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Dare Obasanjo @Carnage4Life Washington, USA

My day job is leading the team behind http://t.co/YcLuFUER8Q and http://t.co/YzvkbJjpUn . Outside that I dabble in mobile apps and blogging.

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@poppastring thanks for the heads upWhy Uber Fights Dirty: Insightful analysis by @monkbent on why ride sharing is a winner takes all market - http://t.co/uwMksi474t #lyft
"Darren Wilson never stood over Mike Brown's body" - Bob McCullough http://t.co/TAe2gYGLoR
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoThis isn't a trial. It's a decision about whether shooting an unarmed person is worth a trial. That should be an easy "yes." #Ferguson
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo#RIPMikeBrown http://t.co/PyNRkW8TAi
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoAmazing that some tech firms are able to pay interns more per month than they've earned in revenue...ever.
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo
Why every mapping app gives incorrect directions to the Hollywood sign. http://t.co/x4DSeSAB4c http://t.co/jT2IiPImLd
Technical overview of Apple Pay and why it is a big deal - http://t.co/HwOzxj8qd6Funny to think that Microsoft employees like me are now indirectly on the Firefox monetization team - http://t.co/hd2aMp89TA #BingAdsHow Google Inbox shares 70% of its code across Android, iOS, and the Web #programming #iosdev #androiddev http://t.co/S23mvVnlzz
@deepamstry I'd like to learn more about what annoyances you've encountered with Bing Ads. Feel free to email dareo@microsoft
@TheRomit thanksI give up. How does one locate an RSS feed for or otherwise subscribe to an MSDN forum such as https://t.co/a8nEI6VtDC ?
One of my apps now crashes 1000s of times a day on WP 8.1 devices with this error. Anyone found a solution? https://t.co/97weDCUNLm #wpdev
Perplexed by all the startups blurting their unethical plans to journalists like villain monologues in a James Bond movie #Uber #Whispertragically, uber's ease of use is such that I will continue to use them until they look me in the eye and vow to murder me on my next ride
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoIrony of acquisitions: Buy a company because it does something better then ruin it by telling them what 2 do http://t.co/Cwtr4ZcW3K
RapGenius co-founder who was kicked out for fawning over killers manifesto pens guide to shoplifting from Whole Foods http://t.co/C7cHMAuJcm@sriramk I didn't see any feature of FitBit to integrate with @MyFitnessPal or did I have a cheap version?Best thing about having a #MicrosoftBand is integration with @MyFitnessPal for calorie counting. So long @fitbit http://t.co/IDq1OvGxEg
Yishan Wong explains in his own words why he quit as CEO of @reddit - http://t.co/rUq5s7oH81Response to Microsoft making .NET open source & cross platform is biggest I've ever seen on @newsycombinator https://t.co/gp9bOG1mP4Woah, Microsoft open sourcing .NET is now the #1 top story of all time in /r/programming on reddit: http://t.co/IOdRwhDv2c
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo
Reddit has a new CEO because the last one rage quit over not getting to choose their office space? Alrighty then http://t.co/k1p84HnESo
Twitter's mission statement includes "being one of the top revenue generating services in the world" - http://t.co/aUbmPxefMx #getmoney@sriramk see "don't be evil"Twitter's stock is up 7% because they're bring back the Suggested User List? Investors are dumb http://t.co/yWJVsWONCbIt's happening. .NET goes to Mac, Linux, .NET goes Open Source. Plus Visual Studio Community is now FREE to download. http://t.co/Mj50PCbGlr
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo
@dchest you can send me email at dareo@microsoft with details and I can see if I can help as well@dchest I apologize for the inconvenience. Where did you encounter this error?
Redskins sue Native Americans for damaging their brand #NotTheOnion http://t.co/VQA7dn0TWSFound these while cleaning out the garage. #throwback #classics http://t.co/ITJ5qeiRfMZuckerburg explains why Facebook unbundled Messenger. Messaging most popular mobile activity, and FB app was 2 slow - http://t.co/ugsDELOqPa
@GinnyMarvin better late than never 😊App Extensions Coming To Bing Ads by @ginnymarvin http://t.co/F755YPYSvJ
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoThe unexpected costs of using Login with Facebook in your app - https://t.co/aUdsUCGJES #ProgrammingDoes anyone at Google actually work on Blogger or is it just a maintenance guy who makes sure the servers are plugged in?
Office for Android & Windows 10 tablets announced. Office on iOS & Android no longer require Office 365 http://t.co/84oh8wFVNx #freemium
'Our app needs to look consistent across all platforms' = our app looks wrong on every platform.
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo90's problems http://t.co/UfT0b3zyx2
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoIf you were wondering how pathetic the iPad app market is...Phraseology sold 8 units yesterday and jumped into the Productivity top 100.
