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I wonder if in 25 years videos of CrossFit championships will look as ridiculous as that "Shake It Off" aerobics video does now.We lost my mom seven Thanksgivings ago. I'd like to say it's gotten easier; it hasn't, and lately it's… http://t.co/UrqFPqDtmX@jw @msquinn @mgsiegler 8-6-7-5-3-0-9, 8-6-7-5-3-0-9"(We) were hastened ashore and made to drink water, that the seamen might have the more beer" William Bradford, Plymouth, 1620 #Thanksgiving
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@jw @msquinn @mgsiegler Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my number, so call me maybe? #youcanthankmelaterI am letting my younger siblings deal with making the gingerbread house centerpiece.… http://t.co/ADtXM27CkCWearing some rather weighty @lfjewels bling from @renttherunway Unlimited for the holiday. Can't go… http://t.co/mKqmO0oNuuCurlz MT is the dark horse. RT @baratunde: Papyrus vs Comic Sans. Which font has done more to undermine human progress?@nichcarlson @bradgulick @thejelephant the picture does not lieHappy Thanksgiving! Who talked me into this again?! cc @bradgulick @thejelephant #rowing @ Princeton… http://t.co/y29JkvSKi5Desolation row. (@ Shea Rowing Center in Princeton, NJ) https://t.co/TXjD4EQXlC
Thanksgiving Snapchat is the best Snapchat. http://t.co/3svLL6Jk1J@fmanjoo But Scoble was probably still number 1, and that just made you angry.Because of the Thanksgiving parade, @Macys is the no.2 consumer of helium in the country, behind the US government. http://t.co/2eRn1cEFMC
@ErinGaetz @MauraKDaly just let it be known that she has more cats than i do@ErinGaetz @MauraKDaly YUP. Maura I didn't even know you were on twitter!A+ RT @melissadahl: Gilmore Girls is the kind of show that seems like it should have more cats than it actually does. http://t.co/VtOVwbH3dU@joemarchese @reserve whoa. that must have happened in the last half hour. crazy.Tons of cop cars/ambulances on Hicks and Joralemon. Wondered if something was on fire. Nope, just another cop show filming! #brooklynheightsThen the #sunset got even #sunsetporn'ier @ true[X] NYC http://t.co/WZNaxZ6GTF@epc I just did :)Sky tonight. #sunset #sunsetporn @ true[X] NYC http://t.co/Hz3tAeHJzy@imjasondiamond Henry Street Ale House in BK Heights is the kind of place where I'm rarely the only patron who showed up alone with a book.@wdevoe @megvandervort yup. i am.This is the bacon explosion, brought to you by @caro. #bacon #heartattack #heaven http://t.co/zVHsyNGEf3
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It's ok, human. It's just Monday. You're going to be OK. @ Brooklyn Heights Historic District http://t.co/dLQbSs0l0LDuring tomorrow's office Thanksgiving potluck, my title at work will cease to be VP of comms; it will… http://t.co/a5IAVU1u32@darth no its beckycan you please make sure the body is buried by tomorrow? my fam's coming over for thanksgiving and it's starting to stink up my closetSuperfan: This Man Has Agreed To Be Murdered To Ensure A Second Season Of ‘Serial’ http://t.co/lnG2xf7S9S http://t.co/qlZaUdREsP
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@harryh People who actually still tweet through the 40404 shortcode.Very psyched that the coffee mug (ordered from an @etsy shop natch) that says "no its becky" on it HAS SHIPPED AND IS COMING TO MY HOME NOW@Ohthatflo yes, it was my wonderful friend @sorayadarabi's company @ZadyI deserve to know where my clothing comes from. We can do better. If you want to #knowyoursource join the petition. http://t.co/aQVEcKKFOL@MHJohnston That's so unfortunate! I want to buy one of those tickets, but not for me, for my cat.@crankyflier Awww, I would have thought the "Fly the plane if you want" joke had @MHJohnston written all over it@swb1192 yup. very interesting.Wow: 44% of drinkers age 21-27 have never tried Budweiser. #craftbeer http://t.co/SHrgqMRbNXCaffeine hurricane. @ The Marlton Hotel http://t.co/wGeFXD9wPzThis story makes me chuckle about what the plot would be in a sequel to You've Got Mail. http://t.co/4zNYJ1WSrB
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyIt takes a lot for the weather to make my hair frizzy. My hair is really frizzy today.
