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Frank Thomas' speech is why there are Hall of Fame ceremonies. Great speech. Loved the emotion and the subtle steroids lecture.So Maddux made a fart joke. Didn't see that coming.Maddox, Thomas and Griffey were all denied some unknown level of adulation due to steroids. Better late than neverReally looking forward to this baseball HoF ceremony. Been a while where there is a class this impressive.@richeisen @mikememoli my 7yo still has faith.Insert "Harper" for "Nats" please RT @mikememoli: How many ways can Nats run themselves out of a W?I’ll also talk to @ChrisGunness, spokesperson for the @UNRWA, during the show to hear the latest on the humanitarian situation in Gaza.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddI’m about to interview @netanyahu about the latest in the Gaza conflict. The interview will run at the top of @meetthepress.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddSerious discrepancies b/w this doc, being circulated by diplos as @JohnKerry ceasefire proposal, & what @haaretz ran. http://t.co/7WVARi9IRy
Retweeted by Chuck ToddFrank Thomas on not using steroids. http://t.co/8g22VTRjBa
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NYT release on pot legalization editorial notes that @andyrNYT will take questions Monday on Facebook -- at 4:20 pm.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddHamas rejects Israel's 24-hour extension of Gaza cease-fire: http://t.co/CH0X9UBqIa
Retweeted by Chuck ToddIt's unclear what Kerry had in mind, says @BarakRavid in this must read. "It can only be seen as surreal" | http://t.co/dyYUDy2vhZ
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAlso, a very fun look at the Senate battleground w/ @chucktodd & @Nate_Cohn. Part 1: http://t.co/iR1Pz00fp8 Part 2: http://t.co/4RNhpTR5t4
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTomorrow's column today: Many issues from #MSSen left unresolved http://t.co/Mf7psRr2eL
Retweeted by Chuck ToddBefore there was Jon Stewart, there was Dick Cavett. This was a real #unscripted treat. SiriusXM POTUS Ch 124Gary Hart has tough words for Hillary Clinton's prez prospects. #unscripted SiriusXM POTUS Ch 124Got a great #unscripted today. Gary Hart, Dick Cavett, Jay Barbree and Bruce Feldman. SiriusXM POTUS Ch 124. Tune in now.This morning: We're live in DC and excited to be joined by @chucktodd, @lynnsweet and @costareports
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@SDan52 ugh.. you are correct... typing too fast and not editing!@chucktodd Chuck, I'm sure that you meant to say that both candidates WISH that Colorado didn't have any ballot initiatives this year.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@jsatz23 yes typo... will fix...Between Personhood and these anti-fracking inits, guessing BOTH #cosen candidates which CO didn't have ANY ballot inits this year.@ShawnaNBCNews @dailyrundown Everyone counts down... why not count up!Best of @dailyrundown this week 7) Paul Ryan on his poverty plan http://t.co/DSCeD33lxCBest of @dailyrundown this week: 6) Jay Barbree on Neil Armstrong w/Spaceship Earth shout out! http://t.co/nu66reqSOaBest of @dailyrundown this week: 4) Battle for women's vote. Dem perspective http://t.co/RlraNNfuSQ &GOP perspective http://t.co/a0qwc5IyrABest of @dailyrundown this week: 3) Common Core loses more supporters. http://t.co/Ht3X7aXNXIBest of @dailyrundown this week 2) House Intel Cmte ranking Dem with sober ISIS analysis. http://t.co/M4AELNSvXnBest of this week's @dailyrundown 1) How DC has chased away voters. http://t.co/gENkzZ2z79Who are Oklahoma's rising political stars? @ChuckTodd takes a look in his #FridayTakeaway: http://t.co/2IqsO1x9oK
