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Moderator of @meetthepress and @nbcnews political director; Covering politics since '92; And, yes, I tweet about sports too.

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The Brian Williams is doing a Facebook q&a. Be nice! http://t.co/jshBT6f1i7@BrucePurple @ron_fournier DHS was a way to allow Congress to demonstrate it was doing "something" post-9/11.@AdamBlickstein EXACTLYNever, NEVER, create a new agency during a crisis. RT @BrucePurple: @ron_fournier on how to fix the Secret Service http://t.co/AhhhrAjHXC@dchometownboy @TraciKirtley @damonbethea1 sadly I fell asleep at 7-3
How Brownback and Roberts have conflicting messages. http://t.co/5NbI6NCGnEThis could have been an Onion article. MAGOV candidates were reportedly programmed cliches for tech folks http://t.co/CStDNCh474
Tonight is proof that Miami should win the Coastal. If the D plays like this the rest of the year, we will get a second shot at FSU. #theU@wyethwire not a lot to tweet. Weird gameBeen a weird game. Miami dominating but only up 12 points. Glad to see a defense this week. Night and day. Then again, it is DukeCanes fans, kudos to Coach Golden hosting Alex Lowe who is going to TackleDuchenne #afca Golden is going to @CoachToCureMD@GregVince this should become a movement! Send congress to your spam folderSo #gameday is doing a story on Miami-Duke game by focusing on Duke. Says a lot about state of Miami right now. #frUstratedFlavor Flav’s grill or Akron’s gold chrome helmets the Zips will wear at Pitt today? http://t.co/lxCmzIXaMK
Retweeted by Chuck ToddNew #Unscripted on @SIRIUSXM Ch 124 now! @chucktodd talks to @hisham_melhem, @SeanTrende, @9brandon,@waltmossberg. Tune in!
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@ElectProject I gotta think there is diminishing returns at some point. No?@chucktodd I've been told every email blast generates donations and there is a cumulative effect of messages on propensity to donate
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@coleman_laurie as a kid, I always rooted for the Royals as my AL team because I thought their unis were an homage to the Dodgers. #kidlogicDo chicken little fundraising email alerts work? "We're being pummeled!" says Joni Ernst. Under a "Constant barrage of attacks" says PelosiAlso on #unscripted I geek out w/ @waltmossberg on search for touch screen Airbook and then the power of paper for reading SiriusXM Ch 124Time to go #unscripted SiriusXM Ch 124. @hisham_melhem on Arab world's lack of desire to change. @SeanTrende on saber metrics for politicsBrett, Saberhagen, White, McRae, has it really been that long? Those guys aren't that old. Right? Congrats Royals fans.Thanks Sportscenter for making some of us feel so old with the stat about MLBers who weren't born last time Royals were in playoffs
@ananavarro um, is he not fluent in Miami Spanglish? Even I was raised on Miami Spanglish!@EdMorrissey much better confession than mine!Confession: my first "R-rated" movie was AC/DC's rock-movie "Let there be Rock." How I talked my dad into that, I have NO idea.@chucktodd Nor does being popular make something bad....
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@JustinOArnold why tell me this in ALL CAPS?@chucktodd Just because people buy something doesn't make it good.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe "Back in Black" ranking came from this site. http://t.co/RKiH2jThIl // The top 10 includes Meatloaf's "Bat out of Hell""Back in Black" is the second best selling record of all time? Really? Post story claims. http://t.co/cXnFHvBbXASo Sherrod Brown is going to campaign for Bruce Braley in IA in Oct. Hotline chose NOT to make it a WH 2016 story... Should they have?Oy. Here it is. The suit onesey. RT @mpoindc: @chucktodd http://t.co/l09j4VpN8uAm about to do an interview with my friends at KUSA and the segment before me is something about a suit onesey? Seriously? Need a pic!@ManerdM @peterbakernyt @ronaldreagan40 it COULD be pete mccloskeyTed Cruz Opens Up About Troubled Early Life http://t.co/Svgg8fNvFo
Retweeted by Chuck ToddFollow @DodgerInsider for more #Kershaw4MVP notes. "Kershaw hit more triples at Dodger Stadium in 2014 (one) than he allowed (zero)."
Retweeted by Chuck ToddFrom @ByronYork: Romney 2016 Is For Real http://t.co/7GtClr7WXT
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTan suit! RT @ronaldreagan40: Do you think the band is playing “Hail to the Chief”?? http://t.co/hv7T5ku1rp
Retweeted by Chuck ToddCouple AG candidates are somewhat frightening to Wall Street. But they probably won't get the gig. My @CNBC column: http://t.co/nBvINjT28y
Retweeted by Chuck ToddBad to worse for Corbett. MT @PittsburghPG: Corbett wants "all the facts" from AG before acting on porn emails http://t.co/EHEs3QsDbOJUST POSTED: @chucktodd's full #TweetThePress conversation with @MQ_McShane http://t.co/qyQTLYZ2ep
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@MQ_McShane don't I know it!@MQ_McShane and yet, if we can't agree upon one set of historical facts, then we can't expect Congress to work either, right? (kidding).Hope that both @MQ_McShane and @pdshistory will answer more of your questions this weekend, so #ff them #tweetthepressNot the easiest topic to discuss in a 140 character format, but thanks to @MQ_McShane for doing #tweetthepress.@chucktodd simply more attention.Go back to Catholic/Protestant riots in the 1840s over whose Bible to use in Public schools #tweetthepress
Retweeted by Chuck Todd.@MQ_McShane, last Q, are the fights over HOW and WHAT we teach our kids getting more heated or simply more attention. #tweetthepress.@MQ_McShane then years later be taught about the wars with Native Americans. #tweetthepress Should we cut back on the Pilgrim story?.@MQ_McShane it does seem weird in hindsight to have been taught in 1st grade about Pilgrims and Indians dining together #tweetthepress.@MQ_McShane Is there an agreed upon grade for when we should teach controversial history topics, like Japanese internment? #tweetthepress.@MQ_McShane way to teach cultural history via BOTH liberal and conserv prisms? Easier than trying to agree on ONE prism? #tweetthepress.@MQ_McShane should it?Be sure to #ff @pdshistory, who is also participating in the conversation who was one of the folks who helped redesign the AP course.@MQ_McShane who SHOULD be in charge of how AP classes are taught, locals or college boards since it is for college credit? #tweetthepress.@MQ_McShane is it too simplistic to say that the conservative backlash this is all about how teachers are handling Reagan? #tweetthepress.@MQ_McShane so give me an example of what area of U.S. history is the most controversial to teach in high school AP history?.@MQ_McShane isn't there an agreed upon set of facts about history that when it comes to High School we CAN agree on? #tweetthepress.@MQ_McShane this seems to be semi-un resolvable because interpreting American history can be polarizing@Lsumurphy @MQ_McShane interesting ideaIf it's Friday, it's #TweetThePress. At 10:30am ET, @chucktodd, @MQ_McShane and the controversy surrounding AP US history
Retweeted by Chuck ToddBy way of background, here's @RickHess99's take on the AP US History framework for @NRO http://t.co/2Lrdh47ebH #TweetThePress
Retweeted by Chuck ToddSo @MQ_McShane, the issue of changing history curriculum to water down the past? Fair way to characterize issue? #tweetthepressIf it's Friday... it's #tweetthepress. So #ff @MQ_McShane and we will get started on the debate about changing history curriculum@cmarinucci @chucktodd @jmartNYT @CarlyFiorina I would like it on the record that I haven't ruled out a White House bid either...
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@DFaylor @NolteNC @BreitbartNews John, thanks for the forum. Enjoyed the exchange.@charliespiering @BreitbartNews jeff goldblum's character was prescient!@Broncolamont @meetthepress it was a joke. We are pre empted this week for NBC sports coverage of the Ryder Cup.Starting at 10:30, @MQ_McShane will be on NBC's "Tweet the Press" talking ed policy w @chucktodd, join us using #TweetThePress
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAs expected, Q2 GDP revised up to strong 4.6%. Q3 won't be as good but still that's pretty awesome. Go USA! http://t.co/VyKs6DNARv
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@GregBrockNYT read what I saidSmart Qs and As in @BreitbartNews interview w @chucktodd on failure of media, political elite to earn nation's trust http://t.co/HrvHwKELQz
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@toddschnitt @dcexaminer ah, click bait... he was caught in the crossfire between the House GOPers and the WH. That was my larger point.@ChuckTodd next on the @SidRosenberg show
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@gabrielsherman just last week they were lauding @chucktodd for being critical of @BarackObama admin. Definitely no agenda there!
Retweeted by Chuck ToddCarly Fiorina is more serious about a WH bid than folks may realize. http://t.co/eLHmetMnvWAnd for folks who lack a sense of humor, realize I'm alluding to the Ryder Cup. Go Team USA. In Tom Watson we trustComing up this Sunday on @meetthepress Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson and Rory Mcllroy. Don't miss it.Michael Lewis touts what he believes is a smoking gun of the inability of the Fed to regulate Goldman Sachs http://t.co/xTU8z6jjEi@MarkGreenstein You realize how absurd this line of attack is?Ted Cruz is against using the lame duck to confirm a new AG. http://t.co/TnahQu9RAXOne of those kidnapped Nigerian school girls has reportedly escaped Boko Haram's clutches. http://t.co/55hGYcsFb7Paul Ryan has competition for the Ways and Means slot in the House. TX GOP Rep. Brady is challenging him for it. http://t.co/2oUAZ62EVqAP report: Christie has spent a third of his second term OUTSIDE NJ. http://t.co/0Hn8dpVgPM
Do we correct Nantz on the number of senate seats up this year? Love that he noted the Midterms. Btw, it is 36 seats this year.@AceofSpadesHQ huh? Weird attack. He was politically naive. By "apolitical" I meant he wasn't thinking as partisan as his critics thoughtImportant to note Holder agreed to stay on until successor is CONFIRMED. WH hopes that motivates Senate GOP to not fight too hard on new AGA somewhat LONG AG short list: Ruemmler, Bharara, Verrilli, Durkan, Napolitano and Jeh Johnson and Thomas Perez. https://t.co/gOK5ihMko0Will WH try and get an AG replacement through the Senate BEFORE January? Depends on November? Deval Patrick will be on a short listNBC's Pete Williams: AG Eric Holder has told the WH he is resigning. Will step down as soon as a replacement is chosen.Is the GOP playing "chicken little" on their money issues? http://t.co/98mScOtPZ1 // we don't think soAccountability in Sports: Beat a woman unconscious: 2 wks (unless somebody whines) Criticize business partner: 3 wks #NFL #ESPN #Liars
Retweeted by Chuck Todd
@eddie2003PRT well, Mr. Favre, at least the same number of comeback attempts as you tried@mkop62 who could sneak into the 30 HR club this week...This year has some, um, intriguing "come back" stories, including Buddy Cianci in Providence; Edwin Edwards in LA and Larry Pressler in SD.Could the Prince of Providence truly come back? http://t.co/iHIbPKl2D4Outstanding year by year analysis of the evolution of Obama's foreign policy as viewed thru the UN prism. http://t.co/3AWb5liokYWhen does a story become damaging in politics? When it plays to a preconceived notion. http://t.co/9k9f6SWOUs@rickklein @JohnBerman I love the saber metrics short prints in this year's sets.@ron_fournier it was his strongest defense of American leadership I've heard hmm give. Some might use the phrase "American exceptional ism"
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