@toomuchnick ya. attribute it to no longer being a member of the media.@James_Gross @cdixon @kevin2kelly yes, it was my impression that smaller families alone wouldn't bring population to 4B@cdixon @kevin2kelly yeah, though worth pointing out that the "4 billion" figure implies a very ugly population crash somewhere in there.@nigelcameron @mouselink Not just "guess which state," but "guess which city."Today's Sunday afternoon cuddle time was extreme cuddle time. I think she was thanking me for the… http://t.co/hBHgy0OQfa@meowbox @mmeeker @ryanbed she's a particularly slobbery kitty, and also gobbled up the packet of dry food in about 5 minutes@mmeeker @ryanbed @meowbox Caterpillar says thank you to everyone for all the love!@meowbox She is so excited about it!!!!Look what arrived for Caterpillar...her very first @meowbox! She is already stuffing her face with the… http://t.co/i22TjrJ83Y“Has Travel Become Another Exercise in Narcissism?” by @henrywismayer https://t.co/Fh6OXKxp8q
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The Real Housewives of Alaska. http://t.co/yWOJLzBOyKToday is the memorial of St. Cecilia, patron of those who are breaking my heart, shaking my confidence daily.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@mrstevegross SOON@trifster hahahaahaha hamster bedding...perfect!!!!!!@morfaleji unfortunately I don't have one!!!!!@trifster I am indeed wearing red flannel. No idea where to find sawdust though.@ashleymayer WHOAGoing to a lumberjack-themed party. I look like I'm trying too hard to look cool at a Nirvana show in 1992. Not sure I nailed the theme.Never ever ever ever ever ever forget RT @krucoff: @caro always forever http://t.co/aFISRRigCdWhy do I find this taunt sign from the Harvard vs. Yale game hilarious? http://t.co/bZ2amD6lmU
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyBoard meeting at @cloisterinn. Hey kids! (@ Cloister Inn in Princeton, NJ) https://t.co/XvUlKNt4GJnow we're getting somewhere. RT @kevinmarks: @caro I have oranges, how ripe are the lemons? http://t.co/kQnDWinngGWhen life gives you lemons, use your skills of negotiation to get those lemons swapped for oranges,… http://t.co/568GpFtP1l@partypants Glad to be of assistance.TRIGGER WARNING: I'M GOING TO SAY SOMETHING NICE ABOUT @UBER. @Uber_NYC resolved my complaint re: a wrong-driver pickup in 20mins. Nice.Harvard student sign: "YALE KIDS PUT ICE IN THEIR BEER" #gladiwenttoprinceton http://t.co/pYCw1VCflbEvery @princeton alum should get a kick out of the wildly stupid signs at the Harvard-Yale football game #WeAreSmart http://t.co/pYCw1VCflb@jessicatfulton Thank you for sharing! I didn't want to go on a run this AM in windy 25-degree weather but knew I'd feel better if I did :)Looking for motivation?! Read this! It got me out of bed and off to the gym today! “On Being Out of Shape” by @caro https://t.co/OM0PRkEEp2
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@DanDotLewis Yeah, the only thing she hates more than cats is...kittens.@neiltyson No. We have better taste in food than that.@DanDotLewis No, she doesn't. She hates cats and tries to pick fights with them.My cat just fell asleep on me with her paws on my shoulder. There is something so beautiful about one species trusting another like this.one of my favorite places on earth RT @Summit: Tonight's sunset on @powmow 🌄 📷: @langemcneal http://t.co/t3qyRrvYvW@HyattConcierge Thank you!Friday happy hour at andaz5th needed more than anything today. Cheers! #andaz #andazsalonhttp://t.co/nWeG5oKenE@jlgolson Exactly, just like they didn't care about Facebook Beacon.Who among us hasn’t woken up with a stranger’s cat in the corner of one’s bedroom. http://t.co/mgb2yAvaXZ http://t.co/tdESCc6D6V
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@toomuchnick stop it Nick you're making my head spin@RedPandaNetwork OK! I'll tell her when I get home tonight and will try to translate it into meows for her.@AKDawson First one I got was "content superintendent," which is actually pretty accurate...@RedPandaNetwork OK it's not a pet for me, it's a BFF for my cat. She just can't donate on her own. She doesn't have PayPal bc she is a cat.Hey @RedPandaNetwork, plz add a tier to your funding campaign that will reward me with a baby red panda as a pet, thx http://t.co/vmlil0xMnc@brianstelter @dustin_hughes it must be legit pumpkin flan, not some BS pumpkin spice flan that doesn't actually have pumpkin in it amirite@brianstelter So I'm taking this to mean that Natalie Morales' pumpkin flan saved her job, right?@NadjaB Considering a whole alligator sells online for $2500, I'm not surprised he's Kickstarting this.Caterpillar makes plans to co-opt the human's new everlane hat into a kitty pillow. @ Brooklyn Heights… http://t.co/vfdwtYREzrOne of my fave founders, @benhuh, is truly helping to elevate the discussion re: entrepreneurship and mental health https://t.co/kVT4Ibx0CS@Seamless @miamabanta @phampants What's funny is when FG 1st aired, my parents said I was too young for it. Guess it's just I'm not a fan!@hspter HAAAAAAAA NICE
@JackSmithIV ok the highest tier rewards you with a live leopard to help you attain the most premium experience with Recogmeowtion™yes MT @anildash: I've never read the bible, so IDK how this works, but are all the verses numbered because it was like a holy tweetstorm?@JackSmithIV Will you donate to my kickstarter to replace 2-step authentication with fingerprint recognition of cats' paws?@JackSmithIV There's a fine line between inconvenience in the name of better security + so inconvenient it'll never be mainstream.@JackSmithIV ...or that there's a system error. This is hugely confusing, and a bad UX overall. Doesn't help with broader adoption of 2-step@JackSmithIV Yes and no. The bigger problem is that typically, the failed 3rd-party login will tell you the password is wrong...Fun fact: You have to turn off 2-step auth for A LOT of 3rd-party logins (def not all). Big problem. How many people never turn it back on?Terrible user experience that I have to temporarily turn off 2-step auth on @tumblr to be able to connect my account to @instagram."Forget about Uber for X; I want people to build SoulCycle for X" ~@kortina
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