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@Jauggs well, we've just had two generations of the autocracy period. Benevolent and malevolent dictators/"royal" families.BTW, kind of like having the comments section on the right side of this web page. https://t.co/ty47gG5hXOJoe Biden subscribes to this theory on the Middle East. May be a generation before it stabilizes. https://t.co/ty47gG5hXO@davidfholt @dailyrundown @GWBAND @GWGeorge no kidding! Did NOT factor into our consideration. But maybe now it should?POTUS, after meeting with Cntl Amer leaders says refugee status will NOT be granted for poverty or living "in a bad neighborhood"Does this ever get old as a joke? RT @cjearnshaw: @chucktodd interesting. didn't realize @BillSimmons still wrote columns.As always, @BillSimmons has created a rabbit hole column; Just lost an hour thanks to various YouTube clips. http://t.co/SjX3XOqJDb.@martinfletchnbc: Kerry's ceasefire proposal is 'on the table.' Israel is waiting to see if Hamas will accept it. -#AMR staff
Retweeted by Chuck ToddI am pro biker but bicyclists who refuse to obey traffic laws are not only giving good bikers a bad name, they are endangering all of usIf I own stock in your company and you move offshore for tax reasons I'm selling your stock. There are enough investment choices here
Retweeted by Chuck ToddHeading home for the weekend to do some serious "tattoo thinking"! Never say never.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddIn today's @NBCFirstRead : A new kind of gridlock: Why Congress is more broken than ever. http://t.co/WrkBCtghFH
Retweeted by Chuck ToddHappy Friday! Ahead on #TDR... Is it safe to declare the 113th Congress the least productive on record? @ChuckTodd explains at 9aE @msnbc.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddComing up on #TDR: @ChuckTodd's exclusive interview w/the one & only Jay Barbree about the 45th anniversary of the landing on the moon. 9aE
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWatch @dailyrundown on @msnbc today at 9 a.m. ET to see Paul Ryan and @ChuckTodd discuss how we can better fight poverty in America.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddBig focus today on immigration on @dailyrundown plus moe Cong gridlock. Also, Paul Ryan on his new anti poverty plan.
Frank Caliendo Read LeBron’s Letter To Cleveland In The Voice Of Morgan Freeman http://t.co/RrBElA43vI http://t.co/KF7hnpgtF2
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@morningmoneyben @eScarry I've gained two inches in these shoes... spray painting them black. BTW, stick your sorries in a sack mister@IchabodFuxter what he believes is what he believes. It is about finding what he would support. It is about rubber meeting Legis roadBusy @dailyrundown Guest lineup: Clyburn, Inhofe and Emily's List Schriock.Even the routine legs that supposedly has "everyone outraged" can't get through Congress. http://t.co/wcSSJvkNdnFeel like #wigov has been in a dead heat for 3 years. http://t.co/xVhH9EYIy5
Walsh's chance in #mtsen were not great before today's news. And now?David Perdue's final margin is just under the Chris McDaniel re-do threshold of 2 points, 50.9-49.1 #GASEN
Retweeted by Chuck ToddRT @AriMelber: Truly Damning Allegations on Andrew Cuomo's Ethics and Management in today's blockbuster NYT report http://t.co/qIXxzlm8YI
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAlso in the show: Bob Corker. Hisham Melhem. On the foreign policy crisis engulfing Mideast and EuropeComing up in 30 sec on @dailyrundown Latest from Gaza and Ukraine. Plus the single most important 2014 data set you need to digest.
