may act like ‘sunblock’, study shows: http://t.co/SQWjbl1ICh http://t.co/8JNLqO171R@russian_bob @175viatribunali Bob you’re hired - come and see us at the teepee on thursday ;-)@175viatribunali @russian_bob this is work Carlo ;-) > http://t.co/UKLV9YkNTOI argue that only @TheGreenParty has the guts to do the obvious thing - and propose a #WealthTax. http://t.co/NC08Pr6xOE
Retweeted by dan burgess@russian_bob from tomorrow afternoon ;-) you?Nature flirting tonight @ Basecamp Burgess http://t.co/sqzkwqqjiBGenerosity Revolutions > http://t.co/oaWlbVhGeq #nothingworks
Retweeted by dan burgessSome wild folks are preparing to gather in the woods @campbestival @wearewildthing #wildtime http://t.co/pY6Xufech1Seeking marketing genius to start selling nature. Leave the world of selling stuff, and get kids roaming free > http://t.co/MnA8DEAv2iOur friends at @wearewildthing are recruiting: join a wild network that holds its meetings outdoors! http://t.co/usTdX61CFi #jobs
Retweeted by dan burgessThe Mash guide to #fracking - It's here and it’s fine, except that it might render entire counties uninhabitable http://t.co/25FFvQFTmp
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I just pledged to the Woodland Canopy project @crowdfunderuk http://t.co/kQxNhkae2O after seeing the awesome @roguetheatreuk at #PortEliotOne of several porteliotfest highlights, the awesome @roguetheatreuk -Magical setting too. @ Port Eliot http://t.co/cKHZfsQdb9Many of our assumed certainties about the future are in fact out-dated corporate futurist ideas with decades of rust on them.
Retweeted by dan burgessI just backed Rainforest Connection - Phones Turned to Forest Guardians on @Kickstarter http://t.co/bnVY9uBK74 #hitechhinatureNew! We've done a video for @GreenpeaceUK - http://t.co/hJuReX2vJA #fracking
Retweeted by dan burgessThe Dingly Dell @campbestival eagerly awaiting @wearewildthing to invade and go wild!… http://t.co/a1v5kBtysR
Retweeted by dan burgessToday you'll hear a lot of myths about #fracking. #1 - UK shale gas will lower your bills. http://t.co/iL3ONd9FY9
Retweeted by dan burgessFlash floods in Britain, on same day Govt offers up half the country for #fracking And yet, >oil&gas = >climate change = >extreme weather
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