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VP Comms & Chief Arya Stark Lookalike, @truex. I write stuff & climb mountains. Ex-@google @cnet @princeton. Caterpillar the cat's pet human.

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@evanbaehr SO COOL. Had no idea -- I've been to La Condesa a bunch.@evanbaehr WHOA. That's an insanely cool interior. Where was this/what restaurant?@samgustin @derektmead But baby goats are so big on the internet.Reporting facts vs fostering fear. RT @scottbix: U.S. cable news vs. Canadian public news http://t.co/dnJM5B2hwV
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyIt was a lot to expect of The Who, even if they are pinball wizards. http://t.co/vfPp5qwroB
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyIn 1957 the US Government placed canned beer next to a nuclear blast to see if it was still drinkable. Scientists determined it was.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@jkaz Yes. And my cat freaked out.@dturkenk @sogrady And the war hero that Captain Lawrence beer is named after@dturkenk @sogrady I was in a Twitter convo a year or so ago about the extent to which the War of 1812 has been squeezed out of classes@dturkenk @sogrady I don't even think they teach the Spanish-American War in high school history classes anymore."Nobody ever remembers Maine, so undoubtedly we'll be the last to be attacked." https://t.co/bD4Qw5ydcWWhich is more basic: Liking James Franco or not liking James Franco?
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy"Technology man!" Guy at Duane Reade who was super impressed when he used ApplePay to pay for his M&Ms.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyRecords show that while in Avignon France in the 1300s the Pope & his entourage drank 2,600 gallons of wine...per week. #goodtobethepope
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@DanDotLewis yours? :)@DanDotLewis The banana slicer has saved marriages. Has your book saved any marriages yet?@DanDotLewis Is it reviewed as positively as the banana slicer?Listen to @Brooke talk about her experiences in life and tech in the new podcast series #StoryInABottle: http://t.co/CIEMK8BPPwWhen asked if he's armed, Ontario's Sergeant at Arms says "I have a sword" #onpoli
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@heath_ My cat dug her claws into my back in terror on several occasions last night.Raise your hand if you were also up half the night because you have a pet who is scared of thunderstorms!
Hipster bro in Canadian tuxedo & Herschel backpack drinking almond milk straight from the bottle on Brooklyn-bound F train #realstereotypesOn Nov 19th we're teaming up with @ThisIsFusion, @UniNoticias + @UNICEF for the Rise Up Conference in DC. Learn more: http://t.co/cnjNqopC44
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy“@bySamRo: .@TheStalwart isn't verified on Twitter” How does Bloomberg know it's getting the right guy?
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@ghaff Isn't that the best??Wow, I just saw @TheStalwart at Chipotle earlier. Now he has a fancypants new job. http://t.co/nC5gf2PXQL@rachsyme January 1, 1933, AMERICA.What do I have to do to become the pope's beatboxer? http://t.co/g4ul70ZpFw
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@CarsonSieving @rachsyme oooh yeah.Not Africa. 5 West African countries. #facepalm RT @TIME: Travelers from Africa will be restricted to 5 U.S. airports http://t.co/qIF9IBJQpUOh god, a Klout perk for cat treats. My life is overThe biggest challenges programmatic advertising faces http://t.co/slGvmNWLm5 via @digiday
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyA group of web designers is called a flannel.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyPretty sure I've found the whitest playlist on Songza: "Hacky Sack and Relax."
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyCongratulations @carlazanoni on becoming global audience development director & head of social media team @wsj. Big job, for a smart editor
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@salcan That was the greatest thing I'd read in months.British Baroness Discovers Google Maps, Is 'Horrified' They're Spying on Her Roses http://t.co/39BjboMRrA
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyIt's @jacob MT @valleyhack: I like that @bhorowitz listening to rap is considered such an accomplishment. Which VC will dare like country?Here's my eight #rowing at @HOCR on Saturday. I'm the one all the way in the back with the number. http://t.co/607hS8UgZSThe GPS on my phone was messed up this morning, so I was treated to @RunKeeper whispering me sweet nothings about my alleged 7min/mile pace.