Michele Bachmann says she might run for president in 2016. “Like with anything else, practice makes perfect." http://t.co/grEY3FO5xU
Retweeted by Chuck ToddGov Inslee to ride into Seatle with Obama and give him an update on WA fires.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddHappy birthday, Bob Dole. The BPC co-founder and Senate Majority Leader is 91 today. RT to wish him a happy birthday! http://t.co/jax0R1JfRn
Retweeted by Chuck ToddDelta's decision to cancel flights to Israel undermines the narrative that Hamas rockets are harmless.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddLooks like I forgot to tell @chucktodd that I did have a homestead exemption http://t.co/puTCgPaPNU. Not the first mistake I've made. #Kerry
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@pastopher check my timeline before assuming I didn't include media@geshewan i agree@chucktodd It may be time to consider putting all primary candidates on one ballot and selecting two for the general, regarldess of party.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@d_ajb true... but the elected officials use the partisan media to avoid facing real questions for reporters who might challenge themShould we judge campaigns and their competency based on their poorly formatted email releases?Partisan media enables. But leaders shd lead not pander RT @ConsWahoo: @chucktodd ....with no help from the media, natch.Congrats Washington, you finally did it. You broke the democracy. Voter participation is cratering http://t.co/oQY7nwsNlQ@markknoller one small step for Doug Mills. One giant step back for the rest of us“People say there’s no sense in dealing with Congress anymore because they are so impotent and useless.” http://t.co/EtXfN69YLv
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@RustyWeise four shares in my familyGA SEN runoff is latest GOP contest where opponents are all eager to deploy the "A"-bomb -- "amnesty" https://t.co/l63aN7PWB1
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@jimj02155 weak. Wasn't a RT. And see other tweets on my opine on this Thurs coverage@jimj02155 why do u assume I was criticizing. Observing and criticizing are not synonymous. Careful of assuming.@stevebenen I left out the word "no" before more in my initial reply.@stevebenen didn't mean to imply more. Meant that it is no more than usual. We just see and hear about more@stevebenen @msnbc world is more unstable, we just see more if the global chaos in real time.
A baseball "bat" signal. Turn to Mets-Pads game. cc: @rorycooper and @MajorCBS@EricBoehlert I thought the Thursday criticism was stupid.It's almost as if POTUS woke up, read this Times piece http://t.co/74lpRfZACk & said, "oh yeah, I'm going golfing, see how they like that"@chucktodd The scene where they discuss possible lyrics to “Hail to the Chief” is still a favorite of mine. http://t.co/hlWssRKEgA
Retweeted by Chuck Todd.@chucktodd Garner in '96: "I think maybe the writers were trying to talk abt either Clinton or Kennedy or whatever abt the woman situation"
Retweeted by Chuck ToddLoved James Garner in just about every role even as the lovable rogue ex-prez in "My Fellow Americans". Character loosely based on Clinton?Rest in peace, James Garner. He mastered the art of being cool without even trying.
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@greenfield64 truly was odd they didn't have any Gwynn tribute. Gotta think @mlb is not happy about this.The tribute that MLB and FOX forgot to do at the All-Star game...watch this if you're any kind of fan... https://t.co/oEwV2XQ02F
Retweeted by Chuck ToddBreaking: @CharlieCookDC has joined Twitter. As Charlie might say, this is the best thing to happen since Moby Dick was a guppy. #FF
Retweeted by Chuck ToddRussians Are Leaving Flowers At The Dutch Embassy In Moscow And Begging “Forgive Us” http://t.co/NcMoXyxcyr
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@BrianMontopoli @joshtpm smells like a hoaxSince beginning of crisis Ukrainian air defenses have not fired a single missile, despite alleged violations of airspace by Russian planes.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddFive observations about the Gaza conflict, including praise for Presidents Clinton and Obama: http://t.co/kJaeujHtBc
Retweeted by Chuck ToddSurprise, surprise: Israelis have more confidence in Obama than ever before http://t.co/vXXto5hS6J
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAwaiting POTUS here in briefing room. His remarks on Ukraine are expected "momentarily". @NBCNews special report is aheadAll the latest from Ukraine and Gaza on @dailyrundown Mitchell, Mik, Maceda, Engel, Leiter, Hager. Plus Transp Sec Foxx on NTSB role
Also on @dailyrundown today. Todd AkinToday's @dailyrundown is why I love the privilege of doing this show. Packed with data and guests. 2016 and 2014 latest. Plus @RichardEngelComing up on @TODAYshow brand new NBC/Marist polls indicate a surprising early GOP 2016 frontrunner. And then there's Hillary. C U in 10 min
Remarkable consistency in the swing states. Obama unpopular. Cong GOPers more unpopular. Setting up an ugly fall. More on @dailyrundown
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