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo@netmeg @BingAds sent you an email to let you know the issue you raised should be fixed. Thanks for your great feedback.New Campaign Planner from @BingAds sets you up for PPC Success: http://t.co/Pn6nqIBGne
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoSo we're no longer mad Facebook manipulates people with the newsfeed and instead wonder why its not effective? Got it http://t.co/EO2jNKroNE
@netmeg @BingAds working on an answer@netmeg @BingAds Hello Meg, I just responded to your mail and will work on answering your questions.IAB Taking Comments On New Standard API For “Programmatic Direct” Created by Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft, Yieldex http://t.co/fbgqFMbk8K #WeDidIt
Spotify killing desktop API and removing app integration in next version. Value prop for devs was never clear https://t.co/PpE6Mw3NzRWebsite shows whether your ISP is broadcasting a unique identifier to every site you visit. http://t.co/UfNqOON2Ng #privacy #permacookie
Big challenge for Google is that senior folks like Larry Page & Andy Rubin bored with success of core business - http://t.co/y3jUfAKqm0
Spec-off: Microsoft Band vs Apple Watch vs Samsung Gear Fit vs Fitbit Surge - Neowin http://t.co/dov6iImLZHFacebook takes down video of talk showing how they experimented in news feed to affect voter turnout in elections - http://t.co/ku9lSX5kSP
#MicrosoftBand sold out in all Seattle area stores and online http://t.co/SaVSCPwJiQLots of people in line for #MicrosoftBand at the @MicrosoftStore http://t.co/1OFyuiLSUZLots of people in line for #MicrosoftBand at the @MicrosoftStore http://t.co/KKwJg0ZSCqHave you picked yours up? #microsoftband http://t.co/CId4iBteaMInspired by @tim_cook: “Life’s most persistent & urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?’" http://t.co/wjzW5QPxqY via @BW
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo
How Facebook accounts for its WhatsApp buy: $2bn for users, $448m for brand, $288m for tech, $15bn in "goodwill". $FB http://t.co/UR1OHgcmVc
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoHave the Angular Team lost their marbles? - http://t.co/wOFgZBz9mx #programmingWhy Bing's new campaign planner is much better than Google's keyword planner http://t.co/rm7wTtX4M0
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoUpdates to Navigation, Negative Keyword Lists and Import Improvements in Bing Ads Editor v10.6: We are excited... http://t.co/dqwU7HnpMF
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo$1 invested in search drives $6 in store sales? See how Macy's is attracting shoppers into stores this holiday: http://t.co/PXSXBGGLjF
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo
for the non-tech savvy, QR codes are a digital stamp that you put on bad ideas to make them really bad ideas
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoFitbit adds food and activity logging through Cortana - http://t.co/PMpnd8My1B <= you can say "Fitbit, I just ran 3 miles" #windowsphoneStorage limits just became a thing of the past with Office 365. Users now get unlimited #OneDrive storage - https://t.co/vQgJNdPC81FourSquare recently announced 55 million total accounts created but not active users. Now we know why - http://t.co/6TYddpEaJD #unbundlingLinkedIn is the Sharepoint of social networks
The increase in Microsoft's annual revenue since Google was founded is still greater than Google's total annual revenue.
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo
@shanselman @migueldeicaza yes. So this isn't about licensing or opening up. They want to own the customer@shanselman @migueldeicaza is lack of open protocols why CVS & Walmart not interested? Yeah, right.Many people don't realize this but Steve Ballmer is actually on Twitter as @stevebmicrosoft and @clippersteveb
Management Clichés That Work by @stevesi is a mini-handbook on how to be an effective manager - http://t.co/CJb2bOVdPzBing Ads Has A Customer Obsession | momentology http://t.co/DUSkPgNBOP@ComcastMarc yes it was scheduled, thanks.Seems Apple can't tell the difference between popular searches and TRENDING searches. http://t.co/X7lvIKby2jInteresting post by @Carnage4Life: “Fabric: Why Developers Can Trust Twitter Won’t Screw Them This Time” http://t.co/crqPYaigam
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo@PPCKirk @BingAds good suggestion. Talking to our documentation team about this now.
$MSFT search advertising revenue up 23%. - http://t.co/rSP4Q845lc #BingAds #LikeABossMicrosoft culture that @bingads has run with: "customer obsession" Wish more companies would do the same! #bingadsnext #PPC
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo[Blog Post] Fabric: Why Developers Can Trust Twitter Won’t Screw Them This Time http://t.co/8hQ6YOwwv3
@joshelman I'm in your neck of the woods every few months. Will let you know when I'll be down next.@joshelman well, when you put it that way, fair point. :)@joshelman thesis is targeted display ads bigger digital business than search. * head nod*. Google's skill building social apps not relevant@joshelman though I agree with the thesis of the blog post, I thought the argument was weak especially that line which I think is superbad@gummadi it's worked out well for Google and Facebook@gummadi http://t.co/DJ7H3m2OK9 gives them more data about users ID'd by phone. Crashlytics is bait to get you into MoPub. Like a F2P game@gummadi their business is selling audiences to advertisers by showing. Those two definitely help that business.Confused about tweets whether devs should trust Twitter now. @Flight announcements align with their biz model versus enabling competing appsThe Avengers Age of Ultron trailer is intense and amazing. #Hulkbuster #Quicksilver #Ultron - http://t.co/QlckPeWGjp #NoStrings`Twitter built Facebook Connect for signing in with your phone number. Clever & obvious idea in hindsight http://t.co/DJ7H3m2OK9 #programmingEver miss the good old days of web dev? Get excited guys. The true spirit of Internet Explorer LIVES ON! http://t.co/DaO57LxfYB
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo@TheTommyRock conflicts with eye witness reports and previous autopsy. Case just needs to go to court instead of court of public opinionWired takes a lot of words to tell Twitter is jumping into Flurry's business model - http://t.co/w8mc6E6CpKDang @comcast, 30 minutes on hold to get an appointment scheduled?Any metrics your team measures will go up over time. This means one of your most important jobs as a PM is to choose the right metrics
Hamburger menus considered harmful - Apple http://t.co/3r5OTDnqa0 #iosdev #programming
@MITorres @OmarShahine tell Jeff this is lame http://t.co/2kMiE8ypX1@marcoarment @monkbent OAuth prevents random apps collecting credentials for your service and reduces attack surface area@monkbent @marcoarment Snapchat doesn't have a public API. No service, Snapchat included can tell if their API being accessed by spoofed app@monkbent @marcoarment SnapSaved was a website so, no they didn't. They need App Store takedowns for apps that reverse engineered their API
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