So was the ME gov debate just LePage-Michaud-Cutler or were there any whackjob lumberjacks present like VT? Inquiring YouTubers want to knowSeason finale of @ManhattanWGNA was absolutely phenomenal, finally lived up to its potential. Glad it got renewed for a 2nd season.One suspect is named "Crazy Chris." NB: Not Florida RT @Mediaite: Beer Pong Match Ends with Shooting; One Wounded http://t.co/1qCrI7JH3FA toast to the life of Oscar de la Renta; we owe him our elegance.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy“I don’t watch tv” proudly says that person who spends 10 hours a day glued to their phone
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@imnoah The 14th St. Chipotle at the south end of Union Square is significantly better at managing the line than the one on the north end.Extremely thankful tonight for @food52's "Hangry" recipe category. And red wine. #100healthydays @… http://t.co/ZrhIHbqGeT@gavinpurcell #gandalfClerk at local liquor store marvels over how many McCarthys are in their rewards system. The jokes shouldn't write themselves, but they do.The 25 most pretentious things Gwyneth Paltrow has ever said: http://t.co/WNWD7WNND4 http://t.co/ejaZMbYxUa
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyRight now I could really use an app that consists of one button, which I push, and then it tells me if there is bacon in my freezer or not.@quackking @Thrillist I think it's more than "somebody" singular.How could @thrillist's Best Dive Bars once again miss the Solon Hotel? It's basically Sons of Anarchy with moose. http://t.co/nG9Z56evSh@owenthomas @harmancipants @reyhan @noahr So since @ramonaterrier isn't in the running, you're going to vote for @LVthePuggle, right?Apple's iTunes unit had $4.6 billon in revenue last quarter. That is almost 4X Netflix. Yet criminally under-covered compared to rest of biz
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyEvening plans: Reading my advance copy of @stefanweitz's "Search." Something tells me he'll want me to have whiskey. http://t.co/EmNxmTEABvThe newly reopened Court St. R station smells pleasant, which is disarmingly creepy because subway stations should not smell nice.@GeorgeThalheim NerdHappy National People Sharing What They Bought With Apple Pay On Twitter DayRetweet if you like tray table naps better than in­-flight entertainment.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyFur-covered Wookiee notebook that makes Chewbacca noise when you open it. https://t.co/Gseoj8MUIg via @hunterwalkVery proud of @joemarchese's dog @LVthePuggle for being included in @FastCompany's #TopDog contest! Vote for her here http://t.co/p0HSmgfCwF
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyJoin me in voting for top dog LV the Puggle http://t.co/txuWjbiYaM @FastCompany #topdog @caro
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyEveryone drop what you're doing right now and vote for @LVthePuggle in @fastcompany's #TOPDOG contest http://t.co/HvGQPSTzBn cc @trueXWhen you leave one Chipotle because the line at the Chipotle four blocks away is shorter@espiers Campaign's ended but you can probably finagle your way into being an early buyer somehow. I'm embarrassingly excited for it.@espiers A Kickstarter project called the "Kittyo" fulfills most of your requirement. Allegedly ships early next year. Yes, I backed it.When I edited @socialmediaweek book, fave fact I learned is doctors' handwriting is too bad for recognition software http://t.co/nOcluHq9O9You’ve already earned your right to be there. You do not require their approval. If it feels goddamn weird, it’s probably goddamn weird.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyEgg-white whine MT @editorialiste: au bon pain staff always giving me side eye for ordering eggs at lunch.@paddyhirsch It's a very curious (and sort of bleak) answer he gave. I don't think middle classes are an inherent aberration.@wdevoe Hah, but they inexplicably put me on one of their lists a few years ago so I was offered a conference badge. :)Didn't go to #ForbesUnder30 because I couldn't spare the time out of office this week. Sounds like @MonicaLewinsky gave a phenomenal speech.@aten @rje7 @jhubball I have a 34.5 x 43.25. Might even be too big to put that frame in the mail!@row2k Roger that! I probably looked rather ungraceful screaming at UVM's cox from the bow seat anyway.@row2k Event 19, bow 32 (Fat Cats) right before the Eliot.@aten @rje7 I think a couple of companies are doing this. Sadly, none will make frames big enough for my nautical charts. #whitewhineDying to see whether any #HOCR50 galleries show us clashing blades with the UVM boat that wouldn't yield to us, then hit a dock. cc @row2kANDREESSEN: The American middle class is a historical accident http://t.co/lAlHfe644o
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyCongrats Princeton! RP @wendt2sea The Lightweight 4+ is all smiles after securing 1st place at the… http://t.co/InMHRTJPUH
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy
The odds are not in your favor here, Caterpillar. @ Brooklyn Heights Historic District http://t.co/RNpPVNoQ7lI am not sure what dentists are but I don't think I would like them. I am a bear.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@mathewi @christophmccann To be fair, the sushi restaurant at the @JetBlue terminal at JFK is great.I took an earlier train home than planned and am so glad I get to spend the evening relaxing with my… http://t.co/TqG92cKf9oHeading home. This stretch is the prettiest part of the ride. @ Amtrak Acela http://t.co/mR1W6hsdqx
Fat Cat dinner (@ The Elephant @WalkIngelephant in Cambridge, MA) https://t.co/cD0Xybt3ssPhoto: @dithers02 and I came to #Boston cheer @caro and the #Princeton Fat Cats at #HOCR! So proud our... http://t.co/CCNO6k4EbP
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyStill got it, or maybe not judging how much my back hurts right now. Photo by @malepore as we got off… http://t.co/GKuP0PqA3o@alishalisha @HOCR raced at 2:30 and did pretty well!Pretty sure @HOCR has more golden retrievers per capita than any other sporting event in the world. #HOCR5017th out of 34 in the Club 8 after never having rowed together before -- a finish good enough to… http://t.co/wRiuR9ADpULet's go Fat Cats! (@ Head Of The Charles® Regatta - @hocr in Cambridge, MA) https://t.co/pZxB775JJy
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyFall @amtrak is best Amtrak #foliage http://t.co/4ILkwHQqiW@lindsaykap Or... OMGICU."It’s like Foursquare but checking into celebrity sightings." “So, Gawker Stalker." "What’s that?"
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyThis is the way we move. @amtrak @ Amtrak Northeast Regional http://t.co/zWF5IPOyeP@petercipollone See you tomorrow!To Boston for @HOCR! (@ New York Penn Station in New York, NY) https://t.co/d9Pbxlfz3RSomeone threw up on a bus right next to my apartment and they think it's Ebola so they closed the road. Because this is what it's come to.